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Thu 6th Jun 2013

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unrandomsam commented on Curve Digital Discounts Wii U Titles By 50% in...:

Not at all. I have most of them other than Stealth Inc 2 on Steam and the first I wasn't happy with technically like most of Curve digital's games. (Explodemon looks like it should be great but that doesn't work properly either).



unrandomsam commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

There is plenty of room for them but the only way at this point I am willing to pay is if the last game was good enough. (Yacht Club Games / Edelweiss / Super Giant Games / Treasure (On the strength of the Ikaruga steam port) and that is about it).



unrandomsam commented on Nintendo Committed To Making Smart Device Gami...:

Every time they have said they wanted another pillar it has ended up with there only being 2 pillars left. (I just home console makes the cut - replacing 3DS quality games with stuff on iOS with real controls would be ok for me.).



unrandomsam commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

I will buy it on Steam but I won't back it. (Probably would have if it didn't have levellng).

Has anybody done something like this without levelling ? (Extra items but you are still just as weak when you start as end just better).



unrandomsam commented on Nintendo Download: 14th May (Europe):

@OorWullie Ultraton is also an old game. (2 years old anyway). If it was brand new and on Wii U first or at the same time then it would be top quality.

(The last Puppy Games port was of unacceptable quality - probably easier to just get the originals which are pretty much perfect).