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DarkKirby commented on Poll: Is Pokkén Tournament The Wii U Release...:

Well, I have literally been waiting for Pokkén Tournament to come to home console since it was announced for arcade last summer, but I don't think any single game can save the Wii U, there needs to be a massive boost in 3rd party support for that to happen. Most rumors suggesting the NX is to replace the Wii U doesn't help the Wii U's chances either.



DarkKirby commented on Core Console Market Bigger Than Ever, Despite ...:

Exactly why if the NX is Wii 3 it will fail as miserably as the Wii U. Casual gamers don't care about consoles anymore and have moved on to smartphone games. If Nintendo wants to succeed on the console market they need to change the strategy they've used for the last few years, namely trying everything except appealing to hardcore gamers.



DarkKirby commented on Razer "Definitely Considering" Making Controll...:

The hilarious thing about the timing of this article (and the tweet) is Momochi's Razer Fight Stick broke during the Grand Finals of Ultra Street Fighter 4 at EVO 2015 2 days ago. The Bracket was reset and it was 2-2 vs GamerBee with 1 round (first to 2) for Momochi, and Momochi's Razer Fight Stick broke and gave out a pause signal. After spending roughly 5-7 minutes to look for another stick (I think he was looking for a Razer Stick due to his sponsorship) Momochi won anyway (GamerBee got 1 round and not the game), but it resulted in people cheering for GamerBee because many felt he deserved the win.



DarkKirby commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

The problems people have with Federation Force have nothing to do with if Samus is in the game at all or not, it's, among other things, that the game seems to be a much, much, much less mature Metroid game, yet is using the Metroid Prime title.



DarkKirby commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

Assuming it's a Wii U replacement (even though both the Wii U and 3DS are outdated need to be replaced with new hardware).

Doesn't have to be as powerful hardware wise as the PS4 but at least better than the Xbone.

No region lock.


No more of this censorship Ponyta manure. Have chat as open as the PS4 and Xbone.

How about you start advertising the system as an actual gaming machine for hardcore gamers as well, and not just as a family and kids entertainment machine. You are shooing away ports of AAA 3rd party games that every system profits from.

Stop treating the hardcore gaming market like the plague.
You can have your hardware gimmick if you want but make it optional. Nobody wants mandatory gimmick hardware like the Kinect (we saw how well that worked out for the Xbone).

Most importantly it has to NOT BE WII 3.



DarkKirby commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:


You are essentially saying similar things as me, but the dividing point seems to be what separates a "gamer" from a "hardcore gamer". I was just using "hardcore gamer" as the group of gamers that weren't casual gamers (the ones who think game like Angry Birds and Candy Crush are amazing).

PC is insurmountable as the most powerful platform, but that doesn't mean the graphics and processing power of consoles doesn't matter. PC has in fact never been the dominant gaming platform, for various reasons, ranging from the cost of having a gaming PC vs a console, to the often delayed and lower quality releases of ports on PC, and sometimes games not being ported to it at all (especially with Japanese games). On top of that, most games are developed for console regardless, and only the good ports on PC allow users to pump up the performance in the settings and still be stable.

The reason I think the Xbox One was designed to appeal to casuals, was as you mention, the initial reveal of it. The requirement of the Kinect, the marketing of features that are completely unrelated to gaming, and how it didn't really try to target higher end hardware (although it sure went a lot further than Nintendo did with the Wii U). Yes, there were other factor as you mentioned, Microsoft essentially gave a middle finger to the 360's hardcore gamers, a majority of its market, and then Sony capitalized on this by well, doing none of that, making fun of Microsoft, and appealing to the hardcore gamer market instead of ignoring them.



DarkKirby commented on The Animal Crossing amiibo Range is Bigger Tha...:

Expect the quality of the production versions to come way down like the original concept Amiibos that were showed off at E3.

By the way, has there been a reason given as to why a virtual party game requires physical play pieces as a mechanic or is this truly just a scam to get people to buy Amiibos.



