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Laxeybobby commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

As others have intimated. The big news will be on all the websites is that is No news about WiiU or 3DS from either. With the added special one time bonus of Ubi finally confirming Watch Dog has been cancelled and had been for the last six months.



Laxeybobby commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle for a Presence in UK ...:

Probably because most Game stores have all but abandoned the WiiU and 3DS, by either relegating it to one or two small shelves at the very back darkest corner of the stores, with no current / latest release titles or by not having any WiiU and 3DS stuff at all. Favouring Xbox, PS3, XBOne, PS4 and PC.
On the Isle of Man we only have Game and HMV that sell software and hardware. HMV have totally got rid of Nintendo favouring the others and Game have relegated Nintendo to the dark corner and haven't had a new release on the shelf in ages. I couldn't even get a copy of Bravely Default when it was released, and when asked if I could get one ordered I was told no as they wouldn't just order one copy! Couldnt even get a copy online from them either as they have no stock.
Trouble is I have over £100 worth of Game vouchers :-(



Laxeybobby commented on Ubisoft Discounts 18 Games on the North Americ...:

If this is repeated in UK then once converted from $ to £ then all of these are cheaper in disk form from online retailers. So I will just purchase the disc version. At least you have a trade in value when your finished with them unlike the downloaded version.



Laxeybobby commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

I still have my GBA with Advance Wars, Golden Sun and Golden Sun II (Still in the shrink wrap), plus Ecks Vs Sever, Sonic and a number of others, so GBA on the WiiU not important for me unless its something I really want to try.



Laxeybobby commented on Latest Assassin's Creed Announcement Continues...:

Not a surprise really following the Watchdogs announcement (which I think is a cancellation on the quiet). So no not surprised that there will be no more AC.
This is a shame as I really like the games having bought both ACIII and Black Flag for WiiU and never played the series before on any other system.
What annoys me though is like the reviewer said the Just Dance series which was great fun in the first couple on Wii but now is just a money grab continues. Reminds me of the guitar hero franchise.



Laxeybobby commented on Watch_Dogs Wii U 2014 Release a "Possibility",...:

A Quote from the developer about the Wii U version in an interview:

"The one casualty in all of this is the game's Wii U version. Nintendo's low install base makes work on its struggling home console an easy choice for re-prioritising."

"It's been paused," Morin states of the Wii U build, "which means delayed.

"There were some very talented programmers working on it and, when we started to point at the things we needed to fix, we needed those guys and their experience. It was a logical choice to say - let's get those people, let's pause the Wii U thing, let's make sure the experience is where we wanted to be."

What this says too me was all the stuff that UbiSoft released months ago about how close to the end it was and that they needed to delay it to polish it off for a better experience was a load of Bull.
They have basically indefinably placed this game on hold taking the WiiU coding team and re-assigning them to other platforms.
The WiiU version of this game was no where near complete like they had led the WiiU public to believe, and the next stage for something that is permanently on hold and only partially complete, is CANCELLED, announced I would guess a month or so after the release on the other consoles. With an apology telling WiiU owners to "purchase it on another console if you want to experience the game"
I said as much months ago when they first announced the delay, however I am always happy to be proven wrong in this case. But I don't think that will happen!



Laxeybobby commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

@CaviarMeths And I'm not sure what he means by "and this just doesn't fit."

I think he is politely saying that the subject matter of their game doesn't fit their perception of the demographic of the Nintendo console due to its rating maybe?
Which is a shame as Deus Ex was a more mature rated game and is a really great game to play.



Laxeybobby commented on AE Games Reveals Mad Men Football, High Impact...:

Well, I wish him all the best. I too still think its a bit of a windup with the EA Madden spoof. (AE Mad Men). But if its for real I wish him all the best.
I'm not so sure this game will do well in EU and UK but Im sure the US gamers will be interested



Laxeybobby commented on Brand New Game Developer, AE Games, Shows Its ...:

Hmm just Google'd AE games and a couple of other Nintendo websites are declaring this press release as a hoax :-( by some troll.

They are saying to back up their claim of a hoax
"The site is made on the blogger platform plus the press release is rather unprofessional, by that I mean sounds like it was written by a fanboy."
"Unless they formed over the weekend there's no listing in incorporate listing in North Carolina for an AE Games company. There's an AE mobile games but that's not the same company. This is just angry blogger with too much time on their hands."
(both quotes cut & pasted from other sites)

It will be a shame if it is a hoax.



Laxeybobby commented on Space Simulator "Space Pioneer" Shoots for the...:

Apologies I went back and read the kickstarter page again and I did misread it. Please accept my apologies and I have deleted the original post.
I wish you and your team every success in achieving the goal and look forward to this sometime in the future on my WiiU.



