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Male, 30, United Kingdom

I love Nintendo, parkour and punk rock in no specific order. I only buy home console's not portables, just so I can still have a life.. My Nintendo ID is PUKE64.

Fri 15th March, 2013

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ULTRA-64 commented on Yacht Club Games Announces Free Shovel Knight:...:

I've just started guacamelee.....I'll buy this afterwards or when it's next on sale and hopefully the dlc will be out by then. Think I'd rather play it with more content than to go back to a game when I've beaten it once , or is that just me?!?



ULTRA-64 commented on Feature: Five Remastered Games We'd Love to Pl...:

But selfish of me but I voted twilight princess because it's the game I least want to see on the Wii u!! It bothers me that Nintendo don't like releasing remakes on handheld and home consoles, since I don't have a 3ds I wouldnt vote to reduce games I want to play ;)



ULTRA-64 commented on Saints Row Design Director Was Working On An O...:

@Zach I agree 100% . whilst we don't know the details to attach blame to a party on this, the list of games Nintendo has missed out on releasing for various reasons compared to the releases of sub-par quality they have praised is hard to look at. They make amazing games, nobody doubts this. They just don't seem to get key relationships running in their favour often now and pump out average games selling of the back of amazing franchises too often for my personal taste.



ULTRA-64 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Shows De...:

Sony is gradually becoming the dominant force in Japan it seems, even the ps4 outselling the top 3ds!!! Of course this is a short term change for now but would never have been the case in the last few years no matter what Sony released......worrying!!



ULTRA-64 commented on Nintendo España Appears to Confirm Super Mari...:

@KodyDawg agreed, I prefer the yellow traditional outfit more! I bought the other one already so when that arrives I'll keep it sealed for collecting(not normally my thing) and open the new yellow one instead for game use.
as others have said though, waluigi is the one I'm REALLY wanting!!!



ULTRA-64 commented on Review: Rock 'N Racing Off Road (Wii U eShop):

Shame, love the simple racing mechanics of games like this. All they had to do was keep it interesting with tracks , game modes and variety.......I liked tnt racing for that very reason-simple driving but lots of variety to keep you playing 'till the end!!



ULTRA-64 commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

@PinkSpider scrap everything I've said, I'm an idiot!! Was typing walking back from work in a mood, facts now checked.....I was wrong about everything nearly- if I can buy what I said at the price I said- then I will buy it and mail it to you ;)



ULTRA-64 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D ...:

Only bad thing about this game is that I can't play it!! I dont do handhelds so I'll miss this, really wish this was on the Wii u instead or aswell as. He'll, I'd settle for a vc's the only 3d Zelda I've not played properly!!



ULTRA-64 commented on Review: Citizens of Earth (Wii U eShop):

Love the concept but don't have time for anything new for a while yet. Just finished bayonetta and nearly got through stealth Inc. 2 but loads more to get through yet and I've not even grabbed shovel knight!!



ULTRA-64 commented on Review: Undead Storm Nightmare (3DS eShop):

"Just when you thought he zombie craze was played out and over used, it turns out that you were correct! "......... I never understood why zombie games got so much stick? Whilst every game is not for every person and there has been allot of choice in the last 5 years or so. I've never heard another type of game openly slated for what it is, since when has there been too many driving/RPG/platform/sports or puzzle games to the point where that were worse for what they are and seen negatively. I'm biased, I really like them, but just weird that people seem to have an agenda against a type of game just as common as others!?!



ULTRA-64 commented on Three New LEGO Games Heading for Nintendo Hard...:

I'm actually keen on the Jurassic park one. I loved Lego city but I've avoided playing more Lego games as they look very similar gameplay wise. I figured wait till they're very cheap or a more appealing franchise gets roped in!! The marvel one and now the Jurassic park one are on my list assuming it reviews well!?!



ULTRA-64 commented on Retailer The Hut Believes The Wii U Now Has A ...:

@Quorthon I'm in the same boat man, older gamers don't dislike colourful games and we're old enough to not get stick on the playground. Doesn't stop us wanting adult options to enjoy the full spectrum of gaming. I love Nintendo, only buy their consoles but have a thing for zombie games. I miss allot of adult game's I would play so I can still play Mario/Zelda etc but it's money that talks and 3rd parties are very hollow entities atm, as far as I read zombie u made money, it just failed to hit targets of profit hoped for so was dumped. My point being that the big third parties won't take risks unless gains are great, and likely. And that Nintendo won't back you in the media war even if you released a game of the year with the adult content fans have been screaming for!!!



ULTRA-64 commented on RCMADIAX Confirms European Release Line-Up for...:

I'm enjoying blok drop at the moment, it does what it says on the tin really. We all like AAA games but nothing wrong with a cheapo game every now and then and who knows, if we keep supporting small development we might just be encouraging a future classic down the line! Worst case ......79p wasted which does no harm ;)



ULTRA-64 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

I've got most of the games I want from that list, got madworld for £1.50 last month so that would have to be cheap to get people to buy. I voted sports resort because it would be more convenient to have that installed, as it came free with my Wii however, it would need to be cheaper than £8.99!!!



ULTRA-64 commented on Poll: As amiibo Expands and Evolves, Which Fea...:

I'm not really into the whole amiibo thing. I'm a gamer not a collector so if it doesn't add something meaningful to a game, I'm just not that keen! Having said that, I'll grab 1 or 2 for birthdays probably and I said I'd buy a wario and waluigi one if they came out to encourage some more game action for my favourites ;)



ULTRA-64 commented on Rock 'N Racing Off Road Aims to Bring Mayhem t...:

Game looks to be pretty fun and I'm keen........but is that another major exchange rate rip off I see heading to Europe?? 5.99 in dollars or euro's......better be less when it's in good old sterling! It's really grinding my gears how often Europe gets shafted on price conversion =(



ULTRA-64 commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd January (Europe):

@Grumblevolcano I'm starting to wonder if there is a legal reason for the dk / us situation......seems more than just strange now!! I'm in the UK so I CAN buy them but the only thing I can think of for such a massive delay is legal/copyright problems-probably to do with all of the games not out in the state's feature diddy Kong who rare have some rights over!?!



ULTRA-64 commented on Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales ...:

@prufessor_oak having loved tropical freeze, I'm in the same boat dude! Good thing for me is that I never played dk:returns on the wii and with that on the way I'll get another dk fix soon ;) and to think I was one of the ones raging when they announced tropical freeze and not a metroid!!



ULTRA-64 commented on New Nintendo Wii Remotes Come in Bowser and To...:

The bowser one looks great but I've just got new Wii remotes so I have 4 colours(no white!) And all motion plus. What I REALLY WANT is some nunchuck options aswell!! How many official options are there out there? I Know of the red/white/black ones and I found the gold one's were crazy expensive!



ULTRA-64 commented on Gallery: Imagining What Banjo-Kazooie Might Lo...:

@scamander you're right in part, yes. Licencing rights are very complicated however and as creator they own the intellectual rights hense them being named in the credits of games. It's a sorry mess of red tape that unfortunately hinders the creation of great games. Sad really!