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I am the Great Mighty Poo.

Male, 28, Belgium

Collector and fan of (almost) all things Nintendo, I have a wider gaming interest. I like more obscure games, both in rarity and vibe-wise.

Wed 12th June, 2013

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Shambo commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the Splatoon D...:

Local co-op, both in story mode and online battles.

And some extra news on the side about Devil's Third and Project Zero 5.

That's what I wish to see. I'm really looking forward to Splatoon, but these 2 games need more attention. Like, WAY more. They shouldn't fail in the west.



Shambo commented on Feature: A Fit-To-Burst History Of Kirby Games:

I imported both Tilt 'n' Tumble and Dream Collection. My Wii had been soft-modded to play Project Zero 4 already, so regional lockout was no issue.

Mass Attack is still one of my favourites. It's like the Pikmin of Kirby games, and we don't get enough Pikmin.



Shambo commented on Digital Foundry Assesses The Legend of Zelda: ...:

Odama - mic is there, tilt sensors are there, touch screen for selecting targets,...
Eternal Darkness - with more sound and (better) image sources come more possibilities to scare the player.
Geist - visuals and controls were lacking but given a second chance it could be an amazing game.
Chibi Robo - just because.
Twin Snakes - Psycho Mantis. I don't get Hideo Kojima. Such great ideas for hardware usage, but when hardware with many more possibilities arrives, he jumps the ones with best graphics over the one with the most other possibilities.
Killer7 - favourite game ever. Gyro aiming would be awesome.
Pacman VS - why it hasn't been done yet is beyond me. Download or whatever, the gamepad SCREAMS Pacman VS since day one.
Baten Kaitos - beautiful game + HD + European localization of BK Origins = a winner is everyone.

And the big first party franchises. Gamecube is one of my favourite systems with so many great games... I'd love revisiting these titles with new technology. Still, I'd prefer No More Heroes 3, Timesplitters 4, Red Steel 3,...



Shambo commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I'm actually somewhat glad they did delay it. Why? Because this, coming from Nintendo, guarantees quality. Where many publishers and developers rush their games to stores with day-one patches and many errors still present, the slower and more caring releases of Nintendo are often far better.



Shambo commented on Cancelled ZombiU Sequel Prototype Featured Co-...:

One of my favourite games really. By far not the best ever, but the slow gameplay and edge-of-seat atmosphere were incredible. A sequel that addresses the flaws and keeps what was right would be far better than whatever Assassin's Creed they plan on doing next...



Shambo commented on Review: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS):

@sinalefa I haven't looked for it, as I have the n3DS, but it probably still has the camera lock on / center option, no? I played locally between 3DS and Wii U on MH3U, taking turns and switching out the save data, and it worked rather well.



Shambo commented on IronFall: Invasion Single and Multiplayer Mode...:

I'm not that much of a shooter fan, but given how few of them the 3DS has, how enjoyable they are, and how promising this looks, count me in! I'll try it first, but if it doesn't dissappoint I'll get it immediately after.



Shambo commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Should be Prod...:

@Ron1212 They should just release the Kirby Right Back At Ya animated series on bd and dvd first.

But the animated Palutena for Smash unveiling made me wish for a cross-over Nintendo animated series...
The Pikmin shorts made me want to see more of that as well.
But maybe, just maybe... Wario Ware's cast and randomness could make for a fun series too?



Shambo commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Multiplayer Gaming on...:

Well, MH4, Splatoon, and Devil's Third. Can't really pick one over another.
MH3 is my most played game ever, on Wii, Wii U, en 3ds, quadrupling my playtime on the second most played: Pokemon Blue.
Devil's Third looks exactly my kind of game, with the absurdity and such.
Splatoon looks the most pure fun.



Shambo commented on Video: New Nintendo 3DS In-Depth Review: Episo...:

@StarDust4Ever I've encountered some issues when wearing my glasses, but I luckily don't need to wear them up close. Darkness was no issue, however if I was hanging whit my head on a pillow, sideways, it appeared to have difficulty recognizing my head.
But in complete darkness (except for the light of the screen, which conveniently adjusts brightness to not blind you) I had no issues besides that. Resident Evil Revelations with gyro controls in the darkness, max 3D settings, all the way!



Shambo commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

They really should stop the reseller-market in one way or another. They may very much crash the industry, by making people WAY too much, and therefore taking their ability to buy another game as well, for example.
And why? Greed...
It is a sad thing to see also singular orders were cancelled. I hope Europe won't follow, but I'm under the impression there's less resellers here. Sadly, not none. FAR from none...



Shambo commented on Video: Eiji Aonuma Shows Off Gyroscope Aiming ...:

@SwaveSays Indeed, probably... I still say that, when used correctly at any level, they're a real enhancement to gameplay. Take Skyward Sword/Red Steel 2 for example, or even multiplatform games like Blazing Angels and The Godfather, I loved those on Wii.
Ah well, to each his own, I guess can be applied here.