Laxeybobby commented on Just 2% of Ubisoft's Q3 Sales Were for Wii U:

Thanks I'm glad someone understood what I was trying to say.
Maybe rehash is a word that is too strong, maybe I should use recycled?
I assure you i'm no troll. I have remained soley with Nintendo as I admire their imagination & quality with their consoles. Unfortunately having played through the Nintendo Console range over the last 25+ years. I have become bored with the same recycled IP releases. So I don't buy them & that's is why I feel strongly about Nintendo re-imagining some of their older IP's, inventing new IP's and feeling let down when we miss the likes of UbiSoft Watch Dogs



Laxeybobby commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:


Mature gamer was purely a reference to my age not to the style of games I or others play. (I'm in my mid forties).
I suppose for me only ever being a Nintendo Console Owner from the SNes, through the N64, GC, and Wii and now WiiU - games that have appeared on the WiiU, like Assasin Creed and Deus X are different experiences for me compared to the same MK and Smash Bro etc that I have been playing for the past 25+yrs



Laxeybobby commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

I like the article and respect the authors point of view, but I think he's looking through rose tinted glasses.
Before i'm shouted down - Yes, I am one of those gamers that only own a Wii U, and im a mature gamer as well.
To say "The Wii U is a system for exclusive, different experiences mostly from Nintendo" is absurd as the games that Nintendo release are just rehashes of the ones that have come before. At the moment I only own two Nintendo WiiU games: The underwhelming Nintendo Land that came with the console (I would never have bought this) and PikMin. The other Nintendo releases I have purposefully ignored because I already have them in my collection albeit they are not in HD, but so what, its the gameplay that attracts me to a game not the HD visuals.
So what Nintendo 'system for exclusive, different experiences' are on the horizon for 2014, not that many as MK8 is let face it is a combination of past MK's in HD, Super Smash Bro's HD - Oh im sure thats going to offer a different experience to Super Smah Bros on Wii!
The only game that I think for me that meet the criteria is Bayenetta 2 as I haven't experienced the first.
Now if Nintendo announced some re imagining of some older near forgotten IP's i'd agree with that statement, but right now the WiiU is wandering aimlessly into the game console graveyard.

I have been solely Nintendo home console owner from the SNes purchasing from day one of release, never owning a Sony or Microsoft. After the WiiU I think I will seriously consider before buying the next Nintendo Console (if there will be a next). In fact the WiiU will probably be my last console and I'll find another past time that is more suitable to my age (as my wife says)



Laxeybobby commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

@Rafie I like your optimism :-)
The game has already been delayed six months and UbiSoft had gone on record prior to the first delay to state that the WiiU version was supposedly the most complete out of all the formats. Now they are delaying it for an undisclosed amount of time. Your right the words do say Delayed, but it whats between the lines that shout the loudest. I'm 99.9% certain this game will never see a WiiU outside the UbiSoft offices.



Laxeybobby commented on Just 2% of Ubisoft's Q3 Sales Were for Wii U:

Guys & Girls, lets face it those of us that bought a WiiU has bought a 'Lemon' (hopefully that has the same meaning in the USA as it does in the UK)
Unfortunately, we can get our money back and we have to rack this one up to experience and think very carefully before investing in another Nintendo Console.

I Purchased ACIII & ACIV and Splintercell all of which I hadn't experienced before on my previous Nintendo consoles.
I had Watchdogs on Pre-order for the same reason it was something unique however now I 100% expect never to have my debit card debited.

I also had pre-ordered: MK8; X; Bayonetta 2; Super Smash Bros; Legend of Zelda HD & Yoshi Yarn. Six games for the foreseable life of the most current Nintendo Console!!
And when I look at this list, I already have five of these games on the Wii with Bayanetta 3 being the exception, as the other five are just a re-hash of what has already been released.

I said on a post in the earlier Ubi Watch Dog announcement that the WiiU is Nintendo's homage to FOX networks Walking Dead - brain dead and abandoned by everyone including Nintendo to wander aimlessly until someone officially puts it out of it miserable existence.

I can't afford to have two or three home consoles in my house. The whole family have their personal 3DS and the WiiU was specifically my vice, so we will make do with future software releases for the 3DS and forego the WiiU to gather dust on a shelf now unless some really amazing 'must have' game comes along, be that a disc release or e-shop.



Laxeybobby commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

I've read the majority of posts above, and my first initial feelings on reading this headline was similar to a lot on hear; "Rayman Legends all over again"; "We are not going to ever see this on the shelves"; "give it another month and it will be cancelled".

This was a day one purchase for me, but I honestly don't think my pre-order money will ever be debited from my account.
I wonder how many pre-orders will now be cancelled following this announcement?

