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DarkKirby commented on Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 Delivers an Artful Lau...:

Does anybody know if this game has a good story with interesting characters? The battle system doesn't look very interesting, I'm not against turn based but the battles look kind of underwhelming (in their appearance).



DarkKirby commented on A New Iwata Asks on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Re...:

I agree Nintendo should stop treating its customers like idiots, however from a business perspective they see it like this.
"No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby."
— H. L. Mencken, "Notes on Journalism"



DarkKirby commented on Talking Point: That Paper Mario: The Thousand-...:

I really like Thousand Year Door, but I'm not sure I'd play it again just because it was in 3D. They would have to add something to make it better, like a new chapter, or a new partner, or something.

Also, keep Vivian a physical male that wants to be a girl, this isn't about some SJW crap, I just don't like material being censored and changed from the original work.



DarkKirby commented on Gallery: Pikachu's Career-Focused Business Sui...:

Release a larger than key chain sized Gardevoir plush already Nintendo.

Also stop making Gardevoir's eyes and spike pink. You changed them to pink in BW, change it back to red, Gardevoir fans know they're supposed to be red.

Also that slow news day tag, I don't consider plushies minor news, plushies are serious business.



DarkKirby commented on We Have Shigeru Miyamoto To Thank For The Supe...:


This isn't a new system. It's a remake of an old system. You're delusional if you think Nintendo isn't making a huge profit off of each sell. You wouldn't buy the same model of smartphone 5 years later for nearly the same price because it has some minor upgrades (and doesn't even come with a charger). The Vita is bad because it doesn't have many good games true, but the 3DS isn't good because it has poor hardware.



DarkKirby commented on We Have Shigeru Miyamoto To Thank For The Supe...:

I don't know why I should have to thank Shigeru Miyamoto for head tracking 3D, it should have been an obvious decision. Nintendo didn't invent it or owns the patent for it, but perhaps that is why it was originally excluded, so they wouldn't have to pay a royalty to somebody else.

“Why aren't we putting that in this system? If we don't put this in it, there's no point in making the system."

I never had an issue with the non stable 3D but I admit the 3D is very stable on the New 3DS, as I never tried head tracking 3D before, only read about it online, I was surprised at how well it tracked, you can move your head very fast or wear large headphones on the dark and it still tracks very well. I had assumed that you would have to move your head very slowly for it to track well. With the 3D tracking working so well I am surprised it's not being push on more PC monitors and for PC games.

Still, would have been better of Nintendo had just released a new handheld, as even with the small processing power upgrade that most games won't be able to use, the 3DS's hardware is woefully outdated.



DarkKirby commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

I said it before and I'll say it again, it's fine if Nintendo wants to try to recreate gaming with each new console, but don't do it at the expense of graphics and processing power than build the system as low end as you think you can get away with to sell it at the highest profit margin. If you're going to try to make your console "innovative", do it in conjunctions with actually good hardware.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

You want to try to redefine gaming with every system, fine, but don't do it at the expense of the raw graphics and processing power of the system. It's what turned developers and players away from the Wii U. Make your money off of the software don't build the systems as cheap as you think you can get away with so you can get a high profit margin off of their sales.

Don't have ridiculous online restrictions no other system has. Stuff like Friend Codes HAS TO STOP. No open lobbies in Smash 4 is TERRIBLE. Parental restrictions as an option is ENOUGH, it' up to parents to decide what's right for their kids it's not Nintendo's job.

And have an account based digital purchasing system!



DarkKirby commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:

In focus tests, we heard all the time, people were sick of speed, Sonic was too fast, they wanted to slow down. Speed was shelved because we were under the impression people didn't want it. Speed is always a Sonic thing, we didn't focus on that.

Who were the subjects of these focus tests? Old people and little kids that think Smartphone games are the best thing since sliced bread? I mean, you take a look at the Sonic Boom cartoon and its clear the target audience is VERY young children. Adventure Time and Steven Universe take its audience far more seriously than Sonic Boom.

Solo Sonic games, I don't know how long that can last there isn't enough variety to sustain it. The future of Sonic games needs to be Co-Op, it worked really well in Sonic Boom, community and online play, that sustains it. In general, you need to do multiplayer and add online multiplayer aspects, that will sustain and keep the franchise alive.

No the thing that made 3D solo Sonic games post Sonic Adventure 2 terrible is because the games themselves were poorly designed from story to game play.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo's Share Value Jumps a Massive 21% as ...:

Everybody knew this would happen including Nintendo. Investors pushing for Nintendo to make smartphone games were doing it BECAUSE they wanted Nintendo's stocks to spike. The question is how good of a move is this for Nintendo monetarily in the long run.



