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Male, 18, United Kingdom

Long time Nintendo fan, aspiring game designer and lover of tactics; from RTS to FPS. Creativity is my friend and monotony my nemesis. ~Scottish(ish), born in the US~ Duet 6:4 - Words to live by.

Tue 11th Dec 2012

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EverythingAmiibo commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

waits for thirsty gamer girls to rant "my bust is so much bigger than the default, not fair!"

In all seriousness, that is rather unfortunate for the girls that want full customisation for their avatar. But unfortunately, 90% of the use of this slider would be pervy men or curious preteens, and I'm sure that's what forced the rating company's, therefore Nintendo's, hand. If you're in the "stop being so kiddy Ninty!" camp, the majority of their audience are still 'kids' right now, so to legally sell to them, they need to conform a wee bit. Would you rather xenoblade sell much poorer as an 18+ just to keep in a boob slider?!



EverythingAmiibo commented on Video Game Industry in Scotland 'Could Eclipse...:

I go to Uni in Glasgow, live just outside and attend all sorts of geek get-togethers there so I know what goes down. I am friends with SO many people who are doing games design, media studies, computer science etc (many from Dundee of course) it's crazy how popular it is! I hope this opportunity is indeed solid as we're certainly embracing it!! I'm doing Computer and Electronic Systems at Strathclyde myself, which can (and hopefully will) tie in to video-games, specifically hardware and low level software.



EverythingAmiibo commented on Pokémon Go is an AR Game Headed to iOS and An...:

This is literally what I've been dreaming about since I was a kid, it'll finally be like we're all actual Pokemon trainers, not just people controlling a character that's catching Pokemon in a game! I know SO many people that would use this all across Glasgow so it better be a good micro transaction model!



EverythingAmiibo commented on Video: Fan Recreates Stunning Build Of Ocarina...:

@97alexk Yeah, Zelda U has already shown that Nintendo can do their distinct Zelda style with VERY nice graphics! Just add physicsy foliage, shadows, higher res textures, physics effects and a huge draw distance and you'll find it very graphically impressive when you play it, without sacrificing style