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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Kirk commented on First Impressions: Tomodachi Life:

Well to be honest; this looks a bit fugly and meh imo...

However; the fact this game is from the same guys who created Wario Ware is what has me interested but I'm still totally confused as to what exactly the hell it is...



Kirk commented on Road Redemption's Latest Footage Looks a Bit M...:

It actually looks pretty cool now :-)

What I would have loved however, was for the graphics to look more bold, chunky, clean, colorful and cheerful looking, like how arcade games of the 90s used to look.

You know; like this:

I've never been a big fan of these aesthetically slightly dull "realistic" looking games to be honest.

Still, it's looking pretty fun for what it is.



Kirk commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Well that was actually a pretty decent Smash Bros Direct.

Winter is a long way off for the Wii U version though and even then I wouldn't stake my life on it that it will even make that date.

It's just a pity a few solid first party titles aren't going to make the Wii U a machine that the vast majority of people give a crap about and without sales it's still not going to get third party support and that in turn means most people simply won't give a crap about it...

The Wii U could be so much more, a handful of good first party games doesn't change the overall situation that much or that fact the machine just hasn't delivered on it's full potential, and Nintendo is still to blame for that.

Still, Smash Bros at least looks like another great entry for fans of that particular franchise.



Kirk commented on Ninterview: Joe Heaton on The Joy of Game Boy ...:


Yeah, well I agree with you actually.

I think we need to move beyond wasteful paper manuals and stuff but I do think companies need to do the transition to digital properly so as to at least preserve some of the things that made the physical media so cool in the first place, to the point that many people formed these vast collections of old hardware and games etc.

Nintendo is certainly going to have to do a much better job going forward if it wants to keep that kind of dedicated fan and collector mentality that has made it such an important part and mainstay of the gaming medium.

Well, whatever happens, I think gaming needs to preserve that tangible "thing" where you can revisit your past experiences with video games and enjoy them just as much as you did the first time you played them. Beyond just being able to play them on some random "emulators" that never really capture the original experience fully in quite the same way.

Maybe new "controllers" will become the new things for future generations to look back on as part of someones amazing collection. I imagine physical controllers will at least still be used for quite some time.

As you mentioned, there will also still be a few generations of VR headsets at least for the collectors to amass too that will allow people to go back and experience these old games as if they were back there when they were first around.

In fact, maybe VR is the secret because rather than needing physical consoles any more you can just recreate those various pieces of hardware directly inside a VR experience and enjoy them that way, with hopefully a very close representation of what it might have been like to originally play on those consoles back the in day.

Maybe it won't be too bad after all...



Kirk commented on Ninterview: Joe Heaton on The Joy of Game Boy ...:


Well, I'm being a little dramatic but it is coming at some point and it's a shame because seeing all these cool systems in all their modded configurations and stuff is just cool.

I mean probably within a generation we'll no longer be able to collect any new physical games with cool boxes and printed instruction manuals any more.

Also, all these digital set-top style entertainment boxes aren't quite the same thing because no one's really gonna mod or collect them as such. They're just generic boxes, usually in black or silver, like a cable box. Not the kind of stuff we'd be looking back at in 20 years time, as part of some guys awesome "retro" collection, with great nostalgia.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm actually totally in support of an all digital future for quite a few good reasons, saving on material resources and physical space for a couple, but it's still a sad thing to see the physical medium slowly coming to an end.




Kirk commented on Ninterview: Joe Heaton on The Joy of Game Boy ...:


Yeah, games will be going digital for the most part and you'll just play them directly on your TVs, smartphones, set top boxes, PC like boxes or whatever.

Soon enough there really won't be many or possibly any companies making new dedicated video game consoles or handhelds any more and you certainly won't be playing physical discs or cartridges in the not so distant future.

Soon, you won't really be able to be a "collector" of great systems and their games, that come in all different kinds of cool colors and configurations and stuff, like the guy obviously is with the Game Boy above.

It's sort of sad because I really enjoy seeing all these classic console collections but in the near future, this whole digital future, I feel that's basically going to be nearly impossible for the most part with any new games and "consoles".



Kirk commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Kirby's Silly Side in Tr...:

The Kirby games have leapfrogged the Mario games in terms of presentation, charm and personality, production value and all-round level of polish imo.

Shame because imo the Mario games still offer the superior platforming gameplay and I'd really love to see them get this kind of love and attention in all the other presentation areas too.



