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outburst commented on Hands On: Hitting the Tracks in Mario Kart 8 D...:

This may be an unpopular opinion but you should tap the amiibo every time you dress up your Mii and not tap once and forget about it. Whatever happened to the toys-to-life concept/immersion? MK8 is probably one of the worse amiibo implementation. They should just offer the costumes as paid DLC than the tap-once and forget about it implementation. That or make it tap everytime you dress up. Mario Party, Smash and Codename STEAM did it right.



outburst commented on Each Splatoon amiibo Will Unlock 20 Special Ch...:

I apologoze I wasn't very precise with my post but it was a reply for the 3 of you in a single post with my reply to @aaronsullivan got lost along the way. My reply to you is only the one paragraph after your name. The rest are directed to Mr. Q.

I am one of the first to criticize Nintendo of Europe after the Direct for bundling the squid amiibo exclusively with the game disc since I am already all-digital with my Wii U games. I still criticize them until today and I've done my part to give Nintendo a feedback regarding their eShop customers not able to get the squid amiibo. With that said, I still preordered the bundle for 40€ on Amazon Spain and I'm looking for someone around my area to buy the game disc for 30€ maybe 25€ just so I can still get the squid for 15€ or less.

I still believe Nintendo won't and shouldn't sell amiibo contents as paid DLC for so many reasons it makes the amiibo concept pointless. And from what I've understand in Splatoon amiibo content, it's only challenges from already existing contents you can access without amiibo like a time trial.



outburst commented on Each Splatoon amiibo Will Unlock 20 Special Ch...:

@Quorthon @aaronsullivan
"If you buy the disk, you are entitled to all the content therein. Or it should not be on the f**king disk."

And you own and are entitled to the contents on the disc. You just need an amiibo to interact with it. Nintendo is being upfront "hey, you need an amiibo to play the amiibo contents on this game!". That's plain and simple to understand.

This is like buying Nintendo Land and Wii Sports Club game discs that says you need to purchase (if you don't have one) a Wiimote or nunchuk to play the game. Yes you own the contents on the discs. But it's like complaining you have the gamepad controls to swing the golf club or the baseball bat when the very concept of the game is to use the Wiimote for motion control gaming. The same applies to the toys to life concept of amiibos.

Offer the DLC on the eShop to unlock the content? Then you are paying the contents on the game TWICE. It also makes the very concept of amiibo pointless (whether on customers POV and/or Nintendo's). It's like Nintendo is offering a downloadable patch on Wii Sports Club to use the gamepad controls for playing bowling, baseball, boxing, tennis, and golf and making you pay for it as DLC-patch.

"This is not a difficult concept. This isn't rocket science. Hell, this isn't even a 3rd grade lesson in reading comprehension. This is an incredibly easy concept to understand. At this point, I'm tempted to wonder if those not understanding this are choosing to do so because they are so blinded by the hate on Nintendo or hate to buy an amiibo. I find it difficult to believe anyone could be so ignorant."

If the comparison makes sense, PS4 games and XOne games that have multiplayer online contents on the discs have on-disk DLC because you can't access the game contents you "PAID FOR" unless you pay for PS+/Gold? Okay.

Also nice try in the hotdog analogy but no, they are not comparable.



outburst commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

I still think this game will sell more Wii Us than MK8 and Smash did. They better sell a LE bundle with paint splattered all over the console. :D also it's important they put demos in every major stores out there. This is something new to the Nintendo genre and I think it will pull those who are on the fence especially those who love shooters.



outburst commented on Each Splatoon amiibo Will Unlock 20 Special Ch...:

It doesn't matter if it's on disk or in a server ready to be downloaded. They are the same. You say it should be triggered for download when scanned? That can easily be exploited. Remember the video where Smash characters who are unlocked without the amiibos being released yet? The proper use of amiibos is when you need to tap them whenever you play using them saving your progress.

Anyway as I said earlier, Wii Fit U, Wii Sports Club, Nintendo Land required me to buy a Wiimote, nunchuk, and Fit meter. On-disc DLC then? Nah. It's a game that requires you peripherals like amiibo. You know it before buying the game. You didn't buy it to have all-access to features they said it requires you of amiibo. Nintendo is being upfront about it. It's not the same as what Capcom pulled with SFxTekken.



outburst commented on Each Splatoon amiibo Will Unlock 20 Special Ch...:

Which game exactly? Mario Party's "amiibo" party? That mode's concept is to play with figurines like you're playing a real board game. So it required you an amiibo. It was advertised as is.

Did we complain when Nintendo Land required us to use a Wii remote and nunchuk? When Wii Fit U when it required us to buy a Fit meter or Balance Board? Wii Sports Club when it required us to use a Wiimote? Because without those peripherals, we are "locked" within some or most contents on those games.

Codename STEAM? Marth, Ike, Lucina and Robin aren't part of the game. But because they are Intelligent Systems games and there's Fire Emblem amiibos, they existed as bonus contents in the game.



outburst commented on A Splash of New Details Emerge on Splatoon's D...:

Yeah I was thinking the other day that it could only be challenges or achievements that rewards you with costumes when using amiibo. Quorthon and co. were quick to conclude Nintendo is holding contents exclusive to amiibos. But then they'll now complain amiibos weren't properly implemented to justify an amiibo purchase.



outburst commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Update Goes Live to Spee...:

So they'll magically appear and disappear from one location to the other? It'll have more loading times if that's the case. The AI reacts to your moves so it's not predetermined. 2x on old 3DS and 3x on the N3DS, did you not read? It's obvious the old3ds can't handle what the New3DS can.



outburst commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Update Goes Live to Spee...:

Negative on the map. I think it was covered on someone's review why it shouldn't have a map. It adds to the difficulty and surprise/ambush aspect of the game. Plus how would you know the location if it wasn't scouted before? No satellite or high-tech gadgets to scan the surroundings. I think that's also the reason you're always on your team's point of view and never the alien's.



outburst commented on Wii U Shooter Splatoon Makes EDGE Magazine's C...:

@rjejr @NinjaWaddleDee
Sorry I assumed it's the same in US since it's always 1€ = 1$ on all Nintendo games. Here in Europe, most retailers have already brought down their prices from 60€ downto 40€.

Amazon Spain is listing it for 39.90€ but on discount for 31€.

Gamestop Italy's infamous 99 cents more for 40.98€
And Amazon Italy matched the price of GameStop's.

Amazon UK is 33 pounds.

I managed to preorder the SE bundle from Amazon France and Spain for 49.99€. I'll eventually cancel the other or both if I'll manage to get it from Amazon Italy or Gamestop Italy when they'll have it for preorder. That's 50€ with the amiibo. So I thought it's a 40$ game in the US.