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TromaDogg commented on The Ryu and Famicom R.O.B. amiibo Are Availabl...:

@ULTRA-64 The official release date was last Friday but I've only just gotten mine today (shopto were a bit slow getting stock in). Should be available to buy everywhere now.

Already got these latest amiibo preordered from shopto as well. So glad that the whole amiibo crisis from last year is pretty much at an end.



TromaDogg commented on Download Sales Continue to Increase to New Hig...:

Probably some skewed figures too because some publishers are forcing us to buy digital whether we want to or not, like Capcom and the Phoenix Wright games, or even Nintendo themselves with Fatal Frame in the US. It's not as straightforward as just assuming people are actually starting to prefer digital.



TromaDogg commented on Video: Relive the Glorious Madness of The Wond...:

Before the Wii U launched, this was one of my most anticipated games and I had it preordered for weeks. But when it I tried and tried and tried and just couldn't 'click' with it, a real shame as I love Pikmin and the style of this game really appeals to me. Nowadays it sits sadly unloved in my pile of Wii U games. Maybe this is a sign that I should give it another chance. I do want to like it.



TromaDogg commented on Video: Take a Look at the Wii U Versions of Ne...:

I am guilty of owning the Wii U version, all the DLC and also preordering this. But I genuinely just want to be able to play it on the go on my New 3DS, I'm not just doing it for the extra characters (although they are a welcome bonus).



TromaDogg commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Ti...:

Urgh. The main 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' theme at the start sounds absolutely HORRENDOUS. Sorry, but all of this sounds pretty bad to me in comparison to the original soundtrack.

I'd have been maybe slightly more impressed if they'd done a cover of 'Pizza Power' for the opening title screen sequence like the arcade version had. Maybe.



TromaDogg commented on Talking Point: Considering amiibo Features and...:

What short memories some people have. Remember when Links Awakening came out on Game Boy, and then a couple of years later Link's Awakening DX came out for Game Boy Color? That had a whole extra dungeon too, effectively locked behind a whole new £100 handheld console. I don't recall anybody crying back then. So I don't really understand why people are crying so much about having to buy a £10.99 amiibo now?



TromaDogg commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

On the one hand, I've really enjoyed the Wii U and 3DS games I've played this year more than anything on PS4/XB1. On the other, the releases have been fairly thin on the ground and Nintendo's E3 showing was abysmal so I have to say overall a disappointing year.

I will say this though...Xenoblade Chronicles X and Mario Maker are outstanding. 2 reasons alone to get a Wii U this year if you haven't already.



TromaDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (Europe):

Argh, my wallet I'll defintely get The Swindle....been hoovering up most of the Curve games in the sale actually, they're pretty good. I'll also upgrade Super Mario RPG as I've never really given it that much time and maybe Tengami at that price too?

Legend Of Kay is tempting at that price though I'd prefer a physical copy.



TromaDogg commented on Editorial: Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Tiny Tex...:

I've got a visual impairment and this is causing me real problems....awesome game but I'm having to constantly adjust settings on my TV and/or use a magnifier to see the text properly, and my TV is 50".

An update would be most welcome.



TromaDogg commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (Wii U):

People are missing the point. Neither this (or Happy Home Designer) are aimed at the 'gamer' market. They're marketing tools for Amiibo Cards and Amiibo, put together fairly cheaply. As interactive toys they work fairly well and there's been a strong demand for the cards so far, I'm sure the amiibo will do pretty well with collectors and children too.

So despite the average reviews and angry comments, Nintendo will still make a tidy sum of money, so they won't really care. And their reputation won't be damaged at all because if the new Star Fox and Zelda games are good, and the NX launches well, all will be forgiven.

There's fun to be had here. It is what it is, and never pretended to be anything else. Yeah, it's just a board game. You might as well rage at Snakes and Ladders or Ludo for just being board games as well but plenty of people still enjoy them. The price isn't a huge issue for me because you get 2 Amiibos and a pack of Amiibo cards with it, the actual 'game' only accounts for about half of the RRP of the set.



TromaDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 26th November (Europe):

So we ask for more VC games and Ninty give us complete garbage like Double Dragon 3 and The Adventures Of Bayou Billy. Way to go, Ninty. Don't just kill the VC, completely stamp on it as well.

Move along, there's nothing for anybody to see here this week.



TromaDogg commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

I bought this, and yes it is extremely lazy. It could have been saved with a few more modes but the lack of tournaments is baffling, and Mega Smash is extremely irritating (I got really fed up of having to watch the unskippable 'power up' animations pretty quickly, plus they can be really intrusive in the middle of a match)

Didn't take long to unlock all the characters (mostly using play coins) from a couple of goes at Knockout, and I've had a couple of games of online which I won fairly easily so....meh.