Kirk commented on Ninterview: Joe Heaton on The Joy of Game Boy ...:

Some cool back-lit Game Boys there.

Soon, the days of consoles and games coming in the form of physical hardware are likely to be gone and I'm really going to miss that aspect of gaming.

It's already happening with games going largely digital...




Kirk commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:


"I still put Sega Rally up there as one of the best racing games ever"

Me too.

It's a pity the newer games in the series couldn't quite match the original for whatever reasons.



Kirk commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

I really loved playing Sega Rally Championship on this.

There were actually a lot of really good games, like the entire Panzer Dragoon series, Virtual Fighter II and Guardian Heroes to name a few more.

I wish Nintendo would get this system on the Virtual Console OR that Sega would bring these games to the Wii U and 3DS as 3D Classics or something.

Mind you, if it's going to bring Sega Rally Championship or Virtua Fighter II to the Wii U then it should obviously bring the superior looking Arcade versions (with a few little extra options and stuff as per the 3D Classics norm).



Kirk commented on Review: Advance Wars (Wii U eShop):

I totally loved this game apart from the COs using some pretty unbalanced random powers later on in the game which I felt weren't necessary.

Amazing game other than that one niggle though.



Kirk commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Well I doubt it's really going to do much for the Wii U's overall situation but it looks good.



Kirk commented on Interview: Renegade Kid Discusses Its Cult Cou...:


I actually thought that shot was from the original 3DS version :-o

If you hadn't shown me them side by side I would never have thought this was the Wii U version.

My mind must have filled in a few details from when I first saw the 3DS game.




Kirk commented on Interview: Renegade Kid Discusses Its Cult Cou...:

I really think they should have stuck to 3DS with this one, even if they were going to do a Kickstarter.

This game was always 3DS quality in terms of production and graphics etc, at best, and it was at least suited to a simple handheld platform like that.

You can't just magically make a game that's average 3DS quality into something people are going to pay upwards of half a million for to get on Wii U.

I mean if they had footage of the game that actually looked like a pretty high quality Wii U game then MAAAAYBE but what the Kickstarter shows; not gonna happen imo.

I think they pushed the boat way too far out on this one and slightly lost touch with reality in terms of believing there's a big enough and loyal enough fan base out there to fund this game on Wii U.

We'll see if I'm wrong in around 30 days though...



Kirk commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite's...:

As I said in another thread on another site; the really sad irony about all of this is that these tweets simply couldn't have existed if Nintendo hadn't created a console, service and situation where these kinds of insults were applicable in the first place.

People are upset because it smells too much of the cold hard truth.

As per my usual stance on this; Nintendo is the real "entity" to blame here.

Nintendo provided all the fuel that was necessary to start this particular fire.



Kirk commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

It's a pity Nintendo apparently just cannot see all the numerous ways it could at least improve the Wii U as a platform and service that might at least go some way towards making it a far more attractive console experience and value proposition in general.



Kirk commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

This is why I unequivocally do not agree with this whole shareholder/investor thing.

Wii U isn't doing great, well it's doing terribly, but I don't think some douche-bags who care more about the short term bottom line and lining their own pockets than absolutely anything else should be allowed to determine the future of any company, let-alone a truly beloved company and brand like Nintendo.

Also, despite all my frustrations with Nintendo these days, and there are a LOT of them, I still actually like Iwata and I'm not convinced he's the real problem here (although I don't know enough to say that with any authority whatsoever).



Kirk commented on Exclusive: Nintendo Developing "Virtual U" VR ...:

I tell you; when they get the glasses down to that size, looking that slick AND without any cables or power boxes, so fully wireless basically, then I think VR is truly going to hit it's stride.

The exciting thing is that we all know it's going to happen, sooner rather than later too, because of how rapidly this whole mobile technology is advancing right now (from the size and resolution of screens to the graphics processors and even the battery sizes and battery lives etc).

The future for this kind of VR entertainment and just interactive entertainment is so bright and it's awesome that this is the generation that is really going to witness the truth birth of a brand new paradigm imo.

To me if feels like it did when we first went from 8bit to 16bit, which was a significant and noticeable step/jump forward imo, or a more clear example; when the whole 3D explosion and shift towards 3D happened (a true paradigm shift) :-D

I guess there's also been the whole motion control and online/digital things too, which have forever changed our industry (mostly for the better, if I'm being optimistic).

