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Tue 11th January, 2011

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Luffymcduck commented on Feature: Go Fast - An Ode To The Glorious Chao...:

Nah, I'd rather have F-Zero on the most powerful Nintendo hardware, that is currently Wii U. GBA had some nice F-Zero titles but if there are ever going to be new or remakes, I want them for home console.

I'm just a little worried that Miyamoto didn't like GX since that's easily my favourite title in the series.



Luffymcduck commented on Feature: Go Fast - An Ode To The Glorious Chao...:

I'm pretty sure there won't be a new F-Zero for Wii U coming. If NX is the next powerful console Nintendo is going to make, then that's the platform I want to see a new F-Zero on.

I still haven't completed all the Story mode games on Very Hard, so I have time to wait (it's only been 11 years since the last one, lol). Oh, and there's still Time Trials and it's unlikely I'll ever beat every staff ghost.



Luffymcduck commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. (Wii U eShop / DS):

I liked this game very very much. I had very high hopes for possible sequels, New Super Mario Land, New Super Mario World etc. Then Nintendo started to recycle the same enemies, level themes and musics too much. Wii U one is the best NSMB. Most of them are solid good games but they don't feel like sequels.



Luffymcduck commented on Reaction: The Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Is...:

Gotta wake up by 6 AM for the first session. That's the only time tomorrow I have for testing the demo.

I'm glad I bought that Wii adapter for my ethernet caple, that was the only way for me to get online. Meanwhile, I can just plug the ethernet caple into PS3 without any extra accesories.



Luffymcduck commented on ​Warren Spector Reminisces About the Develop...:

That concept art looks awesome, I wish the game had been like that. :P

Instead, Epic Mickey is a platformer with lots of lost potential. I've enjoyed N64 and PS1 era platformers a lot more. Thankfully, Yooka-Laylee looks very promising so the lack of great (or any) 3D platformers in this era will be fixed soon.



Luffymcduck commented on Mighty No. 9 Confirmed for September Release, ...:

Hm, I was wondering if it would come out in April at all by the end of the month.

Maybe I'll get the physical version. There's so little memory space in Wii U and I won't buy another external hard drive just for Wii U (sales for retail titles aren't very good, not that there's too many of them either, you know, lack of 3rd party support...).



Luffymcduck commented on Diddy Kong Nerfed In Latest Super Smash Bros. ...:

Aaaaand, another set of replays gone. Just buff other characters instead of making the overall game even slower. Sure, Diddy d-throw u-air was very easy to perform but I'm not too happy about this update. Make Falco more playable please, give back his good old d-air.



Luffymcduck commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):

Wat? Those prices for Mii costumes are ridiculous.

Nothing for me this week, I was really waiting for either Mighty No.9 or AVGN Adventures.

Reallly? I read posts from finnish Nintendo forums that people talked that they could get the code.



Luffymcduck commented on Feature: The Best Alternate Reality Super Nint...:

"At least we can now all enjoy the recent Strider HD reboot on our Wii U... oh. Forgive me, I was spacing out into another alternate reality where that latest game was actually was released for the Wii U. I do that sometimes!"

Ouch, that hurt! You know what to not screw up with NX, Nintendo. :P

This was a really funny feature and reminded me of the good old NGC magazine (known as Nintendo Gamer during it's last year). It was just so well written. I just could imagine Iwata or someone sitting in front of the developer and saying "please, remove this and you can have your game made for Super Nintendo".

Ah, Chapter 7 on Very Hard. I love you Black Shadow and Blood Falcon. I should complete that one some day.



Luffymcduck commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

Actually, I wouldnät mind buying a new Nintendo console as early as holiday 2016. Wii U has had lots of great games for me, but the fact that I have to get interesting 3rd party games on other consoles or just skip them isn't a good sign. And Wii U isnät doing well when it's losing to Gamecube's sale so yeah, Nintendo NX, don't screw things up.