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LasermasterA commented on Zombi Reveal Trailer Suggests That Wii U Gamer...:

The game wasn't "Oh that game is amazing" without the gamepad. It was the atmosphere of tension along with the gamepad controls that made it great. Removing that doesn't leave much.

Having more melee weapons is great but IF they buff up the weapons where you get one-hit kills everywhere and ammo lying in every corner, the game will lose most of its tense charm.

Plus hardly improved graphics and a straight shoddy port is unlikely to make this game seem as different as it was on the Wii U.



LasermasterA commented on Video: Capcom's Monster Hunter X Livestream Ge...:

Ooh, leaping option to other weapons will definitely reduce the IG's popularity a bit. Although shooting monsters and micro-managing extracts is still a keeper, along with that awesome attack speed and long range.

Seeing this, I have to continue with my MH4U game. Still have to complete all quests and get all armours/weapons.



LasermasterA commented on E-litre 3K Scope And Neo Splash-O-Matic Headed...:

Since I love the E-Liter as it is (I don't even use the custom version), I would probably just buy the weapon for collection's sake. Although I would definitely try it out as the scope does help out in aiming but makes it so much easier to get killed. The specials are the only thing that will make it a keeper for me.

If it is the same as the original, then normal E-Liter for me :D And the range does not change with Scope only the zoom does. Splat Charger and Splatterscope are basically the same, with the scope being the only difference.



LasermasterA commented on Ubisoft's Former Wii U Exclusive ZombiU Confir...:

I just recently bought the game and the game is good, definitely deserved better reviews, and I don't even usually play survival horror games. I wanted to get through with only 1-2 survivors in my first playthrough (silly me), but hordes always get me -_-

The game was not initially made for Wii U but Ubisot did pretty much modify it nicely to the 2nd screen experience on Wii U. Gamepad integration is pretty vital to the atmosphere as well as functions, so taking that away might very well take away its uniqueness. I would have loved gyro aiming though in the Wii U version, so much better, especially since I am coming out of Splatoon mode.



LasermasterA commented on Two More New Weapons Coming To Splatoon Tomorrow:

I absolutely love Splatoon and would love to try these weapons out. But I need to fix my latency issues before I do. Although I was never really a roller person. Might try out the Dual Squelcher though.

Hopefully these things finally bump me up to A+.



LasermasterA commented on Fresh Details Emerge For Shin Megami Tensei X ...:

Well I won't be one of the people who are dismissing this game, looks really interesting. It might not be like a SMT game or a FE game (as people were expecting) but it definitely looks like Atlus knows what is doing. Replacing demons with FE characters as Mirages sounds cool but I will miss some demons.

Still looking forward to this game. I love SMT, its spinoffs and FE. It is slowly becoming a must-buy for me.



LasermasterA commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:


Well actually the gyro controls in Splatoon are amazing. They offer a lot more accuracy than twin sticks alone once you get used to them (an hour or so).

Looking at this hopefully they fix up any control problems the game might have and beef up the graphics cause having 5 year old graphics is not good, even when graphics don't matter much. If the gyro controls end up like Splatoon, that wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

The less number of enemies on the screen did actually worry me more. If they kept the graphics low for greater optimization, I should atleast have tons of action on the screen!



LasermasterA commented on New Trailer Emerges for Shin Megami Tensei X F...:

So they are summoning Fire Emblem characters instead of the opposite.

I didn't want Persona: FE Edition but looks like that is what I will get... Hope this doesn't disappoint me cause I am not so excited so far. Even though I absolutely love SMT and FE.



LasermasterA commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Is Coming To The Wii...:

I like Mario Tennis, but I didn't want it this E3. Camelot makes the Tennis games and they also made Golden Sun. I was hoping, since they finished Tennis and Golf on 3DS, they might work on GS4. Looks like they are going to work on Tennis and Golf on Wii U before an amazing RPG in the world of Weyard.....

Oh well, atleast I will enjoy this I suppose.



LasermasterA commented on Two More Splatoon Weapons Are About to Arrive:

Oooh another E-Litre!!! Love that gun! The E-Litre 3K is my main gun but the special attack is not really offensive (echolocator) and burst bombs are not that great against good shooters.

Although I haven't played Splatoon since 2 days since my connection has started to lag... Might get a wired connection.

