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Kirk commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

Very cool.

It will be interesting too see what stuff this unlocks. If it's anything like the content on the other consoles it could be pretty sweet.



Kirk commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

@MussakkuLaden There is a "logic" behind it, but it's a broken "logic", imo. It leads to a type of gameplay, if you just think about aiming only for a second, that leads to the equivalent of button bashing in a fighter. It's imprecise and clunky, and not conducive to skill-based aiming. So, it ultimately undermines any notion of skill, in terms of the aiming. It also just feels jumpy, which it physically is, and slightly out of the user direct control, which it is at times.

I certainly do not agree, and will not agree, if someone should try to suggest the way the aiming works in Splatoon is a better solution than just letting the player aim directly where they chose with the cursor, at all times (without the jumping around and whatever else), like most other third-person or first-person shooters out there. And, more than that, it's enough to put me off playing the game entirely, which to me is a pretty big design flaw, because that wouldn't have been the case with more "traditional" aiming, and I know for a fact that basically nobody would never have had a single issue with the more "traditional" aiming either. This aiming however, nope, imo it's basically just "broken".

The game can be played competitively, someone just has to set up a competitive game for that to be true, but that doesn't mean the aiming is totally precise and in the player's full control at all times—the aim cursor does jump around (away from where you were aiming, and indeed where you were intending to aim), even without you making any input whatsoever (such as when enemies move in front of you, for example), and that, to me, isn't great for this kind of "shooter" type experience.



Kirk commented on Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows Development C...:

With Shovel Knight, Super Mario Maker, and Mega Man Legacy Collection, I'm finding a lot of love for these classic, pixel based, retro games.

Are there any other classic, retro style games being released as awesome compilations, or even just brand new games that are genuinely great modern examples of retro style, pixel gaming?

I'm looking for games that genuinely feel like they could have been made for NES or SNES, or indeed actually were made for NES/SNES but are now available in some kind of ultimate edition or whatever.



Kirk commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

@SomeoneDifferent Sadly, I have no money at all, so I can't afford ANY systems this generation. I'm fortunate that my brother has a Wii U as well access to most of the other consoles via friends, so I get to play them every now and then, and I'll probably be playing Wii U a lot more in the near future as we're doing some game videos and stuff.



Kirk commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

For me, the Super Mario Maker Wii U console bundle if definitely the best Wii U bundle yet—both the content and the design of the packaging.

If I had any money at all, that bundle might even convince me to finally buy a Wii U.



Kirk commented on Nintendo of America Opts for 'Real World' Supe...:

Wasn't too shabby.

I'm not a fan of the New Super Mario Bros art style though, so I wasn't particularly excited to see that most of the game footage was from that theme, but I can understand why they used it in the Ad.



Kirk commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

Truly a gaming revolution (it blew my mind when I first saw it, and played it), but I still think all the best 2D Mario games are better than it and indeed better than any of the best 3D Mario games.



Kirk commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

I'm telling ya'll, I read that article about the meaning behind using the NX codename for certain products, as it is actually officially used in some industry (but I can't find the article again, so I unfortunately can't show you exactly what it said), and the use of NX is telling us that this isn't going to be something as obvious as we all think it is—at least not based on that article I read. It's going to be something different, unusual, and that hasn't been properly proven in the industry yet (that's actually kind of risky). Or that's what this article was saying NX is basically an indicator of when used as a codename for such a project.

I just hope to God that it doesn't mean Nintendo is making some strange abomination of a device/service, which basically forgoes anything it's done in the past that made its previous consoles great.

I mean what's the point of creating and/or standardising things like d-pads, cross-buttons, shoulder buttons, analogue sticks, rumble, motion control, 4-player local multi-player, Virtual Console, duel screens, touchscreen controllers, etc.—if it just ignores a whole bunch of that stuff with its next console, especially the new things it's introduced in only the last couple of generations, which have introduced people to whole new ways of playing games and interacting with their consoles?



Kirk commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

@bngrybt "The card slot 19 of the game apparatus 1 may receive or discharge the memory card 7 such as an SD memory card." -

Which, by the way, is the ONLY mention of an memory card slot in the entire patent, outside of the image, which is just for reference.

