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Hi, my name is akis and im a big nintendo fan :) I play nintendo games, have their systems etc, feel free to add me on 3ds and Wii U.

Wed 21st Dec 2011

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123akis commented on Japanese Games Market Falls To Lowest Point In...:

That's sooo depressing! I really hope digital sales make the difference. People aren't willing to even pay money on games anymore! Just playing those free to play games and then they complain about the fact that they have to pay money to unlock more content!! And then they complain about the quality! Well smartphones/tablets don’t have buttons and the market isn’t willing to pay more than £2 on a game. Developers cannot just giveaway every game for 100% free. Mobile gaming… it’s not proper gaming! Consoles and PC is much better.



123akis commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:

@DoctorOverbuild I feel your pain!! In 2015, I was in year 11 and I had to wait until my very last exam on June 11th to play Splatoon! I actually pre ordered the game and received it when it released because I wanted the special edition but I did not open it... kept it sealed until I came home from that last exam! I hardly played games for over 2 months to ensure that I didn't fail! Hard work really does pay off!

The exams period was stressful, but trust me you will be soooo relieved when you finish and have that nice long over 2 month summer holiday! Then came results day on August 20th. Good luck!



123akis commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:

If Nintendo is going to reveal the NX at E3, they are probably going to do a live press conference... I can't imagine a console reveal in a 'digital event' or Nintendo Direct video!

And for Pokemon... well we didn't get any proper pokemon game in 2015 so I would assume we are getting a new (not remake) pokemon game in 2016, especially because it's the 20th anniversary of the franchise.



123akis commented on Happy New Year from Nintendo Life:

Happy new year! These statistics are very interesting. 2016 is indeed a very exciting year for us Nintendo fans; the NX is the biggest mystery in the whole gaming industry right now!! Nintendo sure knows how to make waiting unbearable... causing a massive stir of rumours and discussion on the internet!

Keep up the great work Nintendolife, you are my favourite website! I come here several times a day.

@antdickens Are you designing the new website all by yourself!?



123akis commented on Talking Point: 2015 - A Peculiar Year of New, ...:

"The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes seemed like a game from a team told to make a Zelda multiplayer game, whether it was the best use of their time of not"

Why does Nintendolife hate zelda tri force heroes so much!? It's a brilliant mulitplayer zelda game! Other than that... brilliant article as always.



123akis commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Its Second Batch o...:

@TheLastLugia Exactly! People do take these things way too seriously and that's why each of these comments are so amusing to read.... but yeah, the pricing of physical retail games on Nintendo eShop is absolutely ridiculous! Seriously though, why the **** would I pay £10 or even £20 more for a game on the eshop when I can get a physical copy much cheaper! However, if I do want a digital copy, I would buy the download code from as the pricing there for DL codes is reasonable.



123akis commented on Nintendo of Europe Launches Its Cyber Deals We...:

So will today's sales only last for today? If that's the case then I prefer if we got all the deals at once like with NOA's deals! But... of course I would rather have them each day rather not not having them at all.



123akis commented on Nintendo Launches eBay Store for North America:

The Nintendo UK Store is awesome, but when it's not overpriced! The only things that aren't overpriced are: Limited editions, game bundles, amiibo, some accessories and things in the 'cool stuff' category. And sometimes when they sell T-shirts together with games that's also a good deal. Excellent customer service too! However, individual games are overpriced!



123akis commented on Hands On: Getting Pinned Down By Nintendo Badg...:

It's great! I've spent a total of £3.60 so far! The only annoying thing about placing badges on the home menu, is that there's no way to multiple select games/software icons. So, I have to move it one by one!



123akis commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

Congratulations! imo, NintendoLife is the best website (and my favourite!) for Nintendo news! I visit it several times a day. Thank you for being awesome! And keep it up I shall look forward to the redesign! I've even had the pleasure of meeting you guys at EGX.



123akis commented on Talking Point: As Rumours Come and Go the Desp...:

The only New 3DS retail game is Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Surely, when Nintendo released the New 3DS, they must of thought about what games they will make for it! There just has to be some New 3DS games coming in 2016 or even in 2015 that Nintendo needs to announce soon!

I think a Nintendo Direct will happen next week because the smash bros fighter ballot ended and also, it will be the week after Nintendo announces their financial results. As Thomas said: "there may be a President's briefing and a shareholder Q & A, which in the past have included some reveals" So yeah... they will probably be little reveals and the Nintendo Direct coming next week will go into them in more detail and reveal more things. Furthermore, it's nearly November!!