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Male, United Kingdom

Hi, my name is akis and im a big nintendo fan :) I play nintendo games, have their systems etc, feel free to add me on 3ds and Wii U.

Wed 21st December, 2011

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123akis commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

So did I read this article right!? You're telling me that he put Snivy and Pikachu on a poster to advertise the event but got sued for it!!?

"Damages" !!? NO! It's free advertising for the pokemon company!!



123akis commented on Event: Splatoon EGX Team Championships 2015:

I'm coming to EGX on Saturday!
I'm travelling from London. It's only 1 hour and 15 minutes from London Euston station on Virgin trains. But to get to London Euston I'll use London underground



123akis commented on Guide: Unlocking Building Items And More In Su...:

@akaDv8R Hey... yh I'm good mate, not been active too much on Miiverse recently as I started sixth form last week plus I'm busy playing this game

I've uploaded 1 level. Here's the code: 31F6-0000-0038-A6BA

I'll go to your profile now and play your levels. Speak soon



123akis commented on Nintendo UK Is Making A Big Splash At EGX This...:

Awesome! I'm coming on Saturday 26th with my 10am - 6pm early entry pass

WHY is there no Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, Hyrule Warriors Legends, YO-KAI Watch, Pokemon Super Mystery dungeon and Mario & Sonic at the 2016 olympic games?

hmm lemme guess what Nintendolife is doing... Streetpass zone and a Super Mario Maker tournament?



123akis commented on GAME Promises Quick Refunds After Charging Cus...:

In the past, I had 3 orders lost from GAME! Two of them were Pokemon X and Splatoon!

I wanted to order my Super Mario Maker + Artbook + amiibo from Nintendo UK Store as I wanted that nice yellow T-Shirt but unfortunately I was too slow so I got it from ShopTo.Net (this is were I usually get my games from!)

@ThomasBW84 About buying from GAME in-store... Yeah, I see your point but I really cannot justify spending £10, £5 or even more from GAME so that's why I buy all my games online, most from ShopTo.Net. I'm 16 and I don't have a lot of money, just about enough to get the games I want.

I know £5 more is not a big difference... BUT! Here's an example. If I buy 4 games from GAME, each costing £5 more, I could have saved £20!



123akis commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

I hardly ever get lag or connection errors! I'm in London and I have fibre optic broadband from Sky. Download: 38mb/s | Upload: 10mb/s

If we had the option for regional servers then the lobby will be empty and we'll be waiting a long time for a game to start! Even sometimes when I play now, it can take a while for the lobby to fill up in ranked mode. Regular battle usually fills up fast though.



123akis commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

@Caryslan Good point! Just out of curiosity, have you got a Wii U?

I got my New 3DS XL metallic blue because, to me, the new features are worth the upgrade. Besides, I wanted to upgrade from my regular 3DS aqua blue that I had from launch day. Even if I had a 3DS XL, I still would have upgraded to New 3DS XL. It's just personal choice/preference, like you said.



123akis commented on Nintendo Not Looking To Churn Out Yearly Seque...:

"We see a huge surge in gameplay hours on Mario Kart when we [release new content]" How do they know? Are Nintendo anonymously collecting data from our activity log!? I think there's a setting in the system settings to enable or disable the sending of usage data.

EDIT: Yes, there is. On the home menu, click on your Mii on the top left, there's a button "sending information" it says something along the lines of "you have spotpass enabled to send usage information on how you use your console (such as play records)"