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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Beau_Skunk commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are Confirmed for April:

Ugh... I want "Mario Golf," but 250 coins is way to much. I have more then enough coins, but a $10 download game doesn't seem worth that much for me. Might've considered it if it was just 200, or 150... I hope they aren't going to charge 250 for all N64 games now...
Mario Tennis was 150 last year. (I'm going to be mad if they jack-up it's price on me... I couldn't get it last year, because I didn't have enough coins.)

I really wish Club Nintendo would stop price gouging us with the coins... Not a single thing under 200 coins this month, and the games seem to get more expensive every year... They must really not want us to get them so easily.



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (North America):

@3dcaleb @nesvc
Nice to see I'm not the only one eagerly anticipating "Bubble Bobble." It's the NES/Famicom version, which was still a good version. It's been out in Japan sense October, so it's amazing it's not out yet... It probably won't come out, until after "Final Fantasy 1" comes to 3DS's VC, because I hear Square/Enix owns Tato the company that made "Bubble Bobble" originally, and they'd probably want to release a more popular game first.

"Donkey Kong Land" was also released in Japan recently, so don't expect that one for another few months either... Especially, with all the GBA releases this month, and Megaman Gameboy releases next month. I'm never going to get Bubble Bobble! :(



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Clu Clu Land (3DS eShop / NES):

I understand that, I just think it's baffling those good games got "horrible" reviews/scores, while this one got higher, and more praise.
I loved Dr. Mario & Balloon Fight, so it's kinda disapointing is all. With all the bad reviews they give old games, it's amazing some like the DK games, and Pac Man still get good reviews on this site. (I love those games, but I don't see how they could get higher then a classic "Dr. Mario")

I won't say this is a "horrible" game, it's decent, but "Clu Clu Land D" (included in Animal Crossing, a Famicom Disk System remake of the game) was actually better, and had a better difficulty curve. This one gets to hard to quickly, making it difficult to progress very far in the game. The remake was better.



Beau_Skunk commented on Game Boy Classic Donkey Kong Land Is Coming To...:

@Henmii To my knowledge yes, Rare gave Nintendo all the rights to the DKC characters, and such. In fact, the Kremlings were featured in several non-Rare DK games like, DK: King of Swing, it's sequel DK: Jungle Climber, DK: Barrel Blast, and even a few Mario sports games like Super Mario Strikers.
Why Nintendo/Retro doesn't use them in the new DKC Returns games is unknown, but the fact "Barrel Blast," and such didn't do as well may be the reason. They probably thought the games would do better with fresh new enemies. They don't even have the Gnawties, Necky buzzards, or others either.



Beau_Skunk commented on Game Boy Classic Donkey Kong Land Is Coming To...:

DK64 is kinda doubtful for 2 reasons. The old Rareware game "JetPac" included is now owned by Microsoft, leading to licensing issues, and the arcade DK game is also included for free, And the NES version is on VC for 5 bucks. Nintendo probably also fears that fans who already payed 5 bucks for the DK NES game would be upset that this game has it for free. (And with the 4th level not included in the NES version.)

I hear Nintendo only allows one version of their games to be released on the Virtual Console, this is why we have "Pokemon Puzzle League," but not the SNES "Tetris Attack," or why we have only the NES version of "Wario's Woods," and such.
This is probably why we don't see "ExciteBike 64" on VC either, because the original "Excitebike" was included for free in it to, and it's already on VC, as well.
Though, seeing how "Super Mario Bros. Deluxe" is out in Europe now on it's VC, maybe Nintendo is gradually getting over that.



Beau_Skunk commented on Game Boy Classic Donkey Kong Land Is Coming To...:

I just hope it doesn't take MONTHS to come out over here, like most other Virtual Console games lately... (Still waiting for Bubble Bobble, Tetris Attack, and SMB3, all been out in Japan's 3DS VC for months... Whoever's in charge of the North American Virtual Console, should be fired) We especially need more Gameboy games on 3DS, as we haven't gotten many recent ones. Can't wait for "Donkey Kong Land 2," which is the only DKL game I don't already own. (I might get this game again anyways.)