It's just an SD card slot, which takes SD cards, that act like SD cards do, and that are processed by the console as SD cards are processed. In other words, exactly the same as the SD card slot on Wii U.

See my post above for further explanation of the point I'm making here...



Kirk commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I've read through this entire patent and I don't think it's for anything other than possibly a Wii U "mini". Nothing in it details anything that isn't, or at least couldn't be, part of the current Wii U system, except the mention of the potential removal of the disc drive, which would allow for the smaller form factor at a cheaper cost. All the "digital", varying "speed", and whatever other stuff, is really just the same stuff that is on the current Wii U right now, which is in relation to how you get stuff like VC/eShop games, and how the machine processes things like running games from the external memory (be it and SD card or external HDD) or for multi-tasking in the OS (running a game and the Internet at the same time for example), and that kind of stuff.

If anyone else wants to read through the entire patent line by line, and really pay attention to what the text is saying, including what each of the "claim" numbers and "description" points is referencing in relation to the rest of the text and the other "claim" numbers and "description" points, then I think they'll probably come to the same conclusion.

Now, it could be for the NX, but if it is, then the NX is basically just the Wii U without a disc drive and basically nothing else new at all—from what I've read.

I think this patent is really just describing a Wii U mini (much like there was a cheaper, smaller, and more gimped Wii mini)—although, I can't really work out exactly why they'd need to patent that (unless the previous Wii U related patents aren't valid for a discless system, and Nintendo's just covering the bases).



Kirk commented on We're Pretty Sure We Need These Earthbound Tec...:

@Gridatttack Exactly.

I'm actually happy they went for the 2D sprite look in Mother 3 over 3D, because the hardware just wasn't powerful enough to do the style justice in 3D (neither on the N64 nor the GBA), but in this day and age I really think at least a 2.5D Mother game, rendered in full 3D, could be gorgeous.

I would lap that up in a heartbeat.



Kirk commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

@rjejr Well, to be clear, I still expect a brand new, full 3D Mario platformer too.

Nintendo has put itself in a position where it basically now has to forever continue both the 2D/2.5D line and the full 3D line of Mario platformers, or it's going to p*ss someone off majorly.



Kirk commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

@rjejr Yeah, what's there is still totally awesome, obviously, but you know what I'd love to see next . . . a proper, fully fledged, brand new 2D/2.5D Super Mario game, with this kind of level editor included too. Oh yeah!

I, kinda, actually expect to see a level editor included in all new 2D/2.5D Super Mario platformers from now on, to be honest.

I'm mostly sure Nintendo won't give me that, but that's what I want.



Kirk commented on We're Pretty Sure We Need These Earthbound Tec...:

Mother/Earthbound—the Franchise that keeps on giving.

I wish Itoi would make another one of these games. I'd settle for another classic 2D game in the series, ala Earthbound and Mother 3 (much like we are getting with the fan made Mother 4 actually, but just imagine what this guy could achieve in a proper 3D 3rd person game (at least like the 3D Pokemon games on 3DS) and with a proper AAA budget (again, at least like the Pokemon games on 3DS)...

PS. Mother 3 is, hands down, one of the best and most impacting experiences I've ever had in a video game. For anyone that has not played it, I would heartily recommend giving it a go. Oh, and make sure to name the characters after members of your family for the best effect and most impact



Kirk commented on Mario Memories: Conquering the First Level in ...:

Probably one of the most played and instantly recognisable levels in all of gaming.

This one level can teach you pretty much everything you need to know about making great platform game levels (and indeed great game design in general, to a large degree).

Play it, study it, and learn from it, all you Super Mario Maker level creators and Game Designer wannabes...



Kirk commented on Mario History: Super Mario All-Stars - 1993:

Now this is a great compilation—the pack with Super Mario World included, even more so.

I'd like to see Nintendo release something like this again, but with even more classic games from the 2D era that had Mario in them. Games like SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, Yoshi's Island, Dr. Mario, Donkey Kong (go for the arcade version), Super Mario Kart, Mario Paint, etc.. It could also include an option to switch between the old and new graphics on the games found in the original SMA-S pack. Also, maybe Nintendo could even include various "history of" and "making of" type videos and stuff. And how about including a Super Mario Maker type level editor in there too. You get the gist—basically just like Rare has done with Rare Replay, but focussed on Mario.

