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WanderingPB commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Secures Top 10 Spot in US...:

@rjejr sorry yeah thumbdrive my bad LOL? all the XCX downloads packs together are 10gb not including the DLC which hasnt been released yet. i have only 6gb left in my internal available so my thumbdrive is a great investment and also doesnt take up any space on the back of my WiiU but like i mentioned before its the cruzer fit 2.0 speed and i bought it new soley for my Wii U. i heard another problem w/ thumbdrives is b/c of multiple rewrites and using previously used usb sticks or thumbdrives just so u know and you dont try to hunt me down incase something happens so remember buy it new. since we got a 32gb Wii U from Ninty i have very low expectations about the size of that usb w/ music and "512mb" sounds like too much memory already for Ninty...your giving Ninty too much credit LOL! but then again they did give the 3ds XL 4gb so i dunno but yeah i agree thats probably what they'll give us...besides ive had the soundtrack since it was released in Japan earlier this year and its currently in car as we speak LOL!...the hype has taken over me! good luck though in whatever u choose



WanderingPB commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Secures Top 10 Spot in US...:

@rjejr sorry for the late reply but ive been working back to back doubles and actually thought i did repky to you but nope...maybe im just getting old and forgetful...i know ur 50 but everything starts slowing down around ur 30's LOL!!!

yes Ninty said no to thumbnail use but ive played 4 hours straight of Game & Wario with my family because seriously those Fronz games with the family are genius and my son loves to knock down the tower when he loses just so my brother loses points LOL! but i have had Game & Wario downloaded onto the thumbnail from the club ninty rewards and ive never had a problem running it from the thumbnail. i understand you being cautious after ur premature Wii U BBQ incident but be adventurous like when i had a Dreamcast my friend and like the Dreamcast you wont be disappointed

the moment i knew about XCX and the data packs i got it but was waiting to see their size and also remember we are getting all the XCX DLC for free here so that will also need extra space! once all that is downloaded im going to buy Fatal frame and just enjoy the ride. i dont know if this eases your mind about the thumbnail but i figured its better to have first hand experience than just reading about it ya know.



WanderingPB commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

The Direct did what i believe it needed to do and thats restore confidence that they are not abandoning the Wii U and 3DS in order for the very happy with my Wii U and its library but knowing more games are coming is just awesome! I love the fact that no matter what Nintendo can still surprise us and makes me happy to be a gamer



WanderingPB commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Secures Top 10 Spot in US...:

@rjejr My friend i have the perfect solution for ur little memory dilemmas!

SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 64GB USB 2.0 Low-Profile Flash Drive- SDCZ33-064G

its on amazon for $20 bucks! i bought one in prepration for XCX! it works great and i have had no problems just that i have to organize my storage but thats about it! but once u have it plugged in you can not plug in another one or an additional External HDD which does suck but i believe im good for awhile. becareful if u decide to go with the 128gb 3.0 model the 3.0 speed i heard causes some of the problems others get with memory on the Wii U.

i downloaded both and am not wasting anytime the hype has taken over me LOL! and yeah i know u never stopped complaining but all in good fun my friend



WanderingPB commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Secures Top 10 Spot in US...:

@rjejr LOL! this is like a flashback to our conversation last month right? Quality Game Library...thats the reason i would recommend the Wii U. If thats not for you then i dont recommend it...simple as that "grandmother ranting" friend. No one is asking you to sell the Wii U for Nintendo LOL! and here i thought since ur boy Cloud got in SSB you wouldve calmed down but i guess you just like to rant huh?LOL! If i was looking for a console and didnt have any and you as a friend allowed me to skip the Wii U i wouldve called u a jerk...excuse me a frugal jerk especially with that SSB Splatoon bundle out....but i guess like my grandmother u just need to vent and ranting is your outlet ;P

Also did u download ur xenoblde pcks from the eshop? i already did and im so excited but why cant it be Dec 4th already?



WanderingPB commented on ZombiU Servers Reanimate After Being Down for ...:

ZombiU is one of my favorite WiiU games and that nursery left me traumatized especially playing the radio thats on the table hearing the final recorded moments of the nursery staff and children...i truly wish we had a sequel on the WiiU where the team had an opporunity to expand on their ideas!!! I wish them luck on their next game regardless of console



WanderingPB commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

when i read that this game is right next to Mario Party 10 i shook my head...once my son tried the Yo-Kai Watch demo he wanted it instead of Ultra Smash and though i was going to surprise him with it this preview makes me feel like Ninty rushed this out for the holiday



WanderingPB commented on Reaction: Nintendo's First Mobile App, Miitomo...:

@rjejr First i'd like to say Fluffin Puffin Yoshi and that level in World 3 is AWESOMETACULAR and you and your boys need to try it!

