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Mon 31st December, 2012

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galachef55 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Release in Japan See...:

@Knuckles Thanks! I've been a member for a few years and writing for Nintendo Life for a few weeks, now.

I'm horribly dependent on my CPP XL but whenever my friends and I get together and hunt I'm on the Wii U using the Game Pad. Being ranged, I tend to get the most entertaining victory pictures.



galachef55 commented on Hardware Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro XL:

Although it does add bulk my girl hands find the circle pad pro's molded bottom quite comfortable for longer play sessions. I think managed to kill the battery in mine after about two weeks of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.



galachef55 commented on Out Today: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:

I picked it up last night and am having a blast with the tutorial missions so far — the demo really didn't show the complete experience the game offers. Being completely new to Monster Hunter, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to talk me out of heavy bowgun as my weapon of choice. Thanks!