A few more characters and a couple of extra modes would have made all the difference. Goodness only knows what Nintendo were thinking by rushing this out, it's only going to damage their reputation.



TromaDogg commented on Mega Man Legacy Collection Gets a Budget Price...:

Basically a kick in the teeth to Europeans. It's better than not getting the game at all, but seems very unfair that it's getting a US release with a special Gold Mega Man amiiibo.

I know some people will say 'But look at all the great stuff you guys in Europe get, like the physical release of Project Zero: Maiden Of Black Water for instance', but it still hurts



TromaDogg commented on Review: Rodea the Sky Soldier (Wii U):

@TreonsRealm Excellent post, and I completely agree I started off playing the Wii U version and even started enjoying it after getting used to the controls, but after the first 4 stages I decided to try the original Wii! It's almost like playing a different game. None of the nonsense with having to collect hundreds of scrap parts to power up your abilities, the bonus rooms are a lot more fun (rather than just 'pick a ring') and the levels just seem better designed in general with a few tricks and traps that don't appear in the Wii U version at all it seems.

Seriously, anybody who's interested in this should be basing their opinion on how the Wii version is, not the Wii U port and hopefully Nintendolife will give it a proper review soon.



TromaDogg commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Release Date Quirks in N...:

With regards to the Layton games, who remembers when the final DS game (Layton and the Spectre's Call) was released here in the UK....with the whole 'London Life' RPG completely removed from it? Or the fact that a fair few of the puzzles were completely (and needlessly) changed between regions?



TromaDogg commented on Review: Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash (3DS):

They've put customers in a no win situation...basically the game is OK, but not very good. If it sells well, we're encouraging more of the same. If it doesn't sell well, there might be no more Chibi Robo games. We shouldn't have to buy average games we don't really want just to support the franchises.



TromaDogg commented on SEGA Posts Financial Results, Sales are Down a...:

I'm 38 and have been playing games since 1980 on multiple systems, and yet I really enjoyed both Sonic Colors and Lost World. Didn't find them clunky or mediocre at all. In fact, I'd say Generations has been overrated by some. Either way, none of those games are anywhere near as pitifully bad as Sonic 06 was. Even Sonic Boom was a cut above that.

What I'd like to see Sega do is let Sonic rest for a while. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even if they don't make new games from the ground up, give us HD ports of Skies Of Arcadia and Panzer Dragoon Saga. Things that people really want and will sell, and maybe just maybe generate new interest in some of their better IPs.



TromaDogg commented on EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" W...:

It depends what games they release.

If they put brand new titles on the NX and they don't sell, then I'll accept their excuse that Nintendo fans only buy Mario and Zelda.

If they try pulling the same stunt they did when the Wii U launched....that is, try and fob us off with a port of last year's FIFA game, try to fob us off with a full price late port of Mass Effect 3 whilst other formats are getting the entire trilogy for the same price (and stand alone Mass Effect 3 is cheaper), and an extremely late and very overpriced port of a Need For Speed game and they still wonder why they can't sell games to Nintendo fans, then they're a bunch of hypocrites who have created the problem themselves.



TromaDogg commented on Super Mario Maker Still Leads the Way for Nint...:

Unlike most people, I seem to be able to play Zelda Tri Force Heroes in single player mode just fine with a minimum of fuss.

That being said, the single player element has been savaged in reviews so most people won't even give it a chance now, and 3 players is a bit of a strange number to force in a co-op game....from playing it myself, I don't see any good reason why it couldn't have supported 2 players and a doppel. Not everybody knows 2 other people who'd want to get together and sit and play 3DS games with them often, and the online mode is crippled a lot by the lack of voice chat, especially on the later stages if some people aren't sure of what they need to do.

I get the impression that the devs came up with a minigame for themselves that they thought was fun, but then just ran with the idea and didn't think at all about the bigger picture...who they'd need to try and market it to, what kind of gamers make up the Zelda fanbase etc. Pretty poor planning even if the game itself is really good when it's played how it's meant to be played.



TromaDogg commented on Nintendo Is Unique, Different And Does Its Own...:

People don't know a good thing when they've got it.

If Nintendo were to suddenly close up shop tomorrow, you can bet that most of their previous critics would suddenly jump to their defence and start lamenting their demise and wishing they'd bought a Wii U earlier. Look at all the people who praise the Saturn and Dreamcast now, where were they when Sega needed them?



TromaDogg commented on Video: Teens Discover That Finding A Weapon In...:

Kaelyn actually used some pretty good tactics in the final round (find a good hiding spot and camp) even if she didn't quite realise what she was doing all of the time, lol.

