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Sun 4th Dec 2011

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Godstrike commented on Retro City Rampage is Totally Coming to the 3D...:

I loved this game the references the quirky and fun things you can do and the fact that at least anyone can recognize something from this game even though I am too cheap to buy this game again I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have it



Godstrike commented on Sakurai Explains The Reasoning Behind The New ...:

@Jaz007 I really don't think snake would be in smash bros again if you haven't noticed snake just doesn't belong there anymore he has not really got much love left for nintendo and he has nothing to offer nintendo in the near future just think about mgs 5 is going to go to ps4 and xbone while nintendo hasn't really had much metal gear anymore conserning the current generation. But sonic is almost a garentee considering the partnership sega and nintendo now have. But people have to realize that the trainer and the villager just make sense they fit in smash bros. too me smash bros has always been this fun loving cartoony none of this is remotely real kind of game and snake really doesn't fit in there while the trainer and the villager do. Animal crossing is one of nintendo's biggest IP's now and sadly the same can be said for wii fit even though no one ever used it more than five times. Besides the trainer is going to be a great addition to the roster her combat looks fun and quirky and the whole concept of her being there looks really great I think that you guys should just give her a chance and just find out how fun these characters are gonna be.



Godstrike commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

I admit that they where getting to me until they started comparing nintendo to kinect and square enix then I realized this was just a load of bullsh*t like seriously if nintendo starts to release their IP's on other devices what do they have then. So right now ask yourself why do you play nintendo consoles if not for nintendo games if you can play them somewhere else then why bother. When will people realize that what nintendo does is just business for example do you see playstation releasing any of their IP's on PC... no then why does nintendo have to release theirs on phones and tablets.



Godstrike commented on Rest Easy, New Characters Are Coming To Smash ...:

all I know is lucario is probably going to be replaced like mewtwo and they are going to bring something from unova. also there should be more female characters like palentina or medusa those would be great. I just hope they don't go over board with the changes an third parties



Godstrike commented on Review: Mario Party 9 (Wii):

I have made up my mind I will never touch this game, NEVER!!!! moving everyone at the same time, taking away coins and items and also the STARS!!! those little white ones don't count I want the old mario party back you know the one that made you want to kill everyone you play with for the decisions they make not this 4 year old crap!