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Mon 30th January, 2012

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ajcismo commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Voted for Sheena from Tales of Symphonia on the SSB website. Simply because I've never heard or seen her mentioned in any polls and I think her move set would be unique with the elemental cards and martial arts.



ajcismo commented on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Developers Talk ...:

No interest here. Making a mediocre game is one thing, but to purposely add in subject matter to gain attention and sales based on controversy doesn't win me over. To each their own, I guess, just not my cup of tea.



ajcismo commented on Review: 3D Out Run (3DS eShop):

What a great quarter muncher. Really brings me back to the days of working in an arcade as a teenager. Might have to run the headphone jack through the home stereo on "11" to get the full effect of the audio. Great review, got me hyped.



ajcismo commented on Video: Watch As A Gaggle Of Oldies Are Exposed...:

They looked like they were having fun, shows how well Nintendo makes their games for all ages.
We're not that far away from the 1st generation of gamers getting to retirement age, have to wonder if its going to be an emerging market in the next decade.



ajcismo commented on Satoru Iwata Reiterates Plans for Quality of L...:

I've been saying for years that proper marketing of their goods and services would've improved so many aspects of their sales. Sony/MS has spent a ton of money on marketing campaigns and it's paid off. Nintendo? They have a themed dance on one of the highest rated programs in North America, something that had to be approved by NoA, and it's followed up by ZERO Nintendo products in the shows commercials. It's frustrating and their numbers will never change if they continue to drop the ball at opportunities like that.



ajcismo commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

All I know is whatever Big N has planned, it will have nothing to do with anything Sony, MS, EA, Ubisoft, and Activision want or do.
In fact, I'd be willing to bet that Nintendo has been purposely burning its 3rd party bridges these past few years just to see where the industry was going, just to deviate from it even more.



ajcismo commented on Donkey Kong Grabs a Place in List of Highest-G...:

Grew up in the arcade, even working for one in High School. I remember lines 20 deep for Street Fighter II, NBA Jam tournaments and using a paperclip to rig a Mortal Kombat machine for free play. Shame they're all but extinct now.



ajcismo commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

Those of you calling for Big N to implement disc media usage on their next console (CD, DVD, etc...) keep dreaming. Nintendo will NEVER pay the Consortium for usage on their consoles in order to keep costs down. They're even part of all of the Consortium's, but it will never happen.



ajcismo commented on Satoru Iwata Chipped In To Make Sure Super Sma...:

I admit I'm quite critical of Mr.Iwata on some of his decisions over the years, but there's no denying his knowledge and love of the industry. I know a lot of managers who won't lift a finger to help in the trenches in any line of work. He's certainly one of a kind.



ajcismo commented on Video: Here's Another Awesome Super Smash Bros...:

I wish we got fun Nintendo commercials here in the US... Or just any commercials.
How does NOA endorse a Mario-themed DWTS routine and yet not a single Wii U (much less anything Nintendo related) ad follows? Its marketing 101.



ajcismo commented on Anniversary: The Nintendo DS is Now 10 Years Old:

I remember the first time seeing one on display at my local Shopko and saying to my girlfriend at the time "I want one, but look at it, it'll never sell and there won't be any games for it".
Might have been a wee bit wrong on that one. The girlfriend too, so I was wrong about 2 things.



ajcismo commented on Video: Developer Diaries Take Us Behind The Br...:

I'm literally watching the Batman TAS episode that features The Condiment King as I'm reading this article. That was a little weird, but I guess that means we'll see Rolling Pin & Pack Rat too.
(In case anyone cares, the episode is called Make 'Em Laugh)



ajcismo commented on Nintendo 64x64: Super Smash Bros:

The commercial spots for this game are probably my favorite ever from Nintendo. Big, puffy mascots pounding the crap out of each other! Good times.



ajcismo commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Golf:

Great golf game, they really kicked it up a notch in terms of depth and (yet) has enough simplicity and intuitive controls that anyone can pick up and play. I always wished it were more RPG-ish, but its a minor gripe. 9/10.



ajcismo commented on Nintendo 64x64: Perfect Dark:

Went out and bought an extra N64, expansion pak and copy of PD just to always have it ready to go in my den. Still is a blast to play.