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Most important thing in life is life itself, so respect yours and others. Now, go play and stay young forever.

Tue 24th July, 2012

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andrea987 commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

Too many choices; people following trends, not quality; tough times, economic-wise; not enough advertising by Nintendo: that is all. Now back to enjoy our WiiU, members of this selective club; is actually quite funny, if you think about it that way.



andrea987 commented on More Disney Infinity 3.0 Leaks Emerge With Sta...:

2.0 feels really half-baked; the actual missions you get with the playsets are simplistic, and the ones you can make they leave you with that unfinished feeling, as you can't perma-save or connect different world/levels to make it look like a proper game. Is ok to mess about, yes, but I feel we already spent too much money on it. And we haven't spent much on it...



andrea987 commented on ​Parent Trap: Why Affordable Multiplayer Adv...:

@pleonexia Same here (well, aside from ASA, still on our to-buy list), SM3D and Nintendoland are a top priority for our family co-op time (Pikmin and Zelda the favourite). Since we bought Kirby Adventure Wii, that one seems to get our kids approval too, for multiplayer.