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Tue 9th February, 2010

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MeloMan commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

I personally have nothing against the likes of Adam Sandler or Kevin James, but when I saw that they were at the helm of this "videogame" movie, I knew right away that the writers were not truly trying to make this a videogame movie/homage/etc of the ages, which is very unfortunate. Another great concept that didn't become a great movie. I will still see it for the videogame references, Adam Sandler and Kevin James, but I guess it'll join the ranks of Super Mario Bros., Streetfighter, and Double Dragon when it's all said and done I guess...



MeloMan commented on Super Smash Bros. Version 1.1.0 Update is Now ...:

I've been buying the complete packs, though I have yet to really utilize the Mii costumes. This bundle, though, I'm super excited to finally be able to play the original Hyrule Castle again! That stage was great back on N64. To a lesser degree Peach's Castle, but I still had some good times on that stage. Take my $ Nintendo.



MeloMan commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (North America):

I will definitely download Xeodrifter since I have it for the 3DS and haven't touched it yet. Wasn't expecting to see a sale on a couple more of my wishlisted games Elliot Quest and High Strangeness so I will be picking these up PROMPTLY (although I wish Elliot Quest had more than just $2 off, but eh...). I've played all Kirby's I've needed to, so to those seeking Kirby, enjoy!

To the person that said Radiant Dawn, it would be nice if it did since I didn't get to play it and can't even rent it from GameFly, but no holding your breath with Nintendo-- maybe we'll get the Path of Radiance package when FE:Fates comes out? (continues to NOT hold breath).



MeloMan commented on Nintendo NX Might Be The First Social VR Platf...:

I think it will be something unique while serving as a grounded system, which the latter Nintendo is direly in need of currently. Taking too wild of a chance is not going to do Nintendo any favors any time soon. I won't hold my breath for VR and all that.



MeloMan commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

And just like that, the first(?) game is announced for NX... well, SOMEONE must know about it's hardware if it's already announced. But if there's one thing I learned out of the Wii U era is that devs/pubs blow smoke as easy as breathing, then when it's time to actually "produce", there's an "issue". So I will take this info with a grain of salt, and when I actually SEE it RUNNING on the NX, THEN I will get hype.

PS Is Nintendo secretly slipping out NX dev kits or something to certain 3rd parties?



MeloMan commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

To me, and not necessarily "exactly", but Nintendo has been stuck in this "unique, but good enough" rut since the N64 with it's consoles. I fully agree we've had tons of gems across ALL of these systems, but Nintendo in each generation has had goofs as well as brilliance (N64 cartridges instead of discs driving up dev cost, but we got faster load times, true 3D, and a unique interface; Gamecube proprietary discs, extremely small storage, and poorly pushed online, but we received another very unique interface; Wii with storage issues, cumbersome download service, and not powerful enough, but a great new interface that changes gaming; Wii U with still storage issues and still not a powerful enough system, but a gamepad interface that is incredibly versatile as a controller and general interface). I'll rep Nintendo til I'm a gamer no more, in good and in bad, but truth is truth. Nintendo is good enough, and smart enough to compete with it's rivals, but I feel Nintendo should try to find the middle of unique vs competitive, where they can be the big N we all know and love, but battle their rivals on even ground. Nintendo only has themselves to blame for poor marketing, less than up to modern standards hardware, and losing out on 3rd party support-- the main cause of the Wii U's failure to move units. Nintendo bought a pass with the Wii, but sooner or later, as the Wii U has shown, Nintendo is going to have to produce a system that is as powerful as it is unique.



MeloMan commented on Nintendo TVii Service Ends In North America On...:

I won't miss it. The concept was better than the execution of it and it totally missed the mark of it's full potential. One such failed use was during the NFL season and I was following a game I couldn't see/hear live. If I wanted to see football possession/time, I had to touch another option (like the quiz feature where they ask questions on what do you think will happen with the next play), then touch back to that option just to see the update. Trust me Europeans, this is just one complaint among many, but you did NOT miss out on ANYTHING. I'd love to see it come back on NX, but it needs to resolve it's identity/technical crisis that it has first.



MeloMan commented on Review: The Quiet Collection (Wii U eShop):

I'm going to have to view some footage of this game. Even though I like retro, adventure games, and the like, I'm not sure if I want to take a chance. Even 15 mins "all or nothing" for the first two games without some sort of save feature still seems like a waste of time as I'll have to get back to where I left off "if" I don't finish the complete game in the first place. I'll at least wishlist this til further notice.



MeloMan commented on Genyo Takeda The Likely Choice For Nintendo Pr...:

I can't believe I actually forgot about Takeda-- he definitely would be a solid choice, even if only an interim CEO. I'd rather leave Miyamoto as the head software and I think he'd be better suited at that. These days, especially with the fact that the Wii U isn't working out for Nintendo in the console department as originally hoped, Takeda may make hardware (a weakpoint for Nintendo) an agenda as CEO going into the NX. Of course, that's all speculation on my part, but all in all, I think he would be a wise choice. I never thought I'd be more excited to know the next CEO rather than the next game coming out for a company. Strange times indeed.

