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MussakkuLaden commented on Details Emerge of a Cancelled Nintendo-Exclusi...:

@CaPPa I agree with what you say about the Phantom Menace. It was surely not perfect, but out of the three films of the new trilogy, I like it BEST BY FAR. It still had a lot of the spirit of the original trilogy and the playfulness, and at least traces of the dirtiness, that were once typical for Star Wars.



MussakkuLaden commented on Details Emerge of a Cancelled Nintendo-Exclusi...:

@audiobrainiac Liking or disliking something is not a matter of being capable of "making it better". Plus, only the overall story is from "the same time years ago" and is usually not what anyone complains about. The actual scripts for the new trilogy were written only shortly before production. In any case, most people's criticism of the new trilogy is not with the story, but with the way it was realised. George Lucas, in the opinion of many, just did not make a good job as a director.
I don't mean to say that you cannot like the new trilogy more, it's stupid to criticize someone's opinion on the ground of "you could not have made it better".



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

"From a business and commercial perspective, purely in numbers and market logic, this may be the correct decision for Nintendo."
I think even this may depend very much on the territory. In some (especially several European countries) where same-sex relationships are commonly accepted and even a proper, legal marriage is allowed since several years already, I cannot see that anyone would find it necessary to protest against such a possibility in any game – not even conservative users who may oppose the idea of homosexual marriage in general.
In fact, in such territories the possibility the marry someone from the same sex in the game may even increase sales and increase the reputation of the game, as despite accepted in other field of art, homosexuality in video games is still extremely rare. I can even see that the rejection of such a feature could lead to severe protests from parts of the audience.



MussakkuLaden commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

I more or less agree with Mecha_Boo. Personally, I never much enjoyed Brawl and I cannot even say exactly why. Probably because it never felt much different to me and thus, after having played Melee for hours and hours, the concept had somehow lost its appeal. Therefore, making it even more like Melee to me goes into the very wrong direction and I hope that SSB WiiU will play very different from all the others.
I surely know that it's tiny differences which can make all the difference for professional players seeking a deep competition, and therefore I understand the aim of Project M and I have nothing against that. It just seems wrong and even unfair to me, to call it "fixing" a game which was the way it was for a reason, I suppose (although that doesn't mean it was perfect even on objective ground, of course).
But I would also say that Melee was in fact the more accessible game from my experience with many, many ignorant players. It may have been more difficult to defeat a pro in Melee than it was in Brawl, but at least you seemed to be in control of what happens. Friends of mine got easily into Brawl, but just as quickly got bored of it, because all fights seemed somewhat random.

As an aside, even though I never noticed that personally, as Brawl, unfortunately, seemed even more chaotic to me than Melee was, I think that one of the best changes made to the game was to made it slower. All the hardcore-SSB-fans among my friends found Melee way too fast and chaotic and continued to prefer the strategic N64 original anytime. The more time passes, the more I tend to agree with this view. The only problem that prevents the title from entertaining as many hours as Melee is the small roster.

Finally, I almost totally agree with siavm. I find it sickening that players tend to demand (or make existing games into) the games they wish to have, the type of games that fit their existing tastes instead of appreciating the vision of the producers. They complain more and more, even if a new game merely comes with a different control scheme - Oh no, why can't I change the controls to the scheme of game XYZ! - not to speak of
No wonder that game developers lose confidence in their work and in video games' ability to realise dreams in general, and that their polished, consumer-oriented products bear more and more the mark of sheer anxiety.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (Europe):

Uhm, nothing for me this week. Wario Ware is highly recommended and perhaps the best part in the series, but I own it already. Kirby, meh. The Duck Tales discount is nice, but surely won't be the last the game receives. As I'm still busy with Mario & Luigi for a while, I will wait for a future discount of this interesting game.



MussakkuLaden commented on GameSpy Shutting Down All Online Servers on 31...:

Can anyone tell me if after the shutdown of the Nintendo Wifi-Connection it'll still be possible to purchase add-on content for FF CC My Life as a King (or for that matter, other games)?

Non-free downloadable content is the only "online function" that My Life as a King offers, and indeed the game is not listed on Nintendo's official, long list of games whose online functionality will be discontinued in late May. The same holds true for My Life as a Darklord and My Aquarium 2, for instance, i.e. games that offered Wifi-Connectivity only in the sense of "Pay & Play" (and, in the case of My Aquarium 2, WiiConnect24 functionality, but that was already discontinued last year, as we may remember, and the descriptions of this game (and other games) in the Wii Shop mentions the fact).

