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DarkKirby commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

All these complaints about Mew2king, do you guys know anything about the Capcom FGC? Also anyone winning everything constantly on the highest level of competition is difficult in any form of competitive play of anything. You are respecting if you've had enough accomplishments are are winning enough, not that winning everything, which does happen every once in a while, doesn't shoot your fame to the top much faster.

There also seem to be complaints about Smash competitively in general? Nobody is telling you how to play, just don't expect everyone to want to play the way you want either.



DarkKirby commented on Super Smash Bros. Will Run At A Silky-Smooth 6...:

Doing what Pokemon X/Y couldn't accomplish.

Heck, X/Y didn't have 3D in the overworld and the 3D (which I used anyway because 3D) lagged battles. I know they were rushing it out for the worldwide release date buy how was it optimized so poorly?



DarkKirby commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

I know this strategy is to try and get people to by both versions but I can't help but think Nintendo is shooting the Wii U in the foot with this. As someone who already owns both systems I'm getting both but I think many people who own a 3DS and don't own a Wii U will satisfy themselves on the 3DS version and pass on buying a Wii U for Smash Wii U when it's released in the Winter.



DarkKirby commented on Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Sm...:

Greninja isn't Gardevoir but at least it's not yet another Gen 1 Pokemon to pander to genwunners.

I think it's fair to say nobody expected Greninja. And I don't hate Greninja, if you're wondering, I personally want at least 1 playable Pokemon from each gen as an avid Pokemon fan myself.



DarkKirby commented on New Online Multiplayer Modes Revealed for Supe...:

Are the same online modes confirmed for the 3DS version that are on the Wii U version? With the way Sakurai worded it, it was something like "you can play online with the 3DS too but you will need a stable connection, it separated the statements so it doesn't directly state the 3DS version will have For Fun/For Glory like the Wii U version.

On another note while I highly praise Smash not giving people who want to play Smash competitively the middle finger like Brawl did, Final Destination only is going a bit too far. Most stages that don't have the ability to damage or kill you are typically considered competitively fair by competitive players. I also don't really understand the purpose of hiding your online rank but encouraging people to gloat about their single player rank. I don't care if its visible as long as it works WELL and properly matches people to others of similar skill level, being able to see ranking would just help people see if that's happening. Relatively small complaints in relation to Glory Mode actually existing though.



DarkKirby commented on Super Smash Bros. Online Code of Conduct to La...:

I think it's odd how Sakurai has made your "Solo Rank" visible and "Online Rank" invisible.

So every player will be shown on a world ranking based on things they do in single player, but there is no visible online ranking. But there will be a skill based matchmaking system, so players are in fact ranked somehow to do that.

I don't know if Sakurai said it himself (he said rankings were only fun for the people on top, which doesn't make sense) but there was some expressed concern about people bragging about their rank and insulting those of low rank, which as far as I know never actually happens in any fighting games despite it happening in Starcraft 2 (sometimes jokingly and sometimes seriously).

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there is a 1 vs 1 no items mode that exists, I just think this decision is odd if Sakurai actually believes "rankings are only fun for the people on top". If your solo ranking can be increased without limits, as is likely or there will be a ton of people in the number 1 spot with the same score, I'm sure people will find a way to grind or doop the solo ranking system and push themselves to the top, it pretty much happens in every other game with a solo ranking system.

I only hope the matchmaking system in which you can't see your ranking or how it's deciding to match you against other players is ladder based, and actually works.

I also hope there are open lobbies without friend codes and open unhindered communication between those in the lobby like pretty much every fighting game has nowadays.



DarkKirby commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

1. Detailed explanation of game mechanics. Hit stun, more elaboration of the new edge guard, REAL GAME PLAY PEOPLE CAN SEE AND JUDGE.

2. Good online with free open chat, no friend codes, open lobbies with no intentional prevention of communication and interaction between players, and a 1 vs 1 no items ladder as an option.

3. Non veteran character reveals that aren't male protagonists.

Keep in mind this is what I want to see, not what I expect to see.



DarkKirby commented on Hideki Konno Emphasizes That Mario Kart 8 Bala...:

1. Daisy and Funky Kong were so much better than everyone else in Mario Kart Wii all the luck based items didn't matter so much. Pay attention to balance on characters too.

2. Please stop putting INVISIBLE and INCORRECT stats on the characters and vehicles. Why are you intentionally misleading players? I shouldn't have to go to a wiki to see what a character's and vehicle's stats really are.