Second why is everyone so hung up about this mobile game? Is this seriously going to change any perspective you have on Nintendo? Happy Home Designer was not the Animal Crossing game i wanted nor thought should have been made but look over a million sold...Tomadachi Life, no thank you but look how it just saying sometimes u just never know. plus I dont care about having any of my core Nintendo experiences on the mobile platform so this news to me means nothing, zip, zilch... People dont want Zelda on mobile but are upset that Zeldas not on mobile huh? When has Ninty done anything the way people expected? That makes them Ninty they innovate they constantly try new things...and it either does outstanding or dissappoints. Miitomo is not an App for core gamers its an App like any other App you try it and decide whether u like it or not. And since its not something i want it can come in 2019 for all i too busy playing games to worry about games i have no interest in or are clearly not aimed for me. Play Wooly World my friend and smile your going to go bald trying to figure out the madness which is Nintendo



WanderingPB commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Delays With My Ninte...:

im fine waiting either way...I wonder if miiverse on the NX will also be included somehow in their plans?

@crimsontadpoles welcome friend...your "DOOM" sounded a bit forced and it lacked the "zombie apocalypse end of the world" tone most whiny video game fanatics/ninty fanboys/ninty trolls and regular naysayers have...but i must say your delivery is impressive nonetheless! LOL!!!



WanderingPB commented on Rejoice, The Wii U Has Finally Outsold Sega's ...:

LOL! wow...the salt is everywhere! the Dreamcast to me was on par with my N64 when it came to replayability because after MGS and Silent Hills my Playstation was only used for Marvel vs Capcom but even then i would prefer MvC2 on the Dreamcast.

its funny how much people get torn up emotionally about sales figures because in my eyes the Dreamcast was far from a flop and the proof was in its library...and those same people praising the Dreamcast probably didnt own one or support until it was cool to say it was great which is obtuse to me since they were on the console war hype train. I purchase consoles for their game library not to have something to write about on web sites or do a blog rant. So i guess it'll be hysterical to hear the same people praise the Wii U years laters?



WanderingPB commented on Video: Here's What Xenoblade Chronicles Looks ...:

it looks ok on the New 3DS but XC is meant to be on the big screen...playing it on the Wii U in Wii mode makes the game look very slightly better since its going through the HDMI but overall a big screen to enjoy this incredible game and soundtrack...if they ever decide to do an HD remaster of this game my mind would probably explode...but that will never happen its as likely as getting XC on the Virtual Console in NA...sad but true



WanderingPB commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Confirms That Nintendo Direc...:

@rjejr during the slow times at work i always enjoyed reading the Iwata asks developer interviews especially the ones on Xenoblade Chronicles and Luigi's Mansion. It shows a side of Nintendo where we are able to read some great stories and secrets.

also in the Zelda U article i quoted a funny line from the movie "40 year old Virgin" to you in my response hope u got the joke and didnt take it the wrong way my friend



WanderingPB commented on Super Mario Maker Gets Mid-Level Checkpoints a...:

@rjejr yeah i agree their mark ups are ridiculous. the sale 2 for $22 only applies for the amiibo $11.99 - 13.99. They had BowJr,Shulk, Grenin,Olimar,Lilmac,CaptFalcon, Zelda,FoxYoshi and Peach at my TRU. the Yarn Yoshis are $17.99 each which is bananas! but i was lucky and they didnt notice and i got the blue and pink yoshi for $22!! but im keepin an eye out for ALBW sale for your boys a few months ago they had it for $20 at sure it'll be back on sale for the holidays



WanderingPB commented on Super Mario Maker Gets Mid-Level Checkpoints a...:

i wonder if the DLC rumors are true then? getting this type of news NOT in a Direct feels weird i must say even though the update sounds great

@rjejr TRU has 2 for $22 amiibo sale incase ur interested i managed to get the blue and pink yarn yoshi even though they were not part of the sale! Ka-Ching!