Even if the movements are a bit slower/choppier then the SNES games, it's still a good game, with some good unique locations, and enemies in it. (the play control was improved in the DKL sequels, DKL3 feels almost exactly like the SNES games when played on Super Gameboy) Also, another improvement, Expresso the ostrich can STOMP enemies now, and not get hurt.



Beau_Skunk commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

I think the lack of a "link-up" multi-player feature, plus the issue of having more then one "version" of each Pokemon game seems to be why we don't have any Poke'mon games yet.

Nintendo, usually has a policy that only one version of each of their first-party games can be released on each Virtual Console service. (This is why we only have the NES version of "Wario's Woods," and why the 3DS has the Gameboy version of Dr. Mario, instead of the NES one like the Wii/WiiU.) But seeing how "Super Mario Bros. Deluxe" made it to Europe, hopefully Nintendo will see past that policy...



Beau_Skunk commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

Nintendo hasn't updated the Gameboy & GBC games with multiplayer support, so don't count on it. (It's a miracle the NES 3DS games have "download play" at this point, so I was hoping GBA games would follow suit...) It's not impossible, even Sega put multiplayer, and MORE features in the Virtual Console Game Gear & 3D games for 3DS, then Nintendo did their games. (And Sega while a good company is usually the one who rushes/half-bakes their games, but it seems like they're outdoing Nintendo with quality remakes/rereleases.)

When it comes to Virtual Console, Nintendo is really giving me a "they just did not care enough" vibe... Especially, not releasing SMB3 when they promised. (I'm still waiting for "Bubble Bobble," as well, which has been out in Japan for months.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Artwork: When Nintendo Finally Gets Around To ...:

A li'l to realistic, but good for fan artwork though. Can't say I'd want this for actual game artwork. I would love a new Star Fox, but sadly I don't think "Star Fox 64 3D" did well enough to convince Nintendo/Miyamoto to make a new game. (Even one outsourced to Q-Games, or another developer.) Didn't help Nintendo released it around the same time as "Ocarina of Time 3D" so Zelda got more attention, and sales. They really should've waited, and released SF643D after the Zelda hype, or save it for SF's 20th anniversary. (Which was ignored last year in favor of the Famicom anniversary & "Year of Luigi.")



Beau_Skunk commented on How One Man Is Giving Sonic Fans The Game They...:

I played the demos for both versions of "Lost World," and frankly, I think I'd rather play it then this Sonic 1 rehash fan game. I really don't get why this site lately is bashing alot of decent games. (Especially, the horrible reviews for some decent/good ones like "Balloon Fight," and such.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Prolific Video Game Box Art Illustrator Greg M...:

I never would've thought the art for the Sonic games, Duck Tales, and Little Nemo were done by the same person, but now that I compare, I can see it, and it's sad to hear he passed away. His artwork was pretty good. Sure the Sonic art was "off-model" compared to the Japanese official art, but I think that's what made them so appealing, and unique. I like how he rendered the "Milton Knight" Robotnik/Eggman design for "Mean Bean Machine" to.



Beau_Skunk commented on First Impressions: 3D After Burner II:

Actually, from what I hear they sold decently, in fact, "3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure" is among the most best-selling 3DS Eshop games. I think it's because Akira hasn't made anymore yet, as Akira seems to be the one developing the "3D Classics" line, not Nintendo. If Akira is unavailable, or busy, Nintendo should allow M2, or some other developer to remake some of their 16-bit games in 3D. (Like the original F-Zero, or Star Fox.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 26th December (North America):

Yeah, I got a $35 Eshop card, as my only game-related thing for Christmas, and I can't do anything with it now... I did manage to get "3D Shinobi 3" before the shop went down. It's pretty good, but difficult to "run" when using the control circle-pad, so it makes you rely more on the + control pad. (Which is a pain for me to use 'cause the + padbuttons are kinda small, and dig into my thumb... I wish they made the 3DS XL's buttons a li'l bigger personally, that's my only gripe with Nintendo's portables...)