I don't think we'll see another major evolution or paradigm shift in interactive entertainment like this [VR] for a long time (that's probably just a bit of a short-sighted assumption on my part) and it's awesome to be right bang in the middle of it as it's happening.

Presuming everything goes to plan this time around and the don't f**k it up of course...



Kirk commented on Exclusive: Nintendo Developing "Virtual U" VR ...:


Then Oculus, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or whoever need to have a wee look at them and try and make their own solutions look as slick :-)

It's probably impossible to make real full VR goggles look that small and sleek at this point in time but I expect that's what most of us would like to see if we're going to wear these things on our head for hours at a time.

What are they from?



Kirk commented on Exclusive: Nintendo Developing "Virtual U" VR ...:

This isn't even funny for April 1st because it just reminds you that Nintendo isn't actually doing any of this stuff.

Christ, it can't even get it's f******g Virtual Console stuff sorted never mind anything new and cool like this.

Seeing this just made me kind of sad because it reminds me of the cold hard truth that Nintendo is rather out of touch with what a LOT of gamers/consumers want.

PS. If ONLY someone could make a set of VR goggles that looked that nice :-o



Kirk commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:


But I bet you'd seriously consider buying a Wii U if you could buy and play digital versions of games from every single one of Nintendo's home consoles AND every single one of it's handhelds AND all of your purchases were cross-play too (where possible)...

Which is basically entirely possible, not unreasonable to expect, and could and should have been the reality right now, especially given the original sales pitch of the VC service back in 2005.

Pity Nintendo and unfortunately most of it's "FANS", it seems, can't see or understand that.

I know I'd more than likely have a Wii U sitting under my TV right now if that was the case AND I'd have downloaded quite a few games for the system too at this point AS WELL AS been telling people how awesome it was rather than how totally and utterly disappointing and frustrating it was.

There's multiple relatively easy to see rungs that can be joined together to form a ladder leading out of this massive dark hole that Nintendo is in but Nintendo's just doesn't seem to want to put all the rungs together and then simply climb up to the light.



Kirk commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:


You're just making excuses for Nintendo here.

My PC can run all Nintendo's games from all their old platforms from the SNES to the GC and that was achieved by a few hackers in the rooms.

IF Nintendo was forward thinking at all it could have implemented a simple cross-compatible universal digital store on Wii U and a simple "emulator" type system that allows it to simply load and run all old Nintendo games as basically ROMS just like a PC can do. That would take only the effort of creating the "emulator" in the system and uploading all the old files to an online store to be downloaded and as when people saw fit. After that Nintendo could just watch the money role in.

Then, as a nice addition to that simple implementation they could do what they are doing now and slowly add little extra features and options to some of these games and when they are ready charge users a small upgrade fee to get the updated version if they want it.

Once again though, if the "emulator" was done right in the first place most of that extra stuff they are offering, like direct play on the GamePad, should be pretty a much default feature of the emulator, in the same way you can universally apply filters to any game running on a PC emulator, rather than something they have to code individually for each game or whatever.

We can make excuses all day but I'm not arguing about what they actually have but instead what they totally failed to do in the first place and are still failing to even get any way toward. None of it is rocket science either and none of it is so new that it's not like there's no examples to use to know how to do it properly and effectively.

They STILL have the option on making all these slightly "tweaked" versions play across both 3DS and Wii on a single unified account system for example, with a few changes to their basic service, and yet they aren't even doing that.

Excuses do not change the fact there are a LOT of people disappointed and frustrated with what Nintendo is offering because they know for a fact it could be done much better and in Nintendo's case it really should have been given the unbelievable potential and appeal such a service and setup could have offered. Basically, no one in the world has a better back catalog of truly classic games imo and yet the huge potential of taking advantage of all those games in a truly meaningful and beneficial way, for everyone involved, is totally being squandered.

It also doesn't change the fact that what they are doing CLEARLY isn't good enough to entice anyone new towards buying the system that wasn't a total and utter FAN in the first place and that's something additional they desperately need to do and with a store with so many universally acclaimed games accessible so easily and in a way that is just great for consumers they could have certainly increased the likelihood of people at least seriously considering buying the console, me included.

What we have however is just not good enough, a perfect example of far too little far too late (and STILL continues to be so...), and that's the simple cold hard truth here.



