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Sat 2nd May, 2009

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Radbot42 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Attempts To Explain Why Zelda...:

I think they have been doing this for a while now with the directs, and decided e3 should be no different. The directs always focus on what is coming soon. We usually hear about a game from e3 and then get left in the dark until it is almost out our at the next e3. I can see them continuing this trend at only focusing on the near future from now on at e3s. It's just a direct to them now.



Radbot42 commented on Video: Latest Teens React Episode Proves Age H...:

Since games didn't tell you how to play back then they should have top read the manual. Just like we did. These reactions are so fake because that's not how we played those games in the day. We were never just thrown into a game. We read our manuals and knew which button did what



Radbot42 commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash and Its amiibo Confirmed...:

Did Nintendo forget how to make games that aren't 2D platformers? The majority of their games are 2D platformers these days. I was interested until I saw the gameplay. Not only the type of game, but it looks really bland too. The mechanics actually look good, but just looking at it is boring. They obviously did not spend too much time on this.



Radbot42 commented on Stretchmo, Known as Fullblox in Europe, is Ava...:

Pushmo was great
Chrashmo was terribad
Stretchmo is the by far the best

Once you get to challenges 3 the game becomes a masterpiece! So glad I bought this one! I have all 3, finished the first one and got bored with the second. I am already a little too hooked on this one and will be sad when I beat all 250 levels (even though there is the studio, I've never gotten too into user based levels)



Radbot42 commented on Nintendo Life Direct: 1st May 2015:

I think you should rename this. It's a great idea, but it confused me majorly. I thought it was a Nintendo Direct, not a nintendolife one. I noticed that it wasn't instantly, I felt a bit trolled to be honest



Radbot42 commented on Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle Sold Ou...:

A lot of people are calling this a rip-off but until the game comes out we will have no idea if it is or isn't. For all we know the story will not differ that much. So far we know that one side is basically the normal mode, while the darker side is a harder mode. We don't know how much will actually differ. Will there be different endings, or will they all meet up at the same place at the end? Will there be different maps? How much of the game will be basically the same with slightly different conversations is what I'm waiting to hear about.

I'm glad this game will take a little longer to come out in the states. I can look at reviews of the game from the Japanese, to see how different the games are and see if it is only worth a purchase of one of the story lines or all 3



Radbot42 commented on Sales Fall Away in Japan as Xenoblade Chronicl...:

I don't know why but ninth doesn't look like a word. I thought it was a typo but just checked and it's not. I think it would look better if left as 9th since it is a ranking I believe leaving a number would be acceptable. (I know one-nine is supposed to be spelled out)



Radbot42 commented on Interview: Choice Provisions on the Nindie Sce...:

Isaac first, then Commander Video. Also go back to being Gaijin!!! Such a better name/logo and everything. It wasn't derogatory towards anyone. Just AWESOME!! (Yes I know what it means and why they changed it. I still don't like it)



Radbot42 commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

People still complaining that the Wii U's downfall is because of it's name is greatly mistaken. Look at the XBOX and PS consoles: XBOX, XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS1, PS2,PS3, PS4. Their names change very little, but the major differences were explained when they came out. It was how Nintendo showed off the console and focused on the controller more than it being a new console that confused the viewers. People now know what it is, but there is so little support people care less and less. I'm sure there will be some big surprises coming our way at E3, but it will not be enough to fix the problem.

And anyone who thinks the NX will be coming out within the next 2 years is crazy. For all we know it will replace the 3DS which is getting close to the end of it's cycle. It's not getting anywhere near the support it was the last 2 years. I can't even think of a game I am excited for it. Yes it gets more than the Wii U, but are they better than the games coming out on the Wii U? NO!