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Wed 25th April, 2012

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Robo-Knight commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

They could've made the first 3DS XL like this, but I still plan on getting this though just as long as I can transfer all of my stuff too it as well as this thing about the Micro SD Cards, how would I be able too transfer all of my stuff from my 32 Gig SD Card too a Micro SD Card instead?



Robo-Knight commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (North America):

@ThomasBW84 Also, I've been having trouble contacting the person who wrote the Article about the 3DS having a 300 Game Limit, I was actually the first too hit the limit of 331 'Boxes' on my Home Menu back around the time when Pokemon X & Y came out. I'm hoping for some help with my problem please.



Robo-Knight commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

I experienced this problem last year right around the time when Pokemon X & Y came out, I have even presented this problem of mine on the Boards & it was at 331 Games & Apps total including my Cartridge, I should have an Article or some kind of mention about me & this since I encountered this problem first, not him, me! I have over roughly 450 Games on my 3DS XL total including ones that I've had too delete, I wanted to send this response to you in private @galachef55, but as far as I know, there's no way too contact any of Nintendo Lifes Staff. I don't mean too come off as rude, but I actually feel saddened now that I wasn't blogged about this first.Nintendo has even told me that they won't fix the problem because it hasn't affected enough people, at least maybe now this can be fixed. Also, again, it's 331 'Boxes' on your Home Menu total, someone else told me that it's most likely a Firmware Problem. Ever since this has first happened too me, I wanted to be blogged about it first, but congrats too @Rayquaza3010 for getting mentioned first 10 months after I encountered the problem. Once again, I'm sorry for coming off as rude, I actually visit Nintendo Life daily myself & I'm a big fan of this Website. I hope that maybe I can get some sort of mention as well. Also, I have roughly 40,000 Blocks left on my 3DS XL's 32 Gig SD Card & none of them are Demo's, none.



Robo-Knight commented on Review: Grinsia (3DS eShop):

What was in the new patch for Grinsia?

Does anyone here know, I'm just curious because I can't see anything new added on too the Game with the new patch.



Robo-Knight commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

If this helps, my Girl Friend loves Senran Kagura Burst, so much in fact that she's going as Ikaruga for Connecticon this year, she's already even ordered her Costume from a really good Website, I forgot which.

But too be blunt & too directly prove my point, if a Girl who loves this Game and is looking forward too dressing up as one of the Characters from this Game, then maybe it's not so purely sexist, I mean it does come from Japan AND no one is forcing you too look at it, much less play it.

If you don't like a Game like this, then don't play it and don't go forcing your opinions down other peoples throats.

This is just a comment aimed at everyone in general I guess.