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WanderingPB commented on Soapbox: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection Remi...:

My son and I play local co-op from MarioKart Wii to Wonderful 101 and online play from Kid Icarus to Pokemon X/Y…each experience is great but being able to play local co-op has its special charm and honestly its our preferred choice because like my son has told me its more fun when we're next to each other…and for that im very greatful to Nintendo



WanderingPB commented on Feature: When Cranky Kong Took On Twitter:

Old enough to remember when falling in a pit in a platformer was called “lack of skill” and not “cheap.”

The best thing i read all day and i wonder if Cranky can read minds because i thought the same thing when i read the reviews who complained about the games difficulty.…well said Cranky well said



WanderingPB commented on Retro Studios Outlines "Symbiotic Relationship...:


U make some good points but as for the "waggle" controls I politely disagree because in the end controls will always come down to personal preference and not everyone will agree.

U say the lack of gamepad use makes the WiiU irrelevant but did the waggle make DKCR irrelevant? Personal preference in control aside DKCR was an excellent platformer as is DKCTF the next step in this platformers great evolution.

No one but Nintendo and Retro know the true reason for the delay maybe the fur maybe the video sharing.

The problem Nintendo has is marketing WiiU and conveying all its potential to those who are on the fence about it, dont know what the WiiU is or want nothing to do with the WiiU.

DKCTF adds to the exclusive library of games that the WiiU only has and they need to keep these high quality exclusives coming and giving the gamers a choice in controls which its doing but like u i also hope that next time they add more gamepad functionality but never at the cost of the gameplay itself



WanderingPB commented on Retro Studios Outlines "Symbiotic Relationship...:

@rjejr @AVahne
I understand peoples complaints about the lack of gamepad functions but honestly if at the end of the day it doesnt take away from this great game then why complain about it so much? Does Mario 3D World's gameplay suffer because it's not constantly using the gamepad? Does it suffer because it doesnt make use of all 6 buttons, d pad and dual analog sticks?

I played DKCTF at the E3 demo and at a preview event and both times i chose to use the nunchuk because i prefer it and love how it controls…Retro has given us the option of any controller and an incredibly well developed beautiful platformer that gives Mario games a run for its money and lets him know he needs to step his game up.

Im sure more emphasis will be given to the gamepad next time around and im also sure people will complain about it too…as for me im jus going to enjoy this incredible detailed game and its genius soundtrack…



WanderingPB commented on Less Than 5% of Those Polled by the Game Devel...:

Nintendo adds a special quality to their whats wrong with appreciating that? Nintendo is struggling to understand the western market and needs to improve as a whole but I absolutely dont want them to be like the competition. Regardless Nintendo will always be under the microscope damned if they do damned if they dont…they have great exclusives but people will complain that those arent the games they wanted…some dont prefer the gamepad DKCTF doesnt really use it in its platforming masterpiece but people will complain about them not usin the gamepad that they didnt want to use to begin with…everyone buys consoles for exclusives and multiplats add to it as well but honestly people need to just play games and stop complaing because ur really sounding ridiculous good games are good games period. Standard Definition didnt prevent Mario Galaxy from being one of the best games of the last generation right so lets just enjoy the games people



WanderingPB commented on Rayman Legends On Wii U Is Still The ''Definit...:

I find it amusing that this little "test" was even done in the first place. Rayman Legends is a really beautiful platformer period regardless of the decisions Ubisoft made. And as for the best use of the gamepad I respectfully disagree because Zombiu to me used the gamepad fantastically and immersed me in that games world. It is funny that some talk about the gamepad features but still dont own a WiiU pretty funny if u ask me.

Maybe instead of talking definitive versions how about we make believe we buy gaming consoles to gave fun playing the games we like on them but then again what would happen to all the trolls right LOL!!



WanderingPB commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

It would have been nice to have gotten Watch Dogs the same day as every other system since thats the excuse they used for Rayman Legends but from a business perspective i also understand their decision...but unlike Rayman Legends I won't be supporting this game.



