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darthllama commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

How a character is portrayed should define whether or not something is offense rather than simply what they wear. Wearing a Native American costume isn't an insult against the culture. Blackface/yellow face in movies was on a different scale because they overtly slammed those characters with greatly exaggerated sterotypes and intentional acts of stupidity. They were intended to be laughed at. The characters from Bravely Second are not portrayed in a negative light nor do they cross any threshold of acceptability. There will always be some people who cry about stuff like this, but if they get butt hurt so easy tough crap. More often than not its just bleeding hearts who aren't even the race portrayed that whine just because they want attention. This game is too low key to really get much hate anyway (which it wouldn't happen) and ironically negativity creates positive hype/attention in a lot of cases lol.



darthllama commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

-3DS: Despite the choice that irritated some to not initially bring the normal new 3ds stateside the system had a strong run. It dominated in Japan and was shaking its money maker out West. A lot of new games of various genres from multiple developers kept things interesting. Without the 3DS success, Nintendo would be in dire straights.

-Amiibo: Nintendo's decision to release these puppies especially with poor shipment quantities made them a must have toy that earned Nintendo heaps of money. They've been on of their biggest success stories. Sadly though now that most Amiibo are no longer rare it seems the craze is dying down considerably and their recent attempts to milk it with Animal Crossing amiibo/game/cards was a total flop. If they don't come up with some creative ways to utilize these, they'll wind up being a one year wonder.

-Wii U: Though several popular games came out, the system was a gigantic bomb. The sales in every region were vastly below the competition and the software sales with few exceptions have continued to suck. What is worse is they made a lot of moves that irritated gamers such as digital only Fatal Frame, giving American gamers the middle finger when talking about collectors editions of titles, releasing games missing key features such as no online play with Mario Party, and then the long hiatus between big releases leading to the ultra depressing end of the year filler releases most of which bombed horribly in every way. Lets not forget the continued failure to reduce the price of the Wii U when its competitors are all near the same price point! Oh and their marketing for it and most of the games were total poop (aside from Splatoon/MMaker).

So not a horrible year at all from Nintendo thanks to the 3ds support and hit with Amiibo which helped them see profits, but sad to see how underwhelming and poorly handled the Wii U was once again. Continuously handling consoles and affiliated games poorly yields many concerns heading toward the NX era. Sure it might have cool features, but we have seen many handhelds/consoles with Nintendo that have cool features that are often under utilized and go to waste. Can Nintendo market the NX? Does it have enough juice to compete with the Xbox/PS4? Can they finally attract 3rd party developers? Can they remember the value of online play and match the servers of Live/PSN? Can they make a controller people actually want to use? Can they release more than a couple must have titles a year?



darthllama commented on Splatoon Bundle Boosts Wii U Sales in Japan as...:

The Splat/Smash bundles are in the system for $299 right now. The price won't be discounted until Black Friday and then it'll go back to $299. Stores aren't supposed to display/sell the console yet though but as we've seen with Amiibos, many stores goof up.



darthllama commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

I totally agree on the price cuts. I thought Nintendo was foolish to not do one for last year's holiday season when they still had a chance to breathe life into the system. They failed to do so and saw every other console continue to outsell the U. Now here we are a year with the U on its death bed and still no price cuts at all. They come out with system bundles that are exclusive to one store only which is all kinds of stupid. They are a year away from officially killing the U so if they want to carry any hype into the NX phase they need a drastic cut to the console price. Nobody is going to care if they do a $20-$40 off the retail price especially with the PS4/One will have discounts as they did last year. $199-$229 should be the target at the very least.



darthllama commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

After all the chapters are added? Fatal Frame isn't an episodic adventure, the levels of the story just play out in chapters. The game that is coming out is 100% done with nothing to add. This is just a case of NOA being cheap fools that love to piss on their fanbase. All this decision does is reduce their sales even more and make their retail lineup even more devoid of life.



