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ColdingLight commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

@TingLz Sigh... Of all people, you respond to me. Well anyway, regarding to what you wrote to me, I may want to fact check? Well, most of what I wrote (If not all of it.) is hypothetical. Now, responding to your first response I realize that both NOA and NOE are "operating under the same umbrella." aka NOJ. Ok fine, that makes sense, but NOA and NOE sharing the same banks? That I'm not so sure. I think they both have their own banks in their own regions that they use. Yes, ultimately serving NOJ but still.

Responding to your second response, The whole west coast strike situation attributing to the lack of amiibos. While that is true, this whole shortage of amiibo figures in the States has been happening almost Immediately once they were released back in November I believe it was.

No.3 The reason why it was a point was because how would you market this entire situation? Have you seen Nintendo's instruction video? It's pretty poor. And almost everyone and their mothers have been criticizing this process, thus leading to the "faithlessness" I'd mentioned in my comment.

No.4 You basically wrote 190+ employees were temporary leased workers who had little job security.... I don't really remember them being temp workers who are more than likely going to lose their jobs. From what I faintly remember, I believe it was 300+ employees who were regular workers at NOE who unfortunately lost their jobs because ends didn't meet.... I guess my memory is way to hazy to remember so I suppose I'll take your word for it.

And the last part you wrote: (Even though this wasn't really a response to what I've wrote.) "It does seem like petty damage control." Hazzah! We actually agree on something. Hell must've frozen over.



ColdingLight commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

You know for the longest time, I've always criticized NOA for being lazy/cheap/late/inferior/etc. They've constantly underperformed when it came to bringing games/consoles over here in a timely fashion or at all. Or at the very least, make said video game exclusive on the Eshop. And now that I'm seeing all of these complaints about NOA failing to localize the smaller New 3DS to the States and sadly seeing yet another Operation campaign I'm kinda wondering if they're hurting financially more so than we think. Now, I know what you're thinking "Dude, Nintendo has tons upon tons of money in their banks." Ok, fine I guess, then explain to me why NOA seems to have to cut corners just to make ends meet? "Corners" like slowly bringing over games to the States/Letting NOE localize a video game and then in turn bring over the final product/Serve under stocks of Amiibos/New 3DS's/Bundles/etc and just simply failing to being X and Y over. This unfortunate consistent trend has been happening for the past several years. And now I'm just sitting here asking myself: "Why is NOA being adamant about bringing the smaller New 3DS over to the States?" I think it could be one of several things or all of them. The first thing that came to mind, is maybe NOA has to bring ever new Nintendo console to the States whether they want to or not. Even if the effort seems/is halfdonkeyed. After all, it is a company owned by the higher ups in Japan. Or am I wrong? Or, maybe it's because they have no faith in the New 3DS. I mean, truth be told, there is no driving force pushing you to buy a New 3DS. I mean sure, there's Xenoblade which is kinda exclusive to this console, but what would you rather do? Fork over 90+ dollars to buy it on Amazon or something? Or would buy this $200 system along with a $40+ game? Or maybe they're afraid they won't make a profit? I mean what would you rather have? the bigger one? or the smaller one? Now, obviously people want the smaller one but maybe the smaller one cost more to localize? What I mean by that is they would also have to bring over those faceplates for the smaller model and they don't have to do that for the larger one. Plus, there have been a bunch of horror stories about switching Data for your older 3DS model to the Newer one which can be a pretty big turn off to consumers and thus adding to the potential faithlessness of the New 3ds. I don't really believe NOA not bringing the smaller model over here because they don't want to "Confuse" the market. That just seems like a pathetic attempt at damage controlling the situation. If they honestly believed that, then they wouldn't (Or shouldn't) have called the New 3DS the NEW 3DS. I mean, if I weren't a gamer, I'd probably be pretty confused by the old 3ds and the new 3DS and the New NEW 3DS and I hope you understand what I'm saying. I also want to point out that not to long ago, NOE I believe had to let go of a couple of hundred employees just to make ends meet. And NOA didn't have to do that, so maybe that's thanks to all of these cut corners? Sigh I guess in conclusion, know one knows what's going on behind NOA. But like what some of these people and writers are saying, if you want the smaller New 3DS and don't want the larger one, then don't buy it. and make your complaints heard. I know NOA has some listening problems but there's nothing else we can do is there?

Sigh What a mess...

P.S you know what's also a mess? My writing. If there are any errors in what I've wrote then correct me so I won't make them again. I'm not really going to double check what I've wrote because obviously what I've wrote is ALOT. But do rip me a new one if I did screw up. That's the only way people learn. Atleast in my experience. Peace and Chicken grease.



ColdingLight commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

It's such a sham that Genius Sonority is working on a bunch of spinoff Pokemon games that no one seems to care about when they could (Or rather should.) be working on the long overdue sequel to Pokemon Colosseum/XD...



