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Tue 22nd December, 2009

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erv commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

"Dear internet, please accept this futile attempt to get some basic fourth grade level logical knowledge through your thick skulls. Kind regards, sense."

So another day passes, and no sense was transmitted accross the internets. As was, of course, fully expected.

Is splatoon out yet?



erv commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

Great article. Top stuff.

One thing I'd add to the conversation: I don't support, I buy. For entertainment purposes. However, I also value. So no, I don't go into discount madness too much, and yes, I'm picking up swords and soldiers because quality and fun, but support should be a natural result because we value. We're not running sponsorships, we're buying games. It's just the focus on quality and appreciation of value that we need to nurture again. Support flows naturally and in an honest market from that point.



erv commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

Another example of bureaucracy killing a potential market. I’m hoping for something as simple as google or apple are doing. Just bypass those expensive barriers - age ratings are indications, not absolutes.



erv commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

There’s too much crappy games out there distorting everyones perception. I’m buying this game day 1, and if they think that price is fair, I tend to believe them, given from what I’ve seen and what I’ve played from the first one.

Everybody can keep their 6 dollars in savings (really, that’s all you’re talking about!) and complain on here while I play a great game. Have fun posting about your five bucks guys!



erv commented on Capcom Hoping For "Aggressive Digital Download...:

As long as they keep on being great with monster hunter they can re re rere re re release all the other stuff with 4 pixels never seen before and I don't care.

Seriously, if not for monster hunter, capcom wouldn't be news to me :)



erv commented on Nintendo's First Smart Device Game With DeNA t...:

I always expect them to do quality, not quantity. That is also a means of standing out in that market. There are some great games on mobile, but discovering them and finding them in the huge pile of crap is astoundingly difficult. Their name will sure help, as long as they stick to the quality mantra.



erv commented on Talking Point: Mario Maker Can Be A Game Chang...:

This could be the most revolutionary thing nintendo has done since the wiimote. Outsourcing your entire ip to couch developers could become huge: gaming as a community service.

Nintendo needs killer interfaces of getting to the great content easily and filtering out the junk though. Seamless integration is also a must - you don’t want to manage your levels constantly, you should be able to just keep on playing.

Perhaps they’ll pull this off and we’ll witness a very powerful, new nintendo very soon.



erv commented on Here's The First Round Of Songs Confirmed For ...:

@Gerbwmu yeah I misinterpreted the sentence and thought it to mean "sound like" which is, luckily, nothing of the sorts - miles (lol) better haha.

I wonder if some of the more specialist players will make an appearance, like a satriani, or a tosin abasi or something? I'm not too familiar with how these games are set up from the library perspective, as I don't play them myself.



erv commented on Here's The First Round Of Songs Confirmed For ...:

@Gerbwmu lol you've got to be joking. Or deaf?

Having cry of achilles form alter bridge there is awesome, to be honest. I like the fact that gary clark gets some attention too.

So far, they're doing great on the music aspect of the game for many different people.