WanderingPB commented on Video: World 2 Of Donkey Kong Country: Tropica...:

Nintendo does give people the option for the most part but regardless not everyone will be happy. I used to think the nunchuk was a ridiculous idea until i used it and now im sometimes dissappointed when ur not allowed to use it like in NSMBU but at least that was remedied in 3D World.

I cant imagine ZombiU, Batman AC AE, Pikmin 3, WW HD, Wonderful 101, Deus Ex HR, MH3U, Lego City Undercover, NFS MWU, Rayman Legends, Nintendo Land, or Darksiders 2 without the gamepad…but then again thats jus my personal preference.

Still if at the end of the day Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze delivers the platforming brain boosting chemicals, that juice the tentacles in my mental projectable...then who cares if they use the gamepad the game is going to be great and most importantly fun so im okay with that



WanderingPB commented on Video: World 2 Of Donkey Kong Country: Tropica...:

I am very hyped for this game gameplay, level design and music look and sound incredible!

@Rafie i also agree my friend i do wish they would have thought up some cool use for the gamepad but im sure regardless if they did people would've complained that it was either "gimmicky" or not useful instead of enjoying this great platformer. I played the E3 demo and it felt like the next step in the series so ive been hyped since.

There's no question that Nintendo needs to get themselves together but until then i cant hear all these complaints because honestly i have too many games to play on my Wii U



WanderingPB commented on Nintendo Direct Focusing On Wii U And 3DS Game...:

Honestly I am not assuming anything with this direct just waiting to see what's going to be announced because i don't want to be disappointed…but I'd be happy with some new trailers and release dates of games we already know about and of course any new games announced would be sweet!



WanderingPB commented on Soapbox: Nintendo's Appearance at VGX Underwhe...:

As for the winners…im sure everyone can argue for their favorite games so commenting on it would be ridiculous especially since we all have different preferences. The most highly reviewed game arent always the best and vice versa it comes to personal choice but regardless these are all great games nominated and it was a great year for all gamers

As for Nintendo i do feel it was a missed opportunity to really showcase what the WiiU has to offer all gamers but instead they chose to show what i believe should have been in a Nintendo Direct…sure i understand it was a logical marketing move but still the overwhelming negative response speaks for it self. I cant wait for DKCTF and all the other WiiU games coming out 2014 but what will be funny is if Nintendo shows us a great Nintendo Direct that makes up for it and still i dont want to disappoint myself cuz Nintendo makes odd decisions at times



WanderingPB commented on Soapbox: Nintendo's Appearance at VGX Underwhe...:

Talking about the award show directly i believe they can improve it and give gamers and these great games and developers the proper respect and attention they deserve for their hard work. It was a show filled with some trailers, lots of fluff and rushed and behind the carpet awards. Why didnt they show the big awards? Why not have a co-host that actually likes and respects games instrad of belittling others?

I want an gaming award show thats all about the great games of the year and a sneak peek at the great games coming out in the future…so i will continue to hold on to hope and expect them to fix this award show and showcase this great gaming community which we are all a part of…



WanderingPB commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Pic...:

Even though we all might disagree on the winners because having OUR CHOICE game win is always a sweet feel…every nominee is an awesome game over all this has been a great year for gaming i can't wait to see what great games the next year brings us!!!



WanderingPB commented on Super Mario 3D World Picks Up Best Nintendo Ga...:

@Peach64 Question if a bunch of bitter people post here why do u continue to post and visit the site? Any website based on a console of peference will have those obtuse individuals who will refuse to be logical and listen to reason but there are also those of us who arent also visit and post here as well. Would u be upset if people go to McDonalds and not order a BigMac? I personally like ur objective point of views but my disagreements w/ u start when u talk about WiiU owners stepping up when you yourself dont own a WiiU…i wouldnt tell anyone with a PS4 or XB1 about what games they should buy because that's their choice of games or console.

As ive said b4 great games are great games just like whichever consoles they're on. The days when one person could own 1 console and play every game they want are gone…games sell hardware right? Havent u stated that once there r enough games to justify ur WiiU purchase ur goin to buy one? The same will apply to others and with all consoles.

