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LasermasterA commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance together would be amazing. Path of Radiance does not use the analogue buttons of the GC controller in a way that couldn't be configured to the Wii U Gamepad. Plus since the Wii mode CAN technically run GC games, I don't see why they can't release games without specific analogue trigger function onto the eShop.

If they would release the Tellius series (preferably with the PoR saves to Radiant Dawn function available), I would buy them in an instant. They have been my favourite FE games and they could be given the spotlight again, since the newest FE is for the 3DS again.

Plus with only Radiant Dawn, it would be difficult to follow the storyline. RD after all continues from the ending of PoR.



LasermasterA commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Adventure on Wii U an...:


Yea there were some achievements for dying "n" number of times. And the last one required too many deaths so I got bored of deliberately killing myself at the superboss (everyone was level 99 so only it could do it fast enough)

Then revive party members (after they died) this many times.

And finally kill 5000+ something enemies.

I left these 3 achievements alone, did everything else, beat all superbosses, got amazing equipment and finished my game.

Edit: And one more. Get wiped out (everyone dead, respawn at last landmark) many many times.



LasermasterA commented on Poll: Nintendo's Year of Adventure on Wii U an...:

Out of all 4 of them, definitely Xenoblade Chronicles X. I like Legend of Zelda but I like RPGs like Xenoblade even more.

I am not even considering Xenoblade Chronicles 3D because
1) I am not buying a new New Nintendo 3DS anytime soon
2) I already beat Xenoblade 99.9% (the 0.1% were stupid achievements like die 1000s of times or something)

Xenoblade Chronicles X looks amazing and can't wait to try it out! Considering the original took 160 hours for full completion, I can't wait to see how long and awesome Xenoblade X is. Plus the game looks amazing (except the character models) and bigger than ever.

And controllable and transformable Mechas! :)

Still looking forward to Zelda U and Majora's Mask 3D as well though. But if Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was in the poll it would have definitely taken the crown.

MH4U >>>>> others



LasermasterA commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

The New Nintendo 3DS XL looks amazing but I don't think I will purchase one either. Plus I don't think Nintendo will want to fragment their userbase with system sellers as N3DS exclusives.

We will probably get more ports like Xenoblade Chronicles.

I just hope that games that have that C-stick support include CPP support. NOT like what they did with Smash 3DS.

Thank goodness MH4U still supports the CPP. Not that I really need it much with water combat gone but still better than the touchscreen d-pad.


The issue was only present in the regular sized 3DS. So our XLs are safe from getting scratches that way :)



LasermasterA commented on Capcom Outlines Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Loca...:

Yea it is pretty long. I managed to get my hands on the Wii U version of the game for a bit of local play with my sister and online play but now that I am back at university, I have only the 3DS version at hand. Trying to get to HR 100, at 89 now. 999 would be an absolute pain for one to achieve solo.

Trying to solo Alatreon solo as well as some other event quests. Thank goodness MH4U has online otherwise would have taken 100s of hours again. This time I can spend that time killing tons of monsters online :)



LasermasterA commented on Capcom Outlines Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Loca...:

Well if the tutorials are short, I can get Monster Hunting even faster! Can't wait for MH4U especially now that online is in the 3DS version. Atleast I won't have to struggle to complete all G rank quests and get to HR 80 all by myself again :)

Plus I hope to get the demo soon, hear that it has local play. Would be useful to entice my currently uninterested friends to the franchise.



LasermasterA commented on Review: Fire Emblem (Wii U eShop / Game Boy Ad...:

Funnily enough Lyndis is not even the central character of the whole game but is still considered the face of Blazing Sword.

Still the game was awesome and the first of the awesome FE franchise to make it outside Japan. Too bad we never got an official port of The Binding Blade/Sealed Sword.



LasermasterA commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2015:

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate no doubt. That game is going to steal 100s of hours of my life. MH3U on the 3DS was an amazing experience and getting the Wii U version lately after completing all G quests, I am having even more fun than before online!

Can't wait to play online as well as local on MH4U. Or just lone wolf it out :)

Also I would love to play Majora's Mask 3D as well as Project S.T.E.A.M! This year is definitely going to be busy with great releases on the 3DS and Wii U together!