WanderingPB commented on A Teaser Site for Xenoblade Chronicles X Has J...:

XCX is more than enough for me this holiday season and though i may get attacked for it im looking forward to XCX more than Zelda or Starfox...Xenoblade Chronicles truly left me wanting more and it was my favorite game of the last generation and am looking forward to XCX this December



WanderingPB commented on Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Originally D...:

honestly learning that you dont have the ability to play 2 player was very disappointing. My son and I still play Four Swords on the 3DS and were looking forward to playing it together and now hearing about the single player i would consider it a challenge so it doesnt really bother me but i expected more from Nintendo...but i am impressed b/c 128 levels is nothing to laugh about especially in this day and age of ridiculously priced DLC and seasons passes



WanderingPB commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

@rjejr my son has heard my ramblings about my hours and hours with the original Starfox and SF64 so he actually chose it in order to play with a very lucky dad! LOL! but he's also very open minded gamer and is willing to try different games out which at his age i was not. i feel lucky b/c after the playing the original Skylanders on the Wii he doesnt care about the new versions or even Disney Infinity. he told me he would rather me buy more games than figures...i raised him well rjejr

"that guy...he asked nicely"

but...but once i remove the blade that i keep in my boot from its sheath it can not be returned until it has spilt blood....but ok i will fall back this time but cant make any promises for next time b/c its silly to me especially when you said nothing wrong. we should just respects each other thats all



WanderingPB commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

@rjejr I hear ya brother! funny story im sure you'll appreciate this one...i asked my son after the disappointing Ninty E3 which games he wanted for xmas. he looked at me and said Pokemon SMD and Starfox. to which i asked why not Wooly World? he said "Daddy your Yoshi crazy i know ur going to get it for yourself so why would pick when i can get something else too!"...i couldnt help but laugh and feel proud that my son knows me so well and is smart about his choices....and in my house regardless of delays a promise is a promise and he is getting Starfox day 1 like he did Pikmin 3 after the numerous delays LOL!

@617Sqn "keep religion off these threads"
its not a religion you dope its a way of life right @rjejr LOL!



WanderingPB commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

@Yorumi absolutely!!! this delay is frustrating but doesnt really bother me the fact that Splatoon doesnt give you access to all the new maps which are on the disc I paid for in Battle Dojo is much more frustrating for me. also i was joking with @rjejr as we've had discussion on the last Parent Trap article if u want to take a quick read at our shenanigans LOL! i prefer not to respond to negativity but i respect many peoples opinion here especially rjejr. Thanks though for your perspective



WanderingPB commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

im fine with waiting and being surprised. i just want my legendary experience. Each LOZ is different and great in their own right which i honestly appreciate and it hurts to know that the Brilliant Skyward Sword controls wont return and wont be improved b/c of fans complaining about trying something new and preferring to push a get delayed that is a fact im glad they didnt give us an exact date or else people would be complaining about that...wait too late

@rjejr "too stupid to stupid to figure out how long it takes to creat a game?"

wow that's rather insightful my curious how many games have you created?......oh none huh? have you ever had to deal with continuing a series where millions of fans are so demanding for something new and something to stay the same and ready to critize every decision you make regardless?...still nothing? how about dealing with a avid fan lets call him rjejr2 who is obviously excited but hides it well in a cloak of negativity by voicing an anger with sarcasam, links and denying a console's justification purchase on the fact that its library is very compelling but just needs to be so cheap its free, because the less money the company makes the the more likely they will keep on making consoles just like the Dreamcast did....oh wait err never mind LOL!!!



WanderingPB commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

wow...this seems to be the hot topic for the day huh?

i prefer physical release i value my games and digital i feel i can lose anytime anything happens to my system. or maybe im just old school...but if there's no choice then i will go digital but not on Day 1



WanderingPB commented on The Wii U's Broad Audience Means Star Fox Zero...:

being a huge StarFox fan since SNES it matters to me...but i agree that i would rather wait for a game Nintendo is ready to release instead of meeting some holiday release and then them adding modes later...i want my game complete and fully realized so i will wait patiently. i wonder if 2016 will have any surprises in store for us?



WanderingPB commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Details Revealed, In...:

i was dissappointed with the last trailer and less than a few days later BAM new trailer and new modes revealed and 2 player co-op online?!...well played Nintendo. This is on my radar now and its not only cause of the above or of Rosalina its because in one of the trailers you actually see Yoshi trying to do a quick flutter before scoring! its the little details that make me appreciate Nintendo games like the birds in Splatoon.

@Souldin LOL! well said!

@rjejr noticed how i never mentioned this game in our conversations before? it was never on my radar. i didnt care but now with 2 player co-op...well add it to the list my friend



WanderingPB commented on Aonuma Talks the Legend of Zelda's 30th Annive...:

so is it possible Zelda U aside from improving the game was also pushed back due to "Tri-again Heros" and Hyrule warriors coming out on the 3DS this holiday season? makes me wonder if Twilight HD is even meant for this year or possibly early next year?...either way as much as it pains me to wait i will for a legendary experience...i maybe a fool for believing the new Zelda will come to the Wii U but im ok with that

@Lunapplebloom I concur my friend!!!



