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Tue 9th February, 2010

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MeloMan commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

Games like these are why I'm glad I GameFly. I will play this, but now that I've had a review of it, I understand just how unpolished this is, which is very, very unfortunate. I do know in my time I've played some unpolished games that were just quirky enough to still be fun on some level. When I play this, I will go into this with my expectations already low, that way I don't have to be too disappointed.



MeloMan commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

Nice nod to Devil's Advocate, NL
I don't care to manipulate the Amiibo data whatsoever, so I can either live with getting an Amiibo or two (or three), or not chase it at all. Happy gaming to those in the the pursuit, both sides of the fence!



MeloMan commented on VS. Excitebike is On The Way Soon:

Excitebike 64 WAS the truth, no lie there. What was that one canyon where you could catch some stupid air?

It's funny, I was looking through the "Builder's Week" yesterday and saw Mach Rider and instantly thought about "Where's Excitebike"? And Vs Excitebike is something I always wanted when I played the original and said "this would be great if I could play someone". If that's the game coming, that will be an insta-download for me.



MeloMan commented on Analysts Suggest That Nintendo's Quality Of Li...:

I agree with the point that they need to focus hard to stopping any bleeding and making that the number one priority. Once times, and public favor, show lucrative again, then they can usher QoL back into the picture. I don't feel the concept is gone completely, it's just a shift in focus. Can't say I'm surprised with Iwata's untimely passing.



MeloMan commented on Nintendo Download: 20th August (North America):

Loved Woah Dave! on 3DS, so I'll go ahead of cross-buy that onto my Wii U. Might download Splatoon Testfire again to satiate my lack of time to own and play the game. I'll be waiting for the Capcom discount to see if there's anything in there I want to scoop up. And since Life of Pixel is within my backlog list, I may just go ahead and pick that up to. Hmph, not bad-- not great, but I've seen worse weeks.



MeloMan commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario Galaxy 2: A Tale o...:

I wouldn't mind a SMG3, but I worry for Mario's future, as the "New" and "3D" games have shown me, that the question of "Where can Mario go next?" is starting to hit. It's one thing to experience Mario's 2D side scroller SMB when it first came out. Then the renaissance of SM64. Then the redefining, definitive 3D platforming glory that was the SMG series. Gameplay-wise, I don't know where Mario can go from here as I don't think there is anything "better" or "revolutionary" beyond Mario hitting the limitless boundaries of space. I feel like the 3D games are a redefining and merging of Mario's 2D roots with his 3D outings, but it feels more of a re-do of past concepts and tropes rather than "the next big Mario".
All in all, whether Mario can top his best recent acts ever again, I'm just going to enjoy Mario for Mario from here on out, cause there's going to be a lot of repetition/re-do/remixing unfortunately going into the future-- Maybe that's the sole motivator for Super Mario Maker. YOU make the Mario... nothing else new can be made. Just my 2 cents.



MeloMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 2 - 1988:

I remember when I first came in contact with a Shy Guy and expected to stomp it like a Goomba only to find that I was riding on it! The moments I felt from SMB1 and SMB2 are some of the greatest gaming moments of my, then, young gamer life-- you can't put that stuff into words. SMB2/USA may be the black sheep in the series, but I loved it, and it made me appreciate when Mario does departures from his tried and true formulas. I guess you could say it's the first Nintendo game that helped me develop an open mind to games "shaking up" their formulas.



MeloMan commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Lev...:

I didn't even know there was a world 9 until I replayed this on Wii VC. Back on All-Stars, I beat the game and played world's A, B, C, and D unawares. When I play this game, I feel like it's less of a sequel and more of a "re-do" of the original that dares you to get comfortable before slapping you in the face with an untimely pit, awkwardly placed enemy, or running for your life from a poison mushroom. But, it succeeds in it's goal: catch you unaware of what you thought you knew from the original, and challenge the heck out of you to overcome the odds with little to no help to you.



MeloMan commented on Super Mario Maker's eShop Pre-Load is Live in ...:

I... just need this game. I'm glad to hear of a pre-load. Wasn't expecting to spend this much money on a game with this paycheck, but... I guess I'm going to have to bite. Or I'll just d/l it in full later. Decisions, decisions....



