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Between Heaven and Hades

Male, 20, United States

A hardcore gamer and avid Nintendo fan. I have beaten every Zelda and Kingdom Hearts game to date. Pokemon would have to be my favourite series though, it will always remain mystical and fantastic to me.

Fri 19th April, 2013

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One-Winged-Pit commented on Video: Smash Bros. Characters Recast in an Att...:

@Ralizah I really never felt the intensity in the manga that I do with the anime. People do not even know what they are talking about, just those constant whiners that prefer manga over anime or sub over dub regardless of anything. I have seen people say the pacing in the anime is a page an episode, when actually each manga issue is one episode.



One-Winged-Pit commented on Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Announced F...:

@Sanquine SMT: 4 and Soul Hackers, Etrian Odyssey 4 and Untold, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Resident Evil: Revelations, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy: Theatrthym, Mario Kart 7, Tales of the Abyss, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, MGS 3, Animal Crossing, and Donkey Kong Country Returns..



One-Winged-Pit commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Origins (Wii U):

This guy in my class made good points on how it could have been a lot better. Instead of bad boss fights, Deathstroke hunts you on the ground and Dead Shot tries to shoot you when you are in the air.



One-Winged-Pit commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

I am going for the Wii U and PS4. The 360 was a waste of money, I cannot imagine One being any better. There are a total of six exclusives for the 360 I think are even good (I hate Halo) and the rest are on the PS3 but PS3 has a ton of exclusives.



One-Winged-Pit commented on Review: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium ...:

@Rei7 Have you played Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey? It is like that. You go through large dungeons in a first person dungeon crawler. In this one the characters can have personality in story mode but what the usual is that you create blank slate characters. There is a demo for this game too.