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randomlypikachu commented on Nintendo Network Services Now Starting to "Ope...:

@LDXD i see your point and that's not unreasonable at all. still I don't think its fair to call them lazy for not doing something that they should've been able to do the day their kids opened the box in like 20 minutes to an hour of waiting. after all, how were they to know that Nintendo network was gona mess up this badly the day their kids opened their gift? your right this type of thing shouldn't be going on, so a parent shouldn't even have to expect that theyd need to update it ahead of time just to avoid a situation that shouldn't be happening. again, if the parents did update ahead of time that's nice, and really awesome for the kids, but they shouldn't have to be expected to do it.



randomlypikachu commented on Nintendo Network Services Now Starting to "Ope...:

@windy this topic may die but it will forever live in my heart as the topic that caused an argument that kept me entertained for a good while when I had nothing better to distract me while waiting for a new bank release date. <3 you will be missed beloved topic, I shall not forget ye.

in all seriousness though, I might as well bring up some thoughts I have.

@dumedum a kids gona turn out to be spoiled just because he/she gets to play with his/her new toy the day its received. im not saying a parent has to update their kids new system before they wrap it up, but im just saying if they do then that's just nice and the kid probably isn't gona grow up to be a spoiled awful human being. children have a long time to grow and build character and that Christmas where they get to play their new system while others are waiting to play theirs isn't gona ruin the kids. also I hope im not crossing a line here but you kinda come off as rude in some of these posts ... maybe work on not coming off like that?
@LDXD I can see why your getting so worked up but ... your kinda blowing his words and attitude out of proportion. also its a little unfair to say that a parent is lazy just because they didn't update their kids gift ahead of time. even if they are aware that it will need to be updated they shouldn't have to update it ahead of time (again though if they do then that's just nice). the kids should be able to get their system updated when they receive it. Nintendo clearly wasn't well prepared for everything though so the fault lies with Nintendo not with parents who didn't update the system ahead of time.



randomlypikachu commented on The Pokémon Company Teases "Special Announcem...:

they've finaly done it haven't they ... gamefreaks secret team of scientists have genetically engineered a living pokemon and their gona show it to the world on Monday! .... or it might be something x and y related .... or the wii u game. I like my idea better though >.>



randomlypikachu commented on Nintendo Launching Cloud-Based Pokémon Bank S...:

@windy I really doubt that they'll limit the amount of pokemon you can store to anything under the number of pokemon that are available throughout the entirety of the series. (actually they'll probably still include a little more room than necessary for every pokemon) this really shouldn't be a concern. the bank (as far as I can tell) is just for people who are extremely into pokemon and wish to carry their collections over from gen 5 to gen 6 and eventually (from what Nintendo seems to be claiming) to any generations that go past 6. so don't worry, your more than likely gona be able to store all 700+ (im guessing that number mind you) or so pokemon on your cartridge.



randomlypikachu commented on New Steel / Ghost Type Pokémon, Honedge, Reve...:


I think your over thinking this pokemon just a bit. its a creature from a game >.> -GAME- as in fantasy, fiction, not real. your right it doesn't make sense for there to be more than a few of these things .-. but again its not real, so it doesn't need to be restricted to logic. (or at least not normal logic) my point is you can do anything with fantasy. to close this off im gona quote something from my friend.

"its fiction! you can make a flying cat fart rainbows and it would make sense!"



randomlypikachu commented on New Mewtwo Form Revealed For Pokémon X & Y:

well... im a little upset about this. oh and people put down your torches and pitchforks, because its not about how the new mewtwo form looks. i actualy happen to like how it looks, the way its feet are done is my only complaint. i cant really see it ever standing on those things but then again its a pyschic so i guess it doesnt really need to .-. but back to my point. im upset because i waited about a week i believe, just for this to be the only anouncement i end up hearing... gamefreak i love what you do, really, i do. with that said though... you dont make people wait about one week just to hear about whats most likely a new form of an old legendary and show them about 39 seconds of it in battle, and if your really gona do it you should at least give us a little more information on it. that be like ....a baker, a baker who bakes cookies. he teases us for like a week about this new thing hes gona be doing. we know hes planning renovations to his bakery so maby its about that? then at the end of the week he just shows us a picture of one of his new cookies, and a video of some workers eating it. he doesnt explain whats in it, how its made, how much it will cost to receive it, he doesnt even tell us what this cookie is called. ... he leaves us without a word and we're just stuck waiting for another piece of information that could come out at any random moment, because we're ....cookie enthusiasts i guess...? (yea this was clearly the worst example ive ever thought of in a long time ..... >.>) you get my point. i know that i shouldnt be too suprised that this news was a bit lackluster considering we still have a longish wait to go before x and y even release. still though i think its fair enough to say that i shouldve at least expected something a little more than a new form of mewtwo.



randomlypikachu commented on Official Pokémon Facebook And Twitter Pages T...:

so its about a pikachu event happening for the 5th gen games? or maby theres gona be more than one pikachu toy when Pokemon Scramble U releases? like maby one has a hat or something? i dunno im making random guesses XD ... maby they're creating a real pikachu? .... couldnt have anything to do with that pikachu 3ds XL though... probaby nothing to do with that at all.



randomlypikachu commented on The Darksiders Series Looks To Be Over:

well this is sad, i barly get into this series and now i hear that its over. :( sigh aw well. as far as glitches though, i only encountered one that sent me halfway through the ground while i was on horseback x-x couldnt get out, other than that i havent dealt with anymore.