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Wed 22nd Oct 2008

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jpfan1989 commented on Poll: Did The Final Video Presentation for Sup...:

My first reaction to Coron was not another Fire Emblem character but then I see his moves I am totally going to play him because his move set looks different from the others. Bayonetta was exciting because I voted for her but her moves look way to OP. Overall I feel like the roster is more or less complete I would have liked to see the DLC Return of Ice climbers and Snake as well but it just wasn't in the cards.



jpfan1989 commented on The Deer God Will Bring Gorgeous Pixel-Based N...:

I played this on Xbox one it looks pretty but it's Gameplay is monotonous, you just run endlessly to the right there is no goal, no objective. It gets boring real quick. Not exactly game you want to play more than once.



jpfan1989 commented on Mega Man amiibo Pre-Orders Reportedly Delayed ...:

I never got around to cancelling my Toon Link pre-order It was still listed as a March delivery and then 2 minutes ago while I'm at work a I get a notification that my package has been delivered and is on my doorstep.