3. Yes the new Rainbow Road is visually gorgeous.



DarkKirby commented on Limited Edition Zelda Statue Available For Pre...:

It's nice and all but I'd prefer it if Nintendo licensed out the rights for more Japanese figure companies to make Nintendo character figures, of which I think make figures that are better designed and are higher quality with better details, and style of which is my preference. From what I've seen a majority of Nintendo character figures are made by non Japanese companies, which I find quite odd considering Nintendo is a Japanese company.



DarkKirby commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

I have already stated many times my disdain for Nintendo's refusal to "get with the times", so really, I would be glad to see Iwata get the boot. He has been part of the problem with Nintendo stubbornly actively being a company for casuals in a market where "casual gamers" don't care about consoles and favor smartphones and tablets. He rather have Nintendo start making health products than even consider trying to appeal to the hardcore gamer market.

The extreme focus on intentionally preventing communication between players to "protect" them instead of making it easier is RIDICULOUS. Parental controls is fine but to not have the communication options exist in the 1st place is ludicrous. Nintendo is well known to have the poorest online compared to Sony and Microsoft by a WIDE MARGIN. No Nintendo, local multiplayer DOES NOT prioritize or make up for a lack of or poor online multiplayer in this day and age.

Where's that increased merchandising you promised Nintendo? I don't have my Gardevoir plush yet. Nintendo has a grand fear of letting the tight iron grip they have on their IPs slip even a little. Taking revenue from youtube videos? Still no account system for digital purchases? Suing companies for "potential" cheat hack devices?



DarkKirby commented on Feature: Bandai Namco Characters We'd Love to ...:

I'd be okay with any of these characters except Pac-Man, not that I'd prefer any of them (I'd be okay with Lloyd).

And I'm wearing a Pac-Man shirt in real life right now, with the retro one.

I don't know why you would choose the Game and Watch of Namco when they have a plentiful and diverse array of well developed and well designed RPG characters to choose from. Or some of the more interesting fighters in Tekken, or Soul Calibur.



DarkKirby commented on "Dark And Edgy" Sonic The Hedgehog Film Report...:

The film, which is aimed squarely at older audiences, will use a combination of live-action and animation.


I also would like to know what their definition of "edgy" is. Sonic as a series hasn't had a even remotely serious plot since Adventure 2 with the government killing everyone in a space station to "silence" them.

Do they consider Shadow the Hedgehog (the game) and Sonic 2006 "edgy"?



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

Nintendo tried to recapture the casual market the Wii lost with the Wii U but the fact is the casual market simply didn't and still doesn't care about consoles anymore. It's smartphone/tablet games for them.

Early on Nintendo advertised the Wii U as more accepting of "hardcore" games, but have since dropped that and are back to being the "casual" company.

Also, Nintendo insistence on region locking and anti customer DRM is not helping. Nor is their incredibly lacking online in general and intentional prevention of communication between players.

No Nintendo, local multiplayer is fine but it DOES NOT out prioritize online multiplayer.



DarkKirby commented on XSEED May Bring Physical Copies of Future Senr...:

A physical release would be a day 1 purchase for me.

And while I don't mind dubs being in the game, please don't REMOVE the original voices for them (as some people are complaining about the Japanese voices)! I hate it when localization removes the original voices to save money.



DarkKirby commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

I mentioned it in a later post, but artistic freedom means something should be doable and can exist simply because the artist wanted it that way, there doesn't have to be some deep meaning behind it.

As others have mentioned (and you'd know if you played it), Senran Kagura specifically isn't a game that solely has the characters portrayed as sex objects.

You say there isn't any "objectification" of men, but that isn't really true, as other people have brought it up. As the stereotypes go, there things men typically look for in women, but there are things women typically look for in men, but they are not the same things, and media exists to appeal to these stereotypes just the same.

Appearance is typically a trait both sexes look at, but it's typically higher on the priority list for men. As always, realize, with all stereotypes, there is a reason the stereotypes exists (there were enough people in a certain group that had these traits), but that doesn't mean they apply everyone.



DarkKirby commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

You are right, so I will make clear where I "disagree" with expression.

Where I believe freedom of expression should be "stopped", is when someone is directly, unfairly, and unwillingly physically harmed by the production of said expression or something else that is by itself already wrong, like if you steal/break someone's possessions (against their will).

Example: Someone robs, kidnaps and tortures someone in what they call art and expressing themselves, but theft, kidnapping and torturing someone against their will is itself wrong.

