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Fri 27th September, 2013

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darthllama commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

I actually really like the look of the unit...but as others have stated the product placement of Super Smash Bros throws everything off. I felt the same way about the Magical Disney 3DS unit as it takes away from the whole aesthetic. If they want to slap it on, do it on the back. Not sure I'd trade my Zelda 3DS model for this. Too bad the Shin Megami one never came, that was by far my favorite.



darthllama commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I was actually expecting something like this. Kind of disappointed as I like tangible items, and always see Japan get the cool swag. I have a lot of the games listed, so settled for Dr. Luigi as the best of what remains. Would of been nice if they let Platinum members choose 2 games (one for Platinum level and one from Silver). That would of at least made it more satisfying. Still its a free game so can't complain too much.

As a poster previous mentioned, this sucks for anyone with only a Wii/DS system still as they get nothing. Well I guess they could sell of the code for some return at the very least.

To the question above, the redemption of a Wii U title does count toward the digital deluxe promotion. So there is that at least.



darthllama commented on HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games Retract C...:

Glad to see this is making a comeback. I was interested in it when it was first announced, and wouldn't mind grabbing it. The Wii U needs a lot more diversity in its games. I'd love for someone to bring over the Fatal Frame Wii games and make them HD for the Wii U.



darthllama commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

Many would argue that Donkey Kong is supposed to be based on colored individuals!! In seriousness, when people criticize Mario games for being racist, it goes to show how much time they have on their hands. Mario games aren't about race and there are very few human characters as is. Most of the humans are merely knockoffs of the few existing toons in the games including siblings, baby versions or evil versions. The Toads aren't even really supposed to be human, they're bloody mushrooms! Now if you start putting ethnic characters in a game, just for the sake of having them then you start making the game about race. Plus if they ever made an ethnic bad guy....people would really put on their racist caps.



darthllama commented on Video: Musician Lindsey Stirling Dresses Up As...:

Well @Sherman, yes her gimmicks helped make her famous. That is true with a lot of musicians born within the youtube universe as gimmicks are the best way to be noticed in the first place. That doesn't mean she is a bad violin player, because she isn't at all. I bet you can't even give a legitimate answer to how she is bad at it. Not liking her music or style, doesn't take away from her obvious ability.



darthllama commented on Walmart's Mickey 3DS XL Will Sell for $199.96,...:

The price is 1:1 with the normal MSRP of the regular 3DS XL units so its not bad even with the game download code. Special edition units tend to sell vary well even without the game, plus I'm sure they notice that lots of people sell off the download codes anyway.
Overall pretty average design though it isn't as lackluster imo as the Mario/Luigi one or the recent Yoshi one. I would of much preferred the game logo to be on the back of the 3DS as opposed to the front. Would of looked much better imo.



darthllama commented on Star Parodier:

I'd totally of gotten this. Didn't even know it existed in the Wiiware system.



darthllama commented on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball Has Some Interestin...:

I agree with everyone that both dogs look creepy. Not interested in the game though. Not a big fan of shelling out cash for what appears to be just little gimmicky mini games. I'd rather pay for a full pledged baseball game.



darthllama commented on Take a Look and be Jealous of This Beautiful M...:

It doesn't look bad, but I like my Zelda and Animal Crossing ones better. The Pokémon ones (sans Pikachu) also look better. My favorite is the Shin Megami one, but alas Japanese only.

Now the box looks pretty awesome imo. Probably better than all the boxarts, but we don't play with the least most of us don't



darthllama commented on Review: NES Remix (Wii U eShop):

I felt $15 was too much for this which it honestly is compared to the pricing of various downloadable titles across platforms. Regardless though its quite a fun game that mixes Warioware with a whole lot of nostalgia. It is well done, though some more challenges would of been nice as they don't take too long to get through.



darthllama commented on NES Remix Confirmed And Available Today on the...:

$15 is a steep price, but I couldn't resist buying on impulse. It definitely has a feel of Warioware for those who liked that series. The game is nothing revolutionary, but its still a real fun take on the nostalgia bandwagon.



darthllama commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

@ACK said:

"To all the people claiming something to the effect of how you told us all so long ago (thanks to your own peerless foresight): Look, unless you've played the game and have some functional, useful criticism or opinion... Then you haven't told us anything."

lol well said. It is amusing to see people who haven't touched the game claim they've known something all along. I think most fans were hopeful that it would be good, but had some reservations due to the past history. Reviews are purely subjective and everyone has their own unique opinion. I mean Sonic & The Black Knight has a higher metacritic score than Sonic Unleashed while I think Black Knight was the most horrible Sonic ever. Nier had terrible reviews but I thought it was an excellent game with one of the best stories in gaming. I typically just read reviews to get a general impression of what the game is like, but always trust myself to be the judge.

For Sonic Lost World, as others have said, reviews are all over the place. Some like IGN/Gamestop crap on it, while others like gamesradar,, digitalspy, and destructoid think its a above average to real good game. It all came down to how they felt about the flaws (camera/cheap deaths). Even some of the bad reviews seem to actually like the game, but can't forgive the frustrating parts. Others can live with the few frustrations and enjoy the game in its entirety. When it comes down to it, just play the game and decide for yourselves. For those wanting to wait, I could see it dropping in price after a few months since Sonic games never take too long to drop.



darthllama commented on Shadow of the Eternals is Officially "On Hold":


Gamecube has an install base of around 22 million. A game selling 400k worldwide is a disappointment. Nintendo has extended the ED trademark 5 times. They always protect their own IPs, especially something that has a cult following. They may hand it off to another developer they trust someday for a sequel or HD release. Silicon games was slated to make a full pledge sequel a few years back until they hit non-related legal troubles. For now it just hasn't been something big enough for Nintendo to get serious about making a new game for yet. As far as Precursor, they shut down because nobody wanted to fund them and interest level was quite low. Nintendo didn't need to make an offer, or impede the process. They doomed themselves quite a few times.

I prefer someone more credible anyway to handle the IP down the road. SotE was looking so ho-hum, and had a budget title feel. Eternal Darkness was unique, SotE was not.



darthllama commented on Extra Pre-Order DLC Available for Sonic Lost W...:

lol an extra lives code as a preorder bonus. Unless the game is on par with Dark Souls, that has to be the most generic preorder bonus they could think of. I'll be going with Gamestop for the Sonic Doll since I want the Nights bonus DLC.



darthllama commented on Shadow of the Eternals is Officially "On Hold":

@Nintenjoe64 said:

Nintendo isn't going to make them any offer. The group pitched the project to Nintendo early on, and were quickly rejected. Eternal Darkness had poor sales and isn't the type of game Nintendo routinely markets. Even though they need exclusives, this isn't one they care for at the moment.

Might be for the better as at this point the project looks very stale so far.



darthllama commented on Robin Williams Says His Son Came Up With The I...:

I actually named my 3 children after LOZ characters. I had twins who I named Ganon and Link, and 2 years later I had a daughter who we named Zelda. After Link stabbed Gannon to death when he was messing with Zelda, I realized that might not of been the best idea.