ColdingLight commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors in the UK Added t...:

@TingLz Why is it near every time I comment you respond to me? Are you lonely or something? Anyway, what comparisons? You guys are getting a New 3DS along with a pre-installation of Majora's Mask 3D AND a figure. Sure, we get a physical copy of the game with the figure... If you were lucky enough to buy the bundle within short amount of time it was out. I understand you guys have to buy an Ambassador 3DS in order to get the figure but still. You guys clearly have it better. There's no comparison.



ColdingLight commented on Pokémon X & Y Won't Be Patched to Accommodate...:

If I've made any grammatical errors then apologizes in advance. It's kind of difficult to write something like this when you're absolutely livid. I'm writing this because I don't feel like revising what I've wrote. But, If I did make any errors, correct me. So that I hopefully won't make them again in the future. Thanks.



ColdingLight commented on Pokémon X & Y Won't Be Patched to Accommodate...:

God damn it! My fears about these remakes have been realized. This is the same crap they've pulled when Ruby and Sapphire first came out! Remember how you couldn't send your Pokemon from G/S/C to R/S? Yeah, this is more or less the same crap. They're just unnecessarily removing features from the previous games! This move makes X/Y irrelevant.Think about it, if you go online with X/Y and fight somebody with a copy of ORAS and they use these new OP Megas, you'll get destroyed. I'll never understand why Game Freak would make Pokemon X/Y irrelevant. X/Y are the best selling 3DS games out there and is the most refreshing Nintendo games they've released in recent years and it's not even a year old and they're already making this game irrelevant. And it's not like they have to do this; like the article says: "It seems a strange move given that downloadable patches are such a staple in modern gaming." like they can do it but they're choosing not to. Why? You know, There's a reason (This just being a few of them) why alot of people (Believe it or not.) hail Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire as the worst mainstream games in the Pokemon series. It's because they subtracted content more so then adding content. Gone was the phone from G/S/C. Gone was the day and night transitions. Gone was EXPLORING 2 REGIONS! Gone was the challenge. Gone was the internal clock. Ok, in fairness, there was an internal clock build into R/S, but it was as invisible as Carbon Monoxide. It was completely pointless and barely did anything other than making berries grow.

As I was writing this complaint, I just found out that they're also removing the trainer customizations from ORAS..........Omg. Do I have to kick a dead horse?.... Yeah, I do. Why the Hell did they not include this feature in these damned remakes?! Why? That makes no sense. Why intentionally remove a VERY liked and appreciated feature from the last games??? Why? Someone please explain that backwards crap to me! Ughhhh. 'Sigh'.... What a piece of bad news to read... How is this going to work? In the code of Pokemon X and Y, Mega Latios and Mega Latias were in the game. So you could literally use those Megas in X/Y. So... Could I trade the Mega Lats over to X/Y but not other Megas like Mega Pidgeot or Mega Metagross? 'Sigh' You know, I was fairly excited for Pokemon ORAS. Even though R/S are the most underwhelming games in the series. (Minus spin-offs of course.) It doesn't mean I despise these two games. But this rather big piece of news has now made me second think about buying AS. Great job Game Freak. Just when I think you're on the right path with games like B/W to X/Y you pull this crap (that I thought was gone like the wind.) again. Way to go. 'Sigh'



ColdingLight commented on Shiny Gengar and Diancie Pokémon Distribution...:

Can someone clear this up for me? Do you have to buy something at Gamestop in order to get this serial code? (In which case screw it.) I know during the Heracross/Pinser event at Gamestop you had to pick up a serial code but did anyone have to buy anything in order to pick one up?



ColdingLight commented on September's Club Nintendo Reward Details Are C...:

Super Mario Bros should never be released on Club Nintendo again. How many times has that game been released?! Seriously, wasn't it a Gold reward during July's Club Nintendo rewards? I mean, who here doesn't own Super Mario bros in one form or another? Raise your damn hand if you don't own it...

Also, there was a time a couple of years ago when Majora's Mask was on Club Nintendo and it cost a whooping 150 coins. (Which is a damn good deal.) But today, we have the original Legend of Zelda back on NES for 200 coins... Can we say #Backwards?



ColdingLight commented on Rising Star Games Celebrates Its 10th Annivers...:

Wha...? Why is there fewer titles for America? And why are the games available in America suck? I get that we got better prices but this is a terrible deal for us...... Why is all this unfortunate crap on Nintendo consoles happening in the Americas as of late? I'm getting sick of it.



ColdingLight commented on Nintendo UK Outlines September's Dazzling Zeld...:

@WaLzgi I'm implying that those who complain about Club Nintendo often forget about the good things. That's what you wrote right? You guys got that Zelda pack on your Club Nintendo and that's not a good thing to you?

And I'm not implying that Club Nintendo in the American regions are bad. I'm outright saying they suck.