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Thu 6th June, 2013

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unrandomsam commented on Nintendo Confirms Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, ...:

@Senario That would have been totally fair. Thing is the UK price works out with the DLC at the equivalent of $75 (Including VAT) or $60 excluding VAT. That is with the introductory price so add another $5 after that.

There again I am going to get Sayonara UmiharaKawase (Yumi's Odd Odyssey) at full price. (Lots of people seem to be waiting for a price drop when it is cheaper than Mario Golf).

I know why they are doing this though (Mario Sports games tank in price much faster than other ones).



unrandomsam commented on The Nintendo eShop Is Like Paradise, Says Imag...:

@JaxonH I don't think the eshop is particularly high quality. Wii U has ports of second rate PC indie games. 3DS has loads of absolute garbage.

Steamworld Dig is a cut about the rest at around the same price point though on 3DS. I don't like Metroidvania usually (I did like La Mulana) but its loads better than many of the eshop games rated 9 and 10 on here.

On Steam however it is nowhere near as clear cut. The competition includes :
Nights into Dreams / Ikaruga / Jet Set Radio / Sonic CD / Double Dragon Neon / Sonic Adventure 2 / Bionic Commando : Rearmed

(Ignoring Sale prices just RRP and only stuff that is properly ported not emulated).



unrandomsam commented on Talking Point: Amazon Fire TV is an Early Warn...:

@TheRealThanos Look at what is currently available on the Amazon Appstore from just Dotemu / Sega / SNK (More that I like than either 3DS or Wii U VC). Consoles are what I had but the Arcades was always what I wanted. (For certain anyway if it is NES or Arcade I always want the Arcade version). If Capcom decide to go in for it I would have all their CPS games and the new Megaman Ports. The controller is not an issue you can use whatever you want. 360 controller / 360 fight stick. It is also much better specs than the Vita TV. Amazon are still working out what they are going to do. The money they are investing in datacentres dwarfs game development costs.

Steambox is interesting because it has a reasonable amount of power. (Even more so if EA take up the offer to put their stuff on it separate to Valves not that I am personally bothered about it but it will make it more viable as a platform). Both the PS4 / Xbone are utter garbage (I never realised the extent until I looked what the Tomb Raider port is like on it. It is not even close to the older PC version).

iOS is interesting as well. (At least the hardware is getting exponentially better instead of holding things back for 7 years at a time.)

Nintendo doesn't seem interested in going back to the NES level of difficulty which is all they would need to do really for me.

Most of the people who I know who play Nintendo are either over 30 or under about 12 and it is too easy for both groups. (Under 12 the only way to do it is to have all your games bought for you but getting bought a game a week is getting spoilt as far as I am concerned). The Nintendo experience now is watered down like everything else.

If there was a modern system that was like the Neo Geo was back in the day I would go for that now. (Games on SSD's or flash memory copied to a ramdisk don't like optical disks). Miles better than anything else. Its all poor quality Nintendo / MS / Sony cheap and nasty. (But priced as if it is a premium thing).

If in order to have a decent input lag Wii U setup I didn't need to replace my TV then I would probably have one already. (Don't think I will ever get a better TV its RRP is something ridiculous like £1499 but Plasma's are not fashionable but 30ms over HDMI should be enough and it is for any system other than Nintendo's).



unrandomsam commented on Possibility of SNES Remix and Other Remix Titl...:

I don't like the NES (With the exception of games like Castlevania III that seem to fix most of the problems I have with it - sprite flicker / visual artifacts).

There again Nintendo doing what they have is the only way I would ever have bought any NES games and I have a fair few.

I need something to replace Donkey Kong '94 that works well for 10 min bursts and doesn't need the touch screen. (Any of these would probably work).



unrandomsam commented on Koichi Hayashida Explains Absence of NES Remix...:

@Unca_Lz Yeah but with the PS3 you can have accounts in all three regions on the same console. With the Vita you just need to change memory cards. (Vita situation being a bit more annoying but still quite practical other than lots of the Japan only good PSP stuff is not on PSN yet.) Plus with it being account based you don't have the issues if something goes wrong trying to get it repaired. (Can just buy a new one simply). Very low risk.



unrandomsam commented on Nintendo Download: 24th April (Europe):

@Alshain01 Nonsense. They know how it is supposed to work. Amateurs have managed to get it working passably without using that microcode. They are not bothered about accuracy particularly (As you can see by how bad the N64 emulation is on the Wii). Other alternatives are a new port (Something Sega has been quite willing to do when necessary) or the old one but with the proper resolution sprites. In this day and age the only version of anything people should still be playing is the best version.



unrandomsam commented on Ubisoft Has Dispatched 73 Million Assassin's C...:

Many of those numbers are chosen I think to be deliberately misleading. Ubisoft has everything available for 1/4 of RRP (Console or PC versions) within less than 3 months most of the time.

