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Thu 24th April, 2014

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Takerkaneanite6 commented on PewDiePie Fans May Recognise "Coolest Puzzle G...:

I could not possibly care any less about Pewdiepie. Seriously, I wonder why this guy has 10's of Millions of Subs on YouTube, when Chuggaaconroy, a guy that deserves way more than he puts in, is only just reaching 1 Million. How many 12 year olds and younger have a YouTube account and is Subscribed to this guy.



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Editorial: Satoru Iwata Embodied The Playful B...:

I still can't believe that Mr Iwata is gone. My main regret, is that the last couple of things that fans have said to him, are negative. 'Cancel Metroid Prime:Federation Force.' Nintendo's E3 2015 sucked.' 'Wii U is a failure.' All that was, no pun intended, Directed towards Iwata San. The world has lost a great person on this day and quite frankly, that's the world's loss. God now had a gaming partner to play Smash Bros with. And just like with Reggie in 2004, Iwata will kick some you, know, what. R.I.P Iwata San. Missing you already...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Releases Statement on the Pas...:

Man, this news hit really hard. I go onto YouTube and check out my subscriptions. I saw 2 videos, one from Gamexplain and another from Yoshiller. They were both titled 'Thank You Iwata.' My intital reaction was that Iwata stepped down as president of Nintendo and retired because of health related issues. Then I saw another video from Gamexplain that stated that Mr Iwata had passed away. When I saw that, my heart sank and I felt like finding a corner and crying. R.I.P Mr Iwata. The world has lost a kind hearted man and the world will now be regretting it...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Weirdness: In Some Parallel Dimension, This Ni...:

The things that make me feel this is fake... 1.Nintendo has never recycled the same controller design. Plus, if you can play Wii U games on it, then obviously, the Wii U Pro Controller would be compatible with the NX. Like the Wii Remote on Wii U and GameCube Controller on Wii. 2.The console designs is just way too lazy to take all this time to work on. 3.Zelda a launch title? No way. Nintendo already confirmed that Zelda will be launched on Wii U next year. Yes, Twilight Princess was released on Wii and GameCube, but that was simultaneously. There is no way that Nintendo will launch a new Zelda game 1 year apart and that goes for porting the Wii U Zelda. 4. Many 3DS games require the use of both screens. There is no way that will work on a single screen device. The only thing that seems realistic to me, is the launch year. 2017 seems very likely.



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Australian Rating Confirms That ZombiU is Shuf...:

If it was almost any other company that's not Ubisoft, then it would just be a successor to the first game. But because it's Ubisoft and they've done this before with Rayman Legends (bring a game from Last Generation and Wii U and porting it to the Next Generation of the other consoles,) then I have every right to suspect that it will be ZombiU, with slightly updated textures and controls and that would be it...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Satoru Iwata Didn't Apologise For Nintendo's E...:

I think that Nintendo’s Treehouse Event, where they show off their games, should be their E3 presentation. That way, they have 3 Days to show off as many games as they want to. They can show a trailer for the game and then spend some time showing the game off. I think that that would be awesome. Right?



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Video: The Nintendo Life Reaction to Nintendo'...:

Nintendo's whole E3-
Smash Direct-Good
Nintendo World Championships-Amazing
Nintendo Digital Event-Meh
Nintendo Treehouse Event-Going good so far.
Overall, it's actually been a decent E3 as a whole for Nintendo. It's just the main event of Nintendo's E3, the Digital Event, that was the disappointment for Nintendo, but that is what Nintendo will be remembered for this year...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

I'm just going to take a bit of a break from Nintendo overall after this. This was extremely depressing. The only thing that is keeping me from quitting altogether, is the fact that they said that this E3 will only be focused on 2015-Early 2016 release titles. Which gives me some hope for next year, but until then, the only game I will pick up, will be Super Mario Maker and Starfox. That's it.
Please Nintendo, I love you and wish you only the best, but please, don't disappoint next year, like you did this year...



Takerkaneanite6 commented on Star Fox Zero Is Being Co-Developed By Platinum:

I just remembered something. Didn’t Nintendo say that they will only be focusing on 2015-Early 2016 games at this Digital Event? Maybe that’s why it wasn’t even good. Paper Mario Wii U would be mid to late 2016, Metroid would be late 2016, Zelda would be late 2016. All the games we really want will fall after the 2015-Early 2016 time frame…