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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata Warns Not To Hold Y...:

Eeeehhhh... I should've known. Nintendo is very stingy with their properties, and will rarely let anyone use them for anything. They even turned down Archie Comics' offers to do a comic series based on their properties. (You can find images of the pitch online.) Which is a shame, 'cause Archie does a good job on Megaman & their Sonic comics.

Honestly, I'm a li'l disapointed, and further disapointed to see close-minded Nintendo fans in the comments HAPPY that it isn't real. I know game movies, and such media haven't worked well in the past, but consider this. People who played those video games as children/teens, are now in the entertainment industry, and know more about the series then the people back in the late '80s who made "Captain N," and such.

So honestly, i think now is a better time for something like that to happen. In fact, the people who make the Megaman & Sonic comics were fans of those series in their childhood, and I feel they do a good job on them, and know alot about said franchises.

Heck, Sonic got a new TV show (that's actually pretty amusing) and Mario hasn't had a new show sense 1991. (Considering Sega has allowed the official Sonic comic to last over 20 years tells me that's one thing they have Nintendo kinda "beat" in. They're not afraid to explore other media with their characters, or license things.) I wish Nintendo wasn't so stingy/overprotective of it's properties sometimes.



Beau_Skunk commented on Video: What If Super Mario World Was A 3D Clas...:

@AugustusOxy At this point, I'd be happy to get SNES games even in 2D for 3DS... Same with GBA games, but sense both are on WiiU's VC instead the liklihood of 3DS getting those are about as high as WiiU getting Gameboy games. (Which work fine on the 3DS, as they were handheld games originally. I'm still baffled GBA games are only for WiiU.)

Though, sense "Star Fox" (the original one) has yet to get a VC rerelease, I would love it if Nintendo outsourced it to Q-Games, Akira, or M2, or something to remake it as a "3D Classic" for 3DS's Eshop. I would even pay 10 bucks for it. Especially, if it had some new options added, like a "score attack" (level select) feature, save feature, and such.

Another game i'd like to see as a "3D Classic," is "Wario Land VB," the Virtual Boy Wario Land game. It's often said to be the best VB game. Even if it's only in black & white, (or black and red) with no color options, it'd be great to have, and see in 3D.



Beau_Skunk commented on Mario Kart 8 Misses Out at BAFTA Game Awards, ...:

@Vineleaf Agreed, it's sad that an actual portable device dedicated to gaming like the 3DS keeps missing out on video game awards, while mediocre cellphone/tablet games are the only ones being regarded. Seems awfully biased to me.
You'd think they'd at least give SSB for 3DS at least one nomination. Despite not featuring all the modes, and features the WiiU version had, the 3DS version was quite impressive, has some of it's own unique nice touches, and did a good job translating the SSB formula to a handheld state. Before playing it, I never imagined SSB could "work" for a handheld, but surprisingly it does.

@mike_intv I guess "family game" means a game anyone can play, but I don't really see many parents who play "Minecraft" with their kids. "Minecraft" is more of a single-player game, so I can't really see it being something the "whole family" can get together, and play.

Also, honestly, while Minecraft looks like a neat "sandbox"-style game, I feel it's very overrated, and I never understood the big deal with it.
Plus, it's kinda hard for me to want to play the game after it's creator intentionally skipped the Nintendo systems, when releasing it on multi-consoles... (I really hate it when game creators do that... Release games for every system possible, except the Nintendo ones, they've been doing that with some games sense the SuperNES days... It always feels like not only a middle-finger to Nintendo, but Nintendo fans to. Also, it's not like the WiiU isn't "powerful" enough to handle it. A game that uses only like 8 polygons on each character...)
That wouldn't of bothered me as much, if the creator of it, didn't make factious remarks about the WiiU which also kinda bugged me. Even if they weren't as harsh as Bob Summerwill's. I especially, didn't like that remark, "“Don’t worry Nintendo fans, I love both games for the Wii U, and I’m really looking forward to the third one in 2015!” (Ironically, according to Wikipedia, WiiU actually has more games then the PS4, and X-Box One...)
Also, what makes it worse was Takahashi of Nintendo actually expressed interest in bringing Minecraft to WiiU & 3DS, in order to help the game become more popular in Japan. (Because apparently, it's not as hugely popular there, as it is in North America, and Europe.)

I hate to sound butthurt, and fanboy-ish, but it's really hard for me to want to play a game by somebody who openly mocks us Nintendo-fans like that after not release their game on said system. (Same goes for EA's Bob Summerwill for saying we only buy "Mario & Zelda," and that we're not as "important" a market as mobile phones...)



