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yuwarite commented on Sony Hardware Takes Charge of Japanese Charts ...:

@Peach64 You might want to look at Japanese sales, before you make wild assumptions. Japan is still one of the largest markets for video games, and often matches or bests Europe's entire sales for a particular game. Also, the Souls games sell more in Japan than Europe alone.



yuwarite commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

Nintendo going mobile is a smart business move, and bound to print money for them.

The idea for an IOS/Android software platform that makes it easier to port their games across multiple hardware devices is also smart and logical. This is not 'NX', though; 'NX' is the codename of the next console hardware, at least that's what it sounds like.

Regarding NX, if it is a new home console, it had better be as or more powerful than PS4, and encourage developers and 3rd party publishers to develop and bring games to it, day 1 with the rival systems. It needs to be designed by westerners as well, similar to how PS4 was designed by Mark Cerny. It has to have PC-like architecture and be super easy to develop for and port to.



yuwarite commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

@CrazyMetroid What I'm talking about is that he, being the director and person who designed the poster which apparently influenced the decision, is one of the only westerners on the team, and he's even pushing a western agenda, that Wii U (or Nintendo, in general) is basically not worth putting 3rd party multiplat titles on.

I'm not wrong in saying he's a westerner influencing a Japanese studio either; it's obvious they're not making this game for a Japanese audience given the title and the fact it's coming to XBox One, a system that's non existent in Japan.



yuwarite commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

He basically just passively insulted everyone's intelligence with that Sesame School style response. The decision was made by a Gaijin no less; is this a trend of westerners pushing their agendas on to Japanese developers.



yuwarite commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

To be brutally honest, the problem is more to do with people not having the patience or time to read a lot of text, so they skip straight to the score. And I don't blame them, most video game reviews aren't exactly entertaining to read. Despite what people say, a numerical score does have context and each number can represent a one word evaluation. The problem is more that Metacritic exists and publishers use it to determine pay bonus'; these 2 things in particular need to to go away.

That said, I think the removal of scores is fine, but be prepared to get less hits on the article. The ideal solution would be to post a video, with the reviewer reading out their text with footage that highlights what is being said. Watch a Matthewmatosis video on Youtube and witness how to do the perfect scoreless video review.



yuwarite commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo ...:

Sounds like they basically want to make a Nintendo API, that's portable across multiple hardware devices. That could definitely make things easier for developers. I just hope they come up with a better, more synergistic, name this time for their brand; something akin to ipod and ipad that doesn't cause confusion.



yuwarite commented on Developers Outline Their Ideas for Nintendo's ...:

Just make a portable Wii U, called the 'DS U', and let it be backward compatible with Wii U eShop retail games. I would love to play games like Splatoon and MK8 on the go. It should be able to hook up to a TV as well, so finally we can play a proper Pokémon game on a TV.



yuwarite commented on Weirdness: There's an Awesome Super Mario Bros...:

@OnionOverlord 1080p and 60 fps was the assumed standard for 'next gen', yet almost all major 3rd party titles fail to concurrently achieve both on PS4. When you contrast playing the same 3rd party games on PC but at 60 fps, it's objectively a lesser experience, thus a disappointment.

Living room PC's are on the horizon; early reviews of the Alienware Alpha are decent. Going forward, these PC's will only get better, so much so they'll make PS4/Bone seem redundant when it comes to playing 3rd party titles on.



yuwarite commented on Weirdness: There's an Awesome Super Mario Bros...:

@S-Miyahon My comments represent myself, not the Nintendo community, and I've bashed my fellow Nintendo fans for getting excited over Nintendo's antiquated practices in the past as well. Nintendo's first party titles (what I buy their systems for) look great on the Wii U and many even run at 60 fps (3DWorld, MK8, Smash, Splatoon), so I'm content with the Wii U's specs.



yuwarite commented on Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns...To Wii U:

Refused to buy it; they should have added GamePad support. We can't keep blindly supporting Nintendo's laziness like sheep. Also, shaking the Wii mote was the most annoying part about playing this otherwise great game.



yuwarite commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature An "Outsta...:

Better give us the option of JP audio with subtitles so we too can listen to the premiere voice talent the developers intend us to hear. The British VA in XC was awful and resulted in several memes that highlighted how bad they were.



yuwarite commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

About Fragile Dreams... I loved the tone of that game, but man all the backtracking and fetch quests you do in it sucked, and the combat was really stiff. The ending was a real bummer; it explicitly explains too much and ruined the sense of mystery the game had going for it.

