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ColdingLight commented on Shiny Gengar and Diancie Pokémon Distribution...:

Can someone clear this up for me? Do you have to buy something at Gamestop in order to get this serial code? (In which case screw it.) I know during the Heracross/Pinser event at Gamestop you had to pick up a serial code but did anyone have to buy anything in order to pick one up?



ColdingLight commented on September's Club Nintendo Reward Details Are C...:

Super Mario Bros should never be released on Club Nintendo again. How many times has that game been released?! Seriously, wasn't it a Gold reward during July's Club Nintendo rewards? I mean, who here doesn't own Super Mario bros in one form or another? Raise your damn hand if you don't own it...

Also, there was a time a couple of years ago when Majora's Mask was on Club Nintendo and it cost a whooping 150 coins. (Which is a damn good deal.) But today, we have the original Legend of Zelda back on NES for 200 coins... Can we say #Backwards?



ColdingLight commented on Rising Star Games Celebrates Its 10th Annivers...:

Wha...? Why is there fewer titles for America? And why are the games available in America suck? I get that we got better prices but this is a terrible deal for us...... Why is all this unfortunate crap on Nintendo consoles happening in the Americas as of late? I'm getting sick of it.



ColdingLight commented on Nintendo UK Outlines September's Dazzling Zeld...:

@WaLzgi I'm implying that those who complain about Club Nintendo often forget about the good things. That's what you wrote right? You guys got that Zelda pack on your Club Nintendo and that's not a good thing to you?

And I'm not implying that Club Nintendo in the American regions are bad. I'm outright saying they suck.



ColdingLight commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

Well guess what everyone? Go and sell your older 3DS's because thanks to this gift from god, it's now useless. And don't even get me started on how were to transfer our data, since this new piece of crap uses MICRO SD cards... Why is beyond me but whatever. Nintendo, You've truly outdone yourself. -_-



ColdingLight commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to 3DS in Japan:

Why the Hell would they make Xenoblade exclusive to this new piece of crap? Just release it for all 3ds models. What a terrible business idea. This whole idea is going to negatively impact sales on the earlier 3DS consoles. And did anyone ask for this? None of the features seem appealing. No more bluriness when the 3D is turned on? As if anyone plays 3DS games with the 3D turned on anymore. It's a dead gimmick. That new analog stick looks like crap too. And why does it have more shoulder buttons? is this a whole new console or a remake of the 3DS's? I'm so confused... Also, great job with the placement of the stylist, I can see it now, in the heat of gameplay, me scratching the New 3DS's just to get the damn stick out. Also, nice name guys, I mean, NEW 3DS and New 3DS XL? Brilliant job Nintendo...Brilliant.



ColdingLight commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I kinda don't like this new 3DS. It uses micro SD cards... As if anyone asked for that. The new placement of the power button, stylist, and game cartridges. All of these changes are pretty dumb tbh. Especially the stylist.

The new analog stick looks way too small and the extra shoulder buttons are kinda pointless unless it was a completely new handheld console. I really think this new 3DS is unnecessary.



ColdingLight commented on Limited Edition Steelbook Bundles Announced fo...:

Wow... So are you Europeans still going to say that you don't have it better than your American counterparts? I'm telling you, European Nintendo gamers have it so much better than Nintendo gamers in the Americas. This is just further proof. It's hard being a Nintendo fan in America. Fact.



ColdingLight commented on Review: Xtreme Sports (3DS eShop / Game Boy Co...:

@MeWario As if. It's much more easier to be a Nintendo fan in Europe then in America. I mean, look at the Operation petitions if you want legitimate proof. And as for Cave Story, You more or less said Cave Story wasn't available in Europe when it actually is. Ergo, you're wrong. It may not be the specific version you want but you still have it. Plus, It's a free game on PC. (But I guess that's somewhat irrelevant.) And much like you (Minus the exaggeration.) I can name a million more reasons why you European Nintendo gamers have it far better then your American counterpart. So, I couldn't have disagreed more when you said It's hard being a Nintendo fan everywhere sometimes. You just don't realize how good you've got it. And lastly, as for the Smash 3DS bundle, I suppose only time will tell but looking at how the trend has gone for years, I doubt will get it.



ColdingLight commented on Review: Xtreme Sports (3DS eShop / Game Boy Co...:

@MeWario Wha...? Cave Story is available in Europe...Lol...? As for Shovel Knight, it's coming worldwide. And given how good Nintendo of Europe is in terms of localization, You'll get it much sooner then you'll realize. Granted, We know that this game will come in a couple of weeks but it's still inexcusable. How would you like it if a European developed game was released only in America for awhile and not released in Europe? That'd be backwards as all hell to you I'd imagine. Plus, you guys have all these awesome Virtual Console releases and earlier releases and we don't even get a reason as to why it's not available stateside. Now, games being more expensive in Europe... Ok. That's something I can't defend. I don't know what to tell you regarding that. But the positive exceeds the negative. Plus, You guys are getting a Smash themed 3DS and we'd be lucky if we even got a yes or no over it coming stateside. What have you to complain about?



ColdingLight commented on Review: Xtreme Sports (3DS eShop / Game Boy Co...:

Can someone please explain to me why an American developed video game released on GBC is already out in Europe but not in America? Jesus man... I'm honestly feeling like us Nintendo gamers here in America are inferior to our European counterparts. Like, honestly give me a good reason why this is more or less delayed in the States? The only thing I can think of is NOA is deliberately holding games back from being released here in the States for whatever reason. I don't know they're doing this.... Am I honestly the only one who's thinking of this? And am I the only one who's annoyed beyond belief? They just keep holding Virtual Console and digital released games back with no reason at all.



ColdingLight commented on The Club Nintendo Reward Details Are In For Au...:

I'm actually going to sing some praiser for Nintendo for once. It's really good to see them rolling out 8 games per month instead of 4 games. I just hope they continue with that momentum. As for the games I'm kinda surprised that people here are kinda going 'Meh' I mean, There's Star Fox 64, SMB USA Maro Golf and arguably the best one out of them all is Planet Puzzle Express. Now, in fairness, most of us (Including myself.) already own most of these games. But hey, I can guarantee that this selection is infinitely better than the crap they offered for July. I guess I kinda do understand why people are going 'Ehhh whatever..." and maybe I'm smoking a little too much of that Planet Puzzle League stuff but hey, 8 games a month? Sounds good to me.