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I am the Great Mighty Poo.

Male, 27, Belgium

Collector and fan of (almost) all things Nintendo, I have a wider gaming interest. I like more obscure games, both in rarity and vibe-wise. Other things I collect are movies and figures/statues of game-, comic- and movie characters.

Wed 12th June, 2013

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Shambo commented on Ubisoft Executive Talks Up Super Smash Bros. a...:

Zombi U was a fantastic game, and I still don't get how so many reviewers didn't get it. Did it have some flaws? Sure. But did it deliver an adrenaline rush now and then, tense atmosphere,...? Hell yeah.
Rayman Legends was best on the Wii U as well, and one of my all-time favourite 2D platformers.
Just Dance is like... Just that, dance. Fun in groups, but a system seller? When available anywhere? Let Smash Bros sell the systems, Ubisoft, and focus on a second Zombi U, or a third Red Steel...



Shambo commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

@Zyrac All those points apply to me, by choice, and I still want to add a fourth one: you can't play Smash Bros on your "smart" phone. But you CAN now play the soundtrack while earning play coins, Streetpassing, in between separate bus or train rides for example, anywhere, without having to pay a small fortune for 'free' 'unlimited' data on soon-to-be-outdated devices that break at the slightest touch with short battery life to begin with, better used for other things than youtube. It's nothing but win for 3DS.



Shambo commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

Hive Jump looks like my kind of game! Some of the others also have my attention. But Hive Jump... It's like original Metroid and Prime Hunters combined. With Scurge Hive, twin-sticks, and co-op. Yup, I need that to happen!



Shambo commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

Nearly impossible to vote, but I chose 360° 3D Galaxy 2 in the end. But I like nearly every step the series took, be it forward, backward, or side-to-side 2D and 3D series.

Still hoping for another sunshine, galaxy, and also the continuation of more "story-driven" "spin-offs", and Luigi's own ghostly series.

And looking forward to Toad's own game, and Mario Maker.

Well, "another Mario game", as they said making fun of themselves and their "haters" alike, has rarely been a bad thing (just not that much into the sports and party games, except for hoops and strikers).



Shambo commented on Alone In The Dark is Set for Yet Another Comeback:

My first experience with the series was actually the GBC version of the new nightmare, and I still find that to be an impressive outing. Later I played it on PS2, and was somewhat disappointed, only to find out that I enjoyed it quite a lot when I later played it on PS1. The reboot, on the other hand... I did finish it on Wii, somehow. But only a few parts were enjoyable. And first-person aiming was hilarious when twisting the remote sideways, since aiming side to side still made the gun go left to right... But from its 'own standpoint'.



Shambo commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Assets Spotted:

Well, Capcom clearly has trouble with RE directing. Turning RE into an action series, for example, and not bringing REmake to Nintendo systems (while I'm certain it would work wonderful, especially on 3DS, and REmake was after all on Nintendo systems to begin with).

But making a 'Revelations 2', and not bringing it at least to 3DS, would be a downright disaster. I have both the 3DS and the Wii U version of Revelations, and sunk -no pun intended- about 200 hours in both games combined, the majority spent on the handheld original.



Shambo commented on These Felyne-Themed 3DS XL Accessories are Lud...:

I still laugh every time I see those felynes and piggies. The very idea they're from that specific game... Hardcore monster slaying (or being tossed about and rear-kicked into yesteryear) and some of gaming's cutest creaturs...



Shambo commented on Charming Zelda-Themed Carry Case Appears on Eu...:

@Jenraux I guess it's something like 'the grass is always greener on the other side', if that saying can be translated this literally...

I don't know... I'm a Zelda collector, but I'm not too charmed by it. Probably have plenty of unused codes here, but what if they decide to get another more impressive piece in there out of the blue, like the Luigi's Mansion 2 diorama?



Shambo commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

I'll get it, that's for sure, and that way, not counting the standard editions of both models (which I sold) I will once again have 5 3DEES...

But I definitely DON'T like that "pre-installed" part. I'll get the game physical, and can't sell "pre-installed"... :(



Shambo commented on Nintendo Unleashes An Awesome Trailer Showing ...:

Fatal Frame, Devil's Third, even older titles like Pikmin 3, MH3U, ZombiU, Lego City, W101,... It's a step in the right direction, But if NOW is the time, show people what is already exclusively available! By the way, to anyone who doesn't yet own a Wii U, now IS the time indeed. It's my favourite home console, and the library of games is good already and growing into something amazing. Should you feel a lack of games, consider that many people haven't yet scratched the surface of what great gems lie hidden in the pile of shovelware for Wii!



Shambo commented on Video: Citizens of Earth Recruitment is All Ab...:

@Wouwter The battle scenes really remind me of Earthbound, and the top-down overworld with your party walking behind you. If they did that on purpose -which I hardly doubt they did- they may very well have taken other clues from that wonderful title. And Atlus often means 'good' in my book, so I have high hopes for this game.