Other charger peeps beware :P (Largest range Charger) As well as shooters and rollers! (especially if you try to sneak up on me)



LasermasterA commented on Exclusive: Get Revved Up With the First FAST R...:

Nice to get a first look at the game. The small trailer was amazing, will definitely be an Indie game that I am looking forward to buy!

Fast racing FTW! Till then I will keep myself occupied with 200CC Mario Kart and Sonic All-stars Transformed.



LasermasterA commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

Please not let Roy be the same as he was in Melee. We don't need yet another Marth clone.... now we have 3 Marths, one Robin and one Ike.

Oh well, atleast we now know for sure (although it was pretty obvious from the start) that Roy and Ryu are going to come in Smash 4 probably going to be revealed this E3. So guess two surprises spoiled already, this as well as Hyrule Warriors on 3DS.

Hopefully the Smash ballot will still have more characters rather than just 1 or 2 :)



LasermasterA commented on PlatinumGames to Unveil a New Title at E3:

After finishing Wonderful 101 just yesterday, I must say that Platinum Games has definitely become one of my favourite action games developer. I loved Metal Gear Rising and I loved this one even more! W101 was full of madness, amazing action as well as epicness to the max! Plus it had some decent second screen experiences as well, definitely an overlooked gem on the Wii U. It definitely deserved better reviews, too tough for the reviewers to handle I guess :P

I hope that this game is on the Wii U or 3DS. Hopefully Wii U since they could make it much more action on that than on the 3DS. Wouldn't mind either though, always up for more Platinum action. Now just to pick up Bayo 1 and 2 ASAP!



LasermasterA commented on Splatoon Ranked Battle Mode and First Free DLC...:

Yea it is really easy to build up turf points with a roller and a rapid fire shooter. Charger on the other hands are mostly for support, even if you do try to cover tons of turf, it is hard to accumulate that much turf with a weapon that is more oriented towards splatting other inklings than covering turf.

It is a godsend in ranked battles which started today. A good charger can make or break the battles as a good charger inkling can defend an area solo, or make defending mush easier for tothers.. Ranked battles are where they shine, well they do for me personally. I remember being their being occasions when I am the only charger in the team and the match going all topsy turvy from us winning to a loss when I lost my foothold.

They are not that good if you want to level up in regular though. Use a roller or a gun for that.



LasermasterA commented on Three More Pokémon 3DS HOME Themes Heading t...:

Mega Charizard Y supporters, Unite up!

Wonderful references aside, I doubt I will be getting any of these themes though, the cost of each adds up. Right now I have got my eyes set on Azure Striker Gunvolt (the game) and its awesome theme!



LasermasterA commented on Hands On: Disney Infinity Toy Box 3.0 Brings A...:


Nah the case of Mickey in Smash will never happen if a deal does occur. Disney has previously stated somewhere (I don't know where) it didn't want it its mascots duking it out against each other.

Although I doubt a Disney will ever make a big deal with Nintendo. Nintendo is pretty far behind on stuff plus it is a pretty conservative Japanese company.



LasermasterA commented on Feature: The Key Details on Splatoon, Nintendo...:

Looks exciting, although more multiplayer options and local play options would have been nice!

I don't really like the special missions being hidden behind amiibos either.

Still going to get the game though! Although I have missed two of the Testfires and will miss the third as well, I can't wait to play this game when it comes out!



LasermasterA commented on Video: 'Smashified' Series Adds King K. Rool t...:


Yea that would be amazing. This render is my favourite out of all Artsy Omni renders, in my opinion and would love for Isaac to be added to the Smashified series. You could tweet with @Smashified (or was it #Smashified) to add a request for Isaac :)

I did ask Artsy Omni on Smashboards as well though. Along with the rest of the Isaac fans.

Edit: We can probably expect him. Seeing Isaac's latest surge in popularity (he came 2nd in a Reddit poll, after Banjo Kazooie and BEFORE K. Rool), I think he is pretty high up there in demand for a Smashified render.



LasermasterA commented on Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 R...:

I will definitely be getting this game. I would have considering paying the Atlus Tax since I usually love their games, but I can't buy any games now and since I wasn't as interested in the 2nd Devil Survivor, I might as well as wait for the price to come down. Although I did love the first Devil Survivor a lot, too much actually. Reading the review did make me slightly more hyped though, considering they added some new aspects to the gameplay from the original Devil Survivor (Overclocked).