MeloMan commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (North America):

Zero for me, but it's not worth my time complaining when I have tons of backlogged stuff to play. If I hadn't played Pandora's Tower, I would be downloading that, cause flaws or not, it's definitely worth a play if you like that type of game-- highly recommended. Other than that, hope everyone else has a backlog. Happy gaming



MeloMan commented on Review: Swords & Darkness (3DS eShop):

The score is really unfortunate, but I thought it'd at least be worth a 7. Nothing about it is great, but idk, for what the game is, it seems to get it done for me. Ah well. I may just get it anyway, or I'll just let it sink to the bottom of my backlog. Darn.



MeloMan commented on Nintendo Not Looking To Churn Out Yearly Seque...:

It's a wonderful idea I think. IP's like Mario, Zelda, MK, SSB, etc. are once in a hardware lifetime types of games, and if more is needed to prolong their core experiences, then I'm all for it. Best part about DLC is it's all optional. As long as the core experience is sacrificed for the sake of creating DLC, then I'm good. I expect what happened with MK and SSB to continue with future installments.



MeloMan commented on Early NX Reveal Was To "Reinforce Commitment" ...:

I still think the announcement of the NX was too early which will bleed Wii U sales even further for the saavy gamer consumer. It also shows that Nintendo is accepting the Wii U's defeat, which sends a downward message to those who invested in it or were potential buyers. In any case, the positive is what they're committed to with the NX, which impressed shareholders, investors, and gamers, so that's the upside. All I care about is if Nintendo will deliver. I love their gimmicks personally, but the gamers, devs, publishers, and world in general has "grown up", and simple tricks will not cut it anymore. Strike the balance between gimmick and hardcore and you will have one of the finest Nintendo systems ever. It's all on Nintendo at this point.



MeloMan commented on Nintendo NX Could Get A Port Of MMORPG Final F...:

There sure is a lot of talk about the NX getting exactly what it's competitors get, and we have 0 about the system in general. Some people know some "thing" obviously. I just hope the NX will live up to all this hype it's been generating.



MeloMan commented on Retro Studios is Still Busy, With Job Listings...:

In my eyes, the Prime series is done. I can't stand dragging out stories for the sake of it. The "gameplay" from Prime should live on though, in a new series. Possibly some time after where Metroid Fusion left off, imo.



MeloMan commented on Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until Early 2016:

I hope they're using some of that Kickstarter money to pay the debuggers. Seriously, what is the hold up? Work with QA to get the game up to snuff and get it out already. If it weren't for my backlog of games, I'd be bothered by this.



MeloMan commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

I personally have nothing against the likes of Adam Sandler or Kevin James, but when I saw that they were at the helm of this "videogame" movie, I knew right away that the writers were not truly trying to make this a videogame movie/homage/etc of the ages, which is very unfortunate. Another great concept that didn't become a great movie. I will still see it for the videogame references, Adam Sandler and Kevin James, but I guess it'll join the ranks of Super Mario Bros., Streetfighter, and Double Dragon when it's all said and done I guess...



MeloMan commented on Super Smash Bros. Version 1.1.0 Update is Now ...:

I've been buying the complete packs, though I have yet to really utilize the Mii costumes. This bundle, though, I'm super excited to finally be able to play the original Hyrule Castle again! That stage was great back on N64. To a lesser degree Peach's Castle, but I still had some good times on that stage. Take my $ Nintendo.



MeloMan commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (North America):

I will definitely download Xeodrifter since I have it for the 3DS and haven't touched it yet. Wasn't expecting to see a sale on a couple more of my wishlisted games Elliot Quest and High Strangeness so I will be picking these up PROMPTLY (although I wish Elliot Quest had more than just $2 off, but eh...). I've played all Kirby's I've needed to, so to those seeking Kirby, enjoy!

To the person that said Radiant Dawn, it would be nice if it did since I didn't get to play it and can't even rent it from GameFly, but no holding your breath with Nintendo-- maybe we'll get the Path of Radiance package when FE:Fates comes out? (continues to NOT hold breath).



MeloMan commented on Nintendo NX Might Be The First Social VR Platf...:

I think it will be something unique while serving as a grounded system, which the latter Nintendo is direly in need of currently. Taking too wild of a chance is not going to do Nintendo any favors any time soon. I won't hold my breath for VR and all that.



MeloMan commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

And just like that, the first(?) game is announced for NX... well, SOMEONE must know about it's hardware if it's already announced. But if there's one thing I learned out of the Wii U era is that devs/pubs blow smoke as easy as breathing, then when it's time to actually "produce", there's an "issue". So I will take this info with a grain of salt, and when I actually SEE it RUNNING on the NX, THEN I will get hype.

PS Is Nintendo secretly slipping out NX dev kits or something to certain 3rd parties?