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IronMan28 commented on Interview: 13AM Games on Getting Up to Speed W...:

Funny how Nintendo can develop these relationships with smaller developers but bigger third-parties and them seem like worst enemies, at times. What is Nintendo not doing with the latter that they do with the former?



IronMan28 commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

@IceClimbers Actually, the brand has been largely a money sink for MS, but they use it as a means of getting their OS to more people. Apparently some of the board members have wanted Ballmer (not sure on spelling there) to spin the brand off. Stark contrast with Sony, whose PS is the only thing keeping the company relevant. Both MS and Sony aren't doing very well on the whole, tbh.



IronMan28 commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

It's funny how people compartmentalize to keep the stereotypes strong in their mind. Wii U has had plenty of third-party support, just not the same extent as PS4 and Xbox One. The problem with relying on Indies is that people already have in their mind that they're largely not worth purchasing a console for, even if they exist alongside awesome (primarily) exclusive retail games in Nintendo's case. Xbox One and PS4 had the same issues as Wii U did at and after launch, yet nobody cared. Know why? Because nobody wanted Wii U to succeed. Plain and simple.



IronMan28 commented on Nintendo Releases Genyo Takeda's Full Eulogy ...:

One day we had Iwata, the next we didn't. Just shows how impermanent things are in life like the Buddhists say. I was surprised I literally cried when I heard Iwata passed away because I've never met him. Don't know him in any personal fashion, but I guess sadness doesn't have to make sense all the time.



IronMan28 commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Explains Why the Pro Controll...:

Games like Splatoon show that the GamePad has a place, and sometimes games like Bayo 2 and Devil's Third come along and prove the Pro Controller works well. I think both are good devices, and I still love the GamePad, sorry haters.



IronMan28 commented on Multiple Sources Point to Nintendo of America ...:

"There were people inside of Nintendo's Treehouse who didn't believe Devil's Third was a quality game."

I still say that matters, even if everyone here asserts that with "patches and DLC" a game can become good. You guys always complain about NoA, but I personally feel like they might have been right with their first instinct based on that preview.



IronMan28 commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

NoA saying they're happy to bring the game to Wii U would indicate that they are, in fact, publishing it. Don't know when that verbiage became confusing. Either way, if XSEED is publishing it and NoA said they were, I'm pretty sure I speak my own language where I mean what I say and everyone else speaks outright lies. That is to say, NoA saying they'd bring the game to Wii U meaning they won't is a weird way of saying they're bringing it to Wii U. Then again, that one guy on NL who hated SF Zero's article's title said he had "mixed feelings" about the game, which clearly wasn't true at the time.



IronMan28 commented on Weirdness: Revenge is a Dish Best Sold on eBay...:

Gonna agree with @ThomasBW84, we don't know the details and there is no reason to pick sides. Sucks for the guy who had the game, though. Like one of my old bosses once said, "I always buy furniture from a woman going through a divorce, you'll never get the stuff cheaper because women are evil!" That last bit was funny to me, even if I disagree with it.



IronMan28 commented on DeNA Executive Confirms Plans For Five Nintend...:

@PlywoodStick I couldn't agree more, this is how Nintendo's exit from the portable market (and possibly hardware market) is met by fans, with cheers. Pretty sad that people fail to realize wanting fewer consoles or gaming devices on the market actually hurts them, in the long run, as both a consumer and a fan.

Oh well, the market has spoken, and those of us that care are few and far between. Don't complain when you ONLY get certain games on mobile.



IronMan28 commented on Hands On: Blast Ball Brings Crude Button Mashi...:

It's pretty hilarious that people think they understand how business works. If Nintendo (or any company) just gave you what you think you want, nothing new would happen. To paraphrase Ford, if he asked people what they wanted before the car, they'd have asked for faster horses. Any business major will tell you that while customer input matters, relying too heavily on it is not the way to run a company. Of course, many gamers don't even know that they don't get it, so it's difficult to be mad at someone that doesn't realize they're ignorant.



IronMan28 commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

Let's be honest, it won't matter much unless they work with major third-party publishers to build the machine, and we all know that won't happen. It's going to be like GCN, Wii, and Wii U all over again, relatively bad third-party support that looks worse next to the competition. Owning 2 consoles will seem less and less attractive, Nintendo has its work cut out with them for whatever NX is. I wish them the best, but I feel like I did before Wii launched, which is not good, only this time it's much worse because there aren't two other consoles launching around the same time as NX (assuming it IS, in fact, a console and not a hybrid or handheld).



IronMan28 commented on Nintendo Board Members Retain Roles After AGM ...:

I'd argue Nintendo hardcore fans do bring a good share of the profits in, especially since we're the reason games like MK8 have sold 5.11 million on a system with 9.5 million units sold.

