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I am the Great Mighty Poo.

Male, 26, Belgium

Collector and fan of (almost) all things Nintendo, I have a wider gaming interest. I like more obscure games, both in rarity and vibe-wise. Other things I collect are movies and figures/statues of game-, comic- and movie characters.

Wed 12th June, 2013

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Shambo commented on The Nintendo eShop Is Like Paradise, Says Imag...:

This seems very true to me, since the eshop really IS quality over quantity. Allthough I'd like some more physical game releases on my Wii U, both current gen Nintendo systems are my current favourite systems.



Shambo commented on Renegade Kid Releases Early Gameplay Footage O...:

Sadly, I regarded this as the Dementium 3 I'd never get (after already having to import the second game) and despite really wanting to see it succeed, I have high doubts :( maybe should've sticked to 3ds...



Shambo commented on Nintendo Direct: Nintendo Shows Off The Peculi...:

...WHOOOAAAAT? Game of All Ages, with the most ready Reggie body ever, love square intrigues from unexpected angles, musical charms, RPG elements, stuff-throwing fights, Animal Crossing,... All in one game! I laughed so much, I NEED this game now, despite having had no interest in it before watching this.



Shambo commented on Ex Oblivione is a 2D Action Horror RPG Coming ...:

This sounds absolutely great, as soon as I saw the name The description, inspiration,... Had me VERY interested. But they really had me at Tesla. Given the right visual choices and good gameplay, this could become my Game of a Lifetime!



Shambo commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

Galaxy 3 or Sunshine 2 please, it's too late for not getting my hopes up, they've been up eversince I finished the previous games of those titles.

And too all those that don't believe it will happen: look at what Nintendo did when 3DS was down. A massive line-up of spectacular first-party releases, and now they're back on top on the handheld market. If the same happens to Wii U, Nintendo will remain the number one must-have number two home console developer to any gamer, number one overall to their fans (like me).



Shambo commented on Nintendo Shows Off April's Game Boy Advance Wi...:

@divinelite The events indeed go on forever, but I spent ages with both games, getting my entire party to lv 99, getting the best possible gear, all Djinns, all secrets, everything... And STILL the later bosses were quite challenging! Best looking GBA games as well!

Still have most of those announced for VC on cartridges, and then there's ambassador's program on 3ds. But I might get some in time nevertheless.



Shambo commented on Take a Look and be Jealous of This Beautiful M...:

Holy... Release this system over here in Europe, either with PHYSICAL game or no game at all (separate purchase) (in case of a download code, I know some folks who'd buy it from me, just NOT pre-installed at the VERY least), and I'll get my sixth 3ds, counting the two I sold (aqua blue, blue XL), my currently used Pikachu XL, and both Zelda systems.



Shambo commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

I like the idea, and wasn't DS also going VC? I might get some, but as said by many before me, cross-buy is more or less a must for me in this case (GBA). I played -and still own- most of these games, and I prefer playing them on the razor-sharp GB Micro screen, and my Gamecube(s) allow me to play them on TV. Still, cross-buy would be incredibly tempting, since I love my ambassador program games on the go, and Wii U is my prefered home console. Opposite of GBM, the Gamepad could be the biggest (semi-portable) GBA ever.



Shambo commented on Little Inferno Has Sold A Million But Gamers D...:

Yeah I saw it more as an image of how people spend their lives, in a trance, staring at a (tv), their own little alternate reality. Mindlessly destroying the world and fighting fire with fire, dousing it with gasoline eventually. And only when all is lost, we see the lost beauty of the planet. The possibilities life held all this time. The support we got and could've gotten had we looked back once in a while (the delivery man). So I guess it's somewhere in between personal and environmental, how I saw it.

Nevertheless, amazing game! Still waiting for World of Goo HD or something, on Wii U. Physical with Little Inferno bundled equals instant buy for me, name your price! For a beautiful collector's edition, I'd go pretty high!



Shambo commented on Aztez Is MadWorld Meets Empire-Building Strate...:

Looks great, I'm quite interested. Still waiting for any news of a Madworld sequel... And NMH 3. Just got a PS Vita, and I'll import Muramasa for it soon, to replay it on the go (still have it on Wii). Wii simply has an awesome library, still don't get all the 'Wii has no games' BS... Hope Wii U gets some more daring physical hidden gems too...