WanderingPB commented on Parent Trap: ​Does The Wii U Still Make Sens...:

@rjejr what irony when its you my friend thats tells me to stay positive LOL!!! if we continue to switch roles like this we may actually have Nintendope scared right?! LOL!

i may be a "whiny Nintendo fan boy" but i am also very "logical" even though those two terms dont quite often go together ;p

Splatoon vchat didnt bother me but having split screen w/ dual gamepads wouldve been pretty friggin sweet that and of course having all the levels i PAID for accessible in Battle Dojo! LOL!

As for the just waiting to be surprised by Ninty again...even though the Wii U wasnt a great me its library was well worth the price of admission! and if i ever veer towards negativity im sure you'll keep me in check...hope ur boys Bar-Mitzvah was awesome!



WanderingPB commented on Parent Trap: ​Does The Wii U Still Make Sens...:

@rjejr not only do i have Double Dash but my gamecube library is 57 games total! and when i dont use my red wii i use my back up Platinum GCN with S1 video cables Double Dash is not for all especially 150cc the cpu goes from difficult to DKCTF! LOL! and its double team is so much fun woth each character having their own specialty and its co-op can be a disaster or krazy awesome depending if u both work together. but unfortunately since there is no GCN titles on the VC you'll have to wait for the NX or get the original either way i recommend it plus it has the most difficult and best Rainbow Road of the series in my opinion!

Im happy to say that Metal Gear doesn't usually folly the GOTY trend others do. MGS Legacy on PS3 will run u about $30 NEW on AMAZON and you get every single Metal Gear released on console from the NES to the PS3! you also get 2 download codes for the PS store for the PS1 MGS and VR missionsand it includes the HD release of MGS2 and Snake eater!!! Absolutely recommend it new b/c used you might not get the codes for the original MGS and VR missions so yeah Legacy is the way to go! Ground Zeros is $18 and Phantom Pain i got for $40 the only difference between PS3 version and the PS4 version is that the PS3 runs at 30fps and PS4 runs at 60fps other wise the game is the same and absoultely amazing! by the time i get a PS4 (probably when they release Last Guardian) i will repurchase GZ and PP for the PS4 b/c it will be cheaper and i just love MGS that much...yup im a sucker like that too but at least im waiting doesnt that count for something? LOL

My son plays Splatoon with 1 friend online but i feel Nintendoe dropped the ball because my son wanted to play Splatoon together co-op with me and also that Battle Dojo is a joke plus why arent all the new levels available to play in the battle dojo? we're still stuck with the original 5?! Damn it Reggie that and Fatal Frame w/ no physical release and Triforce heros w/out a 2 player mode?...what a joke...hand me a pitchfork rjejr and my son and I will head down to NOA with u and ur boy



WanderingPB commented on Parent Trap: ​Does The Wii U Still Make Sens...:

@rjejr LOL! yeah this wouldve drove me insane on miiverse!

I actually the same way but the PS2 burned me...i was lucky enough to get it at launch but i was also one of the ones that had to send it back to Sony after 8 months because of a problem with the disc xbox collected dust b/c i didnt want to pony up $50 buck for a remote in order to use the dvd player and Halo single player bored me so my N64 stood with me but that where my Dreamcast saved me with a ridiculous amount of Marvel vs Capcom 2 that rivaled my Starfox64 and GoldenEye play time!!! but thats when i decided not to participate in the following generation. My friend let me borrow his gamecube and i played Double Dash like i have never played a video game before! That's why i believe 1 great game can be worth buying a console and every other game is just an added bonus

i held off on getting a Wii until the limited Red bundle released with NSMB and that Wii was backwards compatible for $199 plus they already had MK Wii, SMG and of course DKCR so yeah that was a no brainer for me LOL! my PS3 i got the Last Of Us 500gb bundle for $199 and all the games i wanted were $10 - 20 buck so uh yeah MONEY IN THE BANK!!! LOL!

The Wii U i bought at launch and yeah the drought and 3rd party drama sucked but overall my son and I have played the Wii U the most and only go back to the PS3 for Minecraft inbetween Wii U games and of course i do the same except Metal Gear will always have me under its spell...the series i just brilliant to me...LOL uh so yeah u can say i sorta like MGS

savings are important i agree and its never wrong to be a wise shopper but if they ever decide to re-release Dreamcast i would buy it in a heartbeat because of its library regardless if its "obsolete" or not thanks again for putting up with my stubborness