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Male, 16, Philippines

A Microsoft fan who, oddly enough, has a soft spot for Nintendo. Though you could probably say that I'm a Nintendo fan who has a soft spot for Microsoft. I'm from WPCentral, by the way. I'm the WanderingTraveler there.

Wed 11th June, 2014

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TheWPCTraveler commented on Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 Delivers an Artful Lau...:

"The book will also include developer insight into the creation process for the game's various characters."

Like it or not, this one key detail pushed me to go ahead and eagerly await this and its summer release.
Well, that and the hope that the soundtrack CD will contain more than just seven themes.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Nintendo Confirms Wil Wheaton as Voice Actor f...:

RationalWiki. Ah, I still remember the days when I'd trust that site.

Mark my words, there are two groups of people in GamerGate. The SJWs, and the moderate SJWs. Two sides of the same coin. (/gamergate/ is farther left-leaning than even /leftypol/, a leftist politics board, for instance.)
I haven't followed the movement since the late Common Core leak, though.

Quick edit: I'd invite you to go to the actual boards on 8chan and see for yourself, really. I don't think /pol/, a perfect fit for the description you provided - minus the child porn - is supportive of the movement any longer, and vice versa.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Nintendo Confirms Wil Wheaton as Voice Actor f...:

There is some real cognitive dissonance going on in /gamergate/ at this point.

On one hand, you have the real fans who'd support the "based" publishers like Nintendo, Atlus, or XSEED for not giving a damn about what the journalists say.
On the other, you have the ledditors.

Inviting Leddit was never a good idea except to raise numbers...



TheWPCTraveler commented on Mobile Hit Badland Is Coming To The Wii U eShop:

As someone who has fond memories of playing (and both getting rekt and getting others rekt) Badland on phones and tablets, thank you for bringing this to Wii U.
I have to ask how the multiplayer will work, though. Will we get anywhere more than 4-player multiplayer?

I have fears that the expanded controls may make the game too easy - way too easy, too.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 14th January, Wi...:

A really safe bet here is that there will be a formal announcement of Puzzle and Dragon: Super Mario Bros. Edition. As for the actual Puzzle and Dragon game, it may actually get localized too.

Other than that, I think the Attack on Titan game will finally get a release date as well.

Please confirm Etrian Odyssey V for Wii U, Nintendo.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Mario Kart: Super Circuit is Racing Onto The W...:

The nice thing about Super Circuit is the crazy shortcuts you could pull in quite some tracks, especially the Rainbow Road shortcut that blows the N64 Rainbow Road "shortcut" out of the water in terms of impact.

I'd recommend this in spite of the poor-looking graphics relative to Super Mario Kart and the music - not that I'm knocking Kenichi Nishimaki, of course.

I think this used the same soundfont as both Advance Wars games on GBA, by the way.