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DarkKirby commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

I think the 3DS will likely be dead and I pray Nintendo has finally adapted an account based digital purchases system to carry the games over to the next system before I download 300 digital games but I still think the limit is pointless.



DarkKirby commented on PDP GameCube-Styled Wired Fight Pad For Wii U ...:

While wired controls for (in person) tournaments are a must I can't give up the utility of the wireless controller for home use.

So unless a Wireless Gamecube Controller for the Wii U is released I'll probably struggle with the Wii U Pro Controller or maybe the GamePad if I'm cheap.



DarkKirby commented on Bravely Second Shows Off New City and Job Outfits:

Well, they made time mage look less ridiculous, not that anybody used it as their main class anyway.

So if there are new cities that were somehow not around during Bravely Default 1 I assume Agnes has attained eternal life if she looks the same.



DarkKirby commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

As a figure collector that has high quality anime figures I have to say the quality of these is below average. Kind of expected, as they are being sold as a NFC device and not for the figure itself.



DarkKirby commented on Ace Attorney Trilogy Will Boast Visual and Dia...:

As much as I like Phoenix Wright the games are something you really can only play through once as once you already know what happens the excitement of the game is kind of lost.

Also, where the heck is Edgeworth 2 Capcom?



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo Confirms Comic-Con Mario Kart 8 Tourn...:


Much of your response plain doesn't make sense. You are being a casual elitist accusing me of being a competitive elitist, and have basically ignored responding to the key problem with the free for all timed/stock format, being how it's advantageous for people to stay out of the battle. Remind me of the "Megaman part"? Remind me of what and how is that relevant to tournament format? Sudden death absolutely makes a difference. The Grand Finals at E3 2014 is a perfect example of why it makes a difference, assuming you watched it. You should not have a reason to be running way for the timer scam if you are losing a match to intentionally go to sudden death where you are back to even or possibly at an advantage, based on the characters involved. Again, what does the E3 2014 tournament being the 1st tournament for Smash 4 have to do with the tournament format being poor.

You edited your post.
Zero did win the tournament fair and square, the problem was, as I said before, the tournament format, not the players. Zero cannot be faulted for abusing the abusable tournament format. The fault lies in the chosen tournament format which is abusable.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo Confirms Comic-Con Mario Kart 8 Tourn...:


Do you even understand what's wrong with a free for all timed/stock format and sudden death giving the advantage to people who were possibly losing and ran to timer scam?

Realistically, the best way to win a free for all timed/stock match is to stay out of the fight. Which is exactly what many people at the E3 2014 tournament who did well and made it to the end DID. Stay out of the fight, except to sometimes grab the Smash Ball (to prevent it from being used on you) or some of the more overpowered items. Staying out of the fight has always been the most reliable way to win free for all timed/stock matches, it still is, and if you run a tournament in that format people are going to play the same way, by staying out of the fight.

And the winner when time is up should always be the person with the least percentage and/or more stocks, it should NEVER go to sudden death unless they are exactly equal. You should NEVER have a reason to run away for the timer scam if you are LOSING.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo Confirms Comic-Con Mario Kart 8 Tourn...:

So let me get this straight. Nintendo is willing to run Mario Kart tournaments with item restrictions but not Smash?

And to answer the original question I'll only be watching the Smash tournament, even if it's done in a poor non sensual format.



DarkKirby commented on Dragon Quest X All-In-One Retail Package Will ...:

I'm just, I'm just not a fan of the Dragon Ball Z art style. It's never looked good to me and it still doesn't. It's slightly less DBZ looking than the past Dragon Quest games but it's still very DBZ looking. The only character that doesn't look like it jumped out of DBZ is that female red demon looking character.



DarkKirby commented on Fret Not, Bravely Default's Agnes Oblige Will ...:

I can only hope Agnes is less naive this time around.

The extreme naivete from every character except Ringabel was frankly painful to experience. It's justified for Agnes who grew up sheltered and brainwashed, and somewhat for Tiz who is a country bumpkin (Edea has less of an excuse in thinking there is good and evil and nothing in between) , but that doesn't make it any less painful to watch as they make all these terrible naive decisions and conclusions.