Anyway, whatever Nintendo does next, I guess I'm at peace with it. Even if they do go third-party and essentially make the console market even more homogenous, I guess the market has spoken, for better or for worse. Oh, and when game prices or services skyrocket because there's a single console manufacturer, don't say I didn't warn you about the dangers of wanting one console on the market.



IronMan28 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

In many cases, fans don't even realize what their expectations are until Nintendo breaks some of their trends. Case in point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Most people didn't even think of asking for a Metroid game starring Samus before they knew about that game. My point is if you don't even understand your own expectations until they're broken, even you don't know what you want.



IronMan28 commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

Let's be honest with ourselves, Nintendo is probably not smart or dumb enough to release this thing only a few months after formally revealing it. IF it gets released next year and has Wii U's Zelda at launch, it has a fighting chance at selling okay, but I doubt that will really be the case. For one, Wii U will actually have some momentum going by the time NX is released, something unheard of from Nintendo when they launch a new console. We might see it in 2017, possibly 2018 if they pull a Wii and show it at 3 E3s but leave out major details in the first and even second conferences.



IronMan28 commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

" Frankly, we suspect that to be PR spin, as the only confirmed long-term project not shown was The Legend of Zelda for Wii U - that's still confirmed for the system, but that doesn't mean it won't get the Twilight Princess treatment as a launch title on NX, too."

Remember E3 2013, when Nintendo said they'd talk mostly about games that were coming soon, as in within a year? I sure do, I also remember Nintendo never skipping an E3 with TP footage and delaying it in 2005 to show it again in '06. What I'm getting at is speculating about games based on the past doesn't always add up to what you think might be the future.



IronMan28 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 201...:

@rjejr It's twice the price, but I say it's worth every penny. I realize and respect the fact that value is subjective, of course.

Sorry to hear about your father, mine passed away last September. He never met my daughter. I hope things go well for your father and the rest of your family.



IronMan28 commented on Fresh Details Emerge For Shin Megami Tensei X ...:

I don't get why people act like this game doesn't have elements from SMT and FE. Watch the battle sequences and you see influences from both. SMT has the icons that denote the type of attack you dole out and so does this game, FE has the rock-paper-scissors style gameplay, which this game has as well. Seriously, how do people NOT see it?



IronMan28 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 201...:

SF Zero, I'm convinced it'll be ready for action whenever they release it. Of course, if they delay it, I won't mind.

XCX and Mario Maker will also be mine.

Oh, I almost forgot Fatal Frame, Rodea, and Wooly World, and, of course, Disney Infinity 3.0 edition (my inner Star Wars fanboy is giddy for this one). If Devil's Third makes it to NA this year, I'll check it out, although admittedly it might not be very good. Seems like a pretty good year, and I've only covered what I'm getting on Wii U. Although this is a Nintendo site, I'll be gladly getting some more good games on my Xbox One at some point this year, although Fallout 4 will be a next year purchase because I know they'll put out a GOTY edition with all of the excellent DLC.

Way OT but: Oh, and @rjejr, Swords and Soldiers 2 is really good so far. It's got a lot of the same charm as the first one, only with a much goofier story and voice-acting. The production is really good for a 2D game.



IronMan28 commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:

Well, if this game really is 2-3 hours long, then perhaps they can clean it up a bit before launch. Regardless, everyone here should be okay with the way it looks and plays since games can now improve with DLC and patches. I won't point fingers at anyone specific, but my last sentence is what many people assert is true. Remember, a delayed game is eventually good and a bad game is bad forever. ;)



IronMan28 commented on Interview: Image & Form Discusses SteamWorld H...:

"The exciting news is that the 3DS will be the first system to receive SteamWorld Heist this Fall."

I'd be more excited if Wii U was getting it first. It will definitely be a game I'll buy on my 3DS and Wii U, but still, I want the latter more.



IronMan28 commented on Video: The Nintendo Life Reaction to Nintendo'...:

Well, it was a pretty bad E3, but it wasn't E3 2003 or 2008 or 2011 for that matter. At least Nintendo was fairly honest when it said it would only cover games coming out in the next 6 months or so. I'm sure we'll see a Direct sometime this or next year that will make us wonder why the hell E3 2015 wasn't like that.



IronMan28 commented on Video: No Matter How Annoyed You Are At Ninten...:

@Giygas_95 "This is why I always say keep your expectations low. Do that and you won't be as disappointed. I wasn't."

I wasn't disappointed either, except slightly so for the AC on Wii U, just because they announced an AC and it's crap. Other than that, I wasn't too bothered by this event, tbh. Also, this is the internet, reason is not allowed.



IronMan28 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Anyone claiming this was the worst E3 for Nintendo ever, I point to you E3 2008. THAT was bad. While this one was by no means good, I got what I wanted, simply because I never set expectations for anything too high. Although, I will admit that AC Wii U announcement was pretty horrendous, and I'll gladly save my bells for another game, namely SF0, which was way better than most people here are acting like it was.