As for those "bitter" will be kids but i do find these kids in all websites not just this one



WanderingPB commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms Playable Cranky Kong...:

Im still excited over DKCTF but im honestly disappointed that there was no other game reveal…this news could've been released at a Nintendo Direct but the VGX…?

Well if its anyones fault its my own for getting myself hyped up…



WanderingPB commented on Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D...:

A great game is a great game regardless of what platform it's on…period.

Im sure the same will be said about Infamous on PS4 and Halo on XB1…the comments are quite entertaining at first but as i keep reading i question some of these debates

I personally love Boo house music it's just a soothing deadly melody kinda reminds of the Adams family Soundtrack TBH

Im currently losing my sanity tackling the champion's road which its the Olympics of platforming…im down over 200 lives and i cant stop thinking about how to improve…i love it!!!



WanderingPB commented on Nintendo of America Announces StreetPass Weeke...:

My son and i used to be very big on streetpasses but after being bombarded with hundreds of streetpasses at the Pokemon XY launch event in NYC we are more relaxed about it all together.

I hope they release an update to add more to the streetpass games because we're just about done with all of them unfortunately

@sinalefa once u clear Finding Mii and start Finding Mii 2 u can hire old allies (which means everyone and every color u have ever tagged) for play coins that should help some frustrating encounters



WanderingPB commented on Video: Let This Pikmin 3 DLC Trailer Give You ...:

@sinalefa trust me i absolutely understand Champions Road is like a Nintendo ROM HACK! Just when i thought i was a Mario veteran but this level humbled me immediatey…

But in my old age ive learned to be more patient with difficult stages so i take Pikmin breaks or jus play at another day but the challenge is extremely satisfying especially as i make progress kinda like Wonderful 101 once u get ur groove the way u play flows smooth an i truly love the challenge!

Also SM3DW demands me to 100% the whole game LOL! I havent felt this way since Super Mario 64! Good luck on ur road of champions



WanderingPB commented on Video: Let This Pikmin 3 DLC Trailer Give You ...:

My son and I are tackling this latest Pikmin DLC like krazy!!!

@rjejr Gamestop offered me a similar deal with NSMBU but i prefer to keep all my games. They're like trophies that i can enjoy and replay whenever i want and the funny thing is that my son shares the same sentiment LOL!

@sinalefa im still trying to finish Champion's Road in SM3DW but am taking Pikmin breaks so i dont break my gamepad! I cant stop thinking about how i can improve my platforming skills its driving me krazy and i love it LOL!



WanderingPB commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

What justifies a launch for me is games...not highly reviewed games but games i want to play…

People will always prefer certain games or consoles but remember it's all about the whichever console or games u choose to buy are and will be rightfully yours to make whenever u choose to make them whether it's at launch or later on down the line.

B4 graphics comes gameplay because that's what will keep me coming back to play again and again.

Whats the point in arguing personal choice but then again it is entertaining to read some of these comments…does anyone remember when games where just fun to play regardless of what platform it was on?…the good old days when games were just fun to play



WanderingPB commented on Former Naughty Dog And THQ Head Jason Rubin Sa...:

This is becoming such a childish attention seeking trend…i wonder if he's trying to put himself out there by sayin such things so he could get on the right peoples favor or even a good job position cuz honestly what is he doing now?

I agree Nintendo has a hole they have to dig themselves out of with the WiiU but the WiiU stands out for me and im happy with it and cant wait for all the games coming out next year for the WiiU



WanderingPB commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

My son and I are almost close to unlocking the special world in 3D World.

But as for me im juggling Wonderful 101 at home and A Link Between Worlds when im out or have sum downtime at work…but i must admit Beyond Two Souls is calling my name!



WanderingPB commented on Wii U Wins "Deals Award" For Being One Of The ...:

@rjejr "Thing abut the Wii U - it can win whatever awards and be on all the lists in the world, but people still need to buy it. NY Giants, Knicks and Nets know all about spending money and looking good on paper (Jets never look good on paper) but not getting the job done."

Silence in the audience...1 stands up and starts clapping…everyone joins in (standing ovation)....its like u read my mind!

