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Tue 24th Jul 2012

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andrea987 commented on Macronix Will Be Providing Memory Products for...:

Calling it now, I reckon NX will be made of 2 components:

1) Home Console, basically a much more powerful WiiU, faster/more RAM/etc., which will play WiiU games perfectly, and will connect to
2) Handheld, basically a much more powerful 3DS, which will work as controller when connected to Home Console, or as a portable on his own.

NX games will be flashcards, can only be inserted in Handheld, but when connected to Home Console will output to TV taking advantage of stronger processing power, displaying native code. When used on the Handheld, games will automatically downscale in FPS and definition, to match smaller screen.
Still not sure if WiiU games will be available in flashcards too, or as digital download only.



andrea987 commented on Review: Discovery (Wii U eShop):

If creative would also allow to insert NPCs and some kind of quests/story system, I think we could have a winner. Don't know why nobody has done that, yet



andrea987 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th January (Europe):

@vinicity Quote from user Retroid (Niklas from Retroid Interactive), check NL review - comment section - to see his whole post:
"The European release will feature the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish."



andrea987 commented on ​PictoParty's Release Has Been Pushed Back t...:

@sillygostly All of us "grown men" would benefit from some kind of embarassing activity. Kids usually laugh and learn of their shortcomings, we sadly lose that ability too soon. Pictionary can absolutely help with that, but it also depends on who you play it with, of course.
The 'Dare' games, on the other hand, are just delving into our worst tendencies, therefore I'd just call them degrading, more than embarassing.
On topic, shame, nothing for me this week then. Well, apart from the Legend of Legacy demo.



andrea987 commented on Video: Get on the Starting Blocks With Mario &...:

@kobashi100 So you're stuck in 'Gen' mode, eh? If something is better, use it, who cares if it's 1,2 or 3 gens ago? Heck, people complained 'cause Nintendo didn't make WiiU compatible with GC controllers, when SSB came out, they even made the adapter for it! I don't have the Sonic Olympic game for WiiU, anyway, so I can't tell you whether the wiimote was the best choice for any single game, and yes, there should always be different control options, but the 'Gen' reasoning is just wrong, sorry. Cannot justify it one bit.



andrea987 commented on Review: Petit Novel series - Harvest December ...:

@GloryQuestor Thanks for clarifying, but I prefer to keep things simple. I don't know any of the ones you listed, but I played EO series, and I personally consider them RPG, as any other game with heavy RPG mechanics. If we start considering VN anything that has some scene explained with images/dialogue, then we might as well include 99% of the games ever released. I just downloaded Legend of Kay from the eshop, and that feature pictures and dialogue as the story progress, but I'm sure you know it's a 3D platformer/action adventure, definitely not a visual novel.



andrea987 commented on Review: Petit Novel series - Harvest December ...:

@GloryQuestor I agree with AA, but Etrian Odissey a visual novel? First time I hear that. Prof Layton has more in common with it, but EO is more RPG than anything else. I'm not into SMT, but I think that falls into the RPG genre too.
On topic, not sure this counts as a game, but I suppose you can pass it as an "App" of sorts.



andrea987 commented on Interview: Image & Form CEO Talks Steamworld H...:

Glad it's doing well, excellent effort, guys!
I've alrady played it through twice now, and yes, I'd love an online MP mode for it, it's what this game would need to reach near-perfection. How it is right now, once you played it through once (2nd,3rd, etc are just the same, you restart from the beginning keepong only the hats you collected) you've seen it all, really. And yes, levels are procedurally generated, but It's very limited in what it actually changes each time, often is only box and barrels placed differently. But these are the only complaints; gameplay, difficulty calibration and presentation are all top notch, attention to details it really is close to a first party title, amazing. 9.2/10