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I play violin and piano.

Male, 15, United States

My "main thing" is violin. I'm hoping to get a master's degree in music composition so I can go on to compose soundtracks for video games(preferably by Retro Studios). My favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon. Favorite game is any Zelda. And my favorite cereal is honey bunches of oats.

Sat 21st July, 2012

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triforcepower73 commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

Sorry but this is a couple of ignorant teens they selected from the crowd. They DO NOT represent the youth as a whole. I'm 15 and knew how to turn the NES on and how to put in the cartridge the right way the first time I encountered one when I was 7 or 8. It's not complicated. This doesn't prove anything other than that a lot of parents(not all of them; I won't be categorizing every parent in the world into a group like many people are categorizing every teen in the world due to this video) are spoiling their kids and not giving them the necessary history lessons.



triforcepower73 commented on Feature: The Benefits of a Portable Super Smas...:

I'm probably gonna pick this up. but... am I the only one who feels like this is unfairly getting more attention than the Wii U release. also I don't think this is going to help Wii U sales. But I could be totally wrong so don't get mad at me for having a thought on this.



triforcepower73 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

So is this like a new console or just a new model. Did Iwata say new model or new console? Cuz if this is a new model I'm pissed. You don't release a newer model of something and then release exclusive games for it to bait people into buying it. That's cheap. Nintendo did an Apple with this.



triforcepower73 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to 3DS in Japan:

And I feel sorry for the people that will be playing this game for the first time on the new 3DS. The epic, sprawling vastness and sense of incredible awe felt when you first see the Bionis' Leg and pretty much all the areas in this game cannot be felt to such an incredible degree on a 4 inch screen.



triforcepower73 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to 3DS in Japan:

WHHHHY does Nintendo keep doing this to Monolith Soft's incredible masterpiece?! First they release it in limited supply to ONLY gamestop and much to their surprise it sells out like crazy and they don't have enough supply to meet demand. What do they do? Of course they wouldn't send more copies of it over to America. They just sit back and let people sell it for hundreds of dollars on ebay! Now, instead of shipping more Wii copies or making it available for the original 3DS, they shut off 30 million current 3DS users(I think that's the number) by only releasing it on the new one that I'm definitely not buying. Nintendo hardly ever disappoints me or pisses me off but this does both for me.



triforcepower73 commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

@Mahe Hmmm I'm not really sure what your talking about. I know it's your opinion but sometimes opinions stink, and your's does. Personally, I haven't found a single PS4 or Xbone game that's matched the level of quality and pure fun that the top 5 have. That's just me though.



triforcepower73 commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

Seriously!?! What the heck!!!??? People are mad about them adding a new technique to shorten lap times??? Might as well remove drifting! Oh and while they're at it take out drafting as we'll cuz I hardly ever get it right cuz it's too hard. sarcasm



triforcepower73 commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

Meh. Never had a gamecube and so therefore never grew up with the controller. Still great for all the people who grew up with this control scheme for smash, but the Wii remote suits me just fine. It's great that about everyone can enjoy the same game with pretty much any control scheme they want now!



triforcepower73 commented on Zelda Williams Will Be at E3 2014 "Doing Somet...:

What if she said "It's not what you think..." to take the obvious(her participating somehow in the Zelda Wii U announcement) out of our minds so that that wouldn't be what we're thinking. Then we would be thinking it's going to be something else and then when she announces Zelda Wii U then we won't be expecting it! :D I'm kidding about this whole thing...



triforcepower73 commented on Nintendo Hosting Two Big Evening Presentations...:

Kinda disappointing. I mean don't get me wrong. I loooove smash and I can't wait for it. But it's already gotten a lot of attention and news. And honestly it's just a fighting game. There probably isn't much more info that we don't know about. And I do wish they had a new Wii U title to announce. The 3DS already has tons of attention and games. Not so with the Wii U. But the only game that could be announced for 3DS that would actually make me interested would be Monolith Soft's unannounced 3DS title.



triforcepower73 commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

Wow the gamepad's use is yet again very disappointing. I'm still definitely picking this up! But you'd think they would at least make it useable for a 5th player in local multiplayer. And also put a radar on the screen. Oh well. :|



triforcepower73 commented on Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Wii U):

I seem to be the only one that enjoyed the movie. Oh well. Sucks for the people that didn't like it. Guess they can't enjoy a good, fun, summer superhero movie. It happened to be my favorite Marvel movie and the best Spider-Man movie imo. And I guess I'm the only one who thinks the reboots(movies only) are MUUUUUCH better than the original trilogy. The original trilogy was pretty good and even great at the time of their release. But they haven't aged well at all. The funny gags aren't really that funny now and they're all painfully cheesy.



triforcepower73 commented on Video: What Could Xenoblade Chronicles Look Li...:

Yeah this game, my favorite game of all time, has my favorite title screen theme of any title screen theme I've heard before. (It might just be that the two most relevant instruments are violin and piano, my favorite instruments, but still).



triforcepower73 commented on Monolith Soft's X Combat is Shown Off, Based o...:

I was too amazed to comment yesterday. So now I just have to say... FINALLY something!!! The combat looks quite a bit more fluid and varied than Xenoblade's. And we got to see a freakin mech fighting!!! :D THANK YOU NINTENDO!!!!! This is what I've been waiting for since E3!



triforcepower73 commented on Iwata Looking To Emulate iOS And Android With ...:

My question is will there be any reason for people to own both home and handheld consoles now? The reason I own a 3DS and a Wii U is because the 3DS has more "portable-type" games on it and the Wii U has long "sit down and play for hours" games. If both consoles have the same operating system, does that mean they'll have similar hardware as well? I hope this doesn't end up like the Vita.



triforcepower73 commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Belief that Continuing w...:

Hahah! "Entertainment flourishes when consumers are faced with something that they did not know that they wanted." This made me laugh. Sounds a little bit like American consumerism. "Hey buy our product cause even though you don't actually need it, you should need it!" I know what Iwata means, that's just what immediately popped to mind when I read that statement.



triforcepower73 commented on Lucario The Aura Warrior Returns To Battle In ...:

I'm starting to wonder how many new characters there are actually going to be... I sincerely hope they don't announce all the characters returning from Brawl before announcing a new character. So far we only have 18 of the 35 Brawl characters returning. :(



triforcepower73 commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

Why? Why not focus on getting a lot more NES and SNES titles on the virtual console? Why not start adding N64 titles and Gamecube titles? Why the DS? Many tens of millions of people have access to DS titles through their old DS or 3DS, already and I'd bet that about every single Wii U owner already has one or both of those systems.



triforcepower73 commented on Sakurai Reiterates That There'll Be No Subspac...:

I remember the first time I played the SE. I was, as Sakurai stated, "truly wowed" by the cutscenes. I don't see why he can't make scenes for the majority of purchasers of the game who don't like getting everything spoiled and, therefore, don't look up the scenes on youtube.