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Most important thing in life is life itself, so respect yours and others. Now, go play and stay young forever.

Tue 24th July, 2012

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andrea987 commented on Gunman Clive 2 Developer Talks About a Possibl...:

It would make more sense to release the trilogy on WiiU, imo. For the third chapter, I'd say make it longer, with a story that changes and develop according to the player, choosing different levels and whatnot. That will add replayability to the title.



andrea987 commented on LEGO The Hobbit DLC Trilogy Expansion No Longe...:

Lol @ people trying to give political or racial interpretation of LotR. Of course Tolkien had his own views, and some of his opinions might have not been correct, and have influenced his writings in some ways. But the main general themes are the horror of war, power and the corruption it brings, death and immortality, and these are so vibrant, real and relevant today as they were back then, probably even more so.
Aside from all of that, it's a brilliant fantasy work, imo the best of all times, and people should really read it more, instead of forming their opinions on it based on the movies.



andrea987 commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

As someone already said, it's Candy'Mon. Moral issues aside (but if I were Nintendo I'd consider them, for various reasons), it would make more sense to release it only for smartphones.
The only FTP I expect from Nintendo on 3DS is the SteelDiverSubWars-type. That, I can get on board.