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Wed 22nd October, 2008

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jpfan1989 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I cannot imagine the Wii U without the gamepad the mere concept of removing the gamepad sounds to me like heresy. I used all of the features of the gamepad off screen play just wonderful. if someone else wants to use the TV I can play whatever game i want on the gamepad well mostly whatever i want. streaming at double streaming YouTube and surfing web simultaneously. Using it as a map or menu that's wonderful to me I like having a second screen I feel like I have been so spoiled using the second screen for so long I don't like being without it it makes everything easier I like that it's a lot easier to just look at the map on your second screen and we will go there white why toggle between the map and gameplay trying to make sure you're going the right direction when you can just look down at the bottom screen in oh yeah I'm going the right direction yeahwhen wakers a good example of this I got I get so lost around the ocean. hell even if I'm not playing a game on the Wii U I still use the Wii U gamepad for the TV remote function I lose my normal TV remote all the time but the gamepad I always know where that is.



jpfan1989 commented on StreetPass Quest Villain Appears in Latest Sma...:

The cage shouldn't even be there. Doesn't he usually have you wrapped in his tail?

also: everyone else first reactions, "Find Mii Stage/Boss Battle/Adventure mode"
My first Reaction to the image "what the heck's wrong with WFT's Hands?"



jpfan1989 commented on Soapbox: The Wii U Virtual Console Needs to Fr...:

I dont like the separation of Wii and wiiu mode, why do my transferred games have to continue to reside on the sd card an a tiny fraction of simulated Wii memory space? Why cant it be the same as with the 3DS? 3DS can access and play all dsi game straight from the main menu.
the dsi shop is separate from the 3DS Eshop isn't it? Yet all dsi ware is live on the 3ds eshop why cant the same be said for Wii and wiiu? Wouldn't it have been possible to allow the original VC hardware and wiiware to exist on the main menu with the gamepad acting as a classic controller.