DarkKirby commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Why is the PS4 the dominant console this generation? Why did it get so much of the former devote Xbox fan boys to switch over? Because it clearly showed it was the hardcore gamers it was targeting, while Microsoft clearly showed with the XBox One, that they were trying to target casuals, like the Wii (and like with Windows 8 for that matter). But the Xbox One ran into the same issue as the Wii U, casuals didn't care about consoles anymore, the formerly amazing untapped market was gone, they moved on to smartphone games, it was the reason the Wii died.

Hardcore gamers in general, do care about graphics and processing power, and want a good online. Motion controls, a 2nd screen are fine things to have, but they are not replacements for competitive graphics, processing power, and a good, open online. When Nintendo continues to do stuff have intentional prevention of communication between players with things like friend codes, it says loud and clear, we are not targeting hardcore gamers. Don't give me crap about how graphics don't make a game, because while that it true, if they didn't matter we'd still be playing on the NES and the Game Boy, and good graphics and processing power do appeal to the hardcore market.

And I really don't want to hear about how Nintendo is the innocent party in the pushing of DLC in today's gaming market, with the crap they are pulling with the Fire Emblem games and Amiibos in general.



DarkKirby commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

Nintendo's extreme disconnect with development of games non traditional to Nintendo consoles seems entirely unsurprising. Seeing as how it was at one point changed to a family friendly game, and this was a title designed for the Wii, there probably was disagreements between the Japanese staff overseeing the project and the developers on who the target audience of the game should be.



DarkKirby commented on Pokkén Tournament Dated For 16th July in Japa...:

Charizard was pretty expected but Weavile is a nice surprise. The Pokemon choices and move sets for Pokken Tournament seem to trump Smash in every way.

Also these 2 trailers seem to showcase combos much more than the trailers for the previous Pokmeon. I hope in the final build of the game all the Pokemon can combo like Weavile and Charizard can in their trailers.



DarkKirby commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

20 Million? That's an extremely optimistic number unless the NX has an amazing launch line up. Are they going to pull the Zelda game on both the new and old console game thing they did with Twilight? I also think this number is highly unrealistic unless it's a replacement for the 3DS, where Nintendo doesn't have competition.



DarkKirby commented on Smash Fighters Settling it at Evo in Big Numbers:

Where is that pot bonus Nintendo. Every main game and even some of the side games have pot bonuses from the publishers. The only ones that don't are Smash 4 and Melee (and UMvC3 because of licensing issues). I thought you said you support competitive play for Nintendo games. Where is the proof?



DarkKirby commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Director...:

Having at least one of the 3 Links be female would undoubtably be hilarious if Link talked and had enough character to make that situation amusing, and Nintendo would have to have the Pokeballs to make that awkward situation hilarious, which they don't. Since he doesn't the gender of the Links is highly irrelevant. Having at least one of the Links be female and acting like she was just another guy Link would be stupid. As such a complaint on lack of females just sounds like SJW baloney.



DarkKirby commented on Natsume Promises a Return to Basics in Harvest...:

I cannot say for other people, but the thing I want THE MOST from a Harvest Moon game is interesting characters, people I want to get to know, and be able to interact with as much as possible.

The farming and getting wealthier is a means to meet that goal, as often progressing relationships requires lots of resources.



DarkKirby commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

I know Miyamoto has all these ideas about "changing gaming with hardware", but most people who have played Star Fox Zero at E3 have just said the touch screen controls were clunky and didn't make the game more fun to play, and when playing without the touch screen controls, the game didn't seem to be innovating that much over the original Star Fox 64 game play wise.



DarkKirby commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

I'm not interested in Federation Force right now based on what I've seen. It looks like a "for fun for kids" kind of game, which I'm not interested in buying a Metroid game for.

If you want to change my mind on that I need to see game play footage that proves otherwise.

If you're saying I should be interested in a "for fun for kids" Metroid game, well, I'm not. You could have made this into another IP but choose to attach "Metroid Prime" on the name for marketing purposes.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:


I am not claiming elitism, simply that I know what the difference is in hardware from console to PC, but consoles will never match PCs (unless the Steam Machine actually sells which I don't think it will), but that doesn't mean it's pointless to compare or compete with hardware because of that, that's an incredibly silly thing to claim. It is often the PC gamers that have to live with the limitations of the consoles, because games are more often than not designed for consoles and ported to PC, and if the port was done well, it will allow the PC version to jack up the settings.