DarkKirby commented on Kaio: King of Pirates, by Keiji Inafune's Comc...:

Should have spent the money on making Senran Kagura even better. And more merchandising.

Also, the only "famous" developer/s that quit a big company to strike it out on their own and ended up being successful that I can think of is Platinum Games. They are successful to the point that they are widely regarded as the best developers of action games in the industry.

Sakurai doesn't count because even though he's technically his own company (Sora) after he quit Nintendo he basically still only makes games for Nintendo.



DarkKirby commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

In other news Turkey wants to ban Minecraft for being too violent.

Since when was the mainstream media supportive of video games in general and not pushing straw feminism SJW topics for views? Oh yeah, never.

This sounds like another anti gamergate straw feminist SJW.




DarkKirby commented on Poll: Which 2015 Nintendo Blockbusters Should ...:


Amiibo is gimmick and scam DLC. For the games, it's often worse than normal DLC because Nintendo has decided to employ anti Amiibo share and sell tactics by having games with "Amiibo Support" often require scanning and rescanning of the Amiibo.



DarkKirby commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC, Including ...:

It's too bad Link has never used Double Blades or a Long Sword because I'm not too fond of the Sword and Shield or Bow in Monster Hunter 4U.

I haven't run into a situation where I felt I needed to use a ranged weapon yet but if it came up I guess I'd use the Bow.



DarkKirby commented on Accessory Review: WaterField New Nintendo 3DS ...:

With a name like "WaterField", I was expecting more environmental durability than these cases seem to actually offer. I was expecting at least water resistance. It seems these cases are focusing more on style than anything else.



DarkKirby commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

The Wii U will never pick up steam (Nintendo designed it to recapture the casual audience that brought is so much success with the Wii, and it didn't work because casuals don't give a crap about console games anymore) and the 3DS is woefully outdated hardware wise despite still having good sales.



DarkKirby commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights the Crisis and Opportu...:

"The right answer" is catering to normal gamers and hardcore gamers, and not focus most of your effort and resources on catering to soccer moms, little kids, and casuals who don't give a crap about Nintendo or consoles games anymore.

The faster Iwata retires the faster Nintendo can stop thinking marketing to hardcore gamers is somehow the worst move possible.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo is Not Moving Away From Games For QoL...:

It was never a question of if Nintento was "Moving Away From Games For QoL", it was a question of how much resources is Nintendo going to devote to QoL instead of games.

"Increasingly unstable gaming industry"? The video game industry has been making more money practically every single year.

Nintendo making bad decisions like continuing to focus their marketing on casuals when casuals don't care about consoles or Nintendo anymore doesn't mean the video game industry is on the ropes.



DarkKirby commented on Review: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U):

I have difficulty understanding why this game is on the Wii U instead of the 3DS. You have you keep your eyes on the touch screen so you're not even looking at your TV. It seems like it's on the Wii U just because Nintendo wanted a Wii U game because the Wii U needs help and the 3DS doesn't (to the point Nintendo is dragging the 3DS's life out a few more years with the New 3DS despite then 3DS's very outdated hardware).



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

It's cheaper to produce and less risky to give the consumer less options for a similar product. Just say it.

You want to make it less confusing for consumers? How about not naming it "New Nintendo 3DS" for starters.

This is a bunch of PR manure.



DarkKirby commented on Card Format amiibo Confirmed to be Heading our...:

I'm already not a fan of low quality Amiibos and the gimmick DLC they are used for, but if all games have their Amiibo DLC like Codename Steam, where you need to keep rescanning to ensure you didn't sell, trade, or share your Amiibo, it's an even bigger ripoff than before. With the card, you get the disadvantages of having to abide by the same "don't sell or share this" restriction, but you don't even get the figure.



DarkKirby commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

Mainly for the Stable 3D and the built in Circle Pad Pro. I'm not expecting most games to actually utilize the extra processing power, it's not like Pokemon is suddenly going to stop dropping frames in battles (this is more of an optimization issue that a hardware issue though).

Bought Monster Hunter 4 (first MH game) and not Majora's Mask because I wasn't too fond of the changes I heard they made to it.



DarkKirby commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Outlines His Desire to Contin...:

Would I buy Bayonetta 3? Yes. But I personally think Bayonetta 1 was better than Bayonetta 2, everything in Bayonetta 1 felt more epic, from the story (although story was never Bayonetta's strong point), to the enemies, to the set pieces and levels, to the bosses. Bayonetta 2 has better weapons, and the combat is a bit more fluid.

Personally, I want to play a Bayonetta game about the "other side" using angels and angelic weapons, and not as a Lumen Sage, as Jubileus in human form. And before you say that isn't possible, I would like to ask you since when did Bayonetta's story make sense. Bayonetta 2 nonchalantly just retcons things from Bayonetta 1.