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Fri 17th June, 2011

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Rect_Pola commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

Wow, that's... really sad. Most are either things they've talked to death about, or things we've already known but haven't been talked to death about.

I sincerely hope they have a spectacular E3 showcasing a ton of new material. They need to do something to really wow us besides talk to death about the latter games when the first ones run out.



Rect_Pola commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

Well, the bigger question of why no simul-release on WiiU and 3DS is: does the process help Sony with Vita? They give the option away for free and if it's not really helping then why should Nintendo even try (since this is Nintendo and they would force you to pay something for both versions, because Nintendo)?



Rect_Pola commented on Industry Veteran Peter Molyneux Warns The Indi...:

I can see that. This is a transitional changing of the guard of who the new big dev houses are. If that happens, I hope they create a new standard of what being a big AAA means and don't just become the new EA and Activision. Of course, in a way, they sort of can't. One of the drives to the current AAA extinction event is how untenable the system has become.

I fully expect that at least some of this indie, crowdfund, vision/passion driven period will evolve into something bigger. I just hope they change enough of the rules to become something better than what we had.



Rect_Pola commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Warping To North Americ...:

Hmm... GBA is coming to both systems... Nintendo Network accounts apply to both systems...
I don't know if this was declared at any time (I figure there would have been more of stir if they had) but now would be a good time to set up buying a game for the account and accessing it through either system. Sony does it to inject interest in Vita. This could for help Nintendo the other way around. "Like that on your 3DS? You can play it on Wii U too!"



Rect_Pola commented on These Mario Figures Are All Kinds of Awesome:

Yes. OH YES! It's so... BEAUTIFUL!
I doubt we're going to see any of the powered forms (most of them would need a separate figure) but can I hope for the items themselves? With that in mind, the only sad thing is that he doesn't appear to be made for a face swap.



Rect_Pola commented on Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should "Aban...:

I'm hopeful. Admission of willingness to change is huge from Nintendo, who has been severely hampered in their traditions, desire for control, and refusal to so much as consider a truly foreign shift in the industry. It happened before with discs, and it's happened just now with their late (and in some degrees, clunkily reserved) entry into online.



Rect_Pola commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U Strate...:

Nintendo, from where I sit, what you need is to take a big bite out of a market that would gladly adapt to Wii U's needs: indies. Kickstarter is proof that there are plenty of interesting games out there. Nintendo ought to go out of their way to seek these people. Here their ideas; if they strike you as committed, and it sounds like an interesting experience (NOT IF IT MATCHES SOME DEMOGRAPHIC OR TEST GROUP FIGURES), throw them some investment (not publishing) money to develop a Wii U version; with maybe a little boon or two like making it the primary version they build. IF you're lucky, you might get some publishing rights, but watch how far you go. Let indies be indie, or they'll hit up kickstarter to make their game meddling free.
The age of the proprietary console may be ending, but indies are bringing back an age where a game can be anything again. Make your company a home for this age.



Rect_Pola commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

"Reinvigorate"? For Nintendo, that means, do what they've been doing harder than ever; laugh it up like Wario when it works, and be "sorry" when it doesn't. Their efforts to move forward in the digital front has been commendable, but it also showcases how long they spent ignoring it because they didn't want to change. Did they ever confirm if your purchases would be backed up or are we all still screwed if our systems fail. And too much of their battle doctrine revolves around holding on to absolute control of the situation.



Rect_Pola commented on Nintendo Open To Applying Zelda: Link Between ...:

That sounds fine to me. Especially for Star Fox. In the classic games, the galaxy is at war and StarFox just marches their way across made of win. Here you could pick to influence different areas of the war and it effects the scenario between either side.



Rect_Pola commented on Nintendo Ordered to Pay Royalties on 3DS Sales...:

If they had provably had contact with Nintendo like they described, then they have every right to drag Nintendo all the scrutiny they deserve. As much as I like Nintendo and all, they are a company, and fully have the capacity to be complete jerks (they have before). As much as I dislike lawsuits popping up from people you never heard of, the (alleged) fact they were trying to shop their tech around changes everything. When it's looks, walks, and sounds like squatting, they should get a pittance that doesn't make the legal effort worthwhile.