Someone making a movie about and with the intention of promoting how one race is better that all others and everyone except this one race should be treated as slaves. Every actor and actress in the movie agreed to participate in it willingly and nobody was hurt against their will in its production. Do I agree with the intended message of the movie? Of course not, I disagree with it intently. I believe in "actual" equality (not forced equality). I will try to reason with people who believe in racism and explain why people should be treated and judged for who they are and not what they are. But I do not think said film should be censored because I disagree with it's intended message. Nobody was harmed in the making of the film and even if I disagree with it, they have the right to express their views.

As I said before "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it".

"Potential" ramifications doesn't mean something should be censored.

Yelling "fire" in a non fire situation in a crowd directly causes people physical harm and it's been proven because (sadly) many people in crowds are cowardly panicky creatures who would kill innocents to save themselves.

You should be able to wear black face on any day of the year. People can hate you for it, they can insult you for it, they can tell you to drop dead, but if they physically harm you for it that's assault, causing you physical harm, and wrong.

Suing for libel is when someone damages someone's reputation with false statements in such a way they are caused injury, not when you slander their work. That said, I don't think defamation should be necessarily sue-able as you are not physically harming someone by it, but I understand why suing for libel exists when the defamation is proven to consist of proven lies. When suing for libel, it really comes down to in what way was said person harmed by said lies. Emotionally harmed? No.

People can absolutely protest against your work if they disagree with it, what I'm saying is said work should not be censored or prevented from existing because people disagree with it. But if the protester/s are doing something wrong in the act of their protest, such as non verbally harming the creator of the work or others, the protester/s are wrong as you can't physically harm, steal from, or damage the property of people you disagree with.

Like how recently a few cities have banned electronic cigarettes in public spaces and tried to restrict their sales, because "kids and others might get the wrong idea about what they are". Smoking near others in enclosed spaces can cause them physical harm. Electronic cigarettes cannot harm people nearby those who use them, and is a growing and popular preferred method for many to try and QUIT smoking, as it contains nicotine but no tobacco or smoke. So they are banning it just because "people might get the wrong idea that smoking is okay", which I believe to be wrong. And no, I don't smoke, so I don't have a personal stake in this. I just don't believe in making things illegal because people might "get the wrong idea".



DarkKirby commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

But what, exactly, are they expressing?

Artistic freedom means something should be doable and can exist simply because the artist wanted it that way, there doesn't have to be some deep meaning behind it.

I said already in my earlier posts, I am 100% for free speech and against censorship and as such am against political correctness. You are saying you are for freedom of speech except when it's something you disagree with.



DarkKirby commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:


It's called having a target audience. You don't have to like how the characters look, some people do. Like how how action movies are targeted at men, and dramas targeted at women. You don't have to be that gender or targeted demographic to enjoy those genres, but they were designed with that target audience in mind, they were not made to appeal to everybody, as much forms of media are not, nor do I think they should need to be. And of course, how yaoi (man on man love typically featuring handsome and/or cute men) is made with expectation that most of the people purchasing it will be women. And free speech and artistic freedom, which should never be restricted.



DarkKirby commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:


I said it before and I'll say it again. I am 100% for free speech and against censorship and as such am against political correctness. So no, I do not think men with a speedos and a bulge should be censored because of some kind of personal disgust with seeing it or because some people don't want to see it. I don't think some people being offended should EVER be a reason for something to not exist or to be censored.

As saying goes, "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend (to the death) your right to say it".

And in the end, you are still saying the same thing, that it's okay to objectify men but not women just because more people complain about it.



DarkKirby commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

It's still a double standard. It's saying it's okay to objectify men but not women just because more people complain about it.

I don't give a crap that men in the media, in and out of video games, are typically handsome, muscular, and good looking in general. I don't feel like less of a person or that the media is creating an unfair image for most average men to have to live up to. They pick those men to be shown BECAUSE they are good looking, and like it or not MOST people would rather look at someone who is good looking rather than ugly, even other men. It's the same reason women in the media, in and out of video games, are typically good looking. I would rather look at something that is good looking rather than ugly. That's all it comes down to.

I am not "happy" or "okay" that male protagonist are typically good looking because I want to "be like that". Such a thing never even crossed my mind. I was always just indifferent toward it. I do not expect myself to be or strive to be a handsome muscleman because of the media or video games. So no, it's not "more okay" to objectify men because "men want to be good looking but women don't". That's ridiculous. Given the chance, I think most people would choose to have amazing genes that made them extremely good looking (by whatever standards current society deemed attractive), smart, and strong. It's not a one sided for one sex thing. Most people aren't extremely good looking, smart, and strong, that's life.