Beau_Skunk commented on Freedom Planet Bringing Its Brand of Sonic-Sty...:

@SparkOfSpirit Yeah, I see the game as more a love-letter to the 16-bit era of gaming, rather then just a "Sonic" game.
The game looks like it has enough of it's own unique touches to stand on it's own marits, rather then just be compared to Sonic, and such.

Also, for that matter, I'm not really that bothered by the controversial directions the Sonic series has done, and I don't feel the majority of Sonic games are bad. (Like many old-school Sonic fans do.)

Rather then look at the game as a "better replacement" for Sonic, why not just consider the game it's own entity?



Beau_Skunk commented on Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi Reall...:

@Kirby_Fan_DL3 What are you talking about? Nintendo's always doing that.
Their "sequels" like of to Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and such usually barely anything to do with their previous games. Even ones like "Super Mario Galaxy 2" kinda rebooted the game, (or don't even regard the events in the previous) and the Mario RPG sequels have nothing to do with their previous games hardly. (Most of the characters introduced in them, don't even appear in the games. Including the "Paper Mario" allies.)

Heck, Zelda is constantly rebooting the entire kingdom of Hyrule's layout, all the characters, and such.

The only Nintendo games I can think of with more conisistent canons/continuities are "Star Fox," and "Metroid."
But even "Star Fox 64" was a reboot of the first game story-wise. (Even though they were completely different games, the stories were similar, and the planets were different. Compare SNES Titania, to N64 Titania, and such. So they kinda contradict each other.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Donkey Kong Land 2 (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

Y'know, it's a shame this is the lowest scoring DKL game on NintendoLife, but regardless I think it might be the best DKL game of the bunch. Even if it is a bit similar to DKC2. (My fav' DKC game, so maybe I'm biased in that sense.)
My only critique is you don't have much control over the height of your jump, (unless you use Dixie's helicopter spin mid-jump) making a few jumps tricky, (as your normal jump is quite high) but regardless the physics are much improved over the first DKL.

I also like how well DKC2's soundtrack translates to 8-bit.



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Mappy-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

As a fan of old-school simple arcade-like games, (like Pac Man, DK, and Balloon Fight) I like "Mappy-Land." In fact, honestly I liked it better then the original "Mappy." It's hidden areas, new traps/items, new locations, and such make it feel more varied, and give it more new ways to beat each level then "Mappy." I also dig it's soundtrack. Glad it got a VC release, thank you, Namco for bringing back a small bit of my childhood back.



Beau_Skunk commented on Take A Glance At The First Screens From Downto...:

I think the graphics look good, I kinda like the "Paper Mario"-like sprites, even though the 8-bit characters kinda clash with the more detailed backgrounds.

I hope the game gets a USA release, but I kinda doubt it, considering most of the games in said series never get released here. :(



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 26th February (North America):

Unlikely for any of those, I'm afaid... I'll explain the reasons.

Star Fox 1 is a maybe unless they reprogram the VC emulation program to properly emulate the Super FX Chip technology to work with the VC emulation program for the SNES. Though Nintendo does not seem willing to go through that much trouble to sell an $8 game... (This is why no other Super FX chip games are on VC. And no, the GBA version of "Yoshi's Island" doesn't use it, unlike the SNES version, and runs off the GBA's 32-bit processor.)
What many people don't realize is, there's alot of work involved with porting games to Virtual Console.

"Mother 3" was only released in Japan, and would take to long to translate, (one of the reasons it wasn't released here) as it's very text-heavy, and even the fan-translation took years to finish... It's also unlikely they can use the fan-translation freely due to legal reasons unfortunately.

"Star Fox 2" is also unlikely, as it's game was never released, or even finished being made. (Despite the nearly-complete BETA version being leaked on the internet.) I remember the Star Fox Command developers during an interview were asked about it once, and they even said SF2 is not coming to Virtual Console.



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 26th February (North America):

"Donkey Kong Land 2" wasn't so bad, and if you're going to fault it for being to similar to the SNES game, (DKC2 in my opinion is the best DKC game, so that's not a bad thing for me) then I don't understand the praise for DKL3, as it's alot like it's SNES counterpart to, just with a match card mini-game added, and slightly altered boss battles. I didn't think DKL3 was the "best" DKL game personally, but it was pretty good, I admit.
The DKLand trilogy is worth checking out for 3DS owners, don't let the "watered down" black & white Gameboy graphics fool you, as they're just as good as the SNES games IMO.

