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Tue 22nd Dec 2009

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erv commented on IHS Technology Adds to Speculation of an NX Po...:

@eaglebob345 actually, that's how I never got into the 3ds. I had the dsi and it was underused for that very reason, but when the 3ds hit, I kept on thinking about the inevitable upgrade - now known as the n3ds - that would make me like the system for its potential.

Now that it's here, I'm not going to do the dsi thing all over again. Nintendo actually marketed a fan away from the 3ds generation in my case.



erv commented on Talking Point: Online Gaming Can't Recreate th...:

Local play is awesome, online is better. I like the combinations mostly: I like being able to hook up with one person on the other end, while I join in with 2 on mine, for instance.

Both have its value, but the best games and longest amounts of fun have been the online ones.



erv commented on Analysis: Assessing Why NX Needs to Take Over ...:

Looking at the half way numbers, they're not nearly half way there. Meaning, they'll miss target.

Investors respond to the downward possibility of profitability. Thus, they make more sense than this article.

I have faith in Nintendo and may hold some stock at these prices. They're cheap and Nintendo could release anything and still be better off than it is today, so it's one way to beat the market as a fan.



erv commented on Japanese Analyst Claims NX Could Launch As Ear...:

@Damo I think you are very right with that statement there.

2016 feels like it could be the year nintendo presses the big "company reset button" and pops out very different from what we know it to be.

@Grumblevolcano that used to be the case. Nowadays, it's incredibly hard to keep attention and hype at adequate levels for a long period of time. A shorter timespan between showoff and getting it in consumers hands would benefit it. Nintendo hints as much, with them stating they'll now focus on what you can buy soon, instead of years down the line, within their media presence.



erv commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Can Exploit Its Rich H...:

They can, but I'll be mostly absent from buying. I don't usually buy to support our endorse, but am very aware that you vote with your wallet.

I'm buying the great new stuff. And discounts on captain toad.



erv commented on Happy New Year from Nintendo Life:

Happy new year all, love this site and everyone in the community. My favorite place to go to for everything gaming related by far.



erv commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (Europe):

I bought darksiders for that price at the previous sale but haven't had a chance to give it some love. I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Legend of kay seems like a fun platformer for that price.



erv commented on Monster Hunter X Has Passed 2 Million Units Sh...:

I hope nintendo will buy the franchise, or capcom altogether.

We need more monster hunter goodness and boy, are they selling it. I'm a huge fan as well, the first one to grace the new nintendo systems I'll buy in a heartbeat.