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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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chiefeagle02 commented on Nintendo Download: 19th November (North America):

@MarioPhD My road to Dreamcast started after Sega pulled the plug on the system. At that point, I was very much a Nintendo kid. My friend had a Dreamcast and would bring it to my house, but as fun as it was, I still wanted a GameCube. I remember Nintendo Power had an article on GameCube which I brought to school. That day, the same friend also brought a magazine with an ad for brand new $50 Dreamcast consoles. A $50 investment was easier than $200, so I went with Dreamcast for a couple of years (and a few more later on when I discovered the homebrew scene).



chiefeagle02 commented on Video: Catch Up With All of the Nintendo Direc...:

My only complaint was the release dates on a lot of these games. Nintendo did say they had some games still to come by end of 2015, but all the games I saw that I want are all coming next year (I was hoping to build a Christmas Wishlist). All the same, great games though.



chiefeagle02 commented on Gallery: Catch Up With Nintendo's Miitomo Reve...:

It reminds me of the quasi-chat feature in the StreetPass games app. If the smartphone app managed to turn the device into a StreetPass hotspot (it looks like it uses passive communication between devices anyway, ala the 3DS), that would be amazing. Otherwise...well I don't blame investors for being a bit peeved.



chiefeagle02 commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

Most of my downloaded retail games are for PS3, which I usually get during Flash Sales. All of my retail Wii U games are physical, though that might have changed if Nintendo shipped its console with a larger hard drive or if they had more eShop sales on its first party games.

I can understand the idea of doing retail games as download-only releases due to the lower overhead costs and the ease of advertising niche games to fans who might actually want it (Ace Attorney, anyone?).



chiefeagle02 commented on Hardware Review: BitBoy Lets You Back Up Your ...:

I loved my Game Boy Camera! I didn't like that you could only save 30 photos at a time (I took it to Philadelphia for a school trip and quickly filled up the memory). I like the idea of Bitboy, but I feel like it's for one of two audiences in the era of smartphones and multiple camera effects: folks who still regularly play Game Boy Camera and can now finally save the photos they take to a computer (SNES, Super Game Boy, VGA cord, VGA cord, screen capture software notwithstanding); and artists who are drawn to the quirky, yet enduring nature of the camera for their shots (like how video game tunes are a popular subgenre of music (chip tunes), so could Game Boy Camera photos become a subgenre of photography, celebrating the tools in video games as an art medium even further).



chiefeagle02 commented on Rumour: Data Miner Discovers Three Empty Chara...:

I have a feeling a new character or two were already in the works before the ballot ended. It seems DLC (stages or characters) comes out every month and a half to two months (even though the last two DLC updates were stages and Mii costumes)...

4/28: Mewtwo
6/14: Dreamland; Ryu (and castle stage); Roy; Lucas
7/31: Hyrule Castle; Peach's Castle
9/30: Super Mario Maker; Pirate Ship


Sakurai said it takes many months to create a new character and properly balance it, so it wouldn't surprise me if we get the ballot winner sometime in the Spring or Summer 2016 (and maybe a couple more before that. I'm predicting at least one new character for Holiday 2016 with maybe a new stage or two to go with it). But I digress, Sakurai did say the focus for DLC from here on out will be "fan service", so we'll see.