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Tue 25th January, 2011

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TeeJay commented on Review: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Wii U e...:

Question: Will the N3DS version be reviewed as well? I mean, it's the exact same game but that version is riddled with bugs so it would probably get a lower score. (Though those bugs are apparently being patched later) But you guys review EVERY game, even repeat versions so I thought I'd ask.



TeeJay commented on Donkey Kong Nearly Missed Out On Pixels Stardom:

As soon as I saw who was in the film I knew this would be awful. Freaking Adam Sandler and that guy from Mall Cop...Paul Blart or something was his name? Yeah. They only ever seem to appear in hprrific movies so that's what clued me in.



TeeJay commented on Nintendo Of Europe Launching Tomodachi Life Fr...:

This game got stale for me a long, long time ago. After a while the dialogue and scenarios start repeating themselves and it just gets boring. It was fun for the short while when everything was new to me, though.



TeeJay commented on First Impressions: Getting Cosy With Animal Cr...:

Now see, this is more welcome than Amiibo Festival for the simple reason that the 3DS has already gotten its main series AC game. It looks interesting, and I'm actually pleased to hear that there won't be a "budget limit". Some general criticism from the clients when you goof up would have been nice, though.

This, Zelda Three-Swords (lol), and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam are all on my to-get list.



TeeJay commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

I don't have anyone to play games with, so I mostly play single player in games (unless it has a good online mode). That being said though, I have a blast whenever I DO actually get to play multiplayer games with people, so I have nothing against multiplayer focused games.



TeeJay commented on Review: G.G Series WONDERLAND (DSiWare):

Good or not, this series seriously needs to get with the times. DSiWare is (supposed to be) dead. Make 3DS eShop games, the service could benefit from more good games.