darthllama commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

You mean the innocent ones that are shot while attacking cops, resisting arrest, rioting, killing 9 year olds in their beds while they are doing homework, destroying property, dealing/using illegal weapons/drugs? Those are criminals, just like these two idiots.



darthllama commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

Nintendo often has gimmicks that don't pan out or are often under utilized so I'm not a fan of the hybrid idea. Likely it would be something nice in theory but bad in real world application. They need to focus on what sells consoles to developers....power and online functionality. Getting 3rd parties to buy in is essential since Nintendo takes years to get non-Mario milked games out the door.



darthllama commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

No but you entered the reality where not as many people are seeing Nintendo through rose colored glasses. At a time when Nintendo needs to do more, they do the opposite. A lot of people who played Star Fox Zero have come away not very impressed. As one of the only AAA titles coming out this year in a pretty dry lineup the problems are much more glaring.



darthllama commented on Nintendo's E3 'Roadmap' Infographic Shows Off ...:

Definitely not an exciting chart. No major releases for 3 months during the summer period (which is important for sales). Then most of the announced dates are for 3rd party music and life-game titles that every other console has. There is always a chance that games without a release date slip into next year further weakening a very shallow crop of entries. There are fortunately a few others such as Fatal Frame V not listed, but still slim pickings overall. With NX targeted for 2017 release, chances are next year will be even more barren of releases for the poor ole U.



darthllama commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Not a lot of companies brought their A game to e3 this year, but most at least had some major announcements. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft though are held in different regard though since they are major console publishers who have far more at stake. That means even more so for Nintendo who is in the worst position overall. They needed a strong performance to help keep buzz of the U alive especially with a lack of titles on the horizon. Sony announced sequels to major franchises, Microsoft had their big announcements, meanwhile Nintendo spent the show going over the same stuff we've been seeing for months. They keep mentioning Mario's 30th anniversary like its going to be a huge event yet all they do is breath Mario Maker down people's necks. They showed off Starfox to start and it felt like the show ended there. The new announcements were mainly niche multiplayer titles and 3ds stuff. Metroid Federations looked to be a game that just borrows the name and could of been called anything else. Mario Party 10 hasn't been a big success, so its hard to imagine an Animal Crossing iteration that uses Amiibo that most people can't get ahold of being anything more grand. They spent 30 minutes talking about useless crap rather than fleshing these titles out to make them look more appealing. Zelda U gets no love during a stage they need people to maintain excitement for it even if its due out next year. This was just a business as usual Nintendo Direct with far more useless filler. No wonder Iwata ditched it. Reggie said transform was the company theme this year, and it felt like a continual transformation of a company who just doesn't care anymore.



darthllama commented on Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Details and Offi...:

Very unlikely Hyrule Warriors will be exclusive to Japan. The game for the Wii U sold far better outside Japan so unless they are eager to screw themselves out of a lot of potential sales then they'll be bringing the game out west. Plus its not like they've been shy about releasing all 100000 Warrior games outside Japan. It'll come, it'll come...



darthllama commented on Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Will Not Be Ava...:

Wii U poor sales are actually a non-factor for a title like this if they do plan to keep the numbers limited. They tend to sell out due to the rarity regardless of system, especially for those who missed out on the PS4/One preorders. Now if they plan to print over 9000 of them or something like that than yeah it wouldn't be worth it.



darthllama commented on Feature: Humble Nindie Bundle - The Developer'...:

These aren't large companies nor are these AAA titles. A lot of bundles that humble/indiegala/bundlestars/etc throw out there fail to reach the level the Nintendo bundle is at. You have to consider region locking, the availablility of a few of these games from other previous bundles for steam users (which is humbles core audience), a lot of people just buying the $1 tier, and then those waiting to see what other titles are unlocked. Overall to be at $530K with 7 days still to go and more games to be unlocked which will draw even more audience....its going very well.



