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Sat 2nd May, 2009

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Radbot42 commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Three Mega Evolution...:

I'm tempted to get this but am reminding myself that metagross is the only mega I would use. There might be more, but I have to keep telling myself it is pointless right now.

I should just wait until X2 Y2 or Z



Radbot42 commented on The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon Are Doing Bus...:

The one thing I hate about these special Monopoly games is that you are always buying the characters. In the original you buy the places. They should have you purchasing Mushroom Kingdom, Toad's House, Bowser's Castle, Hyrule Field, Zora's Domain, Deku Swamp... etc. And playing as Mario, Zelda, Link, Kirby, etc...