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Male, 17, Philippines

A Microsoft fan who, oddly enough, has a soft spot for Nintendo. Though you could probably say that I'm a Nintendo fan who has a soft spot for Microsoft. I'm from WPCentral, by the way. I'm the WanderingTraveler there.

Wed 11th Jun 2014

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TheWPCTraveler commented on Rumour: A Class in Bravely Second is Supposedl...:

@GeminiSaint ...and?
I'm asking you, so what? You're stating that they would get offended.

Let people get offended! Not every depiction has to be positive - I should know that, since I'm a Filipino!
Let people see both sides, both positive and negative, and let them judge for themselves! What do you think our brain is here for - regurgitating the sane things over and over again, regardless of their truth value? You cannot have a coin that only has one side.


This isn't the place for this, this is a games site. I apologize for stating what I believe in in clear terms, too, since apparently, that can offend people now.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Rumour: A Class in Bravely Second is Supposedl...:

@GeminiSaint ...and?

You know what's more offensive? Removing all traces of a culture, placing shackles on creative freedom, letting people go close their minds to everything they don't want to feel, making people think inside the box and only inside the box.

The list goes on.

Are you fine with repeating the same cycles of hatred and violence over and over, with people closing their minds to all dissenting thoughts and ideas?



TheWPCTraveler commented on Review: Stella Glow (3DS):

@Spoony_Tech I saw the first print run and now I'm torn between getting both TWEWY and a 3DS game and this.

By the way, SMT IV Final is JPY6250, according to the Japanese Direct if I remember correctly.
That's a $50 release here for sure.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei Confirmed For...:

@Ralizah More like you want great artists to continue drawing as if it was the 90s. Honestly, I think that would be a great improvement over a lot of stuff we're getting now.

@Kaze_Memaryu Oh, I might want to note that the artist they hired was only for the major character portraits. For the NPCs, well...
Let's just say they got someone else to do it.
And, uh, it doesn't mesh well. Not very well.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei Confirmed For...:

@Damo There are people who actually prefer doing that, though, so there's that.

I discovered how good Urushihara really was when I stumbled upon a group of people talking about the new Langrisser. It was on the verge of becoming a porn dump before people started actually posting on-topic about the game itself, and the 1-hour gameplay video was thrown into the thread.

I wonder what could've happened to Front Innocent had it been more successful, though. Sort of like how Sengoku Rance is a fantastic game that people overlook because it has porn in it.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei Confirmed For...:

@Damo Are you talking about the game or Urushihara?

The response to the game is justified, from what I've seen. Blackouts (of the abrupt kind) during screen changes, super-chibi characters in-battle, that simplified gameplay...

And for Urushihara, I stand by how great I think his art is. Not enough people draw like it's the 90s nowadays. (Yes, I know the studio or a lot of his work isn' for work, like, at all.)
EDIT: Oops, you were talking about Front Innocent. I watched it for the plot and the art, I swear! :^)



TheWPCTraveler commented on Review: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Wii U):

I'm excited for the Wii version. Oddly enough, that seems to have the most content out of all the three, so it'd be interesting to have a review of that coming.

I'll get this after I clean out the (3)DS titles on sale at a local game store.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Review: Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gem...:

I was worried this would end up exactly like this when I saw that it was some 2D platformer.
Can't say I'm surprised after the fact.

The humor and plot shouldn't come as a surprise, though - Alex Kirsch himself worked on the in-game dialogue.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Yo-Kai Watch Will Be The Next Pokémon, Claims...:

@rjejr @Artwark @AlliMeadow @NandN3ds
I'd point to life-to-date physical sales according to Media Create, rounded to the nearest hundred thousand because I'm too lazy to get the latest figures:
Pokémon X/Y (2013): ~4.6 million
Pokémon OR/AS (2014): ~2.4 million
Yo-Kai Watch (2013): ~1.2 million
Yo-Kai Watch 2 Ganso/Honke (Head/Founder) (2014): ~3.1 million
Yo-Kai Watch 2 Headliner (2014): ~2.3 million
It's darned close to outselling Pokémon - and neither of the two are bundled in major ways in Japan.
When you take spin-offs into account...
Yo-Kai Watch Busters White Dog Team/Red Cat Team: 1.3 million+
I think this has outsold all Pokémon spin-offs on the 3DS, combined. Last I checked, the two Mystery Dungeon games on the 3DS combined to sell just 700k (though the figures are still rising for the holidays).

@Lizuka Overworld uses the controls you're used to in Pokémon games, except that you can now change the perspective slightly with L/R. In-battle controls use more touch-based controls, but it's still perfectly usable with L/R and the D-Pad.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

I'd be honest, I find playing tennis really fun, so I want motion controls in this title.
It's so weird that Nintendo made me go from hating to loving motion controls in twelve months.