Sense "Super Mario Bros. Deluxe" got rereleased on 3DS VC, I wonder if they'll bring the Gameboy Color version of DKCountry to 3DS, as well.



Beau_Skunk commented on Complete First Season Of Donkey Kong Country T...:

I kinda prefer the Mario Super Show & Sonic cartoons, but i'm glad to hear this campy classic is coming back. (At least the musical scenes are short.)

Also, to be fair that "I'm going to be a star" clip is from the second season. The character design models were better in the first season.



Beau_Skunk commented on 3D Streets Of Rage 2 Rated By Australian Class...:

YES! Been waiting for this one! Hope they do Sonic 2 or Sonic CD, as well.
Also, "3D Streets of Rage" is pretty awesome. Buy it if you haven't already.

As for the debates why there's no SNES games for 3DS's Eshop, I assume it's because of the same reason there's no Gameboy or Gameboy Color games on WiiU. I think they want to keep some VC consoles exclusive.

I remember years ago they said TurboGraf-X games were coming to 3DS & WiiU, yet I'm still waiting for them... (Japan has some of them though.)



Beau_Skunk commented on GBA Classics Sonic Advance And Mega Man & Bass...:

I'd still rather have GBA VC games for 3DS, (I feel they only released 'em on WiiU, because they were desparate to have a new "console" for WiiU's VC, and can't bring GameCube games to it for some reason, so they went with the GBA instead) but I'm glad to see more GBA games are coming out.

"Sonic Advance" is a really good Sonic game, on par with the old Sega Genesis classics, I say. So even those who prefer the old games, and hate the new ones should give it a shot.
Before people gripe about having the other characters playable, they play pretty well in the game to, and each of their abilities offer different ways to beat each level. I even enjoyed playing as Amy Rose frankly.



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 12th February (Europe):

Personally, I'm kinda glad they release some obscure games sometimes. Because of Mappy-Land's obscurity, I was afraid it'd never get a rerelease, yet it did, and I'm happy to see one of my childhood games back so I can play it again. Even some of the obscure games have their fans. (Frankly, I thought "Mappy-Land" was much better then "Mappy.") I may be the only person hear who was looking forward to that game getting a rerelease.

I also hope "Kung-Fu Heroes" (which is out in Japan's VC) comes here to, as that was also a good-yet-obscure NES game.



Beau_Skunk commented on Weirdness: This Video Uses Super Mario Bros. 2...:

So does this mean this website NintendoLife is officially communist? :P

The video does kinda come off as very anti-religious with things like Mouser going, "Work hard or go to hell." (As a Christian, I can state I don't have that mind-set.) Just seems like very painfully political propoganda to me, and typical anti-religious liberalism, rather then just an "observation" to the flaws of the capitalist system.

It's also ironic it's using SMB2 & Nintendo to illustrate it's "points," considering as many pointed out Nintendo probably wouldn't exist without capitalism, free-enterprise, or free-market. (In fact, Japan's probably the most capitalistic place on earth.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Should be Prod...:

What about an officially-licensed comic series? Archie Comics' Megaman & Sonic comics are quite good, after all, I'd love to see a comic based on those.

I think most Nintendo series would be better suited for animation/comic formats, but I'll keep an open mind for live-action.

Y'know, the "Star Fox" series was kinda inspired by the British puppet-drama "Thunderbirds." (This is why the old illustrations for the SNES game looked puppet-like, and why their mouth/facial animations in SF64 were so simple.) In fact, Miyamoto said he wanted to see a "puppet-drama" of Star Fox.



Beau_Skunk commented on Gallery: Splatoon Development Updates Show Off...:

I'm fine with no voice-chat. (Do you really want 11 year olds cussing you out, like in "Call of Duty," and such?)

Boy, this game looks so 1990s, and that's why I love it. I think the humanoid sea-life characters & shop-keepers look charming to.



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February (North America):

@Windy Japan has some, (including Bomberman '94, one of my faves) so they should come here eventually.

I'm probably the only person here excited for "Mappy-Land," as it was a childhood favorite I liked renting from the video store. I know alot of "Mappy," and "Pac Man" fans hated it, but I felt it had some improvements over the old Mappy game. (Like hidden areas, a bonus round, and how all the places looked different.)
I also liked the music. Even the "Game Over" jingle sounds nice. I also like how unlike other "old-school" arcade/NES games it lets you start from the last level & difficulty mode you were at even if you get a Game Over.