I agree with the first paragraph of the title, gameplay wise, Devil Survivor was a lot like what I wanted/expected SMT x FE to be and I would have loved it if the SMT x FE crossover played in a similar vein although with grander fields, FE characters and more demons. I still have to watch how Persona x SMT x FE turns out.



LasermasterA commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Development Details Eme...:

This is going to be absolutely amazing!

After MH4U this is my most hyped up game of the year! Looks absolutely amazing and love the way it carries on the legacy of Xenoblade Chronicles. My body will be ready when it comes out :D



LasermasterA commented on ​Video: A Closer Look at Classic Mode in Etr...:

Hopefully the game has two parallel saves for the Classic and Story mode. I haven't bought Millenium Girl yet, but having to delete one save in order to play the other mode just does not sit well with me.

Game looks great. Obviously graphics are not as great as EOIV but for a remake it looks pretty neat. I really liked EOIV and the SMT game inspired from it (Strange Journey sans map making though), so will definitely get this later. Will last a long long time of JRPG dungeon crawling goodness.



LasermasterA commented on Weirdness: Street Fighter's Ryu is Now Being R...:

This has been confirmed by 2-3 data mining groups. Including the Cutting Floor.

Get ready for some Hadoukens and Shoryukens people!

Since apparently some DLC has been pre-planned, the amount of characters for DLC might be more than people originally anticipated. Hopefully this increases Isaac's chances.



LasermasterA commented on Sales Fall Away in Japan as Xenoblade Chronicl...:

Not surprised about Xenoblade. It might be an absolutely amazing game and one of the best RPGs I have played in some time BUT the Japanese have already played the hell out of it.

Sad to see Rodea the Sky Soldier having such poor sales. I was looking forward to it. Hopefully it performs better overseas.



LasermasterA commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 3 (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:

The game is absolutely amazing. I am not sure I remember much of 2 (pretty long since I played it) but 3 and 4 were awesome. 1 wasn't THAT great but nice nonetheless. It was the first game so some features weren't perfected.

I would still recommend the Zero Collection on DS though, can't go wrong in having 4 games in one copy. Still have to play ZX Advent though.

I tried the Azure Striker Gunvolt demo and it really reminds me of the Zero games. Not surprising since Inti made the ZX games as well. Although GV is more of a ranged guy and the game isn't as tough damage wise. Slightly faster paced though.



LasermasterA commented on Video: Check Out Every Fire Emblem Intro So Fa...:

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn all the way. PoR might not have had an amazing opening cinematic, while Radiant Dawn lacked a COMPLETE ending (rushed) and support system. But together, the Tellius Saga was the best I have played.

And that Radiant Dawn opening! Nothing gets close to that!



LasermasterA commented on Gallery: Fresh Xenoblade Chronicles X Footage,...:

Yea foh realz. My award anyway :P They were most human shaped, sleek and bare bones. Certain charm to the design. They can't really fly though.

Not that I don't love the fully kitted out mechs like these. With huge guns, multiple rockets, sometimes huge mech swords and thrusters and what not. Plus they get extra points for the added Transformers like feature of turning into motor vehicles! These designs also have more variety in features.



LasermasterA commented on Gallery: Fresh Xenoblade Chronicles X Footage,...:

Looks amazing. Can't wait to play the game. The environment, the scenery and the Mechs drool

They look amazing. Obviously not the best mech designs I have seen (that prize goes to Evangelion), but the gameplay and exploration options these things will bring will be absolutely amazing!

Plus we can get to see huge monsters like the one in the first trailer!



LasermasterA commented on Former Rare Devs Playtonic Want Donkey Kong Co...:

Well these guys are former Rare devs. Anyway, K. Rool stands a much bigger chance than Banjo Kazooie considering he is owned by Nintendo and all, plus he is the iconic DK villian.

I don't mind getting K. Rool in the game, the guy deserves a chance + DK deserves more reps. Isaac first though :P

Now I just want Camelot to come out and say that they want Isaac to be in the game.