Of the ones not commonly mentioned, I'd nominate: Fortune Street, Elebits, the Trauma Center games, Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers, Fishing Resort, Endless Ocean 2 and Mystery Case Files The Malgrave Incident.



yuwarite commented on Ninterview: Tom Bramwell On Nintendo and 15 Ye...:

@Csaw "You think that people sending threats towards someone just because they disagree with them is okay."

Point to the line where I said that? You've resorted to blatantly lying and putting extreme words in my mouth, so you lose this debate. You haven't done enough research on both sides of the matter, so no use continuing this with someone so naive.



yuwarite commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

Nintendo DSU. Done.

Nintendo's next portable and home console, combined. Same power as Wii U, but in portable form AND it continues the lifespan of the Wii U. It would take the shape of a 3DS with the same controls of the GamePad. It would have a HDMI out for TV play.



yuwarite commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wise to Embrace The ...:

YouTube renders dedicated websites like Gamespot redundant, and now those sites are trying to be more personality-driven to compete. Also, there's been so many journalists leaving these major websites and doing solo YouTube/ indie stuff. Smart, forward thinking move by Nintendo.



yuwarite commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

The Wii U is not the Wii. During the Wii era I couldn't wait for Nintendo to make a HD console; I couldn't wait to see what a next gen Zelda or Mario Kart would look like in HD. I was angry that they skimped on tech, sold out to the casual market and ignored the demands of the hardcore fans who wanted 'The Revolution' to be a beefier console.

With the Wii U, I feel Nintendo have delivered the powerful console I had been waiting for; The Wind waker HD, Zelda Wii U, MK8, Splatoon, Smash, Xenoblade X all look technically and artistically great, I'm also really fatigued with realistic graphics which suffer too much from the 'uncanny valley' at this point.

Haha, point is: I'm very content with the Wii U right now and am not anticipatively awaiting the next console, like I was during the Wii era.



yuwarite commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

If this is just another linear flight action game in the vein of SF64, I can't validate spending typical retail price on it in this day and age, not unless it has as much replayability as Bayonetta 2. It would have to at least have some online mode to increase longevity and keep me coming back. StarHawk is the basis of what would make for a great new Star-Fox game, but with the polish of a Nintendo game.



yuwarite commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

My worst are any Pokémon that are too human/furry-like, that look like they're made out of something metalic, or that either resemble, closely named after or bear something that resembles an artificial man-made object.



yuwarite commented on Poll: Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?:

@ShadJV I'm glad you felt it was harsh, since you used the token of "laziness" to summarise the entirety of what I said. When I detailed the scenario of a person physically going store to store, only to find their chosen Amiibo is sold out in each one, it does not fall under the category of "laziness".

I think the real story here, is less about me thinking amiibos to unlock DLC is slow, clunky and anti-consumer, but more about how you hate the idea of instant gratification when it comes to getting your digital goods. When I said Nintendo nails its antiquated ideals in to its fans, I was damn right on the mark.



yuwarite commented on Ninterview: Tom Bramwell On Nintendo and 15 Ye...:

@Csaw Critique and op ed is fine, but when there's an abundance of the same critique, and when that critique borders on offending the gamers and the artists, it becomes less op ed and more like an agenda is trying to be pushed. For instance, Sarkeesian wants tropes against women to be pushed in to schools as a teaching tool, the simple critique here has crossed the line to an agenda that aims to teach children to condemn video games whose art don't conform to a feminists ideals. It's ridiculous, and if GamerGate needed to be established to help draw light on these issues, then it has succeeded.



yuwarite commented on Ninterview: Tom Bramwell On Nintendo and 15 Ye...:

Lost all interest in reading EG; got tired of reading political correct editoral, which blurred the line betwen op-ed and agenda-pushing. And tired of shame-pieces about developers and gamers who enjoy games whose art don't conform to their ideals.