Beau_Skunk commented on Ubisoft Launches Yet Another Massive eShop Sal...:

I actually already purchased/downloaded "Rayman Orgins," and "Rayman 3D," for 3DS last year, when they similarly went on sale for 8 bucks each in the Eshop.
I'd say they were worth it, but I kinda liked "Rayman 3D" better, (which is a remake of the Dreamcast version of "Rayman 2: The Great Escape, which admittedly I never played before, not even the N64 version) which is a very good old-shcool style 3D platformer, and very Rareware-like in some ways. I'd recommend both games.



Beau_Skunk commented on Weirdness: There's an Awesome Super Mario Bros...:

@CaPPa yeah, I mean I'm fine with some console exclusives to differentiate the consoles, but it gets tiresome seeing games made for every console, but the Nintendo one. Which has been happening sense like the SNES days... (I can kinda understand the case with some like the Wii, sense it was kinda underpowered, but that happened even with the GameCube & WiiU, and they're supposedly nearly as powerful as the competition's consoles. Still, when they make a "watered-down" 3DS version, but not a WiiU version makes it even more confusing.)

Frankly, I'm mad at Sega for not bringing the NiGHTS HD remake to WiiU. (Guess the Wii sequel didn't sell well enough...)

Plus, with so many third-party games for both X-Box One, and PS4, both of those consoles are starting to look like the same console now, and if I was given the choice between them, I wouldn't know what to get.



Beau_Skunk commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

You ever notice it's usually white people who are offended by that kinda thing? While I admit it's a li'l stereotypical, I've seen much worse then that personally. (Especially, in old "blackface" cartoons.)
It's like when white people tried to say "Speedy Gonzalez" was offensive, yet ironically, Mexican people LOVE him. I think people, especially Americans are trying to hard to be P.C., and such.

Also, in a way couldn't it be argued that Mario is an Italian-stereotype?
(In fact, my friend Anna who is of Italian-descent said she has relatives who look like him.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Two Tetris Titles Pulled From the 3DS eShop in...:

Awww... I wanted to get it! (And without warning.) I refuse to buy any other version on the Eshop, unless it comes back...

I mean they released "Super Mario Bros. Deluxe" (GBC) recently, and they're still keeping the original NES version on the 3DS Eshop, as well. Some people are willing to buy 2 different versions of the game. (Darn you Ubisoft... Errr... If they are the reason...)

First TMNT, Sim City, Yoshi's Cookie, the DKC trilogy, and now this... :(
We're losing some of the best VC games...



Beau_Skunk commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

While a decent article, and I understand it's trying to highlight both the console's good qualities, and flaws. I think it's being a being a li'l hard on it in some ways. While it finished behind the Playstation in sales, it actually did very well market-wise regardless. (People seem to forget just 'cause a console isn't first, or even second place, doesn't make it a "commercial failure.") Especially, when it first came out, it sold out so often, I wasn't even able to get an N64 until nearly a year after it came out.
I also think the controller was more "revolutionary" then the article made it out to be. Despite not being the first console controller to have an analogue stick, it was one of the first to have one small (and comfortable) enough to use with your thumb like D-Pad, (instead of requiring your whole hand) and it was pressure-sensitive to opening up new types of movement. Plus as the article pointed out, it popularized the "rumble feature," and thumb-sized analogue sticks on controllers, so it actually was quite revolutionary, and shaped the way controllers are still made today.
The 3 ways to hold it was also clever, I felt, and in some ways made accessing the control stick or D-Pad easier without one getting in the way of the other like on some modern controllers.

Also, the game cartridges had some advantages over the CD games, while they might not have clear FMV, been more expensive, and such, they didn't have the annoying loading screens, and some minor upgrades in them for the hardware. (Like how some SNES games were enhanced with new chips in the cartridges, like the FX Chip, or how some N64 later cartridges were capable of holding more data then older ones.) Plus, they were more durable then CDs, which scratch easily, and such.



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo Might Not Be Making More GameCube Con...:

I'm going to be disapointed if they don't make anymore... (As I wanted one.) I also think they should have an update for the WiiU that allows you to sue it as a "classic controller" for other games, as I like to use it for some Virtual Console games.

