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Laxeybobby commented on Super Mario Maker Makes Strong Début in UK Ch...:

You're right it's not something that can be stopped. 😆
It's just a shame as there are people out there creating some great playable levels that aren't getting any exposure unless you're following them or you randomly come across them.
The up and coming section is there but it's limited in size and the popular section is taken over by the thousand star YouTube brigade.



Laxeybobby commented on Super Mario Maker Makes Strong Début in UK Ch...:

@Graeme Exactly my point. I skipped 70% of the levels in the 100 Mario challenge as they were insane Mario killer levels where the only way you completed them was by luck or fluke and not gaming skill.
I make all mine to challenge gamer skill, all have clear routes, achievable, hidden extras and shortcuts and all play tested to make sure one missed or lost power up doesn't mean a restart.
Traditional level design.



Laxeybobby commented on Super Mario Maker Makes Strong Début in UK Ch...:

Mario Maker is a great utility/game. I'm loosing hours in designing levels & extensively play testing them.
However it has one flaw and that's the star ranking system for the creators.
It appears if you have a YouTube channel you get thousands of stars for creating crap / insane levels just because you have a following. (Just look at the levels where you do nothing! - ok it's clever but not a Mario level to play)
And those level creators who put a lot of effort and thought into making 'traditional' Mario style levels that wouldn't look out of place in the next Super Mario platform game, who have no platform to get noticed don't get noticed and struggle to gain stars.
(There's a lot of comments on Miiverse about this issue)
I hope they look at improving this and a few other bits in future updates.



Laxeybobby commented on Space Hulk Finally Docking With The Wii U eSho...:

This is a game I've been waiting for and held off from a steam purchase when I heard it was coming to WiiU.
I hope they announce what features it will have on the WiiU in terms of game pad utilization.
Would also like to see a multiplayer mode, but I'm guessing that probably won't happen as its a port.



Laxeybobby commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

@TheDavyStar Very little - If anybody used the micro transactions it would be to buy the X weapons which you only have access to after so many kills in a row. Like the CoD kill streak perks. You can buy Golden Eggs to exchange for in game cash to buy standard weapon & add ons like red dot scope or second grip, but to be honest you get enough eggs free in the game when you start and you earn more as you progress in solo and multiplayer.
To me only people with money to waste would buy these eggs because they want all the weapons and add ons to start with and would probably do so as they could be bothered to play the game to earn them.
I haven't seen an unbalance yet.

Overall I'm starting to enjoy this game the more I play it. At the start I was very frustrated as I found the aiming to be jumpy and not smooth to control and the control schemes provided take a bit of practice. I put this down to not being used to playing shooters with dual sticks and pad controller as I play CoD with wii remote plus and nunchuck, and splatoon with giro enabled. I resolved this from advice from players on Miiverse and adjusted the sensitivity downward and it performed better.
I would say to anyone on the fence with this to play it in store or find a friend that has it and try it. (Or rent it if they still do that now)
I don't regret buying it and I feel the online multiplayer side is far better in terms of options, choices available and maps than any of the CoD's that are available for the WiiU. Plus they have announced a patch in Sept that will add further game modes.



Laxeybobby commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

This was not a surprise, the only surprise is they left it this long to confirm it.
I believe the WiiU version was canned months ago even before they made the announcement about the problems they were having.
I think they should have just said "game cancelled" and left out the "we're going to wait for the next hardware" as to some this brings false hope and some will see this as a promise that PC2 will be on the mysterious NX.
If the NX is a cross mobile home console, or indeed a dedicated home console, with the leaked / rumoured chip set that will be at the heart of the NX. I am certain that SMS wouldn't be developing for that either nor will, Activision, EA, UbiSoft, Capcom or any of the other big players.
It's very hard to change a perception/reputation that has been built over three generations of consoles. Unless the NX is something totally revolutionary like the Wii was, the NX will just add to the gaming world perceptions of Nintendo consoles.



Laxeybobby commented on Video: Summing Up The Good And Bad Of Devil's ...:

I cancelled my pre-order based on the initial NL preview.
Im now tempted to re-order it again purely as this was one of the few mature titles I wanted. I have Bayonetta 1 & 2 and I did buy COD but felt let down by lack of support by Activision.
@Alex_Olney Could the issues highlighted by your team in this game be pacthed?
I have read the other articles about the game designers comments about how his game has been perceived, has the NL team asked him this question about patching / update post release??



Laxeybobby commented on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Smashes Reco...:

@accc I'm like you. I don't back any Kickstarters - to high a risk of loosing your money as people have already seen with other titles that were allegedly coming to the WiiU (project cars). 2017 is a long time away and if the WiiU is still the current Nintendo console will be another factor of it appearing I think. However if it ever does appear on the WiiU and it is reviewed well I will purchase it.



