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Male, 16, Philippines

A Microsoft fan who, oddly enough, has a soft spot for Nintendo. Though you could probably say that I'm a Nintendo fan who has a soft spot for Microsoft. I'm from WPCentral, by the way. I'm the WanderingTraveler there.

Wed 11th June, 2014

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TheWPCTraveler commented on Mario Kart: Super Circuit is Racing Onto The W...:

The nice thing about Super Circuit is the crazy shortcuts you could pull in quite some tracks, especially the Rainbow Road shortcut that blows the N64 Rainbow Road "shortcut" out of the water in terms of impact.

I'd recommend this in spite of the poor-looking graphics relative to Super Mario Kart and the music - not that I'm knocking Kenichi Nishimaki, of course.

I think this used the same soundfont as both Advance Wars games on GBA, by the way.



TheWPCTraveler commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):

If consumers demand cheap games that have questionable quality, developers will supply those said games.

@sinalefa This, The Letter and IQ Test being more financially successful than The Wonderful 101 rubs me off in the wrong way.