PS "credited with creating the Punch-Out!! and StarTropics"
StarTropics credit... Yeah... Takeda should be CEO



MeloMan commented on Ubisoft Launches Its eShop Summer Sale in Nort...:

At long last, Child of Light goes on sale, and it will be mine at 75% off the regular price. HELL yes. Another backlog game bites the dust. I would like to play ACIII, ACIV, and Watch Dogs, but I still feel they are way too overpriced for my liking. I may never get those (or get to play them again thru GameFly) so I'm good. Shadow Wars has tempted my strategy game itch since it first came out-- I'll think about that one.



MeloMan commented on Secret Of Evermore's Epic Soundtrack Gets The ...:

I played this before Secret of Mana actually, and is the reason I ended up finally getting to play Mana. Square USA made or not, this is a forgotten game that SE will probably NEVER re-release unfortunately. The moody title theme, the ravine theme, and it's been a while, but I believe Ebon Keep had some of the best music in the whole game. Even the atmospheric sounds were nicely done. I'm glad the game will be honored in some capacity. There was just something about Square games in the 90s (even if this one was made in USA, it still managed to capture "some" of that magic). If you can find a way to play this game, and you like action RPGs, DO it.

On an odd slightly off topic note, High Strangeness reminds me off this game from a distance...



MeloMan commented on Industry Analysts Speculate On Nintendo's Futu...:

In my opinion, the successor will have a couple of agendas, whether planned or planned for them. First, they will more than likely have to carry out what Iwata put forth in their relationship with DeNA, QoL, and the NX on the horizon. They simply MUST see these succeed, for legacy's sake, and for the sake of Nintendo attempting to take a harder step into the present and future. Second, they need to come with a fresh approach as to making Nintendo an audience winner with the sub-agendas of attractive hardware (to battle competitors, lure 3rd parties, and lure gamers), strengthening online knowledge and strategy, and put forth a powerful advertising strategy that fires EVERYWHERE, from target audience to one offs. There is a time to be humble, but now is not the time for Nintendo. They can flex power without sacrificing their pride, they just need a leader that WANTS to wage war with the competitors, and finally Nintendo can be that company that has people asking themselves "why DON'T I have a Nintendo system"? That's the attitude that the new CEO needs to have, and if they're a true gamer/dev too, then it only helps.



MeloMan commented on Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto Share Belief...:

It's kind of ironic how, Miiverse came into being under him, and now he's honored by the same thing born of his tenure with what I've seen on Miiverse. I'll make sure I get in a few rounds of Earthbound Beginnings this weekend in honor of him.



MeloMan commented on Feature: Our Tributes and Memories of Satoru I...:

My day was never the same yesterday. I'm better today, but even around people who don't play videogames or wouldn't understand, it was hard to convey how I felt. I miss the man, and anyone gone who assisted in elevating Nintendo from it's earliest videogame dev days should be rightfully remembered.



MeloMan commented on Editorial: Satoru Iwata Embodied The Playful B...:

Wow... my work day is blown. Not only does a dev turned ceo pass, which I admired and is devastating to me, but this untimely passing at such a critical juncture for Nintendo, is heavy. While I know Nintendo will go on, I don't know whether to take this as a bad omen, or a boon for whomever takes over the rudder for Nintendo moving into the NX generation. Lots of questions, lots of uncertainty-- not to mention lots of doubts along with lots of hope for Nintendo's future.

I honestly don't have the words, but I'll say this in closing: Thank you, Iwata-san. Thank you for being a gamer at heart and a dev in your mind. I remember you when you were a dev, and I appreciate ALL of the devs of the Nintendo ilk as you're all one of a kind. Thank you for lifting Nintendo from the iron-fisted mentalities that caused certain limitations of the past, for trying to forge a better future for Nintendo, and for entertaining us gamers. Your works will not be forgotten by me, and I'm hoping the best for your legacies, the NX and QoL project, will promote the world of gaming and people as you hoped. RIP and thank you.



MeloMan commented on Video: Capcom Shares Footage of Resident Evil ...:

SMH. I'll always love Nintendo's 1st part games, but they'll never captivate people if they don't make gamer and developers happier. I'm not asking you to change WHO you are Nintendo, just your PRACTICES. How does, imo, the best videogame company not show they are the best by having the most powerful system, with the most diverse 1-3rd party games? I'll never figure Nintendo out for that one...



MeloMan commented on Nintendo Download: 9th July (North America):

Since I have Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, I'd like to pick up Mighty Switch Force! 2, and Trine 1 & 2, but jeez, my BACKLOG, UGH! I will have to pass, but I'm not angry. In fact, I may just go ahead and pick up Attack on Titan:HiC since it's still on sale for a little longer (and while people are still playing it online... I simply MUST make it to world mode!)



MeloMan commented on Review: Don't Crash (Wii U eShop):

Believe it or not, there is a gamer that would enjoy this my hardcore friends. Perhaps someone casual? Or a beginning gamer? Or just anyone that wants to waste time and isn't into super complex games? Just like a book at the library that you would NEVER read, it doesn't mean you should rip it off the shelf, spit on it, stomp on it, then burn it-- that takes too much effort. Simply ignore the book and grab one that fits your fancy. On the whole, sure, I too wish there were less mindless games, however, that audience, however small, DOES exist, and so long as that is true, it takes less effort for me to "move on" than to bash it. I would only worry if EVERY AND ALL games were like this and the hardcore big budget experiences, which I need not mention, were ALL gone, but that is not going to happen and we, including RCMADIAX, knows this. It's ok people... really.