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Sun 30th December, 2012

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MussakkuLaden commented on You Won't Need To Track Too Much Treasure To B...:

A budget price is what I was hoping for, though I didnt really expect it. I'm very interested in this game, but then I had not bought it at full price. But then again, until today I got each first-party Wii U title for a maximum of 45 euro (e.g. MK8), in most cases 40 euro (e.g. Pikmin 3), on day one. But I don't expect to get this for 30. 35 rather, so I may wait.



MussakkuLaden commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

I would favour a quality control too, simply in the most basic way. It was less of an issue in the Wii Shop, but with it now being easier to port to the console and to publish (which is a good thing as such), there is a lot of real crap coming which could disappoint some casual gamers and hurt the reputation of the console. I don't mean that Nintendo should act like a dictator and prevent anything that serious gamers would consider crap - like those My Farm games, which are not totally broken after all, and seem to have their fans, as otherwise they would not release more and more all the time. But some games, like this letter title recently, they seem to lack any production standards... Having a certain minimum quality in the Nintendo shops would also be an advantage over completely open platforms like those on Apple and Android.



MussakkuLaden commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

The number of playable characters is becoming quite crazy. It remains to be seen how different and balanced they play, but it's certainly a great fan service. Moreover, as even such fairly minor characters will be playable, I'm sure that some of the bad guys will turn up as bonus characters as well, Ganondorf first of all, perhaps even in different forms.
Now I'm wonderfing if some side characters from older 2D Zeldas may be playable too.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo of Europe Launching Wii U Virtual Con...:

Nothing interesting for me among these 7 titles. Either I already own them in one way or the other, or they are not worth half their price. But if something like SMB 3 turns up the next weeks, I may consider getting one of the NES Remixes.



MussakkuLaden commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

@Sparx What? There's a bonus scene in LA if you do a no death run? :O Uh, unfortunately it's one of the hardest Zelda games, so I cannot hope to ever manage that...
But I fully agree with you as regards the story. I'd like to include the game's really unique characters and find that the game is one of the most moving experiences I ever had. The music was great too.



MussakkuLaden commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

@SKTTR Totally agree with you. In fact, leaving aside any comparisons what is the best Zelda game and things like (as it seems you either love or hate Majora's Mask, whereas, let's say, a ALttP, OoT, or TP have somewhat similar appeals), I think that Majora's Mask is one of the truly outstanding and unique games in video game history overall. Sure, a OoT is no less great and was even more influential, but what I mean is that a number of games are based on its near-perfect formula. Majora's Mask is truly extraordinary not only with respect to its time system, but also its setting and characters, especially for its time, 2000. In a line with games such as Shenmue, it is one of those titles you cannot purposefully evaluate on terms of good, perfect, best, whatever, but it's special in its own right, doing things no worse or better than others (although I for instance think that MM has the best dungeons in the whole Zelda series, but then again it's only four) but doing it differently, creating an experience no other game ever delivered.

However, I felt very happy that SS, while of course not copying MM's time system, is the first Zelda since MM to offer a town with deep and complex NPC relationships, echoing MM at least slightly in this regard. I really hope that the Wii U Zelda will continue like that...



MussakkuLaden commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

It's always difficult to decide between Link's Awakening and Majora's Mask. Depends on the criteria I apply, but really I don't favor any more than the other. Number 3 is Ocarina of Time. While it has undoubtedly not quite the same status as MM or LA for me, it would however be unfair to call it a less great game.
Unfortunately, after MM no Zelda game of true greatness has been released. The three home console titles all had their individual strengths and shortcomings. I consider WW (no matter if HD or not) a low point in the series, though not a bad game as such, and since then it got gradually better. But SS still is far from the quality of the N64 Zeldas for me. All the handheld titles after LA were simply "very good" but not outstanding (leaving aside Spirit Tracks and A Link Between World's, which I haven't played yet). Personally I find nothing good in A Link to the Past and the NES Zelda's I cannot quite evaluate as I only played them way after release.
So for me, LA is the first truly great game in the series, and is it was followed by OoT and MM, the sum of those three games is the pinnacle of the series. Since then, each entry pursues to reach these heights again, though none really did. However, recent developments make me optimistic that it's still possible to happen in the future. WW, TP and SS were not fundamentally inferior anyway. Each had at least the potential in it to compete with the N64 classics. Unfortunately, each appeared in one way or the other unfinished.



MussakkuLaden commented on Animal Crossing 'Clone', Castaway Paradise, Co...:

There was already an Animal Crossing clone on a Nintendo console once, some witch-school-themed game for the DS, published in Europe through Konami. Forgot the title but played it once on the Games Convention way back and it left a very good impression on me. Nice graphics and design and it felt somehow tighter than AC, due to its witch theme and the idea purpose that resulted from it. Seemed to be very much addressed to teenage girls, though.



MussakkuLaden commented on First Impressions: Moulding Clay With Kirby an...:

What I like about the graphics of this and Yoshi is that they show that a much greater leap forward can be with a creative artistic approach, rather than mere technological progress. It's true that almost all AAA games these days pay much attention to their art style, yet in more than 9 out of 10 cases they arrive at a good-looking yet totally unoriginal "mainstream" look.

Edit: To be precise, Nintendo's approach to graphics (another example was by the way Skyward Sword's look) is not only a creative and interesting from an artistic perspective, but also because it entails simultaneously interesting technical twists, as one can see in the simulation of clay or yarn – substances that have not been simulated so often before.