The one others thing is that Camelot could've just developed a Mario Golf title, something that would've really made the GamePad shine.

As for the lack of content, look at how long the dev cycle was. It's, like, a year and a half past Mario Golf: World Tour - less, if you count DLC.
I think they're using the Wii engine but in HD - something that somehow produces great results as long as it features Mario in full 3D - so, it explains the short dev cycle.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Here's a Breakdown of 3DS Software and Hardwar...:

@Artwark I'd bet a pretty penny none of those would sell a million in NA+EU combined. I blame their marketing, or the evident lack of marketing.

2016 is already a really good year for software, though. 1H2016 is the best lineup I've seen from the 3DS yet - if Yo-Kai Watch 2 is indeed a success, and Pokémon Z release - and if they localize some other titles (hint: Rhythm Heaven and MH X), I'll be darned if that didn't set off the a better software sales year than 2013.



TheWPCTraveler commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Launches...:

@SpookyMeths ...
Instead of turning Link into a girl - which will probably be a one-off resulting in far more Link porn on the internet (not that it's problem) - try asking for Zelda to be the main playable character.
In fact, a Zelda game with Zelda as the main character seems like a fantastic idea - with ideas centered around Zelda's wit and cunning.

OT: PriPara performed better than I thought it would.
And, I really hope Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon would at least sell-through its 400k shipment by the end of the year (based on calculations off Famitsu sales figures). The way it's going, I can see it doing 330k by the end of the year - maybe even better.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Nintendo Confirms That amiibo Sales Have Now R...:

@Spoony_Tech The lowest priced-ones still cost roughly $20 after tax here. So, I could just buy a game with that cash - the Soul Hackers LE is available for that price, I hope it will still be once I scrounge up enough cash.

@Toadsfriend He's the lowest-priced amiibo, but there are actually quite a few games for the same price that I'm keeping an eye at. I'm not letting my mistake with Rune factory IV happen again.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Nintendo and DeNA Smart Device Game Details Co...:

@Tsurii Calm down, this is at least just a day before - a notice for investors who wish to attend.
It's no different for Nintendo Directs, or indeed, other Nintendo investor relations events. Businessmen have to be informed in advance, after all, even if it's just twenty-four hours before...
Scratch that, they'd probably piss off a lot of investors if they announced this just an hour before.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Project Guard and Fire Emblem Fates Provide Od...:

@FierceRagnar Hmm, I'd prefer more subtle dialogue, too...I believe Kobayashi's original script was also much more subtle when it comes to this regard.

But under that is -based on the opinions of those who have played it - is a good story with a set of twists that regrettably are held back by the handling of the route structure.

So, if story is your guide - this is an SRPG, after all, a good story technically isn't a must for a good SRPG - it'll depend on what happens to the localization.
They're all but guaranteed to tone the smut down - welcome in your case - but they might also drag down the quality of the dialogue, just look at what happened to Awakening.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Project Guard and Fire Emblem Fates Provide Od...:

@FierceRagnar I'm confused. Apart from how they handled Kobayashi's script (they dumbed it down heavily and made it so that Hoshido would he viewed as the good side), I don't see a lot handled wrong - at least, as poorly as Awakening did.

How the supports are handled now actually adds quite a bit of strategy to the pair up mechanic, which makes it less overpowered and less reliant on that screwy RNG.

Unless you're someone who isn't into the M-rated stuff, which NoA is going to shaft anyway for the hell of it...



TheWPCTraveler commented on Vital Wii U and 3DS Releases Join the Million-...:

@Splatburst None of the Yo-Kai Watch games have hit a combined 3.8 million units, if Media Create physical sales and Famitsu digital sales are to be trusted. The third version of YW2 is counted separately.

I'd agree with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, though. It's confirmed to be ahead of Ocarina of Time 3D, and maybe even Monster Hunter 4 ended up pulling that achievement off.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Interview: Localization Specialist Thomas Lips...:

"So in localization, we've gone for preserving the feel of the original Japanese, but also making it as natural and as close to the intent of the Japanese as possible in the English."
This alone sold me, I've been itching for more JRPGs to play on my 3DS. It looks fun, too, so that's a plus - even how it's a more forgiving Harvest Moo---, er, Story of Seasons.

I must swear, the triple-audio is going to be really interesting. If the English audio actually tops both Japanese audio dubs, then I will respect XSEED for having done an impressive effort.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Weirdness: GAME Gift Card Slip Up is Awkward, ...:

@AlexSora89 First, you'll doubt why you ordered so many. Then, you regret spending so much money in the first place. Out of morbid curiosity and because you can't return them, you try them out. Then, you blissfully celebrate that you ordered so many as you enjoy them. Finally, you regret you didn't order so many because you ran out.

You then accidentally order 500 dragon dildos.