Shambo commented on Soapbox: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection Remi...:

Local is often fun, laughing and quite a few great memories. Online is way more often frustrating, foul talk and -play, and stopping angrier than you were before. Or if it goes well, others start quitting. I'll have a local split-screen game over an online match, even if it's still with real-life friends.



Shambo commented on Super Mario 3D World Picks Up SXSW 2014 Best M...:

@Daemonite local couch multiplayer is always more fun, and in this game it truely shines! Online would miss the charming fun point entirely.
Yesterday I played some 3 player local single card MK7, Luigi's Mansion 2, Tertis, and Starfox 64 3d, but I can barely recall my last online session. MH3U Wii U, RE Revelations, or RE Mercenaries 3d, definitely... But about a month ago, I guess.



Shambo commented on Senran Kagura 2's Japanese Website Bounces Int...:

I haven't finished the first part yet, but I'm all but getting bored with it. So yes please, more! Physical, with all the goodies! The game is truely great, and it has you AVOID losing your clothes (unless, of course, you choose to go frantic). I'm enjoying it a lot, and once in the game, the story and gameplay take way more of your attention than the big chests. It's just the marketing around it, but I found it to be quite funny nonetheless.



Shambo commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part Two:

Got all 20, and quite some others as well. Wii U had the best launch line-up this generation, there's just too many really dumb gamers out there who really like their double standards... I'm looking forward to quite a few more upcoming Wii U games, while barely a couple of ps4 / x1 titles made me look twice, so far...



Shambo commented on Platinum: Nintendo Has Been The "White Knight"...:

When they first announced they'd be making Bayonetta as a Wii U exclusive, I almost cried. Of joy, that is, because I'd get a Wii U anyway. And the only reason I didn't like the first game THAT much, was because of the horrible Dualshock controllers (played it on PS3 after the installation-allowing update).

And indeed, people with ANY kind of sense should know by now it's an exclusive because it wouldn't exist without Nintendo.



Shambo commented on Senran Kagura Bursts Into The UK Top 40 While ...:

Just got confirmation my copy has been sent. I guess I'll receive it tomorrow.

@StarDust4Ever same here! I actually felt bad purchasing Code of Princess as a download only. I didn't want to support that choice, but I wanted to play the game. Glad this one DID make it here in physical form. For the same reason I haven't purchased the latest Ace Attorney game yet, even though I'm a huge fan of the series.



Shambo commented on Picross e4 Is Coming To Western 3DS eShops Thi...:

I'm taking my time with these games, and so far I always just completed one when the next came out. Brilliant! I'd like to see another Picross 3D title, but I get that it's hard on 3DS, since the touch screen is NOT the 3D screen... Did like that one a lot on DS though!



Shambo commented on Strike Force Foxx Is What You Get When You Mix...:

Well, I know I liked Glory Days, Desert Strike, and more recently Liberation Maiden. If it's a combination of these three, maybe with some Metal Slug charm, I'm at the very least interested. But when they're already putting the finishing touches to it, they'd need to have shown something more by now... Curious.



Shambo commented on Video: Experience The Acute Embarrassment Of O...:

I remember getting Onechanbara on Wii, and the lady in the store gave me a weird look. Then she looked at my girlfriend, and just went on doing her job. We had lots of fun in co-op after I completed the single player. That was literal, yes.
Preordered this game by mail in another country. Where I live they didn't get the preorder bonus, that's why.



Shambo commented on Retro Studios Talks Up Wii U And Has Been Work...:

A horror themed Metroid game is my dream to play on this here Wii U. But the disappointment of last announced game being DK TF melted like snow for the sun once I played the game, so I guess whatever it is, it'll turn out great! Still... Slow, dark, scary Metroid game... Anyone?



Shambo commented on Nintendo Download: 20th February (Europe):

Donkey Kong preordered, retail version as always. Since Ace Attorney does not appear to be getting any physical release, I might get it now the price is a little less ridiculous for what is essentialy thin air. Glad at least PL vs AA will get a physical release.

Oh, and Retro City Rampage, again.



Shambo commented on AE Games Reveals Mad Men Football, High Impact...:

Now the confusion is nearly complete. EA Games Madden vs. AE Games Mad Men... I know which one I'd pick, for serious, officially licensed sports games like FIFA don't get near my systems, and I love some fun sports games like Mario Strikers or Inazuma Eleven.