I'm therefore supposing that "Pay & Play" functions, just like the Wii Shop, may still remain available after the discontinuation of all "free" online functions. But if anyone knows that for certain, I'd feel more comfortable, as I still intend to download some extra content for a second playthrough of My Life as a King some day in the future.

If it's true that Pay & Play remains available, this should also mean that games which ARE on Nintendo's discontinuation list - like DJ Hero and Samba to Amigo, just to mention two that I own - may "only" loose their free online functions, but the purchase of additional songs may still be possible. Indeed, on Nintendo's list of features affected by the shutdown, only "FREE additional content" is mentioned.



MussakkuLaden commented on Hideki Konno Emphasizes That Mario Kart 8 Bala...:

Oh, I hope this won't reduce the impact of items. Where would be the fun in Mario Kart if the positioning could not change completely at any given moment? I hope they don't mess this up and end with anything as lame as Sonic Transformed... :((



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (Europe):

"Metroid Fusion […] the last 2D portable Metroid that we've enjoyed."
Err, Zero Mission anyone?? That was released 2 years past Fusion.

The permanent price drop for the Two Tribes titles is nice. I got Edge and Toki Tori when they were cheap, and although not quite "amazed" by either of them, the good reviews for Rush (which I only missed during its initial discount due to having been on vacation) may make me buy it one day.



MussakkuLaden commented on Star Parodier Removed From the Wii Virtual Con...:

Oh! I'm currently playing Turbografx anyway, having recently downloaded the wonderful Ys Book 1 & 2, and Star Parodier was always on my yet to buy list – I just could not decide between Star Parodier and Cho Aniki. Well, fearing that the first may disappear in Europe too, I may still download it...



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Wii U eShop / Super ...:

I never really liked this game back in the day, but then I may have been too young and I only played it after I already knew MK64. And that is more than 15 years ago. So, I may in fact be interested in giving it another try, if it ever comes at a discount (different from the MK8 offer, as I'm not interested in downloading the latter anyway).



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

Oh, now it's even only 6.99 and not 7.99€? That's certainly tempting and far below the 2nd-hand prices of most of these titles. It makes NES and SNES games look even more overpriced, though. Sure, it would have looked strange if they had been cheaper on WiiU than on the still existing Wii VC, but when even newly developed eShop titles are regularly available for less than 8.00, I don't feel willing to spend that much for the majority of SNES titles. A game like Earthbound surely is an exception, but that shows exactly while price diversity would be an advantage. I'd love to give a game like Urban Champion a try – but rather for 1 or 2 instead of 5 euro. On the other hand, 5 euro for SMB3 seem rather fair.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

Not bad! I had expected higher prices and less releases and I'm happy to see to contrary happening. That doesn't mean that 8 euro are "cheap", but as Nintendo is charging the same price for SNES titles, I'm surprised. Perhaps Nintendo has realised that what was a reasonable price at the time when the Wii was released in 2006 is not so reasonable anymore, and makes use of the introduction of the GBA VC to adjust the pricing slightly, at least as far as new platforms are concerned. This makes me hope that DS games too will perhaps not exceed 12 euro.

As to the titles, I always thought that the library of the GBA was among the weakest of any Nintendo systems. I know many think differently, but I just wasn't interested in any of the Mario re-makes, etc., and preferred to spend my money for more exciting GameCube titles.
However, this also means that I missed a lot of GBA games which are good indeed, and most of them I still haven't caught up, because their used modules are fairly expensive. Thus, Metroid Fusion may be a candidate for a purchase sooner or later, and Mario & Luigi too. Advance Wars is one of the greatest games on the GBA - perhaps THE greatest - and I don't own it myself, but I played it for hours and hours. Thus I may rather wait for its sequel.
Golden Sun always bored me, each Kirby is more or less the same, although good, and I own Wario Ware (next to Advance Wars for me the best the GBA had to offer). As regards F-Zero, I may also wait for the sequel GP Legend, which I never played.
And then there is Yoshi's Island. I was waiting for it on the SNES VC and I'm still not sure which version to prefer. But as the GBA port will be released now, Nintendo has really no reason to hold back the SNES original much longer (which, for whatever reason, never made it on the Wii VC). I will choose once both are out.

Waiting for Zelda - Minish Cap, Kuru Kuru Kururin, Fire Emblem, G&W Gallery 4, Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green, and, hopefully, as it never came to Europe, Warioware Twisted!



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (Europe):

Well, that seems to be a good chance to get SMB 2 and play it for the first time in my life (even though I don't really have time for it now). It always looked interesting to me.

And now that I know that Super Dodge Ball is a kind-of successor to the great River City Ransom, I may get this one is well. I think it's worth mentioning that it wasn't released on the Wii VC in Europe before.



