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Wed 30th March, 2011

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Henmii commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

Wii u retail: A hard choice, but I chose Bayonetta 2 over Super Smash. Because Bayonetta 2 is something different for once.

Wii u download: Child of light is great, but I chose Guacamelee.

3DS retail: No doubt, Kirby of course. Man, that was a good Kirby. Full of surprises and making great use of the 3D effect.

3DS download: Sorry guys, I haven't played anything significant this year. If I played Shantae, I may have voted for that one.

Best overall: I would have almost chosen Kirby, but I just decided to go for Bayonetta 2.



Henmii commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Sold to Over Ten P...:

That isn't very much. Especially if you consider not many Japanese people (or people in generaly) have a Wii u.

Face it: Super smash wii u may have had a good start in America, but in the end it still doesn't do much for the Wii u. The Wii u stays at the bottom of the well, worldwide!



Henmii commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

"On 3DS, Super Smash Bros. was built primarily for on-the-go play, where human opponents or wi-fi connections are an uncertainty. As such, its modes are designed around quick bursts of action"

Therefore I find it strange that in the 3DS version it takes pretty long to launch a opponent! It goes against the "short-burst" nature of the system.

But both versions are great. I think Sakurai did a great job.



Henmii commented on Review: Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Wii U eShop ...:

"The Lost Age does offer a reward for those who completed the previous title by giving them the option to import their levelled up Isaac and crew via a rather lengthy password — however, they won’t be playable until later on in the game. The original games also had the easier option of transferring the same save data via a GBA link cable, obviously not an option on the Wii U"

Be happy that they worked around it! Normally, this content gets ditched by Nintendo (the extra characters for Mario tennis 64 as a example). But luckily they worked around it!


That's a awful lot, but its better then nothing!



Henmii commented on Review: Snake Den (Wii U eShop):

It seems there is a influx of bad download games on Wii u at the moment. If we can't get all the latest GOOD download games, then at least give us the older ones like Limbo or Shank 1 and 2!



Henmii commented on Review: Xeodrifter (3DS eShop):

Nice review and nice score. May download someday, a pity about the slippery surfaces though. Alttp also was very slippery. It was one of the things I hated about it.



Henmii commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:


If that really is the case, then that's very bad! And as you mentioned: If some people have so many defective Amiibo's, it gets a bit suspicious to say the least. Unless those people got those Amiibo's from Ebay in the first place.



Henmii commented on First Impressions: Bravely Second's Demo Comes...:

I am not a great Bravely default fan either and haven't finished it yet (far from it). Though I might buy the sequel someday.

Many people liked it because of its old-school nature or the awesome graphics. And because its a "gamers" game. But yeah: It is repetitive, with cliched story, cliched characters, and Lots (and lots and lots) of dialogue. Besides, the voice-acting isn't the best. Put shortly: This isn't a fresh, modern rpg like Mario Dream team bros with lots of humor! That game was great! And I also pretty much like Xenoblade and Last story, even if they are also a bit cliche (I have to finish both though, and Pandora's tower. Man, am I behind).

Oh, and I don't like random encounters!



Henmii commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

I think Nintendo has to visit a lot of Amiibo factories (quality control), because how many Amiibo's are defective? Is it normal that there are so many defective Amiibo's?! At least I haven't heard of Amiibo's that didn't work in game. But I guess those also exist.

On a side-note: They seem to sell like hotcakes, wich is good for Nintendo of course. But did the Amiibo succes ALSO lead to many more Wii u's (and games) sold? I am curious!

Also: That some Amiibo's are exclusive to certain shops is consumer-unfriendly (but it drives sales). I think every Amiibo should be always available (not a set period of time). And they should be available at EVERY shop.



Henmii commented on Sony Pictures Is In Negotiations With Nintendo...:

"can think of 3-4 movies right out of the gate on this. So huge!"

Yeah, milking it before it has even started! That's the spirit!

As for the people that go on a limb regarding Sony: Nintendo probably feels more safe at a Japanese company. Disney, Dreamworks, etc are all American.

Hopefully it will be a fun CG (or even better: hand-drawn animation. Though very unlikely) movie. Worst case scenario: A Smurfs/Chipmunk travesty!!



Henmii commented on Nintendo Download: 11th December (Europe):

Fun that Nintendo is releasing all the Pokemon games on the e-shops, EXCEPT the main-games. You can imagine how many 3DS and Wii u devices would be sold worldwide if the main-games would become available. Even I might download when that happens. But Nintendo....stubborn as ever!



Henmii commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

Didn't expect to see more footage before the end of the year. Nice footage by the way. I guess it will look even better up close. Best part is where the other horses are running. Oh, and did I see Windwaker Bokoblins? Oh, and big world by the way.

As for Starfox: Hopefully it will be good.



Henmii commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

"So... wait until it is a $10 game...? got it"

Shouldn't take that long. All Ubisoft games on the Wii u e-shop go straight through the bottom.

But seriously, that this has still arrived on Wii u is a complete miracle. Faaar to late of course. I probably won't buy it but to the few others that want to buy it: Enjoy!

On a side-note: Do I understand correctly that this year Ubi has not 1, but 2 (!!) Assasin's creeds released?! Speaking of milking a franchise!!



Henmii commented on Amazon UK Offers Bargain Prices to Shift Its W...:

People scoff at the Basic version....but there is nothing wrong with it!! I bought it cheap, and it works fine. Sure 8 gb is nothing, but 32 gb still is nothing! Especially since downloads are big, and there are many updates who take up space. Even if you never download a game, you may still need to buy a hard-disc for all the updates. As for the promotion Dark-Chespin mentioned, in the long run it doesn't save you much (unless you are a massive downloader). Well, not for me anyway. So I just bought the 8 gb model!

Bottomline: Go for the cheapest option, the option that works best for you!



Henmii commented on Review: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U):

Quite simply the franchise is as good as dead. Everybody thought Sega was on the right track with Colors and Generations, but then came the crash-fest that is Lost worlds (and gameplay-wise Colors is a lot better too). And now this mess of a game, and a hugely uninspired 3DS counterpart. I don't have much faith in this franchise anymore.