DarkKirby commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

What, and you thought S.O.P.A. was a brilliant and sensible idea too?

You want to stop piracy, make your product fair and more convenient to buy than to pirate. It's the success story of Steam.

If your product is fair (that means stopping crap like region locking and not having dual audio to save money) and as easy to purchase as possible, and somebody still pirates it, guess what, that person likely wouldn't have purchased the game in the 1st place.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo 'Smashes' Into Comic-Con With Various...:


If Ubisoft even locked the PC version of Watchdogs from the higher graphical settings already in the game so it wouldn't outshine the console versions I don't think the Wii U will be any better than the versions of the game out right now.

Ubisoft's response was PR manure about performance drops with the better graphics on the PC, which is ridiculous considering PC settings have ALWAYS been about adjusting your settings to match what your PC can handle. That, and the game itself was poorly optimized to begin with.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo 'Smashes' Into Comic-Con With Various...:

Uh, the ridiculous Free For All format again. The way people play isn't going to change. Realistically the best way to win a stock//time free for all is to just stay out of the battle.

At the very least I hope when it comes down to the 1 vs 1s, the match doesn't go to sudden death if the players are on the same stock but have different percentages and the person with the lower percentage just wins. To have the person losing run away and get an advantage out of it is ridiculous.



DarkKirby commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

I really hope Lucina isn't screwed competitively.

Lucina uses the same techniques as Marth, a fighter with whom I'm sure most of you are already familiar. I even went so far as to make their strength, speed, and special attacks almost identical.

Unless her sword damage and knock back is decently high when "balanced out" and her speed at least slightly higher, Marth will likely be better.

I find it sad because Lucina did have unique and stylized attack animations in Awakening. Her "being like Marth" in combat style isn't really actually possible, outside of the Assassin's Creed "memory through D.N.A." explanation Sakurai gave. On top of that Marth's move set was made up from scratch anyway for Smash, as the game he's from didn't have complex attack animations.



DarkKirby commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

Tablet killer? LOL.

Look, I'm the most anti tablet person around, I'll never pay hundreds for something my smartphone can already do, as all a tablet is is a smartphone with a larger screen, and likely no phone or data functionality (not including Wifi).

But to suggest the Wii U Gamepad could compete with a tablet is ridiculous.



DarkKirby commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Rewrote the E3 Ruleboo...:

There was a point in time when Nintendo didn't have a focus on children?
Seriously though, Nintendo has pushed a "family friendly" model even since they got out of the Love Hotel business and the started making video games, even to the point of massive censorship and communication restrictions being unliftable by older players rather than leave it to parents and parental controls like every other console system.

A Kid’s Corner initiative brought some hand-picked children into E3 to try out the new games and experience the thrills of the big video-game show. With parents and guardians in tow

The American president (any of them since this practice started) isn't brave for getting off a plane and being greeted and cheered for by a crowd of hand picked adults as Nintendo isn't brave or breaking new ground by interacting with hand picked children escorted by their parents. This was a publicity stunt, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it's not anything more than that.



DarkKirby commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

It’s nowhere near as complex as Super Smash Bros. Melee was and thankfully so, as there are plenty of regular players out there who will want to enjoy this too.

Competitive players really don't care that much about things like having to press buttons at precise times for things like wave dashing and L-canceling. I don't know why so many people have the misconception that they want the game to be hard to play for casuals.

All competitive players really want is a fast paced game that favors offense rather than defense. Slow movement and lots of lag on attacks favors defensive play in general when it comes to fighters (lots of recovery on attacks mean attacks are easily punishable), but Brawl went much further than that with multiple mechanics intentionally designed to discourage competitive play.