darthllama commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

Totally awesome to see. I got the usual Humble Bundle email....clicked to see the games and saw they were all for Nintendo eshop. I had some of the titles already, but went ahead and purchased it. After all the titles are unlocked it'll average out to less than $1 a game which is just crazy and that doesn't even include the fact that a few titles give both the 3ds/U versions.
I've been a big fan of humble bundle for getting cheap steam codes, so its great to see Nintendo work a deal like this with them. Hopefully more deals like this come in the future as well! For those with even a moderate interest in any of these titles...jump on board! You get a lot of bang for your buck and some of these titles are very good.!



darthllama commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

The Wii U versions of most multiplatform games feature the worst sells of all available consoles. Revelations for example saw the PS3 version sell 5 times the copies than the U and the 360 sold twice as much. When you factor in the added development time needed for gamepad incorporation and other problems developers run into involving the U it just isn't worth it.



darthllama commented on Cyber Gadget's Retro Freak System Is Looking T...:

Odd to not have pure NES support when that is one of the bread and butter offerings for most of these clones. Master system games are supposed to work on this with the power base converter like it does with the retron5. I wonder if the famicon to nes converter would work on this as well.

I'd be midly interested (nes is the big potential drawback) in importing this if it proves more stable and reliable than the retron 5.



darthllama commented on Video: Nintendo of America's Musical Splatoon ...:

When Skylanders first came out "adults" claimed they never would touch the game and aren't interested in picking up kids toys. Then it turned out adults are a large part of the audience. What people say, especially on something like youtube which is only about whiners trolling, means squat. Animal Crossing was another game that "adults" didn't want to be seeing playing and in the end adults play all iterations of it. This isn't a Leapster game, and can very well get adults involved. That also though reflects the problem that Nintendo hates to market its games toward the 16-30 crowd. Even with AAA titles like Mario, they settle for generic family oriented commercials that only kids and soccer moms care about. They never have any sort of epic ads that appeal beyond that small audience. It would help if the had ads/trailers with combat focus that didn't include some kid pop singing that makes people vomit and miss what the games about aside from the obvious.



darthllama commented on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Le...:

At first it looked like one of those specifically Nintendo only charts. Even though none of the sells were too grand, its just really cool to see the complete Nintendo dominance for the week. Unfortunately the Wii U had quite the drop. I was hoping it would have another week beating out the PS4, but at least it didn't go back to the 7k range.

The global testfire demo phases had a lot of Japanese players trying it out. It has that sort of simple niche appeal that can really hit off well there. I'm just curious as to what its preorder numbers in the US looks like especially with the very weak advertising to the general populous.



darthllama commented on Video: Nintendo of America's Splatoon TV Comme...:

Once you get splat splat splat splat you just got to shake it off, shake it off!

Overall I don't mind the commercial even though its obviously aimed at the younger crowd (has the total nickelodeon vibe). Even with a serious commercial, it likely wouldn't of hit home with the COD fanboys or "mature" crowd but this can at least appeal to the child/family demographic that Nintendo depends on.



darthllama commented on Updated Documents Point to Multiple amiibo Res...:

Good job Nintendo.....reprint the only figures every store on the planet seems has! Heaven forbid a store doesn't have 300 Mario amiibos filling up the section. Nice to see more Skulks, but the world doesn't need more Mario/Zelda/Bowser amiibos out of all the ones that they can be reprinting.



darthllama commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

The VC isn't bad but its behind the times. Not meaning to beat a dead horse, but not having digital content tied to an account rather than the console itself has been a glaring omission over the past several years. Not having much of any crossplay downloads is also effected by the above which is a shame because they tend to re-release the same on essentially every piece of hardware they can. Nintendo handling and dictating all VC games also causes a very limited amount of releases compared to what they would have if developers were allowed to do their own jobs. The PSN has become the gold standard for digital sales for consoles, and it takes Nintendo a couple generations of hardware to keep up with the pace. I don't mind them opting out of the whole subscription for free games stuff, but the other stuff noted above would make a major difference.



darthllama commented on The Man Who Created Trollface Wants A Cut Of M...:

There actually is a petition.....that was started by him and his brother with a bunch of fake signups. Such a sad sad pig that guy is.

