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Thu 24th April, 2014

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Takerkaneanite6 commented on Official Nintendo UK Store Limits amiibo Purch...:

Amiibo's popularity is overwelming. This is great for Nintendo, as this means a heck of a lot more money for them, that I hope they use for to fix their major flaw, the frequency of their Television advertising. The more adverts that people see of a console or the games, the more likely they are to buy that product. Fix that for the Wii U and the Wii U will have brighter future. I'm loving the Wii U right now, but the lack of adverts for Wii U compared to the oversaturation of PS4 and Xbox One adverts is baffling, to say the least. Keep those Games, Amiibo and the advertisements coming and Nintendo will do just fine...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd January (North America):

Next week will be insane. Can you imagine how many people will be downloading the Metroid Prime Trilogy next week? Considering how mamy people want Metroid for Wii U, this would be good to tide those people over until a new Metroid releases for Wii U. Plus for those that weren’t able to experience any of the Metroid Prime games, this would be the perfect opportunity as it’s 3 games in one and for one week starting next week, it’s half price. So it’s win/win…



Takerkaneanite6 commented on New 3DS and Nintendo-Exclusive Games Stay On T...:

On the software front, it's well and truely Nintendodomination. I'm curious, with how well Mario Kart 8 has sold, has it surpassed 4 Million copies sold worldwide yet? Also, how long do you guys think it would take Mario Kart 8 to become the best selling Wii U game? Also, will Smash Bros for Wii U be the better seller or not? How much is Smash Bros for Wii U at worldwide? Ugh, so many questions!!!!!!!



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Wii U Games, Likely in Hardware Bundles, Enjoy...:

@Moon That's amazing, I have the same message for my Streetpass and one great thing is that I actually got a reply back from someone I Streetpassed with multiple times though the personal message option from tbe entrance to the Plaza, saying that they already own one!!!



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

Only one problem for me from the Direct-No Mario Maker. This makes me dread that I will have to wait until AFTER E3 this year to be able to get my hands on the game and get creative with making Mario Levels. The New 3DS release date announcement more than makes up for it…



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 14th January, Wi...:

3 things I want to see-
Mario Maker-Because I am really hyped for this game and what else is new that they didn't show off at E3 or TheGameAwards.
Majoras Mask 3D+New 3DS bundle and release date-It seems like a given that both will go hand in hand. Nintendo would stupid not to allow this to get potential increased New 3DS sales at launch by having a bundle of one of the most requested 3DS releases ever.
Mario Kart 8 May DLC news-At least talk about a new track or two and a new vehicle or at most, a trailer of said things. However, I don't see this happening as the DLC has still a bit of time until release. However, that being said, it's not impossible as it is releasing in Spring and this is what the Direct is about.
What I don't expect to see-
Zelda U and Starfox
On a side note-
Mario Maker-Mario 30th Anniversary game.
E3 2015-Zelda Maker-Zelda 30th Anniversary game???



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Holds Top 20 Posit...:

@Dr_Lugae In both of my local GAME, they have equal space for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles. In one, it's Nintendo on the left side, Sony in the middle and Microsoft on the right as you walk in. In the other, it's Microsoft on the left side, Nintendo in the middle and Sony on the right. The first one also has a stack of Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundles near the counter, on the advertising board that they have outside the store, Mario Kart 8 is featured right in the front of the other franchises with a lot of amiibo on display and my Local Argos has a Wii U demo station that now shows trailers for upcoming and already released games(the E3 trailers for the games shown off that were to be released after E3 2014) with trailers such as Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros for Wii U, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario Maker, Hyrule Warriors and Zelda U to name a few with a PS4 demo station next to it. So maybe it's just other places that show limited love for Nintendo, but the places that sell games in my local shopping centre here where I live, show plenty of love for the Wii U. Also, last year, I think in March, there was a booth that had both 3DS and Wii U games playable and guess what, more people were at the Wii U side of the station than the 3DS side. There was about 80-90 people there, so I would say it was about 70% of those that were at the Wii U side, with the other 30% on the 3DS side. Seeing this made me extremely happy that at least there was an effort to get the Wii U out there...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Cr...:

I read somewhere that Puzzle and Dragons is very popular in Japan, in that case then, this could have been a great thing to get more interest for the Wii U in Japan. But it's also a good move that it's on the 3DS, given it's higher install base, might pick this up if it get's localized...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Makes Top 20 Ch...:

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker did better in the U.K charts than I expected, I thought it would only reach number 30 or lower, because of the Usual Suspects taking the other high spots, so I am pleasantly surprised, that’s a great thing. On a side note, how is Assassins Creed Unity doing so well, I thought that it is a broken mess.



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Video: Teens Race and Talk Smack in Mario Kart 64:

@BarryDunne Yeah...I thought 'Hey, I might as well completely embarrass myself to as many people as possible by basicly saying the I couldn't figure out A for Accelerate.' That and it's my only memory about playing this game. This might sound weird, but I only played 2 N64 games when I was 5, Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye 007. Why I played that at such a young age is beyond me, but hey, I loved playing it...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Video: Teens Race and Talk Smack in Mario Kart 64:

I only played Mario Kart 64, once. On Royal Raceway, against 3 other people who had already played the game before. I didn’t even know that the A button was to accelerate, I watched the other people and their left hand was on the Z button on the bottom of the controller, so I thought that was the accelerate button, I was wrong. Before anybody verbally destroys me for being a complete idiot, there is one thing that I wish to say, A, I was only 5 and B. I never played a racing game of any kind before then. When I saw that Royal Raceway was returning in Mario Kart 8, my first reaction was, ‘yes, I finally get my redemption!!!’