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 26th December (North America):

$6?! I take it back, I don't want Mario Tennis anymore... 5 bucks would've been fine. (I didn't even want to pay $6 for "Link's Awakening DX," even though that's one of my favorite Zelda games.) For that much money, I'd rather get something like "3D Streets of Rage."
I hate it when Nintendo gouges Virtual Console prices like that, just 'cause a game is from a popular series... They're only charging that much, because it's "Mario," and therefore people would go for it, and they knew that... (Like how the Sonic Game Gear games cost more then any of the other Game Gear games...)
Granted though, I have seen Gameboy Color game cartridges for more then $6 used... Some even as high as 20 bucks. (So I guess it's still cheaper.) Still, I don't like paying "extra" for a game that old, and especially a simple sports game. (I don't care if it does have an RPG-ish "Adventure" mode.) I hate to complain, but even GBC Mario Golf is 5 bucks... Maybe I'll get that instead. (Is that any good?) Shame, 'cause I prefer tennis over golf...

I hope they don't sucker us, and charge extra for SMB3... Otherwise I'm going to be quite upset... (It's bad enough we have to buy it separately for both Wii/WiiU, and 3DS without any kinda discount, if you already have it for one...)



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 26th December (North America):

I already have SMB3 for NES, SNES, (via All-stars) and my Wii, so I can wait, honestly. (Would be nice to have a portable version, I never got SMA4.) Mario Tennis GBC is definately another game I've been waiting for. Hope we get "Bubble Bobble" & "Tetris Attack" (GB) soon. (Which are out on Japan's 3DS Virtual Console.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Are Updated for December:

Mario's Picross is tempting... (It's getting rare we get a good game for 100 coins lately.) As much as I love "Balloon Fight," you might as well just pay 5 bucks for it, instead of 200 hard-earned Club Nintendo coins...



Beau_Skunk commented on M2 Developed a "Virtual" Sega Console for 3D S...:

Sad thing is, I actually have seen one Sonic fan complaining about the inclusion of the spindash claiming it'll ruin the game somehow... (Ironically, other fans hated the lack of spindash.)
If you've ever been active in the Sonic fanbase, you'd be shocked at how relentlessly hateful they are to any change to the series. Some even complain about minor things that don't effect the gameplay like Sonic having green eyes.

From videos I've seen, unlike the failed GBA remake, this 3DS game is actually a perfect recreation of the original Sonic 1.



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Wario: Master of Disguise (DS):

Nintendo Power magazine gave this game a 6.5 which is actually quite low compared to how they usually rate games, (Anything 7.0 and up is usually "good" to them) so even they found this title "mediocre."



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Tennis (Wii U eShop / NES):

While a bit lacking in content, I thought this one wasn't so bad. A few things you have to get used to, but at least the game feels a bit more advanced then "Pong."

Also, why does this game get a 4, while NES "Baseball" gets a 6? This one you feel more in control of your character to me.



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Baseball (Wii U eShop / NES):

I'm amazed this review & score was much more favorable then the ones for "Balloon Fight" & "Balloon Kid." I thought those were a much better games then NES-"Baseball" personally. (At least you had control over your character.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 14th November (North America):

Got the Sonic demo, but I voted Zelda 2, 'cause that game needs more love, and I'm definately getting it with the discount. I'd get Zelda 1 also, but I wanna save cash for the next character sales they offer in the next weeks. (I already have Link's Awakening DX)

I'd love River City Ransom, but I already have it on Wii. (Funny thing is, I accidently bought/downloaded it, when I was trying to check how many blocks, and stuff it took up. Can't complain though, 'cause it's a good game.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: GOLF (Wii U eShop):

I actually kinda liked this game when I played it in Animal Crossing. It's simple, has a bit of retro NES charm, is a bit strategic, and offers many different ways to beat each course.
...I wouldn't pay 5 bucks for it though. It's a bit low on content, even compared to some other 8-bit titles. Especially, sense you can get the more advanced "NES Open Tournament Golf," or "Mario Golf GBC" for the same price. They're also 8-bit, but offer way more content.
Even the black & white Gameboy "Golf" is better. (And cheaper.) I'd more-so recommend that one if you have a 3DS.