Defending an intellectual property doesn't make the creator a troll. There is a big difference between fair use of the troll face on the internet where its used for fun (and is free advertisement for Troll face) compared to someone exploiting its property in order to generate profit. The creator isn't out there suing everyone that touches the property, only those who try to overly take advantage of its use without going through the proper channels. Unlike others though, Ninjadick failed to seek out any permission and proceeds to act like a juvenile brat when the subject was brought to his attention. Compounding the issue is that the creator has broken multiple copyrights and uses the properties in absolutely terrible games then rants on forums such as Nintendolife's ranting how much money he is making. Some things you can look past, but the way that the creator of Meme Run abuses the property of others is not one to take lightly



darthllama commented on The Man Who Created Trollface Wants A Cut Of M...:

It sold due to being a cheap eshop game and had appeal to kids who didn't know better. Even without great sales, the fact the game costed almost nothing to make means he can get a decent chunk of change.

Overall as I laughed at the tard before, all this could of been avoided. Contact the owner of the licenses you use or make your own damned designs. Neither is hard to do. It is sad that he continues to make up lies and excuses thinking that people will be stupid enough to believe him. If he is taken to court, legal fees alone would extinguish whatever profit he has seen let alone what he'd need to pay off for copyright violation.



darthllama commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

A game built around multiplayer gaming and Nintendo skips out on the most integral tool for multiplayer experiences. Online is such a major selling point in games these days but Nintendo continues to miss the memo. One of the many reason gamers don't really believe in Nintendo consoles.



darthllama commented on Video: Fan Manages to Port F-Zero to the Mega ...:

Did I say the Genesis was superior to the SNES? Did I say Genesis games are superior to SNES titles? Did I ever defend the "power" of the Genesis? I just implied that the game we saw in this video could look better/natural if it was developed based on the Genesis hardware rather than a straight Rom conversion that is based on different hardware, which is true. Even the person doing the conversion said as much. That doesn't mean it'll blow us away or be superior to the SNES game. Just that it could be a bit better than that short video that was saw. Reading comprehension isn't that hard.



darthllama commented on Wil Wheaton in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. – What'...:

It would be one thing if Nintendo hired....Bill Cosby to do voice work despite all the horrible rumors about him. Then I could understand the boycotting of the game to a degree. A guy like Will Wheaton though? Who cares. You can barely tell it is him, and its not like he does terrible in voice work. I found him one of the least likable characters in ST:TNG, but again...who cares. A lot of the miserableness of that character had to do with the writing staff rather than the actor. This is an entirely different scenario altogether. Let it go, play the game, focus on important things in life.



darthllama commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Confirmed For Eu...:

I am currently working on a Boob bouncing simulator to sell on the eshop for the Wii U. You can edit the color and size of the boobs. If Meme Run and Jumpy Cat can get accepted, I'm sure mine will have no issues getting the thumbs up from Nintendo. I can even add Amiibo so players can see the jiggle factor of Peach, Rosalina, Zelda, and even Mario/Wario!



darthllama commented on Video: Fan Manages to Port F-Zero to the Mega ...:

@DESS-M-8 @CB85
Miyamota is just as stuck in the past as Iwata. He was aversive to a lot of "next-generation" ideas. They need someone entirely new to break the trend of traditional ideas from Nintendo.

Also for those "seriously" criticizing how F-Zero looks on the mega drive as seen above, remember this is a rom hack of the SNES version. If it was a full pledged game using Genesis hardware, a lot more can be done (except the sound which always sucks). Heck even this hack is stated to be far from completion