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Tue 22nd December, 2009

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erv commented on Here's The First Round Of Songs Confirmed For ...:

@Gerbwmu yeah I misinterpreted the sentence and thought it to mean "sound like" which is, luckily, nothing of the sorts - miles (lol) better haha.

I wonder if some of the more specialist players will make an appearance, like a satriani, or a tosin abasi or something? I'm not too familiar with how these games are set up from the library perspective, as I don't play them myself.



erv commented on Here's The First Round Of Songs Confirmed For ...:

@Gerbwmu lol you've got to be joking. Or deaf?

Having cry of achilles form alter bridge there is awesome, to be honest. I like the fact that gary clark gets some attention too.

So far, they're doing great on the music aspect of the game for many different people.



erv commented on Talking Point: Market Expectations Remain High...:

Ok, two things: one, the stock price had less lower lows on multiple timeframes. Any boost, like the one dena had, will look good to any technical analysis, which is a profitable way of timing the spike as technicalities will show a possibly healthy stock to invest in with nintendo within now and, say, 18 months. Combine this with the expected timing of announcements and you’ll see a very tactical timing in the reveal, also mappong out certain milestones in their timeline already: nx, mobile offshoots, e3 next year - they’re all on the charts.

Second, nintendo will probably not become a mobile only company even if the mobile divisions have gigantic, over the top success. Why? Simple market dynamics - nintendo needs a platform to control, which could be facilitated in external hardware even though the platform will be more software based, but most importantly, nintendo needs a premium market catalyst. Mobile only would hollow them out in time which is bad business altogether, and only makes sense to "american mentality” shareholders, as this reasoning is known in the market - profit and sales over investment and dynamics.

That doesn’t mean nintendo will never drop out of dedicated game machines, but it does mean nintendo will probably never drop out of dedicated gaming hardware. So the worst you could get is a smart device from any manufacturer that only allows nintendo games to be played when you link a proprietary nintendo controller, for instance. But that concept would be pushing it for nintendo with the market it is in and the position it has.

Whatever hardware, a nintendo platform is going to be a reality one way or the other, while premium quality gaming experiences will always be facilitated because they need either that to be the business or that to be the catalyst. It’s not rocket science, and Iwata is doing an excellent job in managing this to be honest.



erv commented on Games Consultant Believes Nintendo NX Could Be...:

I've speculated before that the nx is not a new portable and not the nintendo bono, but could just be a controller for games on smart devices we already have.

There's some third party controllers available already, and they execute everything similarly. Making the nx a controller for in depth gaming on devices you already own is certainly a possibility.

I'm just excited to see where it'll all lead :) I'm buying the next nintendo gaming system anyways.



erv commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use Downloadable D...:

I'm a digital only person anyway. I hope the nx makes physical media obsolete, to be honest.

And as I understand it, digital downloads have no concern whatsoever? I bought a nice big harddrive for all of my wii u titles and xenoblade will surely become one of them:)



erv commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

Sounds logical. Its still means we have at least 1.5 years of good gaming ahead of us with the wiiU, remember.

And the zelda nx thing is something that crossed my mind too. Let's consider two things here: The end of the wii wasn't pretty for nintendo, with the thing drying up and still a year left before the new console hit, people moved on towards other ventures with a year of software drought. The launch of the wii, with the dual zelda and a fun multiplayer, was one of the most successful for nintendo ever.

I'd say they'd want to repeat that.



erv commented on Rumour: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Teased For N...:

Might very well happen. I liked black ops on wii and black ops 2 on wii U. I'm probably buying it if it releases.

I also liked that gameplay balance they had in multiplayer. The only thing I want is the aforementioned gyro assisted fine aiming, that helps loads.



erv commented on A Splash of New Details Emerge on Splatoon's D...:

If nintendo had included voice chat like wii speak back in the day, we could all say "pffrt pffrt pfffrt" to each other.

That would increase the gameplay experience for sure.

Perhaps nintendo not doing voice chat is for the bfffrst.



erv commented on Feature: A Day in The Future Life of a Nintend...:

@aaronsullivan I'm with you. We are now so muchmore involved with our technology we should consider how nintendo needs to stick with us and keep being involved.

Nintendo on mobile is basically nintendo finding a way into your pockets. This is a great thing. And mapping out what I want to do in a great game when I get home? Sign me up.

There's so much more potential for improvement than there's risk of negligence that I don't get the fearful responses to nintendo on mobile - granted, now that they have a strategy. The absolute only way this could go wrong is by nintendo standards losing the focus on the gameplay. That's just not their thing, luckily, so bring on the great stuff.



erv commented on Let's Educate Parents About Mature Titles, Sug...:

@DarthNocturnal waiting till they're older is not gonna help getting educated. Yet they need to be educated, for sure, just as the parents should be - who happened to have to wait till they're older and, well, aren't exactly educated.

Age rating content is a good step, enforcing policy based on morale isn't. However, taking games as a warning sign when behaviour is working against people's development, no matter what age, is a good thing.

I'm not sure what to think of this systematic approach. I would want teachers to not have a checklist and be able to use common sense instead of a system. A system means imperfection, which doesn't help the kids.

Basically, getting kids in school starved and crawling with lice isn't a sign of neglect, but when they start playing games everybody is freaking out.

I like the backlash this got. You don't threaten people with aid systems knowing those aid systems are a pain in the ass for them. It's all supposed to be for the kids right? Then stop threatening about games and start thinking about kids.



erv commented on Pandora's Tower And Sin And Punishment Coming ...:

Never played pandora's tower. Sin and punishment was a big letdown for me. I like the arcadey feel of bayonetta 2 much better.

If little king's story ever makes it, I'm replaying that one again. Not sure about pandora's tower when looking at all my rpg needs being met with xenoblade later on.



erv commented on Capcom's Gearing Up For a Major Monster Hunter...:

I'm surprised nintendo hasn't full out bought / second partied' / licensed the franchise.

It sells systems beyond anything out there. I sure love it...

Edit: ooooo wii u mh4timate in holiday season 2015 to replace the blockbuster sized gap left by zelda! Eat that, core gaming wannabe!