My son and I have enough games until DKCTF plus SSB4 and MK8…even though its been a rough year for the WiiU with Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Mario 3DW, and WindwakerHD we are happy campers



WanderingPB commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:

What a hot topic huh?

Personally it's upsetting that 3D World didnt break any release records or help move more WiiU consoles and the reason is because this is a game of the generation……regardless if it sells a ridiculous amount the sheer amount fun im having playing this game i truly havent felt since Super Mario 64…

The level design, the soundtrack, the ridiculous amount of content and secrets…i dont believe we'll see an entire game like this for years…

Everyone has a right to state their opinion. We can all agree Nintendo needs to step up their WiiU marketing but 3D World is reason enough for me to be thankful i have a WiiU…and anyone who is playing the game will agree while u cautious buyers will feel silly when after all ur fussing u get this game and quietly take back every negative thing u say about this game



WanderingPB commented on Fan Campaign for Bayonetta Wii U Release Kicks...:

I personally am so hyped for Bayonetta 2 that i would buy Bayonetta 1 if it was released on the WiiU especially if they would make a Directors Cut with added content or maybe a limited edition re-release of Bayo1 w/ a pre-order of Bayonetta 2!

@sinalefa i agree i hope everyone that is talking about supporting this cause also supported Wonderful 101 because honestly it's such a great game and doesnt deserve the poor sales that its got. Wonderful 101 deserves not only more sales but also more recognition and a sequel.



WanderingPB commented on Soapbox: Zelda's Magic Creates A Link Between ...:

Same here but the video gaming bonding for my son and I started on the Wii with Mario Kart Wii and he is 7 years old and now we play Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Windwaker HD, Rayman Legends, and Nintendo Land when my brother visits for the holidays.

My son told me yesterday he's so happy we can play so many games together and thanked me…im very thankful for that and to Nintendo

Thanks Damo for posting this your not alone

There's also a good article on Forbes about games making u a better parent check it out its a good read.



WanderingPB commented on Reggie Talks Up Wii U Blockbusters As Top 10 S...:

Im sure he's going by the assumption of how overtime Nintendo's franchises grow in sales overall.

Funny people laughed at him when he said Mario would outsell COD and the 3DS would do a turn around…hmmmm its always funny to read these negative comments in retrospect guess we'll jus wait and see



WanderingPB commented on CNET Outlines Console Purchase Choices And Hig...:

I wonder if the first guy who said the WiiU was one of the worst holiday gifts even did any research about the actual games? Maybe he should educate himself before trying to educate the public……we can all agree Nintendo has messed up in certain aspects but the games it has now speak an abundance plus the games that are being released next year is bananas…software selld hardware period…Nintendo should take this opportunity and improve their marketing and keep their release dates and the gamers will come. Same goes for PS & XB



WanderingPB commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

Tom i agree…and its amazing how people view gaming now as to compared to 25 years ago when games were just fun to play…i remember when super mario 64 came out and i broke night playing the game nonstop over 3 days…it was just so much fun to play and experience…

I had an incredible time playing ZombiU and i praise it for being a true survival horror and its use of the gamepad…but it took me a few days to final work up the nerve to finish the palace…honestly this game had me so tense an after the nursery i was done and wanted no part of the rest of the game but i kept going until the end an luckily got the good ending…but to play games like that constantly i dont think i could and actually i dont think i want to...

I love playing my challenging Nintendo games they give me an escape and its a beautiful fun getaway…but everyones different and this is just my opinion

Im very happy with my Nintendo games and hope that SM3DW will find its way to get people to realize the hidden beauty of the WiiU and its great selection of games



WanderingPB commented on Nintendo Picks Up 10 Nominations for Spike VGX...:

@Rafie i must say what sealed the deal for me about Wonderful 101 was the battle with Ohrowchee…the controls take practice but when they sink in ur really in control and yet the game doesnt stop being challenging…as much as I love Pikmin 3 honestly both are just incredible games and for me its just hard to choose Platinum did a great job to have me not pick Pikmin3 without question LOL!

Im actually getting SM3DW & ALBW Thursday @ the special event at the Nintendo World Store but i agree i cant wait!