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Wario's Woods (3DS eShop / NES):

Personally, I kinda prefer the NES version just for the method of beating bosses in it. In the SNES version you just played against bosses in a "human VS computer" 2-player mode challenge, (like every other puzzle game made) and while that's nice, I felt the NES boss battles were a bit more creative where you actually fight the bosses directly. (It should be obvious who the final boss is.) I felt that was a nice change of pace personally, plus with the game's save feature, it's not impossible to get to the end of each game mode like some puzzle games.

My only gripe with Wario's Woods is the lack of a score feature, (odd for a puzzle game, I know) but it's still fun. It's alot like Dr. Mario & SMB2 combined.



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 7th November (North America):

Ah sweet! I love "Wario's Woods" ever sense I first played it in the GameCube Animal Crossing. I think I'd rather get it for 3DS, sense I prefer having puzzlers on portable systems.
I also prefer how the NES version has a different method for defeating bosses then the SNES version did.
Also, Bubble Bobble was recently released in Japan's 3DS Virtual Console, so I'm curious how long we'll have to wait for that childhood favorite of mine.



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Balloon Kid (Game Boy):

To be honest I think this review is way to harsh...
For a 3 dollar game, it's actually pretty good, especially if you're a fan of "Balloon Fight." This takes the "Balloon Fight" gameplay style, and physics, and puts them into a sidescrolling action game, and it actually works very well. (Better then the reviewer claims in my opinion.)
The new gameplay element of letting go of your balloons, and being able to reinflate them again, also adds a nice new gimmick to the game, allowing you to access secret passages, and the bonus games are nice throwback to the original Balloon Fight. The being on foot controls take a li'l getting used to, but are NOT as bad as the reviewer claims, I felt. (In fact, you can jump quite high in this game, and also regrab your balloons, if you let them go, which comes in handy in boss battles.)
The game's a bit short, (Only 8 stages long, which is still pretty decent for an early Gameboy game, and it lasted longer to me then some) but if you're going to fault this game for being "short," you might as well fault Kirby's Dream Land, and Super Mario Land 1, as well, which were just as short. Honestly, it's so much fun to me, that I don't mind playing through it again, and again, and trying to get a "Perfect" on each level, or trying to get better, or find all the bonus stages.
he soundtrack is also great, and done by Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka. (I think I even love the Stage 1 & 5 theme better then the original Balloon Fight themesong, which it is kinda a remix of.)
Also, regardless what the reviewer claims, the "limited screen" size was never an issue with me in this game. (Other beloved Gameboy games like Metroid 2 & SML2 also had the screen zoomed in a bit to, and nobody complained about them hardly.) The game also has good visuals, and good variety of enemies.
I've also been able to beat the bosses using balloons, so you don't need to drop them in order to fight them, except when trying to stomp/attack them, like the reviewer claims. So there's actually several different ways to beat them, and the levels, which makes the game feel a bit innovative, regardless how simple it is.
But overall, the game feels like a good portable title. I also liked the inclusion of the endless "Balloon Trip" mode if you need a break from the main game.

So I say, if you loved Balloon Fight, then definitely get this game. I'd give it a 7/10 personally.



Beau_Skunk commented on Club Nintendo Rewards are Updated for October:

After getting Super Mario Kart for 100 coins back when Club Nintendo first started offering Virtual Console/Ware games in America, it kinda feels like a rip-off to see them offer it again for 150...
I might've considered Zelda 1, (would be nice to have a portable version) but 150 coins doesn't seem like a "bargain" for a 5 dollar game. (Especially one I already own.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for September:

Geeze, I got "Pilotwings" from Club Nintendo, (good game BTW) for only 100 coins last year. Why are they juicing the prices up on games on Club Nintendo?
I would've considered StarTropics 2, (loved the first one) but 150 coins is to much for a 5 dollar game in my opinion. The others are worth 8 dollars, and probably better buys, if you want one of them.



Beau_Skunk commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Get Active for August:

I think 150 coins is to much for a 5 dollar game, (considering they offered $8 or $10 games for that much, or less before like N64 Mario Tennis, and Pilotwings) you'd be better off just paying 5 bucks for them.
I will admit I do like Wario's Woods, (had it in Animal Crossing on GameCube) and I'd recommend that game, (it's kinda like Dr. Mario) but I think I'll wait and get it for 3DS. (It's on 3DS's Eshop in Japan.)
Mario Golf looks nice to, but I'm not going to spend 150 of my hard-earned coins on a game that I'm not sure if I'll like, or not.



