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Mon 9th Jun 2014

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invictus4000 commented on Video: Get Creeped Out By the Final Pre-Launch...:

I think you'd like it, then. While there are plenty of jump scares too, this games is very weird and messes with your brain. I mean, it takes place in an insane asylum so...yeah. Haha. It feels very 'Silent Hill'ish rather than 'Resident Evil'ish. It's been years since I played it on my DS Lite but I remember it was one of the highest quality games on the system at the time and pushed it to its limits.



invictus4000 commented on This Handsome Infographic Shows Off All The Jo...:

I'm an old school FF fan and thus am wary with any new FF since they have sucked hard ever since FF9. But this spin off seems like it may be fun to play online with my cousin. I too, will wait and see what reviews have to say and buy if they are good AND if I'm not still hooked on Xenoblade U. I have to say so far I am loving the FF5 vibe and since I never liked FFMMOs and hate all Monster Hunters, maybe this will be the magic middle grounds!



invictus4000 commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Third...:

Great list and I agree almost entirely. Im glad Nintendoland made the cut for runner up. I bought it used on a whim but have dumped a ton of hours into it with parties, get togethers, etc. My brother and I have laughed ourselves to tears with it on occassion.



invictus4000 commented on Video: Learn a Little More About Chrono Trigger:

Its without a doubt the best game of all time. The fact that things in it are based off of the creators' dreams make sense since it is I believe, absolutely flawless in every way. The stars aligned somehow when it was first created and i dont think any sequel could ever be as good. Just one of those magic moments in history that will stand forever. I envy you having the chance to play and experience this for the first time! Youll love it!



invictus4000 commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

Hahaha! This is the most comments Ive ever seen in an article before. Guess I'll add my two cents worth. I don't care at all about the specific changes they made. It's just a stupid little thing. But I do think its dumb that Nintendo censors anything all. Just make the game and leave it how it is!



invictus4000 commented on Review: Stella Glow (3DS):

Wow I wasn't expecting this good of a review but I loved Luminous Arc back in the day and did in fact have fun with this demo. Comes out on my birthday but like everyone is saying...I'll wait a bit until Atlus has it for half off in the eshop. Besides, Xenoblade is only weeks away and if I am playing anything new at that time, it will disappear into the void while Xeno takes over my life for 600 hours.



invictus4000 commented on Talking Point: Deep Breaths Are Needed as High...:

My (realistic) expectations:
The Direct starts with Iwata himself who faked his own death bringing it 'directly' to us. This is followed immediately by a new trailer of Zelda for Wii U with a surprise release date of December 2015. Next comes the fact that Federation Force was a cover up for a new 2D Metroid title for Wii U which will launch alongside a 3DS remaster of Super Metroid. Then comes the announcement of a new F-Zero and full details of the new rewards program and that a Mario mobile game is in the works. The presentation finishes off with another surprise reveal of none other than the NX itself which happens to be virtual reality and is backwards compatible with every other Nintendo system to date. Just as you think its ending they also announce at this moment that Twilight Princess HD and Hyper Light Drifter are on the eShop waiting to be downloaded...also Megaman Legends 3 on 3DS.



invictus4000 commented on Talking Point: Deep Breaths Are Needed as High...:

I never get to watch N Directs live since I work full time but by some miracle it just so happens that I have the 12th off. It would seem the stars have aligned and the universe is clearing the path for an epic big moment in this pivotal presentation. At least...thats what I'd like to say. Honestly I'm bracing myself for another big disappointment since let's be honest, Nintendo has pretty much set that pattern now. Prove me wrong Big N! Show me another Zelda U trailer! Show me a revised Star Fox with release dates on both! Make this a Direct the KO it needs to be!



invictus4000 commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

Glad I found the site which has come to trump all others for me including IGN (easily). I am on multiple times a day including each morning as I eat breakfast. Its my morning paper. Lol. Keep up the great work guys!



invictus4000 commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Super Metroid:

I agree entirely. In my top 5 games of all time. I remember clearly the first time playing the scene he described landing on Zebes. I was in 3rd grade and had just ridden my bike across town to rent it. I moved my 13" TV and SNES into a tent I had built and there in the darkness, with my left over Halloween candy, ventured into the gloom of Super Metroid. Few moments in my gaming career have come close to that experience as far as emotional impact. I would love a 3D Classic treatment of this on the 3DS but no remake. You can't fix something that's not broken.



invictus4000 commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

Haha! I saw that coming a mile away. But whatever. Less awkward to play around the Mrs. Lol. And yeah that's totally weird that she is 13 in the Japanese version. I don't wanna see that.
Also...Im always up for character ages being raised. They just keep getting younger and younger and I miss the days of like, FF4 and FF6 where the majority of the characters' ages were like 35-70.



invictus4000 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Delays With My Ninte...:

The reason for the delays they keep throwing out cracks me up. So they can 'more fully focus on pushing what's ready for holiday 2015'. That completely makes sense...but WHAT exactly are they focusing on? That's what gets me. They have delayed every single big game until next year. Are hey pushing Triforce Heros and Happy Home Designer? SO pathetic.
Anyway, I just hope (extremely likely in vain) that they retroactively credit us for the play time we have already done once the new program launches. I mean, I'm SURE they won't, but it just makes me sad since I chose to jump back in with a Nintendo home console on one of their off generations and I have dumped CRAP loads of time into the U and my 3DS...but just now am kind of running out of time in my life for games...just as they get their crap together...