If they don't make anymore with such a high demand, I'm going to disagree that this was a "smart business move." I hate it when Nintendo releases an accessory, and then apruptly cancels it regardless how well it does. (Which is something they used to do all the time in the GameCube/GBA era.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

Actually, when you look at some of the Mario games they had different designs, and such for the Mario Bros. Compare how Mario looked in DK, Mario Bros. arcade, the original Super Mario Bros., SMB3, and the 3D games. They've had way more different designs then Sonic has.

As for my opinions on Sonic, I'm actually a li'l more optimistic, as I don't think all Sonic's "newer" games are that bad. I even liked the "Shadow" solo game, and such despite the flaws they had. It's a shame "Sonic Boom" wasn't better done, but at least the TV show is a li'l amusing.
Some old-school Sonic purists are a li'l to blinded by nostalgia, and I see them all the time on the internet insist EVERY Sonic game after Sonic 3 is "bad," or give ridiculous criticisms like that Sonic "shouldn't have green eyes," and such. I even see some even bash the later 2D games to like "Sonic Rush," they're so obsessed with hating anything new.
So while I'm not going to deny some of his games are "hit or miss," (I didn't like "Secret Rings" personally) I'm honestly kinda burnt-out on the Sonic-bashing. So even if Sega does make a more universally well-done Sonic game, it'll still have it's hatedom.
(Also, not all the old 2D Sonics were great either. Some of the Game Gear games were medioscre. In fact, I thought the Game Gear Sonic 2 was way frustrating, despite it getting a "good" review on this site. Though "Tails Adventure" was awesome.)

Also, honestly I wouldn't want Nintendo to buy-off Sega/Sonic, because then they'd cancel the official (20 year old) Sonic comic series, and such... (Seeing how Nintendo is basically against letting any animation/comic companies handle their properties lately.) Or possibly forget about said series like they have F-Zero, and such games.
So while I LOVE Nintendo, and they have a better track-record, they aren't perfect either. In fact, they supposedly helped Sega with "Sonic Lost World," didn't they?



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Kirby's Pinball Land (3DS eShop / Game...:

"Kirby's Pinball Land" is actually much better then the review on this site claims... (Which is just one person's opinion. I can't believe it got a "worse" score then "Clu Clu Land.")
I liked that game, it's one of the better Kirby spin-offs, and better pinball games in general with how "interactive" the environment is. (The boss & bonus stages are nice to. There's a cheat code to practice them, as well.)
in fact it was one of my sister's favorite games, and it was one of the few games she'd play it for hours on end.

Ironically "Kirby's Block Ball" was much better received on this site, (got a better review & score) and i didn't like that one as much as "Pinball Land" personally. I felt "Block Ball" was much harder to get the ball to go the direction you wanted personally. (And some of the required high scores you have to beat were to high...) Despite Block Ball having more "levels/areas," I'd rather have a short "good" game like "Pinball Land," then a longer mediocre one like "Block Ball" personally. (Or maybe I just prefer pinball over "Breakout"-style games.)
So don't take the reviews on this site to much to heart, it's better to come up with your own opinions.

In fact, I disagree with alot of the reviews on this site personally... I loved Balloon Fight & Balloon Kid personally despite the "bad" reviews they got here, (I didn't even grow up with those 2 games, so that's not "nostalgia" talking) and I didn't understand how the Game Gear Sonic 2 got such a high score/review, given how frustrating it was. (It was not as good as the Genesis Sonic 2.)



Beau_Skunk commented on The November Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Up ...:

"Kirby's Pinball Land" is actually much better then the review on this site claims... (Which is just one person's opinion. I can't believe it got a "worse" score then "Clu Clu Land.")
I liked that game, it's one of the better Kirby spin-offs, and better pinball games in general with how "interactive" the environment is. (The boss & bonus stages are nice to. There's a cheat code to practice them, as well.)
in fact it was one of my sister's favorite games, and it was one of the few games she'd play it for hours on end.
Ironically "Kirby's Block Ball" was much better received on this site, (got a better review & score) and i didn't like that one as much as "Pinball Land" personally.
So don't take the reviews on this site to much to heart, it's better to come up with your own opinions.

Surprisingly the SNES Pilotwings is pretty good to, though paying 200 coins for it feels like alot, sense I only payed 100 coins for it on Club Nintendo 2 years ago. (I wish they'd stop increasing the cost of download games on CN.) Still, tha'ts at least a better "buy" then all the other games this month, considering it's an $8 game normally.

Metroid 2 is quite good to, but it'd be better to just pay the 4 bucks for it, and save your coins for a more expensive game.