As to why less landing lag is important? Did you watch the Grand Finals at E3 2014? Kirby had a nearly impossible time approaching Zero Suit Samus despite clearly outplaying her (the players playing them that is). He couldn't approach safely from the air because of landing lag and of course the ground was taken up by Samus's whip. A game that favors not approaching and playing defensively like Brawl, is considered boring by many. It was what caused the original version of Street Fighter x Tekkan to be condemned, but they thankfully released a patch to mostly remedy the problem, but it was too late to really save the game from the success it might have been.

How many people hated Melee? Very few. Casuals and competitive players alike enjoyed it, even if they didn't play together. Compare that to Brawl, which has a following of casual fans, but is despised by many competitive players. How does focusing development on trying to restrict competitive play exactly even favor casual players? At the end of the day, casual players will never be close to even with practiced competitive players. It was that way even with Brawl.

Please do some research before labeling competitive players are elitists that want casuals to suffer, because frankly these days, I see FAR MORE casual elitists.



DarkKirby commented on First Impressions: Going Portable With Super S...:

Circle Pad Pro support? But according to Sakurai allowing control customization is cheating!

*Sarcasm but serious at the same time because Sakurai actually said that in response to control complaints in Kid Icarus: Uprising.



DarkKirby commented on Fi Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors Along With Sk...:

So apparently Fi could just move around and attack on her own like Ghirahim but didn't because she was lazy?

At any rate I'm okay with this. But if she's moving around does that mean nobody has the Master Sword or does Link have a Master Sword from another dimension?



DarkKirby commented on Fancy Pattern Vivillon Now Available as Pokém...:

Time to reset until I get a Timid one, not check the IVs because I don't care about Vivillon and that would be far too time consuming anyway, and never touch it again.

Well, maybe I will Sketch Hold Hand on a Smeargle for the lols.



DarkKirby commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:

I do not support the IV system. Of the many problems I have with the Pokemon mechanics system (despite loving Pokemon itself), the king of the mountain on top of everything else is IVs. I am simply explaining why it is considered unfair. And for people who choose not to hack, they are at a disadvantage at the very least, luck and time wise. Whether it be creating the Dittos in Gen 5 or creating the Pokemon itself.

Like I said earlier that's not how ball passing works. For any Aegislash to be in a Dream Ball, someone would have to catch a female Aegislash in a Dream Ball at some point, and that's not technically possible right now without hacking since you cannot acquire Dream Balls in X/Y.



DarkKirby commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:


The advantage being if you hacked your Pokemon you had a much easier time acquiring Pokemon with the correct IVs, and as I said earlier, this is especially difficult for Aegislash, who requires 6 perfect IVs to be at maximum potential, over the 5 Destiny Knot passes and the 5 most Pokemon are okay with. In reality, because of confusion damage, Foul Play, and possibly Hidden Power, Special Attacking and/or Stall Pokemon are only optimized with precise IVs anyway, which even with the Destiny Knot, is still very, very, very time consuming and almost entirely luck based grinding.

This is of course, as I said, "if" you care about hacking.

If you do, it's equivalent to saying it doesn't matter if anybody cheats in any sport if they didn't end up winning.


It would be more fair to say, it would matter a lot less, and people might care a lot less, if IVs didn't exist, as they are the number 1 reason hacking is done at all, that and event Pokemon. IVs do not add positively to the game mechanics in any way, all they provide is a lot of luck based grinding under the guise of being a simulation of DNA. What you're suggesting is it would be better if the game had less features and people less informed, which isn't really dealing with the issue as much as saying it's better if the issue still exists but it was less visible.



DarkKirby commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:


It's been said already, but Dittos cannot pass their ball.

There wouldn't be controversy if there was a legal way to get an Aegislash into a Dream Ball. The people complaining are the people who are aware of that. While it's been known that the winners in Pokemon tournaments almost always used hacked Pokemon, usually they are hacked well enough where you can't distinguish it from a "natural" Pokemon, even if the probability of 6 perfect IVs for 1, let alone 6 Pokemon, including legendaries that can't be bred, is astronomically low (especially before X/Y).

There was a top Japanese placer in the last Gen 5 tournament that openly admitted he used hacked Pokemon online after the tournament was over and he wasn't caught during it.