Regardless of how people choose consoles im old school and im all about games and this year its awesome to be a gamer!!!



WanderingPB commented on Parent Trap: Super Mario 3D World Is Another F...:

@Pinecallado yup it hard to justify a $300 WiiU purchase for just SM3DW……so how about SM3DW, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD, ZombiU, MH3U, LegoCity Undercover, Sonic Lost World, Nintendoland, NSMBU, NSLU and though these next ones are multiplats its a great WiiU experience Rayman Legends, DeusEx, NFS most wanted u, Batman armored edition(the only way to play as Batman), Skylanders Giants or Swapforce…

Oh and lets not forget sum games coming in 2014 SSB4, MK8, DKTF, Bayonetta 2, and X……yup very hard to justify a WiiU purchase…hmmmm



WanderingPB commented on Parent Trap: Super Mario 3D World Is Another F...:

"Odd bound of elbowing now and again"…LOL sounds like my house when we all get together and play co-op games! My son and I are so excited to play this game thank u for all ur family gamer vids.

@unrandomsam perfection is subjective hence all the variety in reviews but one message that comes across in all the reviews is that this game is fun to play…remember when people played games just for fun and not complain regardless of the console or developer…but u have youtube so make a vblog and express ur opinion to ur hearts content…good luck



WanderingPB commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

This hss truly been a great year for gamers on all platforms…

But i cant help but have a huge smile @ all these incredible reviews SM3DW is getting…Eurogamer said it the best though…"Mario is games"



WanderingPB commented on Nintendo Picks Up 10 Nominations for Spike VGX...:

@Rafie i concur SM3DW hasnt even come out yet while the others have been out longer and reaping the rewards of gamers everywhere…kinda feels like a set up for people to talk smack or make the regular remarks of how Mario is no longer prevalent in this industry. Besides all those other games are great in their own rights good competition i say.

But i cant help but smile at the possibility even though its slim that SM3DW would win because it jus looks like its going to be crazy fun! Ah i remember when people played games they thought were fun regardless who made them…good times good times

As for best Ninty GOTY im stuck between Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3…regardless all are great games in this category am curious to see they winner



WanderingPB commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

Everyone should enjoy the console or consoles that have the games they want to play…

Its silly to take a poll about what people personally choose for their gaming experience…i remember when we used to play games for fun

Im happy for anyone whose happy with the console that gives them their gaming experience regardless of what console it is…im happy with my WiiU because its the best gaming experience for me right now…great video games are fun to play regardless of the system its on



WanderingPB commented on Nintendo Confirms That Miiverse on 3DS Won't A...:

Honestly it doesnt matter to me but im sure with time and customer reviews it will start shaping into something better…hopefully (fingers crossed)

Understandable as well after the incident they had with swapnote…what if they just allowed the msg feature to friends when playing wanting to play a game when ur on the go? Or a better online game play interface so people can stay connected to play the same games? Why do some people ruin things for everyone?



WanderingPB commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

Was surprisingly pleased with this Direct especially after i thought it was going to be only 3DS news. I love the comedic skit in the beginning plus of course the little cameo by Audrey.

Games sell hardware and boy what a great line up the WiiU has to offer…everytime i see any new videos about Mario 3D world if feel as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning…



WanderingPB commented on Aonuma Keeps Returning To Zelda In The Hope Of...:

Perfection is subjective…i admire his prespectives and diligence which shows in each game he makes and of course why every fan has their own favorite no matter what others say or what number critics gave it…

Oh and Wind Waker to me is my favorite amoungst all these classic Legend of Zelda titles



WanderingPB commented on Nintendo Releases New Pikmin 3 DLC in North Am...:

This game is great and the proof is that everyone wants more…i played the game with the aim of getting all the fruit and not losing any Pikmin…i beat this game in 38 hours and only lost 216 Pikmin this game was just right.

My son and i jus finished playing all the new DLC and not only was it alot of fun but it reminded me of how great this game was…im happy and hope for sum more DLC for the same price you just cant beat Nintendo quality DLC