I didn't claim the Wii U was "hurt" by the Gamepad, I claimed it was hurt by being severely under powered compared to its competition of other consoles and being designed mainly to appeal to casuals and retake the casual market they lost on the Wii because all the casuals had moved on to smartphone games. And they didn't come back for the Wii U, most people could have told you that would happen. They aren't coming back, the casual market doesn't care about consoles anymore, they haven't for a very long time. I said earlier, the gimmick is fine, as long as it's optional, and the base hardware is good (comparatively to the competition).

Speaking of how making your gimmick not optional is a bad idea, the Xbox One and Kinect. We all know how that turned out. There is that very famous Xbox One gif I want to post here but it has strong language in it and I'm not sure the nintendolife mods are okay with that.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:


Where are you even getting your "facts" that the PS4 is weak compared to the competition. Are you implying that the Wii U's failure had nothing to do with trying to appeal to a casual market that doesn't care that much about powerful hardware, but simply didn't care about consoles anymore?

The Wii U is significantly inferior hardware wise compared to both the PS4 and Xbox One.

I am a PC gamer, and compared to PC, all consoles are inferior hardware wise, and they likely always will be because of their need to stay affordable (relatively) and inability to upgrade, but the PS4 is NOT inferior to the competition of other consoles, and the Wii U IS.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:


Console is always under powered compared to PC, but the Wii U is very under powered compared to its competition of other consoles, which was the problem. The PS4 is the current console leader because they were the only company that decided to appeal to hardcore gamers by simply making powerful hardware and selling it at a good price for that hardware. You can't possibly think the Wii U's low end hardware had nothing to do with it's failure in attracting 3rd party support. But this is nothing new for Nintendo, it's typical of the company to released hardware as low end as they think they can possibly get away with so they can make more money off of each console, rather than mostly rely on software sales to make their money, and it's worked in the past, but the market has changed, and it isn't working now. Microsoft had made the same mistake of designing the Xbox One to appeal to mainly casuals (trying to pick up on the Wii's success even though the Wii was already failing at the time) and despite the lower end hardware than the PS4 decided to originally sell their system at $100 more than the PS4.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

I really hope the NX isn't going to be the Wii 3, low end hardware with some gimmick.

I don't mind a gimmick, as long as it's an option, and Nintendo doesn't under power the system on purpose to sell it for a larger profit margin. If it does it'll be the Wii U all over again.

And even if it's a 3DS replacement, the 3DS was under powered at release as well, and its hardware is REALLY old now. We are talking about a time where smartphones with a higher resolution than 1080p are practically the standard at this point.

And don't give me that crap that graphics don't make a game good, graphics by themselves may not make a game, but if they didn't matter we might as well be still playing on the NES and Game Boy.



DarkKirby commented on Video: This Fresh Project X Zone 2 Footage Wil...:

My main concern is all the game play footage thus far has been almost all guys. Many of the formerly guy and girl teams are now 2 guys. I understand they wanted to change the teams so there would be new conversations, but I haven't seen any of the girl teams yet, and I worry a lot of girls are going to be cut or something, and that would make the game far less interesting.



DarkKirby commented on Cool It, Conspiracy Theorists - Sakurai Didn't...:

Nobody has ever accused Sakurai of making Kirby OP since 64. You're addressing a complaint that nobody made and calling out accusers for a conspiracy they didn't make.

If anything, I think bias is in the game mechanics. Palutena was intentionally given the slowest, most defensive moves out of all her customs because that's the kind of game Sakurai believes Smash should be. He doesn't want the game to be fast paced and offense focused like Melee.



DarkKirby commented on Capcom Thinks It Can Shift 2.5 Million Copies ...:

I like that they are making big changes to the battle system. It's a shame when developers are afraid to advance a series because what they previously did still sells.

Only sad thing is the west probably won't be seeing this game for a very, very long time, until the "Ultimate" version of the game is released, and then we have to wait for the localization of that.