Beau_Skunk commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for July:

This is only the second time to my knowledge, and it's actually a very good game, (in fact, my favorite B&W Gameboy game) and much better/longer then the original DK. It's funny how people don't realize the Gameboy Donkey Kong is a completely different game from the original NES/arcade DK.

I'm a li'l sad to see not so much love for Super Punch-Out. (Which I already have on Wii.) I actually thought it was better, and had more possible ways to beat your opponents in it then the more beloved NES one. Time trial mode was fun to. (And unlike the NES one, I can actually beat the SNES one.)



Beau_Skunk commented on A Hat In Time Developer Claims Donkey Kong 64 ...:

I loved DK64, but admittedly looking back on it was a bit tedious, (compared to Mario 64 & Banjo Kazooie) and very easy to get sidetracked from your goals in the game. It also didn't feel like much of a "Donkey Kong Country" game, as you couldn't really stomp on enemies as easily, and the soundtrack's style was different, (love the "Hideout Helm" theme though) but it did have some similarities to the DKC series, I admit, and some nice new ideas added to it, and the series' trademark humor. (Like the comical shooter weapons poking fun at Rare's FPS games.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Wishes Nintendo Had "Done Mor...:

I amazed to see so much Zelda 2 love in the comments, alot of people tell me they hated it. (lol) Usually the reason being it's "to hard." I actually thought it was easier then Zelda 1, once you get used to using Link's shield to block the Iron Knuckle knights' attacks. Plus the game had a clearer idea of where to go next, and better hints from the NPCs, instead of just running around blindly like in Zelda 1 hoping you find the next dungeon.



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (3DS e...:

I actually think this version is better then the 16-bit version. The "exercise" mode lasts alot longer, and is more fun, (the has-bean item is also more common, I almost never get it in the 16-bit version) and the "puzzle/training" mode is a very welcome fun addition, (that the 16-bit version doesn't have) and justifies a purchase of it. It also apparently has 2-player mode in tact. It's also alot cheaper then the 16-bit version, and portable justifying the purchase even more.



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 27th June (North America):

To be honest, I liked Sonic Labyrinth alot better then the GG version of Sonic 2. I felt Sonic 2 was very frustrating, the limited-screen also made it hard to gauge how far to jump over spiked pits, the hanglider controls were terrible, (I kept accidently letting go, and dying) and they also didn't give you enough lives/continues to counter the game's difficulty. I actually kinda liked Labyrinth's gimmick of using the spindash to move around, and felt that was actually alot more fun in comparison. (And alot of people don't realize it's possible to "stop" put on the breaks in "Labyrinth.")



Beau_Skunk commented on Tails Adventure:

"Tails Adventure" is my favorite Game Gear Sonic title, so I got it today when it was released. I'd highly recommend it, it's a pretty good, and underrated "Metroidvania" style game.
Also the restore feature comes in handy. (No more writing down passwords.)
My only gripe is, at 5 bucks. I think it costs a li'l more then the Japanese release price... (Correct me if I'm wrong the Japanese site said 300 for it. Not sure how that translates to $$$ sense NES Eshop games are 500.)
Still, it's a good game. (In fact, the writer for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic Ian Flynn is quite fond of the game to, and did a semi-adaption of it in the "Sonic Universe" comic series.)
I want an Eshop sequal.



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 20th June (North America):

"Tails Adventure" is my favorite Game Gear Sonic title, so I got it. I'd highly recommend it, it's a pretty good, and underrated "Metroidvania" style game. Also the restore feature comes in handy. (No more writing down passwords.)
My only gripe is, I think it costs more then the Japanese release price...



Beau_Skunk commented on Feature: Nintendo Battle - Game Watch: Super M...:

I had a "Donkey Kong" one (that looked alot like the Star Fox one pictured here) that was based on level 1-3 (the city) level of GB-DK/DK'94. (The Gameboy game.) Funny thing is, the Corn Flakes cereal box (where I ordered it from) advertised it as level 0-1 in the pictures.