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Wed 27th Feb 2013

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Mommar commented on Poll: Did The Final Video Presentation for Sup...:

IMO, given they've had so many other classics like Pac-Man and Megaman they should have tried like hell to add Simon Belmont just to complete the NES classic roster. Of course Konami officially hates video games so maybe it wasn't possible with those douches.



Mommar commented on Review: Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Cha...:

@MavezIgnikari Ninja Gaiden 1 is about as hard as Castlevania 1 is. I say that only because I've never been able to beat either of those games. Ninja Gaiden 2, by comparison, is far easier. It got to the point I could breeze through that in a single life, same with Castlevania 3.



Mommar commented on Video: Here's What Xenoblade Chronicles Looks ...:

I am not sure what video people are watching here but this is completely unplayable. And this is only with a clock downgrade. It would be impossible with the reduced cores and less/slower RAM. Some simple "optimizations" would not have worked.



Mommar commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 2 - 1988:

I didn't find The Lost Levels all that difficult when I finally got play All-Stars. Then again, I can't even really play the original SMB very well anymore. So maybe I was just in really good practice at that time and it would have been monstrously frustrating for newer gamers.



Mommar commented on M2 Initially Felt Porting Streets Of Rage 2 To...:

I don't think the Streets of Rage games are nearly as good as people claim they are but I buy all of these games because I like that Sega and M2 are actually trying. I wish we could get more 3D conversions of various Arcade/SNES/etc... games from other companies.



Mommar commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

@6ch6ris6 The PS4 is a significantly underpowered PC from six years ago. If you factor in that the NX should release later than the PS4 you have to figure that even with tech from four years ago it should be more powerful than both of the other consoles.



Mommar commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

I don't know if people will go back and buy their hardware after all of this but I do know there is a large group of women (mid twenties range) chomping at the bit for some Nintendo games on their phones, who still play stuff like Harvest Moon on their Wii's and REALLY want to check out what Universal Studio's is going to put in their parks from Nintendo. I think with those two moves people will be re-introduced to Nintendo again and there's potential to come back to the hardware after that. But that is in a few years time.



Mommar commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

For me I pretty much don't care about anything here at all. I think the shoe-horned mechanics in Star Fox will ruin the game (plus the graphics are suspiciously bad) and 'm still waiting for Zelda. Nothing else surprised. Really a let down.



Mommar commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

The graphics in space look flat and terrible. On planet they look alright, but not mind blowing.

And they could have easily mapped the targeting reticule to the second analog stick and left the rest of the controls as is. I'm a fan of the gamepad but this is very clearly a case of pounding gameplay into something that shouldn't be using (much like the stupid touch controls on the DS Star Fox game I never finished, because the controls were stupid.)



Mommar commented on Feature: Breaking Down Ryu's Moves and How He'...:

This could also give hope we'll see Castlevania properties in Smash as well. Capcom very well hasn't released a damn thing on the WiiU except for Monster Hunter, and certainly no new Street Fighter titles. They could get Konami properties that haven't appeared on the WiiU as well, really.



Mommar commented on Exclusive: Get Revved Up With the First FAST R...:

I really can't tell what the gameplay is like. The style of everything looks like Wipeout but people keep relating it to F-Zero. I hope it plays more like Wipeout because I've never liked F-Zero's controls.



Mommar commented on 3DS Hits 15 Million Sales Landmark in the US:

@Quorthon Yeah, that's a good point. I personally owned two DS'es prior and would own two 3DS'es if NOA had released the standard sized version. The 3DS certainly does not have the wide-reach of the previous handheld. I used to see EVERYBODY around here with one when I went out to eat. Now, I've never seen another 3DS system in public. So likely you're right that their numbers are skewed and it's only a third of the numbers who are actually buying one. Likely an original 3DS, and XL and then whoever upgraded to at least a N3DSXL in the US, and possibly to both versions elsewhere.



Mommar commented on Online Co-Op and Versus Modes Confirmed for Bl...:

@Fuz Right, well, looking up the differences between 03 and 11 isn't much different, but changing things backward is more work.

However, simply because they've been using the latest version doesn't mean that older or previous projects weren't started on an 03 build. It could still, theoretically, be laying around on a hard drive somehwere and they could start form that. It's also entirely likely if they have a license they could ask Epic for one of the older versions to work with, we've done that plenty of times with Green Hills for legacy systems around here.



Mommar commented on Online Co-Op and Versus Modes Confirmed for Bl...:

@Fuz maybe they have an older 03 version they will start off with, then? I've had to updated some 03 to 11 C++ at work recently, it really wasn't that bad. Then again it wasn't anything near as complicated as a graphics engine either.



Mommar commented on Bloodstained Is Officially Kickstarter's Most ...:

@Damo That is actually not true, the other day IGA posted video of the game running. Other than the comments about the animation looking a bit stiff, it looked pretty good. And he told the developers to add in their own visual flourishes if they wanted.



Mommar commented on Asynchronous Online Multiplayer to Feature in ...:

They'd probably get a bigger push at the end if it were a 3DS port and not Vita. It was always the Nintendo Handheld fans who bought up the majority of the Castlevania games (of course, the majority of the games were on Nintendo handhelds as well.)