I don't think Wii U development of this game was ever completed and was stopped when they announced the game was originally delayed. We have never seen from Ubi Soft any WiiU gameplay preview released that actually shows the game on the WiiU and gamepad, we have only seen a standard video promoting the game for all platforms.

That's why I think this announcement has been made about the Wii U version is further delayed, the game is not finished and was put on hold since the first announcement. It would have made financial sense to stop a game and cut your loses back then than continue to throw development money into a game on a dead platform, (yes I said dead, as we need to wake up and smell the coffee and accept that the Wii U is the Walking Dead, wandering aimlessly until its put out of is misery). Why would Ubisoft spend, over these last six months, developing the WiiU version when all around them in the game community, announcements are flying about Nintendo's console disappointment performance, even an admission from Nintendo themselves when the revised their sales figures over the last month.
I predict the cancellation notification in April, maybe sooner if the other platforms are reviewed poorly.

What would be good to see now is Nintendolife press UbiSoft for an interview about this decision and put to Ubisoft some of the questions and views from these posts and get something more solid than just a couple of lines.



Laxeybobby commented on Child of Light Set to Begin its Tale on 30th A...:

I hope the UK price is a straight conversion to £ from $ and not just a swap of currency sign ie £14.99, otherwise this may put people off purchasing.
However that said the WiiU community need to buy this to send a message loud and clear to UbiSoft that WiiU is still worth supporting.



Laxeybobby commented on Review: Barbie Dreamhouse Party (Wii U):

This is the kind of cr*p that just adds to Nintendo's 'Just for kids' reputation.
More reviewed low scored, low budget, kids shovel ware from 3rd parties is just what the WiiiU needs to reverse its fortunes.



Laxeybobby commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

They need to cut their loses and start over. Bin the WiiU hardware and software after 2014 and look to release something new for Christmas 2015, using the 12 months sabbatical to regroup, develop a major advertising plan and some major new ip exclusives.



Laxeybobby commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

When Satoru Iwata publicly Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good Shape" its no wonder every 3rd party game in development and every consideration of providing 3rd party DLC for current games hasn't been cancelled.

I'll be watching these coming few months with bated breath for announcements from Ubi & Slightly Mad Studios.



Laxeybobby commented on Rhythm Fighting Game KickBeat Gets Rated For W...:

I'd be interested to see how this works as surely it is just a rhythm game with a beat-em-up skin. What I mean is what makes fighting games unique is the player choice of kick, punches, combo's and special moves to defeat adversaries and every player will do this in their own particular way.
If this is a rhythm game and all you have to do like most rhythm games is push up, push down, push left, push right on analogue stick when the game tells you so on the screen and as a result of doing this the character kicks or punches an adversary where is that fighting game element?
Maybe im missing something?



Laxeybobby commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

No I didn't as your summary made the point.
I was making a point that I find it hard to believe that a company would put 'pride' before the livelihoods of their employees if Nintendo decided to stop making consoles. What else would they do?
This is all hypothetical & I await Nintendo's future announcement that will tell us all what the new business structure will look like.



Laxeybobby commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

Interesting read on that link and doesnt discount the possibility that I raised in my posts #91 & #98

I dont think a company would 'bite its nose of to spite its face' by saying we'd rather go out of business than survive which is how I have read the scenario you have painted. There are too many livelihoods at stake.
I agree a Nintendo game on a Microsoft, Sony or even Apple or Android would be the loss of that Nintendo Magic, but in the end they are a business that according to Iwata himself has stated “We are thinking about a new business structure,”



Laxeybobby commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@Tritonus Sorry i didnt make myself clear enough. I didnt mean stop the Wii U now, I would hope they would see out its predicted life cycle as I have invested in it.
I meant making Wii U the last console produced and that instead of pumping money into Nintendo R&D on the 'Wii X' which I would bet is already underway, concentrate on making software and handheld hardware.



Laxeybobby commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

I wonder if Satoru Iwata, is considering, when he stated 'The most important thing is to reinvigorate Nintendo's business as quickly as possible.', of abandoning the Hardware manufacture and making the WiiU Nintendo's last home console concentrating solely on handheld and now put serious thought into making software only for the two big players that are left.



Laxeybobby commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

I agree with what you say and hope that's the case, but with most games there are post release costs for online servers, patch updates etc which I would assume would be a constant cost?

However games like the Activision 2015 as yet unamed COD game is unlikely to appear on the Wii U and neither will any other multi platform game being thought about following today.

Totally agree with you.



Laxeybobby commented on Video: A New Bravely Default Trailer Shows You...:

This is Sold Out on and has been since mid December!
I have it on stock alert but none has arrived. I find it hard to believe the UK's biggest online game retailer is struggling to obtain stock. (same for Lego City and Animal Crossing on 3DS - my son and daughter want these)



Laxeybobby commented on Capcom Claims Its New Panta Rhei Game Engine C...:

This is a pointless article that is purposefully misleading by the author, whether intended that way or not. Not once in the official Capcom quote does it mention, refer or imply that this will be used for the WiiU. Infact the chart provided with the quote would indicate otherwise.