I think that would be a totally sweet celebration of Mario's awesome 2D past.

". . . we should briefly mention Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition on Wii; unfortunately it showed what not to do with a collection of remasters. That promotional edition was a ROM dump of the original All-Stars (no Super Mario World, either) with no tweaks and some underwhelming extras - oh, and it was 50hz in Europe. 50hz! In 2010!"




Kirk commented on Analysts Suggest That Nintendo's Quality Of Li...:

@aaronsullivan Yeah, I'm still kinda interested to find out exactly what this whole "Quality of Life" thing is, or potentially, was.

The Wii stuff, like Wii Fit and the Balance Board, is also partly why I don't think it's quite as throwaway as Pachter would have us believe.



Kirk commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

@MrGuinea I would say Super Mario Maker is actually going for a mix between Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros Wii U, obviously (based on the skins and the changes in certain elements that are unique to each skin, such as the controls and physics), but in general it sways more towards the original Super Mario Bros, especially in the level structure (where every level is basically left to right, with no slopes, and whatever other limitations), with a few bells and whistles.

Yeah, I agree, it's def magical, and I think a lot of people are going to have a lot of fun with the game. I know I am going to have a lot of fun with it, but I could never consider it as like a permanent replacement for any new 2D Mario games.



Kirk commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

@SanderEvers Yeah, I hope to see plenty more brand new 2D Mario games from Nintendo in the future. Although, after Super Mario Maker, I kinda would expect to have at least a basic level editor in every one of those new 2D Mario games going forward. In much the same way I expect to see characters outside of the Mario universe in every future Mario Kart game too. Once something has been done in a particular franchise, and done well, it always feels wrong if new games in the series basically take a step back. So, yeah, level editors in all new 2D Mario games from now on, Nintendo, please.



Kirk commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

@shani "So I don't really get what made you list all those differences."

Just the fact that I've now read a few people make statements like "This could be the definitive Super Mario experience", and other stuff along those lines, and I just want to make sure people aren't falling into the potential trap of underestimating just how much more goes on in the full Mario platform games than what we are getting our hands on in Super Mario Maker. Take away all the gimmicky stuff, and SMM isn't going to let you build a Mario game that's quite up there with what Nintendo can do. It is, however, going to allow for some awesome self-contained levels, that fall somewhere in between what you could do in Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World, for the most part.

I just don't want to see the start of a social media trend, or whatever it might be, where certain readers of video games sites maybe begin undervalue just how good the actual proper Mario games are. Like how some people are already saying that Nintendo pretty much never has to make another 2D Mario game, now that we have SMM, which imo shows just how people are already starting to undervalue just what Nintendo has achieved, and can still achieve, with the proper Super Mario games. That would be doing those games a great injustice.

Games ("experiences") like SMB3, SMW, and Yoshi's Island, in their entirety, are basically far beyond anything you will likely experience in playing a bunch of fan made levels in Super Mario Maker.

So, let's not forget just how truly stunning those games are, and flippantly label SMM like it's the greatest Super Mario game ever made or whatever. It is one of the greatest Super Mario LEVEL EDITORS ever made.



Kirk commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

@JaxonH Well, at least this is a good reason for why we can be assured Nintendo will still be able to give us all new Super Mario games in the future, which still manage to surpass basically anything the community will be able to do with Super Mario Maker. Although, having said that, the guys making some of these levels in SMM are sometimes just on another level in terms of creativity. So, they might come up with some levels that match, and in some ways even surpass, Nintendo's own first party developed levels. Nintendo will however, always have the edge when it comes to making proper, full Super Mario platformers, due to it having a far larger canvas to work with in the first place.

Part of me thinks Nintendo did that very deliberatly lol



Kirk commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

@Cestius Tried it, but the one thing Nintendo does do and has done, better than all those fan made editors, is the pure ease of use and intuitiveness in all its games, and certainly in Super Mario Maker. If the homebrew guys could learn that aspect from Nintendo, then they really could have something truly special—and visa-versa with Nintendo learning a thing or two from the homebrew scene.



Kirk commented on Weirdness: F-Zero-Style Recharge Strips Are Co...:

Someone needs to go an build and actual F-Zero race track.

