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CaPPa commented on RCMADIAX Confirms Two Wii U eShop Releases Thi...:

RCMADIAX seems to be getting a lot of flak here, but even though his games are very simple they are at least reasonably priced.

I liked Blok Drop U, so I'll be picking up Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion.



CaPPa commented on Digital Foundry Gives Its Take on Watch Dogs f...:

From the videos it looks like it's better than the PS3 version (which at times almost looks like a PS2 game). I wouldn't buy it on the Wii U though until it at the same price as the other versions.



CaPPa commented on Video: This Is What Watch Dogs Looks Like On W...:

That's what I want to see too, the screen shots and the video looked pretty good; infact it's a lot closer to the PS4/XBO than I thought it would be, but the outside world will be far more telling.

I'll probably pick it up when the Wii U version is the same price as the other versions.



CaPPa commented on Bayonetta 2 Falls From UK Charts After One Week:

As the first Bayonetta wasn't a huge seller it's not surprising that the sequel would get fairly modest sales too. Add to that the UK is Sony country and it's even less surprising.

It's a shame because Bayonetta 2 is a fantastic game, but the best games don't always equal the best sales. I just hope that it did well in North America as I'd like another sequel too.



CaPPa commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

I had it preordered so availability wasn't an issue. They looked like they had a decent number of copies on the shelves too.

What I've found in the past is that a lot of retailers will only get a few copies of a game. I had to buy Splinter Cell and The Wonderful 101 from the eShop because it was impossible for me to find them in stores when they released (they'd only get about 3 copies in).

I think that it has been damaging for the Wii U because if someone goes into a store it looks like there isn't much in the way of choice for Wii U games, as even though there's a bunch of great games out they're not being displayed on the shelves.



CaPPa commented on Mad Men Football Shows Off Its New N64-Inspire...:

I think that there are opportunitys on the Wii U for indie sports titles due to the lack of EA titles. Unfortunately this doesn't look like it will/should be a success.

They need to get back to basics with fun 8-bit style game play but with more modern performance (so a NES or N64 look would be ok if it is smooth scrolling 60fps).



CaPPa commented on Video: We Tackle the Legendary Hyrule Warriors...:

The PS4 might be a good purchase in a year or two but right now it's pretty lackluster and really seems to be selling on the greatness awaits hype. If it wasn't for DCUO and Netflix ours probably wouldn't be used much until next June. The one cool thing right now is the speed of the console, applications open really quickly (which is why it's being used for Netflix).

Meanwhile the Wii U is on a run of great games. I'm still playing through Hyrule Warriors and have Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros, Captain Toad all coming this year.



CaPPa commented on Curve Studios Outlines Release Details of Four...:

These are all good games. It's a shame they took so long to get to the Wii U though (except Stealth 2 which is new) as they've already given Lone Survivor and TWA away for free on PS+.

I didn't like the first Stealth Inc that much but I'd like to support Curve's Wii U efforts so I'll give it a look. The Swapper is supposed to be very good and I skipped it on PS, so that could be a buy too.



CaPPa commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

The original Bayonetta was developed by Platinum as part of a series of games for Sega (along with MadWorld), so Sega has the copywrite on the character. Nintendo just owns the rights for Bayonetta 2.



CaPPa commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

Sega has the copywrite on the Bayonetta character but Bayonetta 2 is copywrited by Nintendo. So the only way it could appear on another system is if Nintendo put it on them. Bayonetta 3 could appear on another system though.



CaPPa commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

If you're not into Smash or Bayo then it's pretty slim pickings.

Luckily I am, so I have Bayo 2, Smash and Captain Toad on top of my holidays list. Aside from those (and some eShop titles) there aren't many other games on any systems that excite me that much (I have access to PS3, PS4 and 360). They generally seem to be overhyped and underwhelming; so I've no interest in another round of DA3, COD, ACU etc.

Next year should bring more titles like Xenoblade X, Mario Maker, Devils Third, Splatoon and Batman Arkham Knight (the only PS4 title that interests me so far).



CaPPa commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

6 months late and with no dlc? You've hit the pointless release jackpot with this one Ubisoft!

Watch Dogs isn't even that good of a game to begin with, but maybe I'll pick it up when it's $5 or $10.



CaPPa commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

An 8 seems a little low for the best action game of the last gen, should have been at least a 9 and then Bayonetta 2 can get a 10.



CaPPa commented on Ubisoft's Uplay Application Hints That Watch D...:

Not new, it has been there since Splinter Cell Blacklist released.

I doubt that Watch Dogs will release now, it's more likely that Ubisoft just can't be bothered to remove it from Uplay. From what I've experienced of the game on the PS3 it won't be much of a loss though.



CaPPa commented on North American Club Nintendo Replenishes Its P...:

I was excited when I read the headline as I thought the rewards were back but it's just the same 5 rubbish ones. I miss the days of there being 20+ physical rewards, I want my Mario shoelaces or games cases back. =(



CaPPa commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Confirmed By Capco...:

Revelations sold the most on 3DS.

