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Fri 17th June, 2011

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Rect_Pola commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

I'd say tablets are a scapegoat, since they never directly competed. One is a portable computer, the other is a weird controller that's a bit too heavy for it's own good.

I'm definitely in the 3rd party camp. Nintendo's systems will probably never die because only Nintendo has been able to produce a games that give a That Nintendo Fix (tm).

The downside with Nintendo trying to be so clever with the hardware is now they're boxed in. Sure, 3DS doesn't have an issue if they decide to dump 3D for good, but the NX has to support the Wii U Tablet, and the Wii Remotes, if not for backwards compatibility then for the NX eshop, which will get a lot of attention if we see another post launch dearth.



Rect_Pola commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

Actually I look forward to Nintendo taking on a more experimental approach to close out the Wii U. It certainly would be a better final chapter than the overly cautious crap that happened on Wii. I could go without another round of begging and demanding they release the next biggest game on the system.



Rect_Pola commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

There were a flurry of mistakes with the Wii U. The name, the obligatory lack of games at launch, poor relationships with third parties, craptastically backwards stance on digital libraries, accounts, and eShops.

Nintendo does know how to make fun games, but I stand by the sentiment they don't know what they're doing as a business in an evolving world. Or should I say "evolved". It's no secret they can absorb the hit this time, and should that darkest of days come they'd be fine as a game company. But they need to wake up to how the world is if they're going anywhere.



Rect_Pola commented on Video: Enjoy Some Nostalgia With This Stylish ...:

I didn't enjoy Yoshi's new island as much as I hoped. The music in the boss battles had none of the original's fun, and that ending... made me feel like I was tricked into playing a weak remake with an intro tacked on to frame it as a sequel. But the worst blow? Continue points not saving how many stars you had; forcing a 100% to be a perfect run. It would have been better to not include them at all if that was how you felt about needing more than one life to complete a stage.

In fact, that's part of Nintendo's problem in recent games. Perfect runs and completion used to be feats we invented to prove our awesomeness, or a special master mode we unlocked for people who MASTERED the base game, not an expectation in the base game itself.



Rect_Pola commented on Exclusive: We Almost Got A Wii U F-Zero Create...:

Sigh... so close and yet so far. I don't mind Nintendo farming out their franchises if they feel they can trust the developer. Capcom made a lot of portable Zeldas, Rare did a great job with Donkey Kong. Retro did awesome with Metroid and Donkey Kong. Other M... should have gone to a developer with a real strength in storytelling by design. Studio Ninja's game library should have raised a red flag. Gameplay was good though, I'll give them that.

Oh well, that's been how many years in counting? Oh right, STILL more than Metroid excluding Other M.



Rect_Pola commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

Good enough. I wanted to check out Federation Force anyway.

Amiibo, I suppose they had set it in motion as an experiment and weren't prepared to ramp up production when the problem was apparent. HOPEfully (i.e. they haven't confirmed squat) future waves will have greater stock. Perhaps released steadily instead of one batch to drain and they're done. HOPEfully, they'll re-release all the prior characters that scalpers have become the only source for, or at least new versions like how the Super Mario line could replace the Brawl characters.



Rect_Pola commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

I fail to see how this (which is not using Samus, might be used to build a better portable 3d Metroid engine, and may (god willing) do a little world building to help flesh out future stories) is so much more damaging than the Pinball game, which used Samus and the aesthetic purely to move a pinball game. Or Hunters, which stripped out the feel of exploration and became pure shooter. Or Other M, which officially declared Samus is emotionally dead and has daddy issues big enough to overrule logic.

IMHO the sheer magnitude of the bile has drowned out the argument's ability to sound legitimate. Even arguments just trying to be rational about the disappointment can't help being associated with its ugliness. Like you're trying to justify the motivations behind burning down your local church.

I do not buy the revelation that Nintendo hates its fans as a suitable catalyst. It was literally within an hour of a new StarFox reveal to no such discourse even with the (still argued by some) "unforgivable sin" of motion controls. That game appears extremely traditional, which we haven't seen in a while (save for a release of an older game) with enough of an evolution in mechanics to feel fresh. Even with the "re-imagining, but not a reboot" BS. Even when the first impressions suggested it's flawed, there was only hope Nintendo would clean it up by launch.

If there's a revelation, it's that Nintendo takes its sweet time trying to please its fans and this wasn't the Metroid crowd's year (at least not fully since again, it could be a teaser of the bones to a future game). Next year will probably be Zelda (maybe) to begin the end of Wii U, while they talk about whatever NX is. Mario will be back sooner or later, Pokemon is probably due. And F-Zero's number will never come up. Ever.