We already have hover capabilities, as seen with the Hendo hoverboard ( and the Lexus hoverboard (, and now we have rechargeable strips too.

Just make F-zero already.

If I had the money, I'd actually do it. It could be like the new F1, maybe even bigger seeing as it's all sci-fi and all, and would probably make the person who set it up millions.



Kirk commented on Video: Super Mario Maker Contains Secret Fly S...:

I personally don't think it's "arguably the ultimate 2D Mario experience" (certainly not as a proper, fully-featured, Mario platform game); It's just a really cool 2D Super Mario level editor, with some slightly random and slightly gimmicky stuff thrown in for good measure.

Here's just some of things you can't do in Super Mario Maker that you can do in proper Mario platform games:

Have sloped surfaces (so no sliding down them just for fun, and no slightly more organic level designs either):
Have proper vertical levels:
Have levels that wrap the screen (so when you go off one side you appear on the other):
Have levels that start at the right and make you go left:
Have a proper map screen:
Have proper story based intros, intermissions, and end sequences:
Have proper boss battles (more than just Bowser at the end of the level):
Have items and power-ups carry over from one level to the next (which can lead to some pretty cool secrets, possibly only accessible by using an item you gained in another level).

Let's not forget or underestimate all the things that make the very best Mario platform games so special. Without all those things, they'd just be a bunch of disjointed levels (fun levels, but just levels and little else), and imo, that's like Mario without any of the heart and soul.

Super Mario Maker is awesome, for what it is, but in terms of being a pure, truly satisfying platform game, it's still not able to give you the kinds of truly magical levels that you could find in the likes of SMB3, SMW, and Yoshi's Island, and apart from the 10/100 Mario challenges, it's still a bunch of separate levels, with no real flow or sense of progression towards some ultimate end goal, which imo is actually an important element in these games. It's like having some pieces of a wonderful jigsaw, and each piece is a work of art in its own right, but unless you can actually put all the pieces together the full picture is always going to be incomplete.

I'm still gonna have fun building some levels though, as well as playing a bunch of the user created levels too.



Kirk commented on Analysts Suggest That Nintendo's Quality Of Li...:

Well, part of me thinks this only really happened because Iwata was ill anyway, and that led to him encouraging the development of products that focussed on health and wellbeing (it was basically personally motivated), but I'm not entirely convinced Nintendo has just given up on the whole idea entirely. This didn't sound like a simple one-off product, to me, that Nintendo could just drop in a heartbeat. This sounded like a much bigger thing that that. I expect it won't be a simple matter of just dropping all the quality of life stuff and continuing on with the standard consoles and now some mobile stuff too. I personally think we still have more to hear on this whole thing.

In my opinion, Nintendo should never have went down this whole "Quality of Life" thing in the first place, but now that is has, I'm actually kinda curious to see what it had planned for all these devices and services, or whatever this whole thing was.



Kirk commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario RPG Opens Up The W...:

@Nintendood I thought you could use semicolons just as slightly longer pauses than commas if you wanted?

"Semicolons are often misused. Some writers seem to think that semicolons are fancy commas that create longer pauses that commas. This is not true. A semicolons NEVER should be used to try to create a "pause" longer than that achieved by a comma." -

Guess not. lol.

Although, that dude is one to teach us about proper English: "A semicolons NEVER should be used". Nice!

I swear I read that somewhere though, that you could use semicolons for slightly longer pauses. The fact he mentions it probably means the belief that you could use a semicolon for longer pauses did come from somewhere originally, I would imagine, such that people continue to make the mistake now.



Kirk commented on Mario History: Super Mario World - 1991:

@Cyber-BLP-- Hmmm.

Never noticed this personally.

Edit: Although having a quick go on both SMW and SMB3—the slope/sliding stuff in SMB3 does feel a little more satisfying; mainly because you don't automatically slide down slopes just by standing on them, which gives you a bit more control and also just makes more sense to me. Luckily, you very rarely have to slide during especially important moments.

I'm not experiencing any inconsistency in SMW, in terms of how it works though. It seems to work properly, except you just automatically slide on slopes instead of standing.

Either way, I'd still say that I like the controls in SMW better overall. The more responsive movement, less inertia, and easier control over Mario in mid-air, still makes it the best controlling of the classic Mario platformers imo.