I think part of what made the game good was the fact that it was designed for the 3DS. They likely had to confine the environments more due to less power, which made for some tense claustrophobic gameplay. The switch to more powerful systems could result in larger environments and lead back to the 3rd person shooter influence that has made the RE games rather mediocre in recent years.

So I won't be buying Revelations 2, in fact the only Crapcom game I can see me buying in the future is MH4U.



CaPPa commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I'll definitely be picking up a new XL, hopefully there'll be a MH4U themed bundle.

It's a shame that they still haven't fixed the screen scratching issue though.

With the extra C Pad and shoulder buttons maybe it could double as a Wii U controller.



CaPPa commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

I don't buy the Assassin's Creed games, not because I'm a Nintendo gamer but because they are s#*t. I hated AC, AC2 and AC3 (I gave it a chance to see what the ships were like but regretted spending $15 on it); so I wouldn't bother with any more of the series.

I did buy Zombi U, Splinter Cell and Rayman Legends though.

I think the PS3 version only overtook the Wii U one after it hit a price drop.



CaPPa commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

Considering that Ubisoft boasted how easy and cheap it was to port from the 360 to the Wii U they should be able to bring the Crew across fairly easily. It's probably better that they don't though as it probably wouldn't do the system justice.

Ubisoft does make some good games (I enjoyed Rayman Legends and SC Blacklist) but they also make a lot of questionable decisions. Still they are better than EA (although anyone is better than those doucebags).

The whole 'next gen' thing seems to be mostly hype and I'm not buying into it. I haven't seen a single game that has really shown me anything new and the systems are like mid level PCs; so I'm sticking with Wii U/PS3/3DS/PC for the time being.



CaPPa commented on Goodbye Galaxy Games Reveals First Teaser Imag...:

I've really liked all of Hugo's games so far, they have great ideas in them and above all his games are fun.

It'd be easy to write off this FPS purely based on the visuals, but the fact that this is a game by Goodbye Galaxy Games on the Wii U means that it's a day one buy for me.



CaPPa commented on Feature: Hyrule Warriors - Everything We Know ...:

I'm sold on Hyrule Warriors now.

So for 2014 I think I'll be getting:
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 2
Smash Bros 3DS
Persona Q
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
Smash Bros Wii U
An Amiibo or two (Samus for sure)

I'll also consider Watch Dogs (if it's better than the PS3 version), Sonic Boom and Project Cars; although I should really have enough games to play already.



CaPPa commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

I don't think that I could play RE Remake so I definitely couldn't play RE Remake-Remake. The reason being that I'm arachnophobic and had to play parts of the PSX original with my eyes shut.

It's stupid that it isn't coming to the Wii U though as it should be an easy profit on most platforms. Capcom have been pretty clueless for a long time though, which is reflected by their current financial situation. So far it looks like the only Capcom game that I'll be buying in the future is MH4U.



CaPPa commented on Review: GAIABREAKER (Wii U eShop):

Nano Assault is definitely a shoot em up. It isn't onrails, aside from some tunnel sections inbetween levels. Onrails doesn't disqualify a game as a shmup anyway, S&P2 was the best shooter of the 7th gen for me.



CaPPa commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (North America):

Little Inferno is definitely worth buying for $4.99.

As to how much of a game is there, well all you really do is burn things to get money to buy more things to burn. There are combinations of items to work out (some are incredibly vague) and you progress through a story (which is also very vague). It is unlike any other game, despite the rather light gameplay and story it becomes a real thought provoking experience.



CaPPa commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I'd rather there was a straight eShop credit option (say $15) so that you could buy whatever game you wanted. For people who buy a lot of games there might not be many options, the only games that I don't already own are Game & Wario and Dr Luigi.

The switch to digital only rewards and the reduction of gifts on Club Nintendo make me think that Nintendo is beginning to phase out these rewards. Perhaps they'll switch to the accumulative game discount that they talked about before.



CaPPa commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Sum...:

Bayonetta 1+2, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad and Super Smash Bros. U are all day one purchases for me.  I'm not really in to racing sims, but I'll keep an eye on Project CARS anyway. I'm also interested in Lego Batman 3, but could wait for a sale on it. Same goes for Sonic Boom. I'll wait for a review of Watch_Dogs, as it looked pretty bad on the PS3, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out on the Wii U.

The games on the Wii U are certainly stacked up for the final 4 months of the year.



CaPPa commented on Feature: Braving the Queue At Nintendo's Best ...:

I had a terrible day at the Smash event. I'd planned on taking 2 kids (aged 5 and 9) but ended up having to take a 1 year old baby too. We queued up for about an hour, were about another 15 or 20 minutes from getting to play but then the baby puked everywhere and we had to leave. So I didn't get to play Smash and they didn't have much swag for the kids either.