LasermasterA commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

There are tons of characters I would like to support like Bayonetta, Inkling, K. Rool, Wonder Red, etc. BUT, Isaac from Golden Sun takes priority.

He is a character from my favourite JRPG, has tons of move set potential, and GS has yet to see a character in Smash. It has waited long enough.

#IsaacForSmash #RagnarockTheVote

Plus I get one of my dream matches!




LasermasterA commented on Here’s How the Demon Auction Will Work in Sh...:

Hm this is just the same function as Devil Survivor 1 and its overclocked version, nothing really groundbreaking. Although this way of auction was pretty cool, I used to use the buyout feature before I realized how much money I saved using the auctions. Won 99% of the auctions and got the demons at 3 times less of the buyout price.

Amazing game. Couldn't get into the 2nd Devil Survivor (from what I saw of the game) but I will definitely try out this Overclocked version.



LasermasterA commented on Feature: Gawk at Fancy Super Smash Bros. Mewtw...:

Born in a world of strife!
Against the odds,
we choose to fight!
Blossom Dance!

W00T Dunban costumes! But he is wielding the sword in his right hand! Blasphemy! (He uses his left arm throughout the game)

Plus DLC poll! I can't wait for Isaac time :P



LasermasterA commented on Nintendo Announces Next amiibo Waves And Asks ...:


Do you even need to ask?

Definitely voting for Isaac, the Earth adept, the poster boy of the GS series, the character to have some of the greatest potentials out of 'em all to be an amazing Smash character. Earth psynergy, weapon unleashes, Djinn, potentially other classes and elemental psynergy, Summons, etc. He would be absolutely amazing in Smash.

Heck, he doesn't even need a sword. He can already summon huge psychic swords as Ragnarok and Odyssey!

Voted, now will probably get my sister and as many of my friends to vote!


Plus the amazing GS series could definitely use a rep and the exposure in Smash :)



LasermasterA commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

That was definitely not how I expected the game would be like, I was expecting more of SMT: Devil Survivor type gameplay. Looks like core SMT, Persona and FE aesthetics combined all in one.

Still hard to see the FE elements, but this definitely has me interested again. Just hoping the game is amazing and we get loads of FE characters.



LasermasterA commented on Video: New Rodea The Sky Soldier Trailer Featu...:

I am getting very interested in this game. Although I would like to get it on the Wii U since the 3DS version has subpar graphics AND might have frame rate issues. Plus all that combat might be hard to take in with a 3DS's screen but I can be wrong on that.

Looking forward to getting a Wii U copy OR in the unlikely scenario a digital 3DS copy.



LasermasterA commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

The Monster Hunter games all the way. They are absolutely amazing games and must plays for sure. Although the game might not suit everyone with its grindy nature and repeated monster killing to farm parts. Heck even I sometimes wonder what I am doing with my time 0.0 I have clocked around 850 hours on MH3U and MH4U combined, having fun all the way and doubting it for only 0.01% of the time.

Etrian Odyssey Legend of the Titan was also an amazing game with great old-school RPG type game, amazing map making and what not. Beat the game, just stuck at the last optional end game boss.

SMT games also are great. A game not mentioned on this SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked which "technically" is not a new game, but according to me the game was worth it despite finishing the game on DS. The voice acting, new compendium feature, 8th day for 3 routes as well some more Demons really made the game a blast for me. Still have to beat SMTIV though.

No need to say anything about MK7.

To be honest, I still have to play one of the Zelda games on the 3DS....



LasermasterA commented on Mysterious Murasame Castle's Takamaru Was Cons...:

Isaac from Golden Sun. Before anyone else thinks that he is YET another swordsman, it is possible for him to have a moveset without using his sword (or maybe as a taunt - hint hint Falcondorf).

He is a user of Earth based psynergy and can manipulate the earth for tons of attacks. Plus he could have Water, Fire or Wind based attacks to represent all 4 elements if required to.

He is also well known to a lot of Nintendo fans, was extremely popular and is first party. To be honest, I can still hope considering DLC might still be possible.

Too bad Takamaru couldn't become playable. As a guy who has been waiting for tons of years to get a Golden Sun rep in Smash, I understand what Takamaru supports might be feeling now. Isaac might have have been considered and cancelled as well for all I know (sort of explaining his missing AT).