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Wed 27th February, 2013

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Mommar commented on Video: Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is Shap...:

I don't really see anything in these videos the WiiU couldn't handle. But for the love of God, please let me change the controls on the WiiU version. The choice for attacking on ZR instead of regular R is TERRIBLE! I can reconfigure the controls how I see fit on the PC version, why not the WiiU?



Mommar commented on Satoru Iwata Defends Timing of DeNA Deal, Teas...:

@BLPs Actually, this is a smart move. I was just talking to a 26 year old female friend of mine last night who owns a Wii and DS, she doesn't really play console games anymore (though she did play the new South Park game on PC when it came out last year.) When I told her Nintendo was going to start making App games her face lit up, she wants to play more of their stuff. So this is a smart way to hook people back in.



Mommar commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

@Quorthon @JaxonH Blah, blah blah. What Nintendo needs is more power, they gave it to you. Oh, no but it what it really needed was power in some other weird form factor and people not pissed off.

You'll find any damn excuse to explain why you hate Nintendo. They've had year after year of people disliking them for one reason or another. By your logic they will NEVER be able to make good again. Even if they released a super powerful console they already have way too many people burned for it to matter.



Mommar commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

@Peach64 Really? That's all they did? Analog sticks, rumble packs. Nintendo added lots of little things all the way. The Cube was the only one where they went all-in on being powerful with no other upgrades and they got left behind for the weaker, massive-pain-to-program-for PS2.



Mommar commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

As I said in a previous post, I think it's good. DeNA helping them with a backbone for their system, unified accounts that will no doubt help with the console business as well as tying into mobile and to help understand the mobile market, which is new to Nintendo. Nintendo will have a chance to release smaller games, with both their biggest franchises and potentially smaller, and drum up awareness and fandoms for both larger and smaller projects. That could, theoretically, lead to we console gamers seeing more of the smaller titles appear back on handheld and console as the potential for larger fandoms is increased via mobile marketing.

And you know Nintendo is going to start making use of second screen and additional meta-gaming via the phone for the larger console releases. Again, which should work better since DeNA is helping with the backbone.



Mommar commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

To be perfectly honest I do not see how any of these announcements means Nintendo is taking a radical shift or that the future will be that much different. Think about Sony and Microsoft, they have MASSIVE consoles, and Sony has a relatively decent hand held. But that's it. Nintendo, adding their IP to a phone, can now make fans of theirs on a third tier that Sony and Microsoft simply can't, because they aren't inherently software businesses (barring the whole PC thing with Microsoft.) Nintendo can have a home console, and hand held and now some super cheap marketing with all of their IP's on another open system. Plus they can start incorporating features from the phones into their games as well, if they want to. It's a good way to have another hook. Other than that, normalizing the innards in their console and handheld is a good idea because companies no longer have to rely on a single middleware to get things done, they can write their own engines for the systems and port the games between the two with relative ease. It also means their infrastructure can remain the same across all of the disparate platforms.

What they can also do is try out smaller mobile games for some of their lesser known titles and gauge interest. Maybe if those titles and popular they can hook new fans and end up bringing more full experiences to the handhelds and consoles too?



Mommar commented on The Nintendo 3DS Was North America's Best-Sell...:

@Peach64 To be honest they probably would have been quite a bit higher if both versions of the system were released in NA. I skipped buying the new system because I don't want the XL version and a lot of people around the internet have done the same thing.



Mommar commented on Video: What If Super Mario World Was A 3D Clas...:

I'd love to but I don't have a New Nintendo 3DS, they only sell the Xl version where I live.

Whining aside, I've wanted a 3D Classics release for EVERYTHING ever made for the NES/SNES. The treatment Kid Icarus got looks absolutely amazing (though they did add in some additional background details not found in the original game.)



Mommar commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

I've been following White Space for awhile. I love the flying plus separate aiming mechanic. And it has a type of flight mechanic like some of the older style Descent-like games. Done well it could be very fun.



Mommar commented on Indie Developers Praise Nintendo's Policies an...:

I find myself buying lots of Indies on the WiiU. Even if they're on Steam I can't find them, it's easier to track them down on the WiiU. And the games usually feel more natural on the console (or the 3DS, really.)



Mommar commented on Review: Titan Attacks (3DS eShop):

I just bought this over the weekend, as someone who ONLY plays games on the 3DS in 3D I actually never realized it wasn't in 3D until reading this review. It simply wasn't a concern to me. I find it a rather fun little time waster, however.



Mommar commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

Trust me, giving fans warning and time doesn't make a damn bit of difference. Actually, posting at random times is better because you might be able to sneak a pre-order in. I collect Macross toys and we all know precisely what time pre-orders for these things go up in Japan. A quarter hour sell out would be a God Send. You might miss out on the whole allotment in between refreshing your screen, things go that fast.
Providing a date means EVERYBODY will log into the exact same servers at the exact same time. Shopping carts will hang at certain screens and very likely a good number of people will be "cart-jacked" mid-purchase without some fancy server-side accommodations. No, that really won't work.

What they should do is offer an opportunity for everyone between a certain window of time to pre-order and manufacture as many as are pre-ordered within that window. Sure, some will still be scalped, but the people who really want them can get them and it will only be stragglers who end up eating it on ebay.



Mommar commented on More New Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates Headed to E...:

@rjejr Why is it funny? When hundreds of ships have been backed up in the harbor waiting to be unloaded just because the dispute is over doesn't mean all of those ships will be magically unloaded on the same day. The supply hold up is going to take weeks, possibly months, to normalize.