Kirk commented on Video: Learn More About the Technical Wizardry...:

I'm impressed with how they used Mode 7 backgrounds to trick me into thinking they were actually scaling and rotating sprites in early SNES games.

That was something new I learned today :-o

Love creative thinking and problem solving like that.

The jump from NES to SNES was big enough that it was basically when I was finally convinced that gaming was going to be my lifelong passion.

The jump from SNES to N64, specifically playing Super Mario 64 for the first time, was just mind boggling.

I personally don't think that game has held up anywhere near as well as good old Super Mario World however, especially the graphics, which just shows how truly brilliant and timeless the SNES imo.

Most of my all-time favourite games come from the SNES era and I genuinely don't believe that's just because it was the era I basically grew up with as a gamer but because so many of those games just got the perfect balance between every element of game design, that in the cases of the great games from that era still holds true even today.

I mean if Super Mario World was released for the first time ever today as a new indie platform game, I believe without any shadow of a doubt that it would be hailed as one of the best platform games ever made.

Star Fox on SNES holds up much better than Star Fox 64 imo.



Kirk commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

Yeah because it's clearly been so detrimental for Apple and Google to allow you to buy a game once, play it across both it's phones and tablets and also allow you to still play it on any new phones and tablets that come out too.

I mean it's not like those companies created a simple and convenient way of making it so that one copy of the games is basically all they need to bother with and just make sure you can access it and download it to your system, either system, as and when you need it.

Yup, there's just no way Nintendo could possibly have made this work that's both good for them and good for us.

I mean it's not as if that simple solution and general model has been around since 2007, long before the Wii U came out never mind over a full year into its lifespan and STILL counting...

Nope, no way at all Nintendo could have done things any better than they are now.



Kirk commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Wii U eShop / Super ...:


Actually, other than the graphics looking pretty, I didn't enjoy the Sega game as much as either the SNES original or the N64 version.

The graphics were obviously very nice but the tracks were much harder to read at times because of a combination of too much going on visually and some dodgy track design in places, with kind of blind corners and stuff, to the point that I actually felt it wasn't as satisfying to play the game as the previous versions.

Mind you; if they could make sure the graphics didn't actually get in the way this time and doubly made sure that all the tracks were very readable then I wouldn't mind another F-Zero game from Sega.

Ultimately though, I'd just like a proper new full-on F-Zero game that was as good as it could possibly be.



Kirk commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Wii U eShop / Super ...:

A genuine classic.

Although, I still prefer F-Zero's faster and purer skill based racing experience.

Both truly great racing games on SNES that still hold up to this day.

I only wish there was a new F-Zero game coming along with the new Mario Kart 8 game for Wii U (which looks brilliant by the way)...



Kirk commented on Video: Allow This Epic Swords & Soldiers II Tr...:

They should make a version of this that isn't a strategy game, or whatever genre it is considered if not that, and is just a straight up action game instead. I mean all the art looks amazing and as just a pure action beat em up I think it would be even more appealing and just more fun.



Kirk commented on Feature: Looking at the 3DS Revolution on its ...:

In my opinion, the MAIN reason the 3DS isn't in exactly the same position as the Wii U right now is because Nintendo actually took DRASTIC measures when it saw the system wasn't doing as well as it had hoped and dropped the price from $249.99 to $169.99.

Once that happened and the games began to flow it was past the hump and now it's actually a very solid system.

With the Wii U it's still not even pushed itself to the top of the hill yet.



Kirk commented on Review: Adventure Island II (3DS eShop / NES):

See, great games age well.

It's not about having the most cutting edge graphics or deep stories or cinematic cut scenes.

Nice clean graphics, that are based on just decent art rather than tech, and good solid controls and general gameplay will always stand the test of time.



Kirk commented on Two Tribes Shoots Down the Possibility of Toki...:

Well I hate to say it but I played the original and while it was ok there wasn't really anything about it that particularly stood out to me.

There's a million other games floating around that are just as entertaining and appealing, literally, so I don't see why this game would break out and be a hit when a crap load of other similarly average games didn't/don't.

This is coming from someone who has made a few of those average games myself, average only because on my own personal art and code limitations, and none have made the slightest dent.

Not everyone is destined to get a random lucky break with basically average games, like the guy who made Flappy Bird or the guys who made Angry Birds or whatever.