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Sun 6th April, 2008

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FJOJR commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (North America):

Maximum Velocity is a good game it just feels different compared to the rest of the F-Zero games. It's set even further into the future than the time of Captain Falcon so maybe his absence leaves a void. He is the manliest of all men of all-time.



FJOJR commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

@Adam @Valor I think that you're both right. The stereotypical nerd image isn't helped but nowadays like minded people are vast in numbers so it is a demographic that can't be ignored. I bought Zelda Orchestra tickets as soon as they went on sale and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and needed out like everyone throughout the performance. I've been to the NBA Finals and jocked out to. Heck sports fandom is just a different form of nerd.



FJOJR commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Wii U eShop):

Nintendo's complete lack of effort to include multiplayer neutered this one. They were able to do it with the Four Swords Anniversary Edition, why not do the same with all these other games? Makes me wary of the DS VC that's coming up.



FJOJR commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

Needs to be for Wii U. SM3DW was great but didn't capture the audience like it was expected to. Even I felt like its inclusion of 4 players held it back in terms of what they could do. It is a nice spinoff franchise that I could see be on the scale of NSMB. But it's time for the single player Mario adventure to come back.



FJOJR commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

During that time Sega was it's own worst enemy as the internal power struggles between the Japanese and American branches split the house in two.



FJOJR commented on Hideki Konno Emphasizes That Mario Kart 8 Bala...:

I'm looking forward to Rainbow Road. Thought the N64 version was always the best one as the newer ones just dogged you with jumps that would lead to people falling with no walls or rails out there to help.



FJOJR commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

Iwata has been all over the place with the Wii U. The name and marketing, the lack of power compared to its rivals, the Gamepad failing to bring much to the table, the restrictive online presence & the lack of digital accounts on par with other tech companies have all been failures. The only thing holding them up is the 3DS and even then they mucked up that in the beginning.



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

@Kirk Of course. Heck my VC library rivals that of my current gen library. It still doesn't mean the public are going to go absolutely crazy for the Wii U just because the GBA and DS were added. Also Nintendo is still a step behind other digital download services in terms of handling accounts.



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

@Yorumi I still think their weak marketing strategy is to blame. The Wii U is invisible in the eyes of the public when every other commercial break on every TV channel I flip through has a PS4 or XB1 ad. Also to your point, the Wii U's lineup are games the 3DS or Wii could have done or had similar games. SM3DW was fun but it didn't wow me like SMG did. Pikmin 3 was great but the Gamepad only saw use as a map and commanding the other people as the Wiimote and Nunchuk are still the superior control method. Retro didn''t want to use the Gamepad in DKCTF and I commend them for not shoehorning something useless in what is basically a borderline useless controller. Hope E3 changes things but man they better start doing the things they say they're going to do.



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

If they made it where I paid for the game once and could play it on either Wii U or 3DS then they would see me buying these games. At the moment they won't see my money from this GBA and DS push until that happens. I don't get why they are so tentative to do this when other companies have done this for years already.



FJOJR commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

I don't see the VC as the way the Gamepad stands out. DS and GBA games are not what I expected for the Gamepad but it's nothing that much more special than what the 3DS has done or emulators have done on other devices.



FJOJR commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Warping To North Americ...:

As much as I loved the Game Boy Player back in the day I would much rather have these on the 3DS (I am an ambassador). Also the GB, GBC & GBA games I played on the GB Player also had the ability to be played on my GBA. Paying ONCE for a game and choosing to play t on either your console or handheld as you saw fit?! What a novel idea Nintendo!



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

I think Nintendo wants us to do the marketing for them in a lot of ways. There doesn't seem to be a good use of their platforms to message us on their own. Seems like they keep wasting opportunities and saying they will do stuff later and later rest her than just doing things now. Too tentative.



FJOJR commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

He does bring up some valid points. The look of a console does matter to some people. Look at the heated race in the smartphone market as every company is trying to find a niche with some phones being thinner, bigger, matte finish, gloss finish, etc. Maybe even basing the Wii U's shape on the Wii could also be part of the issue people have in differentiating the two that goes hand in hand with the similar name.



FJOJR commented on Ex-Castlevania Chief Koji Igarashi Is Grateful...:

I guess a lot of people forgot about Zelda: II. It's not a bad game. It just was not executed properly. Restore points on the VC greatly help one enjoy it. Maybe Nintendo could try to redo the sidescroller formula with a new entry, (The CD-I games don't count)!



FJOJR commented on Talking Point: Super Metroid's 20th Anniversar...:

I think Samus will come back within the next 2 years outside of Super Smash Bros. At some point Nintendo will run out of their "safe" franchises and if Wii U sales still won't pick up beyond the Nintendo fans then do as they did in the N64 & GameCube days and make Nintendo games for the fans in the other franchises. At least until they are ready to release a console that truly takes advantage of the technology of the day and tries to innovate not just for the sake of being different.



FJOJR commented on Feature: Looking Back on the Year of Luigi:

I hope Nintendo will try harder to market something like this next time. Outside of Nintendo fans and those who rode the train in Chicago, the year of Luigi did not exist. Let the new licensing initiatives begin.



FJOJR commented on Club Nintendo in North America to Remove Post-...:

Must buy every DS game I've been putting off! In all seriousness it is time to transition to the next generation. Then again I do enjoy Wii, DS and VC games more than new ones since they come at a lower price.