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Hi, my name is akis and im a big nintendo fan :) I play nintendo games, have their systems etc, feel free to add me on 3ds and Wii U.

Wed 21st December, 2011

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123akis commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

look at this:

Nintendomination also took a picture, he said in the comments he got the mii. But there's a possibility that someone could of hacked their 3ds. You know that people can create their own custom game/app icons with gateway or those kind of stuff and install them as a .cia?

And look at that wonky logo!



123akis commented on Nintendo UK Has Picked Its New PR Agency, Spla...:

YES!! Virgin Media advertise A LOT! Like every week a letter comes to my house addressed 'householder' or my mums name, it's advertisement material! Looks like a great partner, I hope to see more advertising! Obviously not expecting Nintendo leaflets/letters in the mail though.



123akis commented on Those Yoshi's Woolly World Yarn amiibo Are Up ...:

Thanks! I just pre ordered the Yarn Yoshi amiibo from ShopTo! For the game, I may get it later because I'm getting Splatoon on June 15th (yes, that's when my last exam is) then I want to get Kirby and the rainbow paintbrush shortly after. So I don't know, I may or may not get wooly world on release. But it doesn't matter as I can get the game at any time.



123akis commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

@Colonelpacman They also offer many promotions. Remember the MK8 bonus game promotion where if you register Mario Kart 8 on Club Nintendo before the promotion deadline, you can choose which game you want to download for free. (from the selection list) I chose Sonic Lost World.

Remember the So many games! promotion where if you register 3 3ds games from the list of eight titles on Club Nintendo, you'll be eligible to choose a fourth game from the list and download it free? very generous.

There was also other promotions: Monster Hunter: Gift & Hunt Together Promotion, SUPER MARIO 3D LAND Welcome Promotion and the Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Welcome a Friend Promotion.



123akis commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

Yeah £8.72 for all costumes on Wii U and 3ds is TOO MUCH! I can get a game on eShop for that much money! But I'll buy two costumes I like as 79p for one is a good price.

Nintendo 3ds home menu themes are also overpriced! £1.79 is okay if it's an amazing theme. Themes should be cheaper or if not then offer discounts and deals (e.g. buy 3 themes, get 1 free)



123akis commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

@ThomasBW84 For Europe here's what the website says about April 1st 2015: "From this date, Nintendo will no longer include product registration cards with its packaged games, so such products cannot be registered in Club Nintendo. You may still find product registration cards in games that were in stock before this date, however."



123akis commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

In Europe, besides from Captain Toad in January and Mario Party 10, Nintendo has left the Wii U mostly absent. They deliberately delayed Kirby and the rainbow paintbrush when it should of been released considering the gap. Releasing Wii titles on Wii U eShop just doesn't fill the gap. The same goes for VC.

However, for me it doesn't matter as recently until 15th June i'm not spending a lot of time playing games as i'm revising for my GCSE exams. I'm in year 11. As soon as it's 15th June (last exam) I'm getting Splatoon and Zelda Majora's Mask 3d. Also, other recently released games soon after. And Iv'e got so many eShop games to play that I got when they were at discount but haven't played yet.

Then Xenoblade Chronicles X. Iv'e got plenty to keep me busy for this summer. Then in winter hopefully Starfox Wii U will be released.



123akis commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

I defied the odds! I got the Super Smash Bros. Wii U game + adapter bundle with a Smash Bros Gamecube controller, Mario amiibo and Donkey Kong amiibo all at launch from ShopTo.Net :) I had it pre ordered.

This is the price I got it for:
Bundle - £46.85 | Smash Bros gamecube controller - £22.85 | Mario amiibo - £10.85 | Donkey Kong amiibo - £10.85 altogether that's £91.40!

And I have not sold any of it on eBay because I actually WANT it :)



123akis commented on Review: Flipnote Studio 3D (3DS eShop):

Seriously it's just pathetic that Nintendo didn't give us Flipnote gallery World! Why couldn't they work with Hatena again to bring Flipnote Hatena, since Nintendo aren't willing to do online sharing themselves!