Rect_Pola commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

Let's see, Wii U fizzled at launch (the name did not help) and the value of their year long head start is sound to the critics, it's on shaky ground against a market sodden with the shiny and new (and do bear in mind how some of that critical appeal is due to the competition not really impressing)

I wouldn't decry the pad as me-too-ism, but I will accuse them of not having a solid idea of what do with it.

The Wii U is not going to die anytime soon, but the question is whether or not it'll meander through, or gradually build a powerful brand.



Rect_Pola commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Petitions Don't Affect Ninte...:

I call BS on this. NOA never said they were "working on it" or "considering it" when directly asked if the Operation Rainfall trio was coming to the Americas. They said "no". Just like Fatal Frame 4 and plenty of other games.
If there's something you want, go on and petition and rage upon the internet if you want to. Whatever facts and figures they go by are by no means rock solid; not by a long shot. This goes doubly true for Nintendo, who has the most pronounced history dragging their feet in leaving the old ways behind.



Rect_Pola commented on Over 61% of Q2 Game Sales in the U.S. Were Fro...:

@Dogpigfish You checked? Unsettling
I kind of lumped that with the third item. I haven't heard if PS4 upholds your past PSN purchases yet, and whatever's up with Nintendo annoys the heck out of me. On the fourth point I was actually referring to the legality of ownership in a larger sense: selling, trading, etc.



Rect_Pola commented on Over 61% of Q2 Game Sales in the U.S. Were Fro...:

I don't mind the steady encroachment of an all download market, I just have a few issues I hope get resolved (across the industry) before it fully takes over.
1) More space in the box
2) Upgrading space shouldn't be proprietary (& preferably still in the box)
3) An account that actually takes it with you (since we apparently aren't going to a universal storage hub for all devices)
4) Ownership



Rect_Pola commented on Capcom Reiterates Stance On Further Disney Rem...:

I hope more comes. And unlike Ubisoft, this doesn't feel like a hostage situation (Seriously, you barstewards, where the hell is BG&E2).

Not only was a lot of love put into this, but most of these franchises in question have literally done nothing in years, creating a generation gap between fans and kids who've never heard of them.



Rect_Pola commented on GameStop Accused of Re-Printing Xenoblade Chro...:

As much money as they've been racking on the used game market, I suppose they might actually have the means to have professional reprints unofficially made. And there is something wrong with sell "new" product as used because (as it's been said umpteen times) the game companies don't get squat from used sales.



Rect_Pola commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

It was NOT localized all the same, NOA explicitly said NO. They were already in the PAL regions. Speaking English even. With the possible exception for imagery and references they may have wanted to gloss over, what localization did it need besides "print some more damn disks and put them on shelves".



Rect_Pola commented on Miyamoto: Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, N...:

While I do appreciate his vantage, there is an issue of confinement when using existing IP. Mario and Kirby are pretty flexible, but there still a certain nature of how things can be presented with either than them, limited your own options to create because these things have already been established. Also, some of the gameplay is not as fresh as you think. A new Mario game may have new elements and it's fun as hell to play, but the game is still Mario hopping and bobbing through 8 semi-themed worlds. Probably because the core gameplay is so simple and narrowly focused that you can't make it feel fresh like exploring in Zelda or Metroid.

That's why Mario RPG and (most) Paper Mario games were such a great use of this concept (Sticker Star not withstanding). Hell, even SMB2, waaaay back when nothing was cast in stone. That's the heart of the issue, so much of an existing franchise is "cast in stone" that you can feel it grating against another game's potential (seriously what the hell happened in Sticker Star).

Then there's the argument of when an IP is attached specifically for brand appeal. Like the train-wreck that was Dinosaur Planet (feat. Star Fox for some reason).