MussakkuLaden commented on SNES Classic Super Mario Kart Is Racing To The...:

I'm not interested in buying MK8 as a download for any price, but the discount is a really nice idea. I was always reluctant to buy for instance Super Mario Kart when I have Mario Kart Wii anyway, the latter making the first somewhat redundant apart from a short joy of retro feeling (unless of course one loves the game for any reasons, but for me it was just a matter of game historical interest). But this here is a very nice way of giving people something practically for free which otherwise they may not really need (same with Dr. Luigi and the NES Dr. Mario)



MussakkuLaden commented on Rumour: Wii and DS Wi-Fi Disconnection May Be ...:

Well, that certainly explains why Nintendo is shutting down the whole service at once, as before it didn't really make sense that online play in a game as for instance Battallion Wars II remained forever possible while comparatively recent games which are still being played by a considerable amount of players are equally affected by the shutdown.
At least the announcement seems to give the sleepy online communities a temporary boost in activity.

Btw, as GameSpy (always horrible on the PC anyway, I agree with unrandomsam) was taken over in mid-2012, this could also have been one of the reasons why Nintendo dropped the online functions in the Wii Mini, i.e. they may already have known that online play will come to an end. It's true that this saved hardware costs too, but then again it prevented people from spending money in the Wii Shop.



MussakkuLaden commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

CV64 is one of the few (apprx. 5 or so) N64 games that are still on my buy-list, as it surely seems interesting to me. Too bad that it never made it to the VC, although Konami was a great supporter when it came to SNES games. I'm still hoping that this may change on the WiiU if the N64 ever gets going, but I know chances are incredibly small. It would be nice though, because a safe state feature could make the game way more enjoyable.



MussakkuLaden commented on Feature: 10 Nintendo DS Games We Want To See O...:

I certainly welcome DS games if the price isn't too high (no more than 15 euro in the case of a really good game, otherwise I'd buy used copies of the originals). But for the time being, I'd be satisfied if Nintendo finally brought GBA games! And other platforms, of course... The Wii U VC surely brought some improvements with it, and with Earthbound at least one great new game, but all in all it's way inferior to the Wii VC at the same time.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Wave Race 64 (Virtual Console / Ninten...:

@xj0462 You are right, and Europe got Star Wars in addition. I remember that Wave Race was advertised alongside the real launch titles, though. In Europe I mean, that's why I too had the impression it was a launch title. But it was indeed released a little later, even here.

Anyway, I'd like to see a review of the original GAME BOY Wave Race! A great game also! And too bad that it hasnt yet enjoyed its re-release on the Virtual Console.



MussakkuLaden commented on Investment Site Motley Fool Executes Spectacul...:

What a nonsense, but anyway, that's good news. Although even I have doubts if Nintendo will be the big winner, with Mario being the only really huge release on the WiiU. On the other hand, I think if advertised in the right manner, this Mario game could become one of the biggest hits of the Franchise so far, bringing together the mainstream appeal of NSMB with the high-value AAA-feeling of Galaxy. It's still not particularly appealing to me me myself, but anyway. If only THIS had been the launch Mario of the WiiU instead of NSMBU! But maybe there's the chance that the WiiU can take off the second time around. It's tough with the One and PS4 around, but then the WiiU is more refined than one year ago too. Bundles for everyone and cheaper price, decent library for different tastes, matured functionality and Miiverse... That a console can have a mediocre start but become a huge success later was proven by the PS3 and 3DS. Even by the PSP, and that is a thing I like about Sony, they really have a long breath and keep supporting their products. Hopefully Nintendo will achieve the same with the WiiU. Not only for Nintendo's sake and its fans, but the market in general. There should be room for a console like the WiiU aside PS4 and One.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Wii U):

Seems that Infinity Ward can no longer be considered as the better CoD-developer than Treyarch? Anyway, CoD BOII was the first CoD I ever played (or rather the first since the series took another route, I owned Big Red One on the GCN too) and simply a hug disappointed. So I have no interest in the series anyway.



MussakkuLaden commented on Oceanhorn for iOS Seems to be 'Heavily Inspire...:

That's weird. I can't say how representative the screens here are of the game or if just the most obvious similarities have been chosen. In any case it' seems just weird that a game which obviously has a rather big budget, a very fine technical basis and some big names involved, is at the same time so unoriginal, almost a straightforward clone. The developer was obviously capable in many ways, so why not making a game that feels truly "new" or even better than the original too? Then it could have appealed to many Zelda-fans likewise.
Sevex, yes, totally right.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Tennis (Wii U eShop):

Miiverse is full of complaints about the online play, so I hope Nintendo notices this flaw and releases a patch. Especially as there's a free trial and the option to purchase a day pass, so it's certainly in Nintendo's interest if people are truly satisfied with the product and thus will rent it again or purchase eventually.

