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Sat 2nd May, 2009

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Radbot42 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D ...:

Is there any kind of hero mode or master quest? I cant justify buying this game if the core game is basically the same. I just played the game not too long ago and it is fresh on the mind, so unless there is a master quest I don't think I'll get this.



Radbot42 commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

I was planning on buying the white new 3DS but we aren't good enough to get the regular ones in the states. Stupid NoA. Love their games, but they keep making stupid decisions. If it weren't for the games I'd consider abandoning them.



Radbot42 commented on Natsume Thanks Fans for Strong Launch of Harve...:

I hate how they basically stole the name. Yes they created the name for localization but they shouldn't be able to use it on games that aren't the real deal. The lost valley may have done great but I believe it is based solely on the success of the original series they are no longer alowed to localize. It's all in the name. I fear how story of seasons will do when it comes out.



Radbot42 commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

@Sir_JBizzle My Walmart is the same. So many infinty characters, and the only amiibos they had were marth villager and WFT. I just drove across the street to gamestop to get Samus. I'm more suprised with the ones they decided to get than the quantity. Who cares about those amiibos. Why didn't they get the Nintendo icons that would sell more.



Radbot42 commented on Picross e5:

I just got a Digital deluxe promotion code and think I will use it on this, yay purple as the main color this time!! I'm also skipping from 1 to 5. might get the others at some point, unless they keep making more.



Radbot42 commented on Sounds Like Super Smash Bros. Director Masahir...:

Love his games, but he shouldn't be breaking himself to do his job. The way he describes how he works, makes him sound like a slave to his job. Does he still enjoy his work, Is Nintendo forcing him to work these crazy hours? I bet the answers to these are yes and then no, but I do think the games would be just as good if he took the time he needed to have his life. I wouldn't mind waiting to play these games. Also why have a team if he seems to do everything on his own. Seriously Sakurai step back next time, see what happens.



Radbot42 commented on Walmart Display Shows Us Which amiibo Are Comp...:

I don't care which ones are compatible with what games. I want to know what they do in these games. That will determine if they are even worth getting. With how crap they are in Smash I still don't see a reason to get one.