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FJOJR commented on Random: Take a Look at These Unused Alternate ...:

The only thing good to come out of the series was the portrayal of Dr. Eggman in the show. Eggman carries that show as Sonic is too full of himself for his own good, Tails is the same person he's been, Amy is an improvement, Sticks is crazy but not in a funny way,and Knuckles is a buffoon which saddens me. Shadow had a brief appearance as did Metal Sonic but the episodes didn't have the epic buildup or punch that should accompany the 2 closest characters that come to beating Sonic (outside of Mario).



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: Let's Dare to Believe that Soni...:

A Mario & Sonic game that didn't have to do with Smash or the Olympics would be megaton. Headed by Miyamoto and releasing as a launch title for the NX. Dreams I know. Like NiGHTs. Wait we need NiGHTs!



FJOJR commented on We Could See New Nintendo Stuff At The Game Aw...:

@ekreig I remember when Cranky Kong in DKCTF was the BIG reveal by Nintendo and the host asked Reggie if they had anything else. Reggie was like "what more do you want?" Not exactly a way to get the "hardcore" to come back. But Cranky in Smash confirmed.



FJOJR commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

I'm waiting this one out in case there is free DLC. If not, then I'll be content with Mario Power Tennis. Have to say from the reviews it seems like it's the lightest amount of content in the series and only above the Virtual Boy entry.



FJOJR commented on Video: See the Differences Between Star Fox Ze...:

Graphics-wise, I think the character models have been improved and the lighting has vastly improved but I'm still seeing a lot of early PS3 era style polygons and effects. But the Gamepad once again dictates the look. The Wii U lives and dies by the Gamepad and they've died more than they've lived. It's the same reason XBone dropped Kinect. Too many resources being used for an underutilized and shoehorned peripheral.



FJOJR commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

Just not enough to entice me. I wish they would have waited to remake this game from the ground up on the NX or just not bothered at all. I've been playing through TP on Wii U thru the vWii and it's good enough for me. The 3D models just never looked that great to begin with and now it's even more evident with the updated textures.



FJOJR commented on Nintendo's Share Value on the Rebound Followin...:

@ElkinFencer10 Yeah. I don't think Nintendo has ever released a game that's as bad as Sonic Boom. Yes Nintendo has delivered some stinkers, has delivered lazy efforts (putting 12 MB Mario All-Stars game on an 8 GB disc for SMB's 25th anniversary), and the Virtual Boy, but never has been to the level SEGA has settled for.



FJOJR commented on Nintendo Re-Iterates Drive to Seek Innovation ...:

I'm all for new IP but there's a lot of old IP Nintendo has that could use a Kid Icarus-like resurrection, or Fire Emblem Awakening-like saving. F-Zero, Star Tropics, Earthbound, Eternal Darkness, Golden Sun, and even some NES or Super NES franchises who could have their stories fleshed out on a modern system.



FJOJR commented on Reaction: Nintendo's First Mobile App, Miitomo...:

I wasn't expecting Mario or Zelda. Maybe something like WarioWare or Dr. Mario or something from their lesser known franchises to get the ball rolling. It is what it is and Nintendo clearly is putting all their eggs in the 2016 basket.



FJOJR commented on Video: Watch This Amazing Nintendo 64 HDMI Mod...:

Wii VC and emulators are good enough for me. But good for those who want the original hardware as the advantage is having full capabilities of N64 and no glitches other than the ones originally in the game.



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: The NX Hype Will Ramp Up as Nin...:

I'm not exactly ready for the next-gen for a number of reasons. One is mainly where I stand in my life, another that I think that as I move forward with each iteration of console or handheld I tend to leave back a ton of games I missed in the past. I may wait out the NX just so I can look back at all the old games I missed. I bought a lot of GameCube games in the Wii's lifetime early. And I'm starting to do the same with the Wii U.



FJOJR commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Will Be Served Up in...:

It'll be a good game but I don't expect much content beyond what the other console entries have done (wish they had an optional Mii RPG mode like in Color and Advance). Backlog catchup time (honestly a good thing) for all Nintendo fans until NX.