LasermasterA commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015:

I am most hyped up for Xenoblade Chronicles X. I absolutely loved the original game and this one looks amazing! Can't wait to get some of my RPG fix with that!

Also Devil's Third seems interesting considering it is Itagaki's first venture after he left Team Ninja. Considering NG3 was a relative train-wreck (Razor's Edge at-least solved some problems), I am hoping this newer different game turns out awesome.



LasermasterA commented on Review: Mega Man Zero (Wii U eShop / Game Boy ...:

Well the bad thing is that you can't even form subtanks if you want to have a good rating. Last time I played Megaman Zero, the only elves I used were the subtank elves. I made them just before the last boss fight. After I beat the game, my rating which had been at A was dropped to F. And it was stuck at F during a hard new game+ >.<.

Yeah I didn't replay it that time. Regretted making those subtanks.


Hmm. I have heard that the collection mainly just picks 'em up and puts them all in a single cartridge. Same games, no bottom screen usage.



LasermasterA commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (...:

Cosma? Well it does make sense considering her origins.

I agree. Localization should keep names intact if possible cause otherwise things get complicated. An easy example is Isaac of GS himself who was Robin in Japanese, Isaac in English whereas Robin of Awakening is Robin in English and Reflet in Japanese. It is indeed confusing.

I hope we get a trio set of Ace Attorney Investigations 1 & 2 (the second which never got localized) and Justice for All to have all of the Ace Attorney games on the 3DS. If not, I guess I will have to try out the fan translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2.



LasermasterA commented on Review: Mega Man Zero (Wii U eShop / Game Boy ...:

Great game, great score.

This is just the first game which was a bit unpolished around the edges with the cyber elves mechanism and grinding being a bit extreme. The sequel Megaman Zero really deals away with most problems and introduces Forms and all. Can't wait for the whole series to get around on the eShop. The whole series had great quality. And great fun. But it is indeed hard to maintain a rank above B, especially if you die once or use a cyber elf.



LasermasterA commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (...:

Oh I didn't notice that this trilogy did not include the already translated European languages. I guess that is a bummer since the translations already do exist.

Same with the case you mentioned for the Camelot games. Wait so what were Isaac and Felix called in German?



LasermasterA commented on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Br...:

Can't wait. I absolutely loved Devil Survivor and its overclocked version. So much that I played the original 4 times and its enhanced version 4 times as well!

My sister didn't like DeSu2 as much as one, but hopefully this version trumps that and is good. Although $50 does sound a bit steep for the digital version.



LasermasterA commented on Capcom's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Infographic...:

Wow! Can't wait for this game. Recently I killed the last monster in MH3U on 3DS, killing the abyssal lagiacrus at last! Just have to get some more armour and I would have done 500+ hours solo.

This looks great. Especially the huge monster, finally a monster that is colossal (as big as an island) after that one monster in Frontier!

I might just buy the Wii U version to get a taste of online before I get MH4U.



LasermasterA commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

I just hope this news is not true. I love both the series and really want to try this game out. Especially if it plays somewhat like the tactical SMT RPG Devil Survivor Overclocked.

Since this is from 4chan, I doubt its authenticity.



LasermasterA commented on Weirdness: Samus amiibo Literally Opens Doors ...:

Nah the government was just being led around like an idiot. Belial won't be around to enjoy it. Chaotic Good path for the win!

How did it come to an SMT Overclocked discussion anyway? I love that game! Although it manages to downplay a grim situation behind bright colours and whatnot.

On topic, apparently this Amiibo ID didn't work.



LasermasterA commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Sells Nearly 500,0...:


Nah my region doesn't have an official Nintendo presence so I will have to import it. I was thinking of the Best Buy Bundle and that is on my list. Will have to get MK and Bayo2 separately.

In the end, Smash is what I am most hyped for. I can't wait to settle things with my sis on Smash!



LasermasterA commented on Atlus Confirms Etrian Odyssey X Mystery Dungeo...:


Having it on the Wii U would be amazing! That console needs more RPGs. Anyway I am getting a Wii U this week so can't wait to see what EOV comes out on, 3DS or Wii U.

Atlus will release it on one of these 2. Any other system won't suit the map drawing and everything. Plus the last 4 games and the 2 remakes have been on the Nintendo DS and then the Nintendo 3DS family, so they will probably stick to Nintendo.



