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Mon 12th Nov 2012

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SetupDisk commented on Nintendo Download: 26th November (North America):

For feck's sake, getting Never Alone but all those VC games in Europe this week. Then again I have tons of games to finish before all other games die unless I am on the crapper using the 3DS to game instead because X is out next week... week.

Plus the Ward remastered is out as well and when ever that update for cube life comes before the end of the year.



SetupDisk commented on Nintendo Download: 19th November (North America):

I didn'f know where to tell you this but I just found out something interesting. The Wii U menu (including inside folders) can only hold about 294(I might be off by a couple) slots.

This has nothing to do with storage space as I stll have almost a TB still free and any new games are downloaded and stored and installed on the system but it will not show the newest game or app untill one is deleted.

It actually comes up with a message that there are not enough slots free (nothing to do with memory) and that you must delete a game so the new one can show up on your menu. Saves don't have to be deleted.

I also counted the disc slot, wii slot, wii chat, settings, etc as slots.

It's no big deal right now as I can get rid of demos of games I already have to make room but it would have been nice for Nintendo to warn about a max slot space besides storage space.

If it fills up again I can always just delete tiny vc games I am not playing and just redownload them in less than a minute but I thought the whole mess with the Wii vc was taken care of.

I also know this won't affect a lot of players but I do have worries about the future. Years down the line will I be able to swap out those vc games?

It seems so as the wii vc is still up but who knows.



SetupDisk commented on Cube Life Update to Version 1.1 is Still Due T...:

I can'f wait for this. I wasn't excited about minecraft on Wii U at all. I have minecraft on my PS3 and even with the bugs that were there upon release I like this Cubelife better. I haven't been playing it since I am going to start a new survival game. No more treehouses!



SetupDisk commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

This does suck as The Binding of Iscac is a great adictive game. They should just have stated the truth though, it is not cost effective to code the game properly for Wii U. Saying the system doesn't work well with the code is one thing, saying it is not powerful enough is something else entirely.



SetupDisk commented on Video: See the Differences Between Star Fox Ze...:

LOL pretty much!

I can't stand people that post stuff like that. Either they never played a ps2 game or have not seen one in years. At least it points out that their opinion is irrelevant though. That is nice of them.

PS2 games never looked that good not even close.



SetupDisk commented on A Little Bit of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force...:

So is it only the two new mystery mushrooms characters? I beat all of the stages and the mystery mushroom is still beside them. I am guessing it's only a new character if there is an exclamation by the mushroom symbol on the course. Is that correct?



SetupDisk commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

I finally got RER 2 on PSN a few weeks ago. Much better than 5 or 6 like the first one. I don't even care about RE7 I'd rather RER 3.

As for the 3DS not being able to handle the game, maybe not that engine but on PS3 it didn't look much better than the HD version of the first on Wii U.

A lot more little graphical touches than the first game but they could have got it on the 3DS..



SetupDisk commented on Satoru Iwata is Awarded With Posthumous Lifeti...:

That was good stuff. I am sure some tool will get on here and post something like "Wii lost the hardcore gamers" or "motion controls are garbage" but the Wii did something no other game console has. It made it possible for whole families, not just gamer families, to enjoy gaming together.

It gave seniors interaction with their grandkids. It was used to help people to recover from serious injury. It's had a lot more meaningful positives than any console probably ever will.



SetupDisk commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

I hate the censorship in Fatal Frame and always will but this makes sense. I don't want to see a character that is 15 so revealing.

Lots of kids wear bathing suits like that anyway though, but that's pretty ***** up and crappy parenting to be honest. Hopefully most people don't view kids as sexual in no matter how they dress but it makes for more attention from potential dangerous individuals.