Laxeybobby commented on ​Tomonobu Itagaki's Devil's Third Will Lay W...:

Had this on pre-order when it first appeared and now I can't wait to get this through the door. Mature gaming subjects are few on WiiU and this one looks awsome. Who needs Activisions tired and dated CoD, this I fresh. Hope the multiplayer lives up to expectations.
Wonder if they might do a pre-release test like they did with Splatoon?



Laxeybobby commented on Yup, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Is Definitely S...:

CoD games have never really been fully supported on Nintendo machines, and to me Nintendo was always an afterthought.
After the last CoD and lack of support I never expected to see any further iterations appear on a Nintendo machine ever again so this doesn't surprise me. Nor is it a great loss as this brand left me frustrated by how Nintendo users where treated by Activision and I swore never to buy a CoD title again unless it was on equal footings with the other consoles.
Now we have Splatoon my multiplayer shooter fix is being satisfied and when Devils arrives then my mature shooter fix will be satisfied.



Laxeybobby commented on FAST Racing NEO Details Finally Exit The Garage:

Looking great, hope the video in June does the screenshots justice.
This may be another day one purchase.
I've spent more money on my WiiU these last few months than I've spent from its release. There are so many titles on the horizon that I've penned in for a purchase.



Laxeybobby commented on First Footage Emerges of Bandai Namco's Projec...:

Wondering if this is going to follow the smart phone formula of in-game purchases (£60 for a chest of 1000 in game credits) with game or character progress hindered unless you spend credits and 1000 credit go in two purchase. Or if this will follow formula of MMO's that are free to play where you can subscribe and unlock all access.
I'm interested if it's the latter MMO style.
Looks good though from the very brief trailer.



Laxeybobby commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Confirmed...:

Someone save the post for future reference when in a years time they say "we said maybe there'll be a WiiU version" 😈
Supporting any kickstarter, crowd funding project is a complete gamble and riskier than dabbling on the stock markets.
I wish them and their WiiU backers well and look forward to having the opportunity to buy this game for WiiU in the future.



Laxeybobby commented on Poll: Early Impressions on Splatoon and That A...:

The only issues I've had was once yesterday and once today. Yesterday I was waiting 7 minutes for one more player to join, the timer kept counting down and starting again and in the end I had to switch my WiiU off as there was no obvious way to exit back to the plaza from the player list screen.
Does anyone know how to exit that screen where you wait for players?
I pressed all the buttons including the Home button but nothing worked. After waiting for 7mins and being bored of the squid jump game on the pad, I had no option but to turn the WiiU off and back on again.

Today I had eight players on the list yet it failed to go into a game and the timer counted down, but this time it came up with a message that it couldn't find eight players and restarted.

I also had issue trying to join a friend, I selected the friend to join, waited for their current game to finish (a timer is displayed) but once that happened it didn't put me into a game with my friend. It just showed me alone in the list with it saying searching on the other seven players until it timed out.

Im hoping that they patch the game to allow you to leave the players list when your waiting indefinitely.

Re the content. There's enough there to get you started but there is so much scope to add to it via DLC which I hope they do.
I'd like to see a couple of different 1vs1 modes other than the balloon pop.
Same as well for the main online mode, maybe a mode that has secondary objectives to the turf coverage.
So many ideas but I'm sure they have ideas in the wings waiting.



Laxeybobby commented on Out Now: Splatoon Brings Some Colour to the Wii U:

Does anyone know how to exit the online battle lobby where you wait for players?
This morning I was waiting 7 minutes for one more player, and I had to switch my WiiU off as there was no obvious way to exit back to the plaza. I pressed all the buttons including the Home button but nothing worked. After waiting for 7mins and now bored of the squid jump game on the pad, I had no option but to turn the WiiU off and back on again.
This needs to be patched to allow you to get out of this lobby area if it's continually waiting for players.



Laxeybobby commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

I find it hard to believe that with so little information surrounding two letters 'NX' that the assumption is that this is a new console.
I'm sure I read somewhere that Nintendo's future outlook was for a handheld and home console that works together and the duel screen handheld formula will not be used in the next handheld.
Maybe the 'NX' is a cross device operating system that would run on console, handheld and mobile? Not hardware at all?
The fact is until Nintendo make a detailed public announcement no one will know for sure and those that do know are so tied down with legal non disclosure agreements that you'll never know that they know.



Laxeybobby commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

Month and months ago I stated that I didn't believe this was anywhere complete as nothing was released to prove otherwise. No screen shots, no gameplay footage. The only WiiU video on YouTube was PC emulating WiiU settings.
This was never and will never be seen on WiiU or the next Nintendo system (whatever it will be called in 2017/18) as by then the game will be dated and likelyhood Slightly Mad studios will not exist having been bought up by Microsoft etc.
Had this on Pre Order since the date is showed as available on WiiU. Cancelled now.
The worst thing is the lies, but of late all developers of AAA titles allegedly coming to WiiU are guilty of this. Ubisoft for example with Watchdogs.