LasermasterA commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Sells Nearly 500,0...:

Surprises? Oh ho this is going to be interesting :)

Considering it is a single platform release, the number is a pretty good one. Hopefully it sold tons of Wii U systems as well.

I am going to buy a Wii U this week but it would have been awesome to have an amazing Smash bundle or something. Guess I will pick up SM3DW bundle, Smash, MK8 and hopefully Bayo 2.



LasermasterA commented on Atlus Confirms Etrian Odyssey X Mystery Dungeo...:

Yea that was disappointing. Nintendo should have really bought Atlus. Although it probably would have brought outrage from the Sony fans who have played the Persona games and the earlier games like DDS, SMT3, etc.

Atleast Sega does publish games on Nintendo. The recent Sonic is a failed example though sadly.

But still, I look forward to EOV! I hope it is on 3DS or Wii U.



LasermasterA commented on Anniversary: The Nintendo DS is Now 10 Years Old:

Great system. Had an amazing library of games.

Without it, I wouldn't have had two of my favourite games:
SMT: Devil Survivor

Headphones wearing protagonists FTW! And also the DS!

To be honest, I didn't even know there was a DS "Fat" till today.



LasermasterA commented on Review: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS):

Nine-tendolife :P

Jokes aside, this sounds amazing. I will have to try it since I love Etrian Odyssey and the mapping feature and the RPG like combat. I have not played Persona 3 and 4 yet so I might give those a try before I pick this up.

Nice comprehensive review, I know what I will get and I can't wait for it!



LasermasterA commented on Review: Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Wii U eShop ...:


No there is nothing like that. You can always come back in the first game. After taking the boat, you can not come back via boat BUT there is a cave south of the port which supposedly runs underground and you can go back to Kalay. It is possible to collect all Djinn in the first game and all in the 2nd game if you do a save transfer from the first.

In other news, finally GS2: TLA is out on Wii U VC! Can't wait for the game to come to US! I might play it yet again! Although I think I won't take all characters to level 99 this time, too tedious.

I have played the 2 games but I would still buy them on VC. Can't wait for GS4!



LasermasterA commented on Masahiro Sakurai Explains Why Mewtwo Isn't Pai...:

Don't worry. This doesn't discredit DLC anyway, Nintendo is probably just being cautious. I have wanted Isaac since Brawl and I still think he has a chance. Him being totally absent is just totally off, while Dark Dawn got a track on Palutena's temple.

I will buy the game anyway. Who knows, maybe Isaac will be free DLC for promoting GS4? Or maybe a huge DLC pack later on like MK8 got. After all Sakurai did like Fallout 3's DLC scheme. They are probably just testing the waters.



LasermasterA commented on Nintendo Download: 13th November (North America):

Nope nothing at all. Isaac currently has no trophy in Smash Bros 4 neither an assist trophy. Websites like GameXplain which received a really early copy have stated that they haven't found any hidden AT and no news of Isaac in the trophy section either.

Curiously, the Overworld theme from Dark Dawn was found as an unlockable (and new) track on Palutena's temple whereas the Golden Sun Battle Theme Remix was already seen returning on Norfair.

Also Isaac is a possible combination for the "randomly" generated games but this is not that significant considering Isaac is not such an uncommon name. Even the name Krool was available in Brawl but K. Rool is still not playable.



LasermasterA commented on Video: Feast Your Eyes On Etrian Odyssey Untol...:

Looks nice. I recently bought Etrian Odyssey IV during the sale and I liked what I played. I don't have my 3DS now so haven't finished it yet. I guess I might pick up Untold 1 and probably this game as well down the line.

Atlus makes good stuff, most of the time.



LasermasterA commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Claims Seco...:

Bayonetta was clearly not a failure but seriously I thought it would sell more. I am still getting it next month when I get a Wii U with Smash!

Some Nintendo gamers need enlightenment towards 2nd party games and 1st party games that are not Mario or Zelda.



LasermasterA commented on Nintendo Download: 13th November (North America):

HEY Nintendo why no Golden Sun 2 in North America? Doesn't it take longer for EU games in general... GS needs more love!

In other news, another piece of Golden Sun music (one on Norfair and the other on Palutena's Temple) was found in Smash 4 with still no sign of any other GS representation.......

Curiouser and Curiouser!