MussakkuLaden commented on E3 2014: Did Zelda Williams Just Tease Majora'...:

Hmmm, not sure if the 3DS will really see Majora's Mask THIS year, but I'm pretty sure that it'll see it one day. Being occupied with the WiiU Zelda, I don't think the 3DS will see any totally new Zelda game anytime soon, so "simply" releasing Majora's Mask would be a quick and easy way to make some people happy. My guess: First half 2015.



MussakkuLaden commented on Talking Point: What We Expect From Nintendo at...:

Well, everything seems possible. Major surprises like in the early 2013 direct, but also mere presentations of the AAA titles scheduled for 2014. What of both (or a mixture of both) will happen is on the one hand a question of strategy, on the other dependent on what Nintendo did or did not in secret throughout the past 12 months, and what they still expect they can make of the Wii U.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 12th June (Europe):

If I didn't have it already, I'd feel extremely happy seeing Super PO arrive. However, as I do have it on the Wii already, and didn't like it nearly as much as the amazing original (but maybe I just didn't invest enough time into it), this appears as a rather shallow week to me. But no problem, the previous weeks were all too great and it'll take me month or years to catch up all these games.



MussakkuLaden commented on 130 Jobs To Go In Nintendo Of Europe Reshuffle:

@Starwolf_UK Regarding your question about the warehouses, I assume the distribution process has been somewhat restructured, decentralised for quite a while. At this time it is no longer economical to carry all hard- and software (which is produced almost entirely outside of Europe) to Großostheim, and then to re-distribute it from there again. Also the fact that Nintendo set up a new location in Frankfurt quite some while ago, rather than expanding Großostheim, indicated that the significance of the latter was dwindling for quite a while.



MussakkuLaden commented on 130 Jobs To Go In Nintendo Of Europe Reshuffle:

Wow, that marks the end of an era. Großostheim was practically synonymous with Nintendo of Europe for two decades. While the move is somewhat understandable (I don't mean the streamlining process as such, but the decision to centre it elsewhere, i.e. the decision against Großostheim as future HQ in Europe), I personally find it extremely sad to hear this. Nintendo of Europe without Großostheim will never be the same again.



MussakkuLaden commented on Wii Sports Club Baseball and Boxing Arrive on ...:

In this case I'd actually prefer the download version, as it's quick and easy to play every now and than, rather than exchanging the disc of the game I'm playing intensely with that of Wii Sports Club. But on the other hand, if the price for the retail version drops considerably below that of the download of the whole package, I may still opt for it.



MussakkuLaden commented on Month of Mario Kart: Clones And Alternatives t...:

As some other commenters, I'm missing the Crash Bandicoot racing games on this list too, especially as they appeared on the GameCube and as the pretty great Crash Tag Team Racing was pretty much the closest thing to Diddy Kong Racing ever released.
Extending the meaning of MK clones a bit: Snowboard Kids!!

With Konami being a reliable supporter of the Virtual Console (and the iOS release showing that the series isnt entirely forgotten), I hope that Konami Krazy Racers will make it on the WiiU GBA VC! Maybe already before MK Super Circuit – again. ;)



MussakkuLaden commented on Pikmin 3 Update Adds New Stylus Control Style:

That is a pretty great improvement, I suppose! I am among those preferring the wiimote pointer usage when playing on the TV screen, thus if I wanted to play on the Gamepad screen only, I had to adjust to completely new controls (unless of course I had played with wiimote pointer on the gamepad screen, which is pretty weird and misses the point). So now I suppose the touchscreen controls will be somewhat similar to playing with the wiimote.

Nice to see that Nintendo keeps improving on it's older titles.



MussakkuLaden commented on 3DS Tops Japanese Hardware Chart as Wii U Secu...:

I don't really find that surprising. While the WiiU sale numbers are certainly no reason to be happy, I very much doubted that PS4 and XOne would be a great success in the first two or so years after release (apart from a strong launch, due to the most hardcore of core gamers). I am pretty sure that if I owned a PS3 and would be a faithful Sony gamer, I had not yet purchased the PS4 either. Not only can the majority of AAA-titles still be played on the old system, they do not even look that much weaker. I don't mean this as a criticism of the PS4 hardware, it simply is the way things go. One should not forget that even the PS3 needed a good while to take off, and with the difference between generation less visible now then back then, it could hardly be expected that it would sell like crazy. In two years maybe. All 3 console have and will have a hard time attracting customers. But naturally, once the prices drop and the last gen disappears from the shelves, they will sell. Some more, some less, that's the question.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 29th May (Europe):

Great week!
I'm still not sure if I buy MK8 (I mean if I do, not as a download but retail) soon, as I don't really have time to play it this summer. The promotion and the possibility to thus get Zelda HD for free would be the only reason for me. So in the end it depends on the price at which I can find the retail version.
In case I postpone the purchase, I will surely get Minish Cap soon!! One of the titles I was really waiting for.
Oh, but first I must finish that boring Mario & Luigi...



MussakkuLaden commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

@Psyclone You do know that native resolution is something that can be measured if you have the right hard- and software, do you? And not just the difference between 1080 and 720, but exactly, with one line precision. So there is no reason to suspect that Digital Foundry, commonly a reliable source on such matters, is making anything up without prove. It's a comparatively simple matter, so they hardly need to explain how they determined to resolution.
Secondly, no, there are not "plenty" of games running in 1080p on the WiiU. Only a very few (which is not surprising, could not be expected otherwise, and certainly no problem). Plus, if MK8 ran on 1080 natively, Nintendo would surely highlight that, as they did with other 1080 native titles in the past.