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Wed 18th Feb 2009

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Sinister commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

The funny thing is you can do this in so many west RPGs.
Age Ratings got nothing to do with this.
This is purely a cut because Nintendo does not want it in the game in the west. I gues they are too afraid of third wave feminists.



Sinister commented on Nintendo Badge Arcade is Out Now in North America:

This should have been a a free 3DS update that gave the play coins some much needed use. Instead they made it a freemium game. What a shame.

That bunny character has to be one of the most unique characters they have created in a while. Its pretty awesome.

And i have to agree on this game being a pure gabling game. It should have an age rating of 18+.



Sinister commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@Mijzelffan But my problem is i do not see the sexualised context. Bikinis are sexualised way too much imho. As long as there is no sexy posing or something similar it normal.
I find that outfit highly unpractical. I would not play with it. Just like i do not play with bikini costumes in DoA. I just do not think they fit the games. I just hate the fact that Nintendo is self censoring.



Sinister commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@Mijzelffan When did a bikini on 13 yo in a non sexulized context became child porn? You telling me i can't go to the beach anymore because i would see child porn every couple of minutes? Or any parents that got some beach pictures of their children on their PC are collection child porn now?

Is this costume needed in the game? No it is not. Was it added to the game? Yes it was? Was it self censored by BigN? Yes it was. Is censorchip bad? Yes it is.



Sinister commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

Once again it is self censorship because they are afraid of the current climate in the US. But after the censorship in Fatal Frame this is no surprise.
Ever since the cuts in Resident Evil 4 in the german version i am no longer buying games that get censored in any shape or form. I was so p****** that they cut out multiple gameplay modes. And i know living in Germany makes it extra hard on me. So i had to pass on this if i still had my WiiU connected to a screen.
Edit: And the body proportions look way off in the western version. Like they tried to make her smaller by cutting off parts of her legs.



Sinister commented on Reaction: Nintendo's First Mobile App, Miitomo...:

I really wanted to see Nintendo's spin on mobile games. And this is not even a game.
Mobile games are so hard to get right because of the limitation of smartphones. You have to find a perfect balance with controls and the best so far have been the one touch games. Everything else feels just wrong. Would have been nice to see what Nintendo could have come up with.
A Mario endless runner or something like Rayman Jungle Run with that special Nintendo twist would have been interesting.



Sinister commented on Fresh Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Details Reveal Shig...:

Well we all know that Miyamoto is way past his prime. And that he has nearly no understanding of the western market. He is still one of the best game designers ever but i think it is time for him to step aside and let others take lead.
I will never understand why he tought it would be a great idea to change Paper Mario 3DS the way he did.



Sinister commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

I am 100% digital on PC, about 50% on my 3DS and about 10% on WiiU.
And i would love to have all my 3DS games digital only.
So overall i would welcome an all digital future but i understand those that would like to keep physical copies.



Sinister commented on Midora Developer Admits He Knew Kickstarter Fu...:

Playing devil's advocat here for a second.

Isn't this what Kickstarter was meant to do. Getting a product off the gound.
If he had managed to get that bigger investor or publisher in time everyone would have been happy.



Sinister commented on Nielsen Game Rank Lists the Most Anticipated G...:

@HawkeyeWii Well the Vita is niche by itself. Only people with a very specific taste play that console these days. So i would assume that niche titles rise to the top on such a system.

And i would be amazed if Fallout 4 outsells CoD.
Advanced Warfare outsold Fallout 3 and New Vegas combined.



Sinister commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

I am so done with Nintendo. I just moved my WiiU to the attic and do not plan to buy any homeconsole ever again.
Wanted to stick to Handhelds but i gues i just cancel that as well. There re some (very few) good games on mobile and i will just play those.

Edit: They were in the right to do this obv. But i am in the right to turn my back on them because of it.
Edit2: And since TPC is owned by Nintendo i will extend the blame to Nintendo.



Sinister commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

Take Xenoblade off the list and you got an abysmal lineup for the holidays.
Those are all niche games anyway. Some will sell because of the brand of course.

Well i made the move from PC/WiiU/3DS to PC/3DS this week. I had fun with the WiiU but i think it will be the last home console i will ever buy.
PC gaming is just better for my home entertainment.