FJOJR commented on Retailers In North America Merge Wii U & 3DS L...:

I remember a Best Buy back in the old days of the 16 bit and 32 bit era where they had these massive displays of Mario and Sonic signifying the aisles where the SEGA stuff was and where the Nintendo stuff was.



FJOJR commented on Nintendo Is Merging Its Prized EAD And SPD Tea...:

This hopefully can streamline the development process so Nintendo doesn't have the slow down that occurred for both the Wii U and 3DS. The Wii U would have benefited from having the heavy hitting titles out within the 1st 1.5 years. No 3D Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, or Metroid with year old 3rd party ports didn't help,



FJOJR commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 DS - 2004:

That thumb strap is connected to my 3DS now! I'll go back to this game every once in a while, got 150 stars, & yes the 3DS Circle pad makes this game handle a lot better. Not analog but it allows you to make the sharp turns to pull of the side flip better.



FJOJR commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

If Nintendo could work it out to be like better online distributors like Steam or sow thing then I could see it working. Ever since the Wii I've seen a lot of value in digital downloads. Sure seeing stacks of games in a room still gives me a warm feeling but the ease of digital only is enticing. Maybe have an optional disc reader that can be installed and just allow people to order the discs online made to order. Don't have to deal with retail middle men and old-school collectors will truly have more coveted games.



FJOJR commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

The Gamepad isn't innovative though. The only thing remotely new was off-TV play. But the touch screen is the ancient single touch technology the DS used at a standard def output despite the Wii U finally being HD. The thing was outdated by a lot upon arrival. As much as Nintendo uses Gunpei Yokoi's ideals of using outdated hardware to make magic at a cheap price the Wii U wasn't cheap. The iPad and other tablets had already been technologically superior and one cannot tell me that Nintendo's R&D department couldn't have seen that coming. I wish Nintendo had foregone the Gamepad, continued utilizing the Wii Remote and its extensions and bumped the Wii U's power to at least sit close to the competition. Nintendo did themselves in this generation and it won't be pretty if the NX cannot deliver something that can entice anyone that isn't a Nintendo diehard.



FJOJR commented on Nintendo Cancels Camp Miiverse in Honour of Sa...:

I can't think of another video game company that this type of things happen to. It's a testament to Mr. Iwata and his vision. For all the dude bro gamers and hardcore gamers out there that forgot what pure unadulterated fun is, Nintendo stands as a beacon of hope for the industry. It really is a culture all its own and I hope we can cultivate it to keep the company thriving for decades or another century to come.



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

@macmilk Indeed. I bought the Wii day one and DS day one. PLayed it to death. When it came time for the U and 3DS I was ready to upgrade because I had more than played my money's worth on the older systems. But with the NX I will have to wait because I don't believe I've played out the Wii U like I did the past systems before it.



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

I honestly hope they don't go this route. Nintendo has a nasty habit of not seeing their innovations realized to their fullest potential. I honestly would have preferred if they had foregone the Wii U gamepad in favor of a more powerful console that had the Wii remote and Nunchuk/ classic controller as an input device with 3DS connectivity.



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

I honestly don't see what else Nintendo has beyond this year and 2016 besides Star Fox, Zelda and Xenoblade. The Wii U has only seen major entries in the Mario, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Kirby, Wii series, and Yoshi franchise with the aforementioned three other major franchise titles coming. It may not be right to release anything more for Pokemon, Metroid, or F-Zero with a new system around the corner.



FJOJR commented on Nintendo Seeks Improvement at E3 2016, Though ...:

The near-term games are fine but how is a Metroid spinoff, Fire Emblem, Zelda spinoff 3DS game that will release "in 2016" without definitive dates near term. The stuff that are near term are Devil's Third, Xenoblade, Fatal Frame, and Mario Maker and they only really focused on Mario Maker which honestly doesn't need a whole ton of time to explain. Animal Crossing were quick spinoff games that scream "milking." Yoshi's Woolly World was showcased way too much for a game that was to release in Japan and Europe in a couple of weeks. By that time any U.S. consumer would have already looked up if it's any good on YouTube. So Nintendo's brass are still out of touch.