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Mommar commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Localisation Work is "W...:

@LawRulesALL And they also tend to have an order of release too. August/September is relatively popular. October is usually smaller/quirky or something expected to be less successful. November is the giant one. And December is the smaller, more kiddy affair. Last year was Bayonetta 2 in Oct, SMash in Nov, and Captain Toad in December. I expect Starfox (sadly it's not the most successful franshice), Zelda and Yoshi's Wooly World to fill those last three slots. Xenoblade is the odd one out, I'm not sure it'll be popular or how much of a push Nintendo will have with it. So it could actually be the October release instead, but I think they'll try to push it a bit more given it's length of development and give it the earlier August/September slot.



Mommar commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

@JaxonH They're not unplayable because I play them all the time. The blown out pixels on the larger screens expose the fact the 3DS does not do aliasing and it looks order of magnitude worse. It isn't making a mountain out of a mole-hill either. That giant XL is not comfortable for many people to hold. That isn't a minor complaint for a handheld console, that's pretty much the biggest complaint you can have. It's not like they've made one system and we just have to deal. Look around the rest of the plant, the other option is available and we've just been told we can't have it. That's a big difference.



Mommar commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

Here's the thing. I don't want the oversized version at all. But if I were going to have to buy one I'd buy the blue one because I prefer that color. NOA has not only screwed over all of the fans waiting for the smaller version but they've also done a fine job screwing over the fans who were looking forward to the Blue XL. The only one I feel looks decent is the Monster Hunter 4 version, and that costs more because it comes with a game I'll never play. All around NOA has given me zero reasons to want this. As a matter of fact I was counting down the minutes to February 13th... now I don't give a single squat about their dumb device.



Mommar commented on One Of The Most Successful Nintendo Games Of 2...:

I do not get the love for that movie. Other than Let it Go being a catchy song (even after the five millionth time my niece has belted it out) I've watched it twice with my Nephew and it felt longer each subsequent time. I could swear the movie was four hours.



Mommar commented on Gallery: Gorge Yourself on These Assets For Th...:


I agree, even just tweaking the game with additional geometry and changing things like the single, thin polygon with the transparent fence texture to a real, honest, 3D fence would help to make things look better. The games, and games in general on the 3DS, actually do look better at their native resolution on the little screen with the 3D turned on. It smooths out a lot of those rough jaggies you see in the videos.



Mommar commented on Nintendo 64x64: Wipeout 64:

I do get sick of people comparing this game to F-Zero. The type of racing and mechanics were remarkably different. The only similarity is cars in the future. Otherwise they were aiming for entirely different styles of play.

It's too bad they could only fit three licensed tracks on this one. I remember I used to have a stereo with audio in that could play CD audio at the same time it was piping in another audio source. I used to turn off all in game music and throw on other electronic music compilations in the CD player so I could get something closer to the experience on other consoles. Goodnight Lover and Absurd made for great racing tracks but Bang On was a pretty weak effort by the Propeller Heads IMO.



Mommar commented on Interview: Still Games Discusses Kickstarting ...:

I like the concept for the game, I like the graphic style and the music in the trailer is very moving/nostalgic as well. However, watching the gameplay I'm concerned it won't feel good. As that's one of the most important parts of the game, and referencing the quality of Nintendo in their interview they should know it has to move/feel good. Something about the walking animation plus speed of walking seems disconnected to me. Same with the attack animations. Maybe they have more to fix there, though. I wish them luck, I don't trust the kickstarter thing but if they finish their game I'll buy it on the eShop.



Mommar commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Dat...:

@Bulbousaur Because the walking speed is touchy and irritating, I'd rather have two speeds I can rely on rather than some inconsistent gradient. And none of the characters I main have tilt moves so it's completely worthless for me.

Don't tell me what I will and won't like. I've used the d-pad for every game in the series and it works better for my play style. Having the option won't hurt you but it will help me and the many people who want the same patched back in.



Mommar commented on Feature: The Making of Rocket: Robot on Wheels:

Based on the design of the main character and packaging I can't say I would be immediately interested in this game if I saw it at the store. That being said, I've never heard of this title and it does sound like fun. Too bad.



Mommar commented on New Nintendo 3DS LL Outsells Standard Model By...:

I'm more interested in longer battery life, really, and I don't like the color options for the smaller model. However after viewing the regular XL 3DS at the store I don't really want the giant screen as I feel, given the limitation in resolution/graphic performance, the larger screen helps to emphasize the lower polygon models and texture quality. Games actually look worse on the larger screens IMO. So I'm not sure which version I really want. It would also be nice to know how easy it is to reach the secondary buttons on the XL model as I don't have the largest hands for a man.



Mommar commented on Review: Castlevania: Dracula X (Wii U eShop / ...:

I do find it ironic that the first thing people say about this game is that it's not Rondo of Blood, and the second thing is that it has super dated/restricted controls... which were lifted directly from Rondo of Blood.



Mommar commented on Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Super...:

One more thing, I've not seen anybody anywhere mention this (even after I asked about it) but you can rearrange how you want your buttons laid out and you can have a separate jump button, in addition to turning off jumping by tapping up. You cannot, however, switch movement to the d-pad and taunts to the circle pad. I took a chance hoping you could do this but you can't and I pretty much hate playing on the circle pad so I'll likely only pick up Smash on the 3DS when I'm really bored of other games I have as I absolutely, positively HATE controlling the game with the circle pad.