You should know, I am 100% for free speech and against censorship and as such am against political correctness. I know you said you don't think the game shouldn't exist because it's not politically correct, I'm just explaining the flawed reasoning that it's okay to objectify men but not women because men want to be good looking but women don't or shouldn't have to be, but it amounts to the same thing. In the end you are saying it's okay to objectify men but not women just because more people complain about it.



DarkKirby commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Unless you think porn should be banned, you need to get off your politically correct obsessed high horse that video game females need to be about and with average to ugly looking females.

We all know men aren't objectified at all in the media right? Male protagonists in games are typically about ugly, overweight, weak men right? Oh wait, no, the men in video games are also typically muscular and handsome. So now you're talking about a double standard.

It's media for entertainment. Don't like it, don't buy it, don't tell other people they should feel offended by it and that it shouldn't exist because it makes some people feel bad or offended.



DarkKirby commented on Ace Attorney Creator Wanted to End Series at O...:

There series really went downhill after 3. Apollo Justice was terrible.

PW 3 > PW 1 > PW 2 > Edgeworth Investigations 1 > Dual Destinies > > > Apollo Justice

Didn't play Investigations 2 because I still can't read Japanese.

I actually already knew about this, but "my colleagues" was actually more along the lines of the Capcom executives who said Apollo Justice would sell more if Phoenix Wright was in the game, they were right of course, but they butchered Phoenix and Ema which made me really upset. I would hate Apollo Justice less if it was actually a standalone spin off series and didn't force the integration of characters from Phoenix Wright. There is no explanation as to why none of Phoenix's many friends ever came to help him, or what happened to Iris.

Not to mention the incredibly forced theme of Apollo Justice being "it's too hard to convict people without conclusive evidence", which is extremely ironic when you consider Apollo is himself, and the Ace Attorney series is about DEFENSE ATTORNEYS.

Dual Destinies wasn't terrible but the last case is jam packed with plot holes, and the ending very corny.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo Confirms Presentations and Games for ...:


I'll say it again, indie titles are not console sellers. Nobody buys a console to play indie games. Indie games are great additions to a console you already own, but they don't convince people to buy consoles.

And really, no platform will ever beat PC for indie games.



DarkKirby commented on Super Smash Bros. Melee Confirmed for Evo 2014:

Melee is better competitively than Brawl and it's nice to see Nintendo wasn't as stupid as last year but it'd be nice if Smash Wii U was somewhere near ready to have some demos out or something. If Nintendo showed up with demos of Smash Wii U at EVO it would show they aren't as anti competitive play and scene and anti broadcast without explicit permission as they currently are.



DarkKirby commented on Nintendo's Expensive New Development Building ...:

I hope this new building is all about games and possibly game merchandise, and none of that "health product" bologna Iwata said he thought Nintendo should get into instead of trying to make better games or cater to non casuals.



DarkKirby commented on Video: This Pokémon XY The Movie - The Cocoon...:

In the previous promotion for this movie it showed the movie having almost all the Mega Pokemon, but now it's only a few of them. Where did the rest of them go?

Will Diantha be in this movie with Mega Gardevoir? I hope so, that way Mega Gardevoir could be shown at its best rather then some fodder to be beaten up.



DarkKirby commented on Soapbox: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection Remi...:

I'm not sure how it applies the other way around but let my make my point clear. There is nothing wrong with having local multiplayer, but it is never an excuse or reason to not have, or replacement for a good online multiplayer. Fact is A LOT more people find it more convenient to play with others without having to plan and meet up in person. Games like Call of Duty (and other FPS games), LoL, Starcraft 2 (even with its DRM), didn't get to where they are by having a crappy or nonexistent online multiplayer and requiring people to meet up in real life to play together. They didn't get to where they are by intentionally preventing communication between players with stuff like Friend Codes and no chat, or policies telling people to not play games with others on Miiverse.



DarkKirby commented on Soapbox: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection Remi...:

Look, there is nothing wrong with local multiplayer, but to say it even close to out prioritizes online multiplayer is simply not true. Online multiplayer is VERY, VERY important for many games and local multiplayer will NEVER be an acceptable substitute in comparison.



DarkKirby commented on Capcom Is Aware That We All Want A New Mega Ma...:

I'm not sure people want a "collection" of old Mega Man games as much as they want NEW Mega Man games.

Yes I realized Keiji Inafune quit Capcom after getting sick of their manure and started making "Mega Man" games without Mega Man on his own.