Shambo commented on Resident Evil 4 Was Almost A Very Different Ex...:

@Yosher Especially that it skips 3ds, with the n3ds, I'm replaying Revelations, with gyro aiming and 3d at maximum. Love the Wii U version too.

And the hd remaster of the remake of the original RE, also skipping Nintendo :( not that I haven't played it like 10 times through, but I'd have liked seeing it in 3d, portable...

As I would have liked to at least get this build somewhere on a bonus disc... When I saw this years ago, I really wanted to try it. The final version (especially the Wii edition) turned out one of my favourite games ever, but still... Curiosity...



Shambo commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

@WhiteTrashGuy I played quite a bit on my Ambassador's Edition n3ds so far, and I must say, it's REALLY nice to return to the smaller screen.

The auto brightness and super stable 3d usually work amazing, unless I wear my glasses or have a light source behind me and move quite a bit. It actually has IR 'night vision' if I'm not mistaken, so it can still recognize your face in complete darkness.



Shambo commented on New Nintendo Wii Remotes Come in Bowser and To...:

I can feel my old habits wanting me to get both. But I'm going to pass. Wario and Waluigi would be harder, but by the time they'll finally release such awesomeness -should they ever- I'll be ready to say 'enough is enough'.



Shambo commented on Zelda: Majora's Mask New 3DS Bundles Available...:

@Pj1 There is one in NA, I hope Europe gets it as well (I have all the others so far).

Already pre-ordered the n3DS XL bundle, the NA limited edition of the game, and the EU limited edition... It's one of my favourite games ever, so I couldn't miss either version in my Zelda collection...



Shambo commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

Wii had an amazing library. If they dig deep enough, and third parties add only their very best games for the right price, this is a goldmine.

I already have over a hundred original Wii games, all the very best that interest me. But 10 for Metroid Prime 'Thrill-G' (gotta love how he pronounced that) is a STEAL for anyone who for some reason missed out on this wonderful collection of awesomeness.

Edit: one thing was painfully absent though: Project Zero. Maybe this is a great chance to release the fan-translation of 4 outside of Japan, followed by the new Wii U game, in the future? I imported and patched, but more people should be able to play 4, and ALL should be able to play 5!



Shambo commented on Nintendo Confirms New 3DS eShop Shooter IronFa...:

What a Direct it was! I've been playing Revelations Raid Mode a lot since I received my n3ds, the super-stable 3d works great, making the gyro-aiming a fun, immersive addition now. Maybe they can implement it as well?



Shambo commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals We Want in 2015's Fi...:

Project Zero U for Europe, Fatal Frame U for you Americans!

I have the n3ds ambassador edition already, but Xenoblade for it should get a worldwide release date too! It's already translated and crammed on a tiny card, so how hard can localizing be?



Shambo commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo New 3DS Ambassador Pro...:

Received my n3ds today, and I'm very impressed by the 'super stable 3d' (played both resident evil revelations in highest 3d settings with gyro aiming, and starfox without any problem with fuzzy or double images), and the ability to watch 3d videos on youtube in the web browser.



Shambo commented on Fresh Batch of New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Ema...:

I'm still waiting patiently by the door for mine to arrive, I got the mail the first time around, but didn't respond directly since I don't check my mail every five steps.

Does anyone know, is there a way to track the delivery? I received an e-mail to confirm my order, but that's it so far. (I live in Belgium)



Shambo commented on Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish...:

Just this afternoon, I felt the urge to replay it. I can choose between the original game, on my favourite Famicom edition Gameboy Micro, the amazing LoZ GBA SP, Gameboy player, or 3ds thanks to the Ambassador Program, to name my favourite ways to play GBA that don't include transferring all data to a prettier 3ds, or paying for what I originally own.



Shambo commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Editions Already I...:

When I saw this news, I thought WHY Nintendo, WHY do you not love me back? Then I realized I dind't check my e-mails yet.

There it was!

A glorious love letter from Nintendo.

Expensive long-distance relation, this one. But I'm not complaining.



Shambo commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2015:

While quite a few of these games are pretty high on my 'wishlist', Dementium has been a very special series to me. Living in Europe, getting the first game was no easy task, and the second one had to be imported.

But a portable 3d first person horror game is not that common, and with stronger hardware the lighting effects could be upgraded, which would greatly improve the overall atmosphere. Also, this gives me a little bit of hope that a 3Dementium could be on the horizon. Or Cult County.

But before I get my hopes too high, I still need to see Moon Chronicles make it to Europe...



Shambo commented on Mario Kart 8 Beats Stern Competition To Become...:

A well deserved victory. Nintendo simply is hard- and software developer of the past couple of decades to me. Sure, they had some low points here and there, but they have guts and vision, fun games that overflow with love and polish, original ideas, and they helped several third party studio's deliver some of their finest work ever.

Now, publish Project Zero on Wii U outside of Japan, and you're my publisher of the past few decades as well!



Shambo commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015:

I can't pick one. Really, this is a very strong lineup, and since I have a huge backlog, and this lineup ahead, I won't be 'needing' a secondary current gen home console any time soon.