Shambo commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):

To anyone who didn't play ZombiU or Rayman Legends yet, DO IT! Both games are great for Wii U, and they both prove a lot of fun when playing local multiplayer, with both players doing different stuff. Single player for both is full of great moments that will last in your gamer's memory forever. And they're both pretty friggin' "hardcore" when played to the fullest.



Shambo commented on Project CARS Shows a Tremendous Graphical Upgr...:

Is it just me, or does that steering wheel make you want to use your gamepad even more? I'm not that much into realystic racers, but I will get this one, and if there's a table-mounted device to make the gamepad feel more like a steering wheel, I'll even get that!



Shambo commented on Capcom Releases Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -...:

UNACCEPTABLE! Oops, wrong game. Well, no retail version in Europe means I won't get it, unloess it gets discounted to, like, €10 max.

If Capcom pulls cheap BS, they shouldn't be surprised if gamers want it cheap.

By the way, Capcom, since you're doing a remaster of REmake (even as a Wii U fan I don't really care you skip Wii U), make a RETAIL 3DS version of it as well. I promise you, it'll be the best version of the game, EVER. "Interactive diorama" portable REmake. Who wouldn't want THAT?



Shambo commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

@Sir_Deadly There's two separate Archives games, one is the REmake, one is Zero. They're the full Gamecube games, simply ported to the Wii (so if you have them on Gamecube, you have a memory card, and a controller for Gamecube, there's very little reason to get the ports).



Shambo commented on This Game Boy Stage in Super Smash Bros. for N...:

@jj87 Ironically, Nintendo has least of all companies abandoned the essence of classic video gaming. Their games didn't become movies with button prompts, and remained all about sharing a screen and having a good time. That's what kept me a fan of them, the core that remained. The true 'hardcore' gaming. They only changed the ways you interact with your games, something other companies played way safer, but eventually copied most of the time, as a safer, secondary option.



Shambo commented on This Game Boy Stage in Super Smash Bros. for N...:

For once, I hope the mic will be used. Imagine having a way to disturb your opponents 'cartridge slot' by a 'some virtual dust', and have them blow a cartridge using the mic, slide it back in by sliding the touch screen. Won't happen I guess, but IMAGINE!

I do expect the power light to fade when the battery is low though!



Shambo commented on Wii U Owners Finally Get The Nuketown 2025 Map...:

Well, I might try it, still have the game, but I can't help but wonder... At this point, why still bother releasing it? Do they want to see how many people could be interested in the next COD for Wii U? Not really hoping for it, or hyped for the game whatsoever, just wondering.



Shambo commented on System Update 8.1.0-19 Now Available on 3DS:

@element187 On my 3DS I have a folder for 3DS games I consider full games, one for Indies (within which I still divide gamer's games and casual as separate groups), one for DSi ware, one for VC, one for various 'apps', and one for all the Zelda games.

On my Wii U I use tabs, but they're getting full really fast (got all the 30 cent VC games and such... And I can't find it in me to remove the games I really enjoyed, like Little Inferno.)



Shambo commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

@NodesforNoids You forgot Deadly Silence!

And that made me realize how much more I want this to come to 3DS than I want it again on Wii U.
Double pre-rendered backgrounds can't be that hard to pull off, and real-time item selection on the touch screen would make it even more tense. That, and I love the 'playable diorama' feel of a 3DS game with 3d well implemented. It would work well with the fixed camera angles.

Capcom, are you reading this?



Shambo commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

@Lasermaster123 I played these as a kid when they came out (I say as a kid, because I lived with my mom still back then, don't recall my age, but must've been below 20) and I kept on walking up and down in a hallway of a hidden island somewhere, where blue phoenixes appeared who gave the highest EXP in the entire game, and some other enemies who very rarely dropped one of the greatest weapons of all. Had all Djinns, all summons, all best gear, all 8 characters LV 99 :D and I normally NEVER go for such a thing, it was just an excellent game series on GBA.



Shambo commented on Etrian Odyssey 2 3DS Remake Confirmed for Japan:

I'll get it if it arrives in Europe. I loved the original, but the remake of the first was actually great. I enjoyed the story mode as well, so here's hoping they'll do that again, with some nice cut-scenes. Playing 4 now, then Persona Q when it arrives, and still have Dark Spire in my backlog, need to play that sometime in the future as well.



Shambo commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

Capcom, Capcom, Capcom... What have gamer's ever done to you, to make you treat them so disrespectful?

I swear, if it wasn't for the great titles they release every now and then... I'd start calling them Crapcom once again.

A while back, after having seen no good RE game for any HD system (except the port of Revelations, which DID make it to Nintendo) I decided to cut my RE collection to just the Nintendo titles. I tell you, I have STILL more than every greatest version of every great RE game ever.