I'm going to have to dig out my old copy and give it another run through



TromaDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (Europe):

Not a bad week. I've already got a physical copy of Chibi Robo and the amiibo preordered, but I'll probably download Rock Zombie (had my eye on that for a while, £3.59 seems about right for it) and Toki Tori 3D (love Two Tribes stuff, I always support them) too, with a view to downloading GBA Contra when there's a quiet week.

I've already downloaded Siesta Fiesta but yeah, I'll agree that it's an ace game and an absolute steal at that price.



TromaDogg commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

It's no biggie anyway, because the idea of censorship is to stop us seeing things altogether, BUT good old Nintendolife as usual has published pictures of the original content for anybody to hit right click, save, and then keep forever if they so wish.

If Nintendolife agree with the censorship, which is the impression I get, then it kind of defeats the object really



TromaDogg commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

Gotta agree with the majority here. On the one hand, I don't think it's exactly 'child pornography' and there's a contingent of white knights overreacting as usual. On the other hand, this isn't a game made for just adults and certainly most people in the West (myself very much included) wouldn't be comfortable with that kind of imagery of a 13 year old child in our games anyway, whether we complained about it or not. So in this case I agree with the changes. And this is coming from someone who enjoys the Senran Kagura games.

Project Zero: Maiden Of Dark Water on the other hand...I do think the censorship was absolutely needless and over zealous there.



TromaDogg commented on Nintendo Download: 29th October (Europe):

I've been waiting for Freedom Planet so I'll grab that, and wait for my physical copy of Project Zero to turn up. I've already got Resi 4 Wii Edition on disc or I'd have considered that too.

Still find it a bit odd that the themes in Binding Of Isaac are considered acceptable, yet some people lose their minds over the thought of unlockable lingerie costumes in a Project Zero game



TromaDogg commented on Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Originally D...:

@LinkSword They're optional bonus challenges though. I'm talking about just playing through the levels normally the first time through. So far, from my experience at least, you can get through the whole standard portion of the game yourself with a bit of thought and innovation here and there. Yes, things like the timed bonus challenges are tough (impossible maybe?) on your own but I've still managed to do a fair few of the other bonus challenges up to now. Maybe I will try the online mode and go back to those afterwards but at least by then I'll have learned to play the game properly by myself, have a better understanding of the puzzles and won't be a hindrance to the other people I'm playing with.



TromaDogg commented on Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Originally D...:

What I don't understand here is why so many people are implying that it's nearly unplayable in Solo mode? I've managed absolutely fine so far...17 stages done (out of 32) and not touched the online stuff yet, as I'd rather work through puzzles at my own pace and not have to rely on other people thinking, or not thinking about things the same way I do. I've also had no issues and not had to skip any parts of stages at all. Absolutely, it's worth trying in Solo mode.

I'm not saying multuplayer shouldn't be the main focus (it obviously is) but anybody who has much difficulty playing Solo with the Doppels must really suck in general at Zelda games.



TromaDogg commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

Do I personally care or think it'll affect anybody's enjoyment of the game in anyway way? No. I'd have still left them in though, on the grounds that it's an 18/Mature rated game anyways.....they shouldn't censor stuff intended for adults, it just looks dumb.



TromaDogg commented on There's a New Update Incoming for Puzzle & Dra...:

Of course Pokemon Shuffle has had much more success than Puzzle & Dragons Z...Pokemon Shuffle is a free download with a hugely strong brand attached to it whereas P&DZ isn't...even just on this site a fair few people have expressed interest at downloading the Mario portion but only if they separate it from the core game & sell it cheaper. Daft comparison, other than them both being match games.

On saying that, I've had it since launch and think it's ace. Looking forward to the update.



TromaDogg commented on Super Smash Bros. 'Digital Complete Pack' Comb...:

Until they have a sale, no Smash DLC for me. I've bought loads of DLC for other games but the prices are completely unjustified for what you get. The different Mii costumes might as well be horse armour. The prices for the extra characters and stages need to be more in line with the price of the full game, around £1.50/$2 each max.



TromaDogg commented on Preview: Fabulous Fashion and Questionable Gam...:

@MrRight How do you know this will 'blow' 4S away when the game isn't even released yet and even the professional reviewer in the above article who had early access to the game has questioned it's overall design? Are you clairvoyant? If that's your basis for shouting down someone else's opinion then it's pretty misguided.



TromaDogg commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

Just a thought...would all those who want tons of AAA titles released on Wii U this year actually have the money to buy them all or the time to play them?

I'm not defending the Wii U's line up, but let's have perspective here. I've got PS4 and XB1 too, but there's no way I can get all the games I want for them until some price discounts and me clearing my backlog a bit. And that's on top of the Wii U stuff I like the look of.

No new Zelda (Wii U at least), Starfox or Metroid this Xmas is a blow but it gives Project Zero, Rodea and Xenoblade a nice chance to shine...titles that people would othewise ignore or just wait until New Year sales anyway.