Rect_Pola commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

I'm not following the angle this news article is working on.
Nintendo is too obsessed with the old classics to be creative!
Alludes to their marketing practices?
Points out to Disney having the exact opposite problem (poor Mickey)

Were these supposed to be separate topics of discussion?
Isn't the overblown rejection of NOT-METROID proof we need more articles lamenting Nintendo's caught between a rock and hard place (hint hint), or that the fans need to calm the hell down and give something new a chance first? (hint hint)
eShop and retail gets plenty of titles I've never heard of and never get decent coverage (hint hint).
How could they know the Mouse if Disney capitalizing on Frozen and not doing anything FOR THEM with their classics? There's Kingdom Hearts, but that's assuming you already know these guys and love seeing them running around.



Rect_Pola commented on Metroid Prime Producer Wants to Make Another S...:

I'm not a fan of the visuals (I assume to cover for 3DS limitations) and even if they HAD to use the MP name to tie it to the universe, the internet is composed of far too much whine to not suffer a backlash.

It'll probably be fine. Frankly I'd rather they did take some time to figure out what Samus' personality is before they mess with her again.



Rect_Pola commented on Iwata Vows To Listen To E3 2015 Digital Event ...:

I could've used more humor with the puppet bits than what we got.
Actually I would rather Nintendo DIDN'T listen to responses at conference chatter since that crap directly led to 3DS launching overpriced and Wii U pad being made too heavy.



Rect_Pola commented on Disney Infinity Producer Brands amiibo Stock S...:

@mike_intv First of all, do you have no concept of a collector's appetite?

Moving on; Conservative in its estimates? I'd forgive that, if we weren't on wave 4. How long do they really need to stop treating them like a cautious experiment?

Nintendo's guilt is not the secondary market, it's restricting the stock so it has to sell out. Nintendo doesn't give a damn about the secondary market because they already made all the money they wanted to make and would rather absorb the ire of their own fans than risk making enough stock to last in stores for more than one day.



Rect_Pola commented on Review: psyscrolr (Wii U eShop):

Glad I got it for free by backing another game. Everything annoying that Jowi brought up is literally in the first world. The lack of polish is unsettling. I don't mind the game forcing me to look at the touch screen, though I am surprised nobody's capitalized on the asymmetry it opens up.

I can't fault a game for wanting to use the damn touchpad, but there are exactly three ways to use it. 100% touch, a support screen you only need to briefly poke (if at all), or don't. The touch pad has the same issue my 3DS XL has when I need its touch screen; its too heavy to wield one handed when you need to work buttons too. (Ironically, the stand they give you with Kid Icarus is a godsend for the XL) The weight issue is only made worse by the decision to use the L button to jump, when there is a ZL button happily living on the ridge Nintendo put there to make holding the thing comfortable.

Also, am I the only one who thinks controlling a 2D game with a thumbstick is awkward? If there's no variance of speed, the Dpad works just fine. But no, Psyscrolr demands you play it's way. Blek. It's not a nightmare, but you feel every moment of poor design.



Rect_Pola commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Inkling is my easy vote (once the game comes out interest will skyrocket)
Shantae would be sweet.
Then in no order, Sora, Wonder Red, Rayman .
Shovel Knight too, but ONLY if they worked with Yacht Club Games so any new moves we'll see (let's face it, he's kinda limited) end up in a future SK game.
I can't see Bayonetta, not that she doesn't have moves, but making her work in a family game feels like we'd lose something in translation.



Rect_Pola commented on Weirdness: Club Nintendo Members Attempt to Se...:

I hope this has nothing to do with why the webpage has been down all day.

Why would anyone do that? Never mind the moral question of is it right to make money off goodwill, they shouldn't do that because Nintendo never stopped desperately needing to be in control. And the moment they decide to do something nice, people jump up and try to sell it for an easy buck? This is why we can't have nice things.



Rect_Pola commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

The last decade or so has been a constant display of Nintendo not really understanding this "internet" thing or why the rest of the world thinks it's so great. They (eventually) resigned that it's too big to ignore, so they're trying their next favorite tactic; controlling it. Because Nintendo.

Why is it whenever Nintendo is being a jerk, you can tie it to how willfully out of touch they are?



Rect_Pola commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

The best case is we get something like Zelda. The motions are similar enough that the game you know are there: the boy, the girl, the man (who is sometimes a pig). But it's the unique telling and additions that keeps it interesting.



Rect_Pola commented on Genyo Takeda Discusses Nintendo's Hardware Future:

The Future? I suspect the next console will be MUCH more DL friendly. The next handheld will probably be better able to keep up with smart devices as far as games (actual smart device functions, I'm not sure.) Both will probably have much more direct connectivity they've been tinkering with forever. Maybe even enough cross pollination game-wise for getting VC and indie titles that could go on either bundled in a single smaller-than-the-sum purchase.

As for advertising, no reason to retire the TV completely yet, but the web is a powerful tool. If anything, I want to see more effort to advertise DL games. I always felt the core series that do the most don't really need the help.