In any case, Tennis wasn't among my favorites in the original release while it's still perfectly satisfying when played with friends at home. Therefore I see no point in buying this imperfect version.
Different story as regards Bowling. This was near-perfect in its original version and still better in Sports Resort. So while the HD re-release can hardly be anything else than a great game too, so far I see no point in purchasing it again. Wiimotion Plus was wonderfully utilized in the Sports Resort version already and in a bowling game I can hardly imagine a great increase in fun when playing it online.

Golf, depends. Could be great, but I haven't even played the Sports Resort version yet. The original was "okay".
Baseball. Always like the original, hitting the ball felt absolutely great while throwing was boring and catching hardly there. However, even in Ubisofts rather bad launch title Sports Collection the catching via the gamepad's screen is such a great fun, so if Nintendo manages to offer a similar experience and other improvements, I could actually buy this.
Boxing. Great game in the original but lacking precision and calling for WMP support – on BOTH hands! Well, we'll see how smart Nintendo is.



MussakkuLaden commented on Take A Look At The Red Steel 2 We Never Got To...:

Red Steel 2 is one of my favorite games on the Wii, therefore I'm not sad that they cancelled this in favor of the game eventually released. However, I liked much of the original Red Steel too, the setting in especial, and I was always thinking that a sequel just needed some minor improvements in order to become a truly great game. I would have liked to re-visit that world too. So while preferring the actual RS2 over this cancelled version, I would have been most happy if they had released both – a thing that doesn't seem impossible to me, considering how much later than the original RS2 came to stores. An earlier sequel with less dramatic changes had certainly increased franchise awareness and the franchise may still be around. On the other hand, if a second installment in the fashion of the cancelled version had been a flop in terms of sales, like the actual RS2 was, we had perhaps never got to play the latter and thus missed a most amazing game.



MussakkuLaden commented on Shin'en Multimedia Announces FAST Racing NEO f...:

The demo of the first installment didn't convince me at all, so I never bought it. However, Nano Assault Neo was pretty great and a new F-Zero is nowhere to be seen, so if the price isn't too high I may very well buy this game this time.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 31st October (Europe):

Great discounts from Ubisoft, but I already have those games. RE Revelations is still too expensive for me, one should soon be able to get the retail version for the same price or lower.
However, nice as the discount for AC III is, I had wished they would bring a discount on the DLC instead. All 3 parts of the Washington add-on will now cost more than twice as much as the main game...



MussakkuLaden commented on Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Proves That Cap...:

Recently played the good old Dino Crisis on Dreamcast... The German translation is full of weirdness and typos too.
However, typos seem to have been typical for the Dreamcast anyway, SEGA being no better than Capcom. I think in Shenmue one got a typo even before one gets to see the title screen. Great first impression!



MussakkuLaden commented on Wii Party U Bypasses the Wii U eShop in Launch...:

Well, given the rather low price for the bundle, I assume that hardly anyone had chosen the download anyway, unless they had it released for an unusually low price. And then the target audience of this game is not the typical eShop consumer either. So I guess Nintendo won't lose a lot of buyers by taking a pass on the eShop here. However, as an eShop release does not actually cost Nintendo a considerable amount of money and as even with a, let's say, 30$ price tag the profit margin would've been most probably still higher, it seems weird after all.



MussakkuLaden commented on Readers Of EDGE Consider Ocarina Of Time And M...:

Convincing list, although I think that a few games, like The Last of Us, must still prove to leave a lasting impression.
Nice to see that Majora's Mask made it into the list, this really surprised me, rather than any of the more recent Zeldas (after all, especially WW and TP have a large fanbase too). This may be due to that this is the EDGE and not any other magazine.
I would also say that Perfect Dark belongs into the list much more than Goldeneye, but I'm not surprised the see the latter included.
In short, there seem to be a lot of N64 fans among the EDGE readers, while SEGA fans seem to be absent..., Shenmue anyone? Or maybe there actually were some votes for Shenmue, but they probably got divided between the first and the second game. Or maybe it just got forgotten over the years...



MussakkuLaden commented on Pandora's Tower Creator Ganbarion Is Co-Develo...:

@MrGawain Maybe they would have been enough to solve that girl's bodily problems... ^^ "Darling, no monster meat for you today. I brought Wii Fit for you!"

On a serious note though, it's nice to see that the collaboration between both companies continues, which may increase to chance to see something more serious again in the future.