Laxeybobby commented on Video: Our Guide to the Splatoon Global Testfi...:

Well now round 3 is complete. Do we delete the demo or are there more tests planned?
Guys at Nintendolife any ideas?
I'm guessing these rounds are to test the servers and probably stream live play data to the developers so they can make tweaks to improve the play experience.
It would be better still if we the players had somewhere to post feedback to the developers following this test day.
My feedback would definitely be about the missing voice chat. For me this is a travesty that it's not included. This game is all about teamwork and not being able to communicate with my fellow teammates, especially the warnings "he's behind you" or "get out of there" is an opportunity lost.
I live in hope that maybe this will come as a patch update.



Laxeybobby commented on Video: Our Guide to the Splatoon Global Testfi...:

I played the second session. Had connection issues twice. Loved the game, tried all the weapons. My least favorite being the squirter (sniper type) rifle, just couldn't get the hang of it and was quickly splatted by those with the other two pistoles. The roller was fun but you need a body guard to defend you.
This is where the lack of team talk is a big missed opportunity, as looking out for each other on the team is disorganised. Several times I was shouting at the screen warning my team mates that I've seen an opposition squid swim behind them to watch them be splatted.
I also found it hard to view the map and play the game at once, which would be the only way you are able to know where everyone is.
Overal impressions is I think it's going to be a big splat of a hit for Nintendo, if they get the variety, maps and team players levels balanced when making a team.



Laxeybobby commented on Yooka-Laylee Double-Jumps Through Final Kickst...:

@Kaze_Memaryu @ryanator008

I'm just stating that nothing is guaranteed with these kickstarter projects as there is no legally binding contract to guarantee what you back you finally get.
Wasn't that the case with Project Cars when they were funded? WiiU promised as a primary release platform, which is allegedly why so many Nintendo users backed them.
Now look at Project Cars - Namco Bandi take it on and all platforms except the WiiU get a release date (although WiiU version was in doubt long before they signed as publisher because no WiiU preview material has ever been released).



Laxeybobby commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops III "Ember" Tease Sets...:

Well only a few days to wait to find out if it will or won't be for WiiU.
Personally I can't see it coming to WiiU for a number of reasons. The biggest one being the latest COD missed the WiiU so why would they take a 'backward' step and do this one on WiiU.
Other reasons poor performance of the BOppsII on WiiU, the scaving Activision got from WiiU users for not fully supporting it with DLC etc.
Low install base probably means that if they did bring BOppsIII then it will be just as poorly supported as BOppsII was, and thus WiiU users will not buy it. Vicious circle!



Laxeybobby commented on Zelda-Style Adventure Midora Runs Out Of Kicks...:

This just goes to emphasize the pitfalls of crowdfunding / kickstarting. It is no different to gambling. If you cant afford to loose the money then don't pledge it.
There was a recent TV news feature in the UK on how Kickstarter and crowdfunding sites are being hijacked by criminal gangs and fraudsters who are just wanting to make easy money, which they are doing, as there is no protection or insurance for those "investors". These sites need to create a scheme similar to what Paypal did (buyer protection) to make ebay less of a gamble.

Edit: I am no way inferring that the people behind this project are crooks. I was just highlighting the dangers of the kickstarter crowd funding territory.



Laxeybobby commented on Video: New LEGO Jurassic World Trailer Builds ...:

@rjejr No they haven't but WiiU owners only get the version where it covers just two of the films. 😂

Only kidding. Before anyone takes me seriously.

As a Lego games and Jurassic park fan this will be a day of release buy, unless the do actually shaft the WiiU owners with some second rate version to the other consoles.



Laxeybobby commented on Hyrule Warriors 'Ganon Pack' DLC to Bring Fres...:

This game to me is the best valued, supported 3rd party game ever to have been on a Nintendo console. I still haven't stopped playing this since the date of release, and the season pass was great value for money and shows other developers that season passes work.



Laxeybobby commented on Ubisoft's Unreleased and Finished Wii U Game H...:

They can keep this shovel ware crap.
Even if the install base trebled I'd be surprised if this sold. To be honest Ubisoft stick to churning out Just Dance, Assasins Cread and any other repetitive crap to make your books balance.



Laxeybobby commented on Nintendo Provides a Handy Quick Guide to Compl...:

@shynra I dont follow, how if its deleted can it be redownloaded when you dont put your nintendo ID on until after you've transfered your old system to the New 3DS, how does it know you're entitled to have it. I dont want to delete it, do my transfer and then realise when its too late that I cant have the game I paid for



Laxeybobby commented on Cult PlayStation 2 Title Legend Of Kay Is Gett...:

Let's hope 'remastered' means graphical overhaul to a standard acceptable today, WiiU pad functionality, online feature and not just a straight port of a 2005 game who's graphics are 10yrs out of date even if it is cult classic.