If they wanted to give an accurate picture they wouldn't have grouped it like that. (Even something like Just Dance someone paying £7 shouldn't count the same as buying the newest at full price).



unrandomsam commented on Talking Point: The Game Boy is 25 Years Old, a...:

I had a Gameboy (and a Game Gear for a bit) I didn't really like the Game Gear that much (It was in the early times when the Games were just worse Master System ports though).

Not really interested in Gameboy VC though. (Super Gameboy or doing what the GBC did might make me more interested). I have played most of the main games though.



unrandomsam commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Nintendo Direct Bonanza...:

@AshFoxX They could just have a semi public roadmap with ETA's and small downloadable suitable clips if necessary. Or nothing at all (Less hype less not living up to it).

If it is in the open then less people will be able to say they have no idea what they are doing and have nowhere enough titles in the works to support two systems. (If that is the honest truth then wait until it isn't but sort it out quickly).



unrandomsam commented on Review: F-Zero Maximum Velocity (Wii U eShop /...:

@JaxonH GX is basically perfect. Even in 4 player there is never anything at all wrong with it. (Gold standard of what a console racing game should be like). Only problem with it is the only wheel it supports isn't very good.

I wish I could play it like this though :

Not even sure Nintendo could make another as good. It feels like both a Nintendo game and a Sega game.



unrandomsam commented on Nintendo Shows Off New Courses for Mario Golf:...:

@JaxonH It looks great. Taking a shot is still just press a button when it get to the end and then press it again when it gets back extra button for such as backspin (And that is on advanced). You can get a birdie on every hole without even moving where its aiming (If you try then it seems to end up much worse). The zaniness that e.g Toadstool Tour had is gone. On the other hand the special games are incredibly difficult. But is with a none star character and no upgrades. I need to read reviews and wait until I know how much the full thing with the DLC is going to cost.



unrandomsam commented on Ubisoft Announces a Watch_Dogs eBook, //n/Dark...:

Anything when it has a good author who is somewhat experienced with the genre like this has the potential to be fine.

However I am just not interest in anything Ubisoft due to the utter contempt placed on customers with uplay.

I read a Road Rash book I thought was quite good in the early 90's (Got me into the games much more).



unrandomsam commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

@Caryslan The Vita has much in common with the Saturn. (Doing quite well in Japan - importing is not an issue). The Wii U is not doing well anywhere as of yet. (Hence even making the games and just paying for the translations to the areas it is doing less well is not going to do it). Lots of the Japanese only Vita and PSP games still include English. Importing is never going to be an option with the Wii U.



unrandomsam commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I should try and finish the first Castlevania before I start III.

Rogue Legacy. (I am almost at the end of it I think - surprisingly as I never usually progress at all in Rogue like games).

Tomb Raider GOTY (Or maybe not - might wait until I can have the max super sampling on.)

Lego Marvel Super Heroes. (Bought it dirt cheap so I should play it).

Still playing both the 3DS and Steam versions of Sonic Generations. (Only just got the 3DS one its going to be crazy short I know that but the price was fair - better than most eshop games at the same price).

Not touched Pilotwings Resort or Rhythm Thief which I only got because of the Argos price for them being not much different to a NES game in cost.

(Or about 25 DS games - Just got a brand new DSi XL because I don't like the way they look on the 3DS). Playing Megaman ZX and Retro Game Challenge (Got the second used for £20 which seemed better than £40 new and from a private seller).

Got 4 gba games as well but I am playing them on the train in the week. (Warioware Twisted / Mario vs Donkey Kong / Warioware (Original) / Gunstar Super Heroes). Nintendo waited too long so now I won't be bothering with GBA on 3DS. Dirt cheap used but in half decent condition DS Lite.



unrandomsam commented on Nintendo Shows Off New Courses for Mario Golf:...:

I was hoping for more changes to the formula than it seems to have.

(Something to actually have to learn in order to play it properly. It is the same as basically any old school golf game).

I managed to get a birdie on every one of the main holes in a really short try of the demo. After upgrades its just going to be even easier. (I would have expected to be getting a bogey every time).

On the other hand the special games are miles harder.



unrandomsam commented on Month Of Kirby: Kirby's Lost Levels:

Everybody seems to have a constantly work on sequels.

I quite like Air Ride and Dream Course. Really liked Adventure Wii (Return to Dreamland) but I am not bothered for another just yet the delay was about right last time.



unrandomsam commented on The North American Version Of Tomodachi Life W...:

@Klunk23 Obvious solution to that is to put a literal English translation into the Japanese release. Save work for Nintendo of America when they choose to butcher the original artistic vision and let people who want something as close as possible to the original have what they want. (Think that happens with PSP/Vita games a fair bit. Even when they are going to get a proper localisation).



unrandomsam commented on Vita Overtakes 3DS in Tough Week for Japanese ...:

@MC808 I know at least 4 or 5 people who bought a PS2 and only a handful of games and used it as a DVD player mostly. It was a rubbish system. (Jagged Lines that was a problem that only the PS2 had to that extent. Dreamcast / Xbox / Gamecube were fine.) It does have Gradius V though.