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Wed 9th Nov 2011

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steamhare commented on The Bomber's Notebook Will Be Revamped in The ...:

The bombers notebook was incredibly helpful as it was. As far as I could tell, a lot of people (who found the game too confusing) just didn't know to use it. Increasing its visibility is the best way to attract new players without changing the game significantly.



steamhare commented on Video: Take Another Look at Ganondorf and Adve...:

I think it's a bit worse with ganondorf because his ocarina of time is pretty off model; they've clearly just reskinned the much thicker twilight princess character model which means he's the wrong shape along with the low detail. The nostalgia goggles for the retro look can't take effect if the retro look is so different.



steamhare commented on Four Students Set New Mario Kart Marathon Worl...:

It'd be nice to know a few more details of what counts as however many hours straight (bathroom breaks? sandwich breaks? brief pauses?), and whether it has to be a group record. I imagine if it wasn't a group record, though, it would be much, much higher.



steamhare commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Explains His Belief That the ...:

I think it's pretty obvious that video games still have quite a ways to go before they've truly developed as a medium, and it's only exacerbated by the constant march of technology causing developers to reinvent everything so regularly. I'm still somewhat annoyed that there are no attempts at mystery games that require players to freely investigate without being linear paths with copious handholding, or games that could realistically be called romantic comedies.

Worst of all, anything involving simulation often takes steps backwards in subsequent iterations. Many developers seem to pull away from the genre after a few successes.



steamhare commented on Eiji Aonuma Plans To Shake Up the Puzzle Formu...:

Hopefully this means Aonuma is making the puzzle solving elements less contrived and "use the dungeon item to progress" than they sometimes get. It sounds like he's planning to give puzzle solving more of a detective work approach, where you use information from characters and the world to lead you to your next path. It might even mean keys will be important and flexible again.

Hopefully it doesn't just mean exploration is going to be punished.



steamhare commented on Here's Another Huge Batch of Hyrule Warriors S...:

I've been liking impa's last few appearances. If she's as sleek in Legend of Zelda U, I'd say she'll be a shoe in for replacing sheik in the next Smash.

Sheik is even more of a weird legacy character now that she's her own separate character.



steamhare commented on XSeed Games Localizing Newest Harvest Moon for...:

I think Natsume was just the company who localized (translated) Harvest Moon games; they were always developed by Marvelous in some form. The name Harvest Moon probably became their property due to how they were contracted during localization; ie the translation remained their property instead of ownership being transferred to Marvelous on completion.



steamhare commented on Video: Nintendo Goes For The Female Pre-Teen V...:

I wouldn't mind another, separate commercial aimed at adults; this looks like it's meant to debut on nick, disney, or cartoon network. Too bad the campaign seems to drive away boys who might be drawn in by the wackiness, though.



steamhare commented on Month Of Kirby: Minigame Mania:

That one was really quite fun, which is probably why it isn't included in this "lose friends" article. I think the games mentioned here include a large element of frustration, though the way the article is written that's very unclear.

That checkerboard game, though... If it was expanded it could probably be a unique rival to bomberman style gameplay.



steamhare commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

"It is urgent to realize and bears repeating that my invention, whether internally mounted as a plugin card or externally located, strictly samples the real-time, processed and monitor-ready video data signal ordinarily delivered from the output of the video adapter card. My TVA stores a true “what you see” frame sample for subsequent “what you get” display on a secondary monitor as an accurate replica of a predecessory image that has been recently displayed on the primary monitor. In other words, the INPUT to my TVA device is derived directly from the OUTPUT of the computer's usual video adapter card as monitor-ready processed video signals."

If it's urgent I realize this device only displays replicas on the secondary monitor of what appears on the primary display device, I think it's probably fairly important I realize the Wii U functions differently as well.



steamhare commented on Artwork: When Nintendo Finally Gets Around To ...:

Yes, it makes loads of sense. Fox has short, stumpy legs (is he a dwarf?) and Falco has a really tiny body for some mysterious reason, and both have really boring, single colored outfits. However, the pictures have a wonderful painted texture that maintains detail...



steamhare commented on Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should "Aban...:

The Xbox one sales seem to be dropping VERY sharply,

PS4 is definitely holding on though, especially since it hasn't hit in Japan. Which is especially weird, since I think its tiny game library has even less to justify the systems purchase than the Bone.



steamhare commented on This Design For A "Game Boy Evolution" Sure Is...:

I'd probably be afraid of snapping the thing while trying to play it. Although I'm ready for a new look for the next gen handheld, I'd still like it to be sturdy.

I do like the large amount of screen real estate, but I'd prefer reliable nintendo sturdiness with better ergonomics.



steamhare commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

Hopefully this game is as early along as it appears. Only two types of enemies (dodongo, bokoblins), one playable hero, one battlefield, and one type of friendly unit? From the trailer, it doesn't look like they have much to show.



steamhare commented on Retro-Inspired Adventure Platformer Lobodestro...:

For a platformer, running and jumping are the most basic of mechanics. It's what they're selling. In early alpha, ugly textures and animations can be forgiven, but if the premise looks weak (The premise being that the game is a platformer) then I can't help but think the project may have fundamental flaws.



steamhare commented on Retro-Inspired Adventure Platformer Lobodestro...:

The gameplay shots look really, really unfun (the opposite of fun). The running looks slow and awkward, the jumping looks too hard to use, and the camera never seems to point in the right direction... even if it's an alpha, it shouldn't look so painful to play.



steamhare commented on Weirdness: This Chart and Range of Tips May He...:

I think bulbasaurusRex's point is that water is weak to electric because it conducts. However, the logic of water's weakness might in fact be due to electrolysis rather than conductive properties, which would mean steel shouldn't have negative consequences (since typing doesn't give bonuses or penalties to accuracy)



steamhare commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

He said that 4 is below average. If nintendolife generally averages a score of 6.2, 4 is indeed below average. And you've also clearly confused a statistical average, or mean, with mode, which is how often a score is used.

You're also misinterpreting the definition of average thomas was using, which wasn't "statistical average" but rather "doesn't stand out from the crowd by being bad or good".



steamhare commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

I'm still interested, although there are definitely other games on the wii u that should take precedence at this point.

I probably shouldn't be though. Sonic Team really has no idea how Sonic should move in 3D environments, since he always seems to control drastically different depending on what speed your going and what the course is doing, or whether your in the air or on the ground.