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Thu 24th Apr 2014

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Takerkaneanite6 commented on Analysts Talk About Nintendo's Upcoming Mobile...:

"Don't worry, Pachter wasn't among them" Love it.

"If [Mario] fails, it could be game over" Question-Has Mario ever failed to do well for Nintendo? As in, units sold. In the Mobile Market, Mario doesn't have to worry about selling Hardware.



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Video: Admire the Skills on Show as an Insane ...:

Since some are sharing codes for levels, then let me share mine for my short, but somewhat difficult level. B439-0000-0058-3EF1 (The Perfect Star Run.) In this level, there is literally no room for error. Please try it out and tell me what you think!!!



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Reminder: It's Super Mario's 30th Anniversary:

Happy 30th Birthday Mario!!! And Peach…and Bowser…and Goomba…and Koopa Troopa…and Hammer Bro…and Cheep Cheep…and Blooper…and Buzzy Beetle…and Spiny…and Lakitu…and Brick Block…and Question Mark Block…and Luigi...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Early NX Reveal Was To "Reinforce Commitment" ...:

@RupeeClock 3rd Party's problem with developing for the Wii U, isn't console power, it's the Wii U's lesser Install Base, so they are less likely to make money off of a Wii U version. If Console Power was the problem, then the Wii, which isn't even a HD system, wouldn't get versions of games that appeared on PS3/Xbox 360. Consoles that are HD systems. The Wii got as much 3rd Party support as possible, because of have well it sold.