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Wed 9th November, 2011

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steamhare commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

"It is urgent to realize and bears repeating that my invention, whether internally mounted as a plugin card or externally located, strictly samples the real-time, processed and monitor-ready video data signal ordinarily delivered from the output of the video adapter card. My TVA stores a true “what you see” frame sample for subsequent “what you get” display on a secondary monitor as an accurate replica of a predecessory image that has been recently displayed on the primary monitor. In other words, the INPUT to my TVA device is derived directly from the OUTPUT of the computer's usual video adapter card as monitor-ready processed video signals."

If it's urgent I realize this device only displays replicas on the secondary monitor of what appears on the primary display device, I think it's probably fairly important I realize the Wii U functions differently as well.



steamhare commented on Artwork: When Nintendo Finally Gets Around To ...:

Yes, it makes loads of sense. Fox has short, stumpy legs (is he a dwarf?) and Falco has a really tiny body for some mysterious reason, and both have really boring, single colored outfits. However, the pictures have a wonderful painted texture that maintains detail...



steamhare commented on Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should "Aban...:

The Xbox one sales seem to be dropping VERY sharply,

PS4 is definitely holding on though, especially since it hasn't hit in Japan. Which is especially weird, since I think its tiny game library has even less to justify the systems purchase than the Bone.



steamhare commented on This Design For A "Game Boy Evolution" Sure Is...:

I'd probably be afraid of snapping the thing while trying to play it. Although I'm ready for a new look for the next gen handheld, I'd still like it to be sturdy.

I do like the large amount of screen real estate, but I'd prefer reliable nintendo sturdiness with better ergonomics.



steamhare commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

Hopefully this game is as early along as it appears. Only two types of enemies (dodongo, bokoblins), one playable hero, one battlefield, and one type of friendly unit? From the trailer, it doesn't look like they have much to show.



steamhare commented on Retro-Inspired Adventure Platformer Lobodestro...:

For a platformer, running and jumping are the most basic of mechanics. It's what they're selling. In early alpha, ugly textures and animations can be forgiven, but if the premise looks weak (The premise being that the game is a platformer) then I can't help but think the project may have fundamental flaws.



steamhare commented on Retro-Inspired Adventure Platformer Lobodestro...:

The gameplay shots look really, really unfun (the opposite of fun). The running looks slow and awkward, the jumping looks too hard to use, and the camera never seems to point in the right direction... even if it's an alpha, it shouldn't look so painful to play.



steamhare commented on Weirdness: This Chart and Range of Tips May He...:

I think bulbasaurusRex's point is that water is weak to electric because it conducts. However, the logic of water's weakness might in fact be due to electrolysis rather than conductive properties, which would mean steel shouldn't have negative consequences (since typing doesn't give bonuses or penalties to accuracy)



steamhare commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

He said that 4 is below average. If nintendolife generally averages a score of 6.2, 4 is indeed below average. And you've also clearly confused a statistical average, or mean, with mode, which is how often a score is used.

You're also misinterpreting the definition of average thomas was using, which wasn't "statistical average" but rather "doesn't stand out from the crowd by being bad or good".



steamhare commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

I'm still interested, although there are definitely other games on the wii u that should take precedence at this point.

I probably shouldn't be though. Sonic Team really has no idea how Sonic should move in 3D environments, since he always seems to control drastically different depending on what speed your going and what the course is doing, or whether your in the air or on the ground.



steamhare commented on Wario Land 3:

I think I skipped this one back in the day because I didn't enjoy the "wario is invincible" mechanic in the previous entry. However, if the level design is as good as the previous two entries, I still might want to go back and pick it up.



steamhare commented on Weirdness: This First-Person Sonic the Hedgeho...:

It looks like a bigger field of view would help, and in a real game you'd probably be moving the view a lot faster. Seeing your feet would probably help gauging jumps while platforming.

Realistically, it shouldn't be much worse than a racing game using a first person view, which I always enjoy.



steamhare commented on Waiting For Wii U To Drop In Price? Not Going ...:

Since they're removing the basic model, they'll probably drop the deluxe model to $300. Since it will replace the basic model, it won't be a price cut. Then they'll start putting out $350 bundles with the new games coming out. They'll still have both price points, so it won't be a price cut, but the value will have changed.



steamhare commented on Reggie: Publishers Should Create Great Games T...:

@MisterRJ45 I've heard stories of a lot of people buying bethesda games, getting tired of them, selling them, and then buying another copy later because they decide they want to play some more.

I can find nintendo stuff used, but it's usually only $5 off and a huge quality drop.



steamhare commented on Nintendo Accused Of Infringing Trademark With ...:

I don't know what the Japanese standards are, but this passes the American "idiot in a hurry" standard for trademark infringement. I doubt even an idiot in a hurry would go to nintendo's warawara plaza thinking that it was the restaurant, or vice versa. And if there is an issue, the patent office is the one at fault for issuing two trademarks.