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Donkey Kong Land (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

That's a shame, that's kinda like saying you'd refuse to play SMB3, (one of the best Mario games most gamers feel) and only play the NewSMB games, just 'cause they have better graphics. I don't see what's so bad about pre-rendered graphics, as for 2D standards, the animations, and character designs look just as good as any modern polygon game.

I felt in some ways the original DKC/DKL games had some things better then the DKC Returns ones. The physics felt a bit smoother to, and felt like you had more freedom of movement with your roll-jump then the newer games. I also prefered how roll-attacking enemies allowed you to move faster, unlike the newer ones. Nothing against them, as they're still good, but honestly, I prefer the older Rare DKC games.

Regardless of the watered-down graphics, I think the DKL games looked pretty good on the Gameboy, and should be easier to play on the 3DS without the blurring problems, and such.



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo 64x64: Pilotwings 64:

Loved renting this one as a kid. It was both challenging, and relaxing at times. Had a great soundtrack to, and I like the characters.
I hope this comes to Virtual Console some day, I waited forever for it on Wii, but it never came out for some reason...



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Kirby Fighters Deluxe (3DS eShop):

It's still fun even with computer opponents actually, (and you can customize them however you want in the "training" mode) besides, alot of online opponents in other games can become a li'l to ridiculously good, and not have much of a chance against anyways.



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Kirby Fighters Deluxe (3DS eShop):

I have it, I thought the 7 dollar price was a bit steep, but it's a great game regardless. (And still cheaper then a 16-bit VC game.)

Regardless of not having online play, even if nobody's around to play it with, it's still alot of fun playing with computer opponents, sense the game lets you customize/remove them however you wish. It's alot of fun to set them all to "random ability," and random stage.



Beau_Skunk commented on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC Season Pass i...:

I hate to say it, but it does feel like third-party companies are messing-over Nintendo & WiiU-owners alot lately, and then wondering why WiiU/Nintendo fans get so upset, or don't buy their games...
They shouldn't be surprised if the WiiU version doesn't sell very well, because of this... Then instead of "fixing" said problem with the next game, and giving WiiU-owners the same "benefits/features" as the competiton, they're probably not even going to release it for WiiU, thinking the problem is that WiiU fans don't want their games, rather then the fact, they're giving the WiiU owners less features, and such... That's the kinda logic these companies have...



Beau_Skunk commented on Nintendo 64x64: Lylat Wars / Star Fox 64:

Love this game, one of my fav' N64 games, and arguably the best Star Fox game. The 3DS remake is pretty good to.

Even if you don't like space-shooters, this game is very accessable for any gamer, and has a campy old-school arcade charm to it. Also, remember barrel-rolling comes in quite handy in the game. (It reflects enemy-fire, if you can't avoid it.)



Beau_Skunk commented on Review: Mario Golf: Advance Tour (Wii U eShop ...:

@ghasfarost Not really considering some illegal emulators can do that, (or so I hear, I don't use such "naughty" things normally) and the Sega Game Gear Virtual Console games on 3DS support multiplayer. (Though, emulating portable multiplayer would be difficult for a TV game.)

This is also one of the reasons I'd rather have GBA games on 3DS, to more accurately recreate the multiplayer experience. I'm still a bit saddened Nintendo didn't bother to recreate said feature for Gameboy games. (Which kinda hurts some games like "Tetris," and Poke'mon. Probably one of the reasons they refuse to rerelease the Pokemon games on VC.)



Beau_Skunk commented on September's Club Nintendo Reward Details Are C...:

I'm sorry to complain, but 200 coins for a 5 dollar download game is ridiculous. (Especially one as simplistic as "Mario Bros. 1983," which I would've considered for 100 coins.) It'd be "cheaper" just to pay the 5 dollars for it instead. (Nintendo must be seriously trying to discourage Club Nintendo members from getting the download game prizes, which is odd, sense they don't really cost anything anyways.)
Maybe I'm used to the earlier days when they would offer them for much less, (I remember getting "Super Mario Kart" & "Dr. Mario Online RX" for only 100 coins each back when they first started offering download games as rewards 3, or so years ago) but I really hope they stop upping the prices or, they're going to be 400 coins for a download NES/Gameboy games!

Now I regret not getting "Mario Golf" a 5-dollar game for 150 coins last month... It'll probably be 200 or 250 next time it's offered... Oh well, passing on all the prizes this month, as I already have most of 'em anyways. (I will recommend Kirby though. That seems to be the closest thing to a "good deal" this month. Though "Super Punch-Out" is awesome to.)