It is the authors opinion, perception or hope that is stating this engine will or may be used on the WiiU nothing more, and with no evidence it will now or in the future.



Laxeybobby commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

I'd hazard a guess that the secret developer will be one under the EA banner.

That said though, its a good an informative article that has bought together a lot of question to answers and surmising made on other posts over the last week, when the news posts were made about games skipping the WiiU. (The likes of Aliens for example)
I think it doesnt matter who the secret developer is, it has opened a window into the very real reasons as to why decisions are made to skip development on the Wii U.
In my previous posts, I made reference to lazy developers that wanted to easily be able to use a universal game engine without the need to do too much code alteration and thus save money and development time. I smiled when I read the comment "Code optimised for the PowerPC processors found in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 wasn't always a good fit for the Wii U CPU"
The underlying theme that ran through this article was money and that with all the issues the developer mentioned cost them money which when combined with the relatively small amount of hardware sales means the developers/publishers are in for losses before they even start.

So I can understand the business sense of putting the WiiU in the 'To hard to do' box.

I can also empathise with the developers opinion that Nintendo should shoulder some of the blame. Let face it you could make the worlds best gaming machine, but if the ability to make games for it is so difficult and confusing due to it uniqueness to be different to other consoles means that experienced and accomplished developers have to discard all their generic experience and skills and learn and start over again or just choose to work on a newer console that uses the basic platform of the one before it but with faster CPU and GPU then why would you make games for that console?

In relation to some posters about why would you buy a Nintendo to play anything but Nintendo games is a little closed minded. I only have a WiiU console, yes I bought it to play the future Zelda game, Pikmin and other 1st part games I hope are released, I am also one of the 100,000 COD Ghost Owners, I would have liked a realistic racing game, or another FPS and I am looking forward to Watchdogs. I expect people bought XBone and PS4 for their exclusive series games that only appear on those consoles and accept that they cant get Nintendo Exclusives, like I accept I cant get their particular exclusives. However I cant afford nor do I want to buy a second or even third console to be able to obtain and play what are deemed as multi-platform releases which appear on both the other consoles.

I have now accepted that the WiiU will become a niche console, mainly supplied with games via the indie route or virtual console on e-shop rather than major disc retail releases.



Laxeybobby commented on MercurySteam's New Next-Gen Title Isn't Coming...:

Its a sad state of affairs when a Nintendo fan website, can only get daily news reports that are negative for Nintendo. Its the same news recycled with a different name of the game and developer/publisher.

I said it yesterday following the Sega news. The Wii U is rapidly becoming a Niche Nintendo fan only console, a place where software will only be available via the e-shop. Where Indie Nintendo fan small developers provide the game releases along with the retro games of all the 80's to 90's consoles in one place.



Laxeybobby commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:

I too worry for those games. I really want all three and they are all on my wish list, with two already pre-ordered online. However I fully expect to hear within the next 8 weeks at worst that WatchDogs is cancelled for WiiU or at best is cut down so much compared to the other consoles that it wont be worth buying.
I also fully expect by summer to hear that Project Cars going the same way.
The only ones I truly have faith of ever seeing is Bayonetta 2 and Project X as both of these are likely to sell well in Japan first and probably have Nintendo money invested in them.



Laxeybobby commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:

You've made another well written opinion, especially the point about a console that needs to get the developers excited.

However I think the true answer is a little more shallow than that. I think the developers want a console that they can easily code for and port to and from, they want to be lazy and recycle engines and code time and time again.

Unfortunately with the Wii the reason that as you state "generally crap AAA third party support on Wii, and that system sold over 100 million units." was purely due to the Wii had a very different coding architecture, which meant that the developers couldn't be lazy had to learn new skills and re-code universal game engines that until the Wii came along was used to power numerous games on both Xbox and Play Station Consoles or code new ones from the ground up and that meant a new added budget to the the development cost of the game. I'm sure we can both name several games on Wii where the developer has tried to avoid this and made a complete hash of what should have been a good game on Wii with its then new control method.

Well the same is true with the WiiU. Nintendo, instead of using a more universal coding architecture for WiiU continued in its uniqueness by improving on but ultimately using the same architecture of the Wii, therefore making the WiiU no easier or cheaper to port to or code for.

Like I said in an earlier post I am a realist and have accepted the fact that as this year progresses we are going to see less AAA (near to zero) big publisher multi platform titles and more indie e-shop and virtual console releases.
I think the WiiU will end up being a niche console and a platform for Nintendo loving Indie developers via the e-shop and a Retro Library.