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Wed 18th Jul 2012

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EaZy_T commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

It's not really all that bad.
Remember: a fool and his money and all that.
I played a couple levels at a time, on and off today and you most definitely do not have to pay any money to casually play this casual game.



EaZy_T commented on Review: Doc Louis' Punch-Out!! (WiiWare):

@XCWarrior That's a great idea, the extra mode.
It's too bad that this wasn't included with the main game, even just the warm-up really helps to "show you the ropes".

I believe that it's worth the 250 coins as a final Club Nintendo reward.

edit: corrections



EaZy_T commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

I was really hyped about this game, like a year or so ago.
I kinda just expected that there wouldn't be any extras, so no surprise there.
There are so many good games now and in the near future that I'm not sure that I'll get Watch Dogs anytime soon.



EaZy_T commented on The YouTube Wii U App Update is Now Live:

Lately, I've been running into videos on youtube that says "cannot display on this device" while on the Wii U browser. I wonder if they will eventually try to force us to use the app.



EaZy_T commented on Soapbox: Zelda's Magic Creates A Link Between ...:

A nice, heartwarming article. Well done!
Nintendo games truely are a treasure to share with loved ones.

"Realistic" graphics has it's place (the Wii U has some that are "real" enough for me, speaking as an adult); but games are games and I appreciate Nintendo for still keeping that in mind.



EaZy_T commented on DFC Intelligence Lowers Wii U Lifetime Sales F...:

I saw Reggie being interviewed on a TV show tonight talking about some of the new games and saying that they are going to market Wii U heavily in 2014.

Personally, I sat out on the Wii generation because all I needed was the GameCube. It was a great console, there were tons of awesome games that kept me busy until the Wii U landed on my TV's HDMI port.



EaZy_T commented on Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Wii U):

I'd buy this if I could get it via the eShop.
The review/score seems to reflect the opinion that there are too many CoD sequels.
I've only played the first one (and it's expansion pack) on PC and two that were on GameCube, so I think that I might like seeing what they've done with the gameplay in this iteration.

P.S. to Activision: put CoD Ghosts on the eShop, you'll sell some copies on the Wii U that way too.



EaZy_T commented on System Update Will Allow You To Share eShop Ba...:

Wow, the comments really got derailed by a few people.
They seem to be testing the waters; it is only a good thing for the system to evolve slowly, instead of breaking it with a major change and the backlash and repercussions that would fall on them for it.

edited 11/15: I make a note when I edit my comments, the mods should have when they revised my post.



EaZy_T commented on Senran Kagura Burst Will Brawl Its Way Onto th...:

I'll wait for a price drop or temporary sale on this one. $30 is a little steep (for me) for this titillating brawler.
I bought Unchained Blades when it released and feel that it's current price ($20) is more appropriate than what I paid for it.



EaZy_T commented on Review: Wii Fit U (Wii U):

The review is spot on.
I never had a Wii or Wii Fit, so I was eagerly awaiting this (it was actually one of the reasons I got a Wii U at launch).

One of the activities is a running event that has you put a wiimote in your pocket (or you can just hold it) and you run in place, it is a good aerobic exercise that can be played off-screen while you watch TV.



EaZy_T commented on Wii Fit U:

@letsplay It takes your picture periodically so you can see what your face looks like, before and after, when you lose weight.
I've been playing Wii Fit U for a week and have lost 3lbs; not enough time for the images to show any change yet, but I'd wager I'll be able to see a difference in a month or so.



EaZy_T commented on Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's C...:

I'll totally get this, but I'm going to have to wait a little bit. I would be able to pick it up quicker if it gets a sale price on the eShop. I want digital downloads now that I got an USB HDD.

I wish devs/publishers would look at more than week/month one sales figures to decide support for Wii U, I usually can't buy games right when they come out. I'll get the good games at some point in their first year or sooner.

Oh, and nice review!



EaZy_T commented on Iwata Braves Press Conference to Explain Ninte...:

Keep the games coming, first and foremost. Try new things (like the new model for distributing/selling Wii Sports), and keep prices as low as possible.

And never, ever, listen to those who would destroy the company for short-term gains (ie. software only).



EaZy_T commented on Resident Evil Revelations And Mercenaries Are ...:

I saw RE:R on sale in the 3DS eShop and snatched it up quick.
Then I saw it on sale in the Wii U eShop and thought "dang, wish I had checked here first..." and snatched it up after deleting all the demos from my system to make enough room for that monsterous download size.

I excused my hasty mistake by reminding myself that both copies together cost less than the 3DS version when it was first released.