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MussakkuLaden commented on Double Dose Of Sin & Punishment Arrives On Nor...:

One of the greatest games on the N64. Top 20 definitively, perhaps even Top 10. And maybe my all time favourite shoot 'em up across platforms. The sequel on the Wii is still a very good game too, but often feels a bit too loose. This may be a matter of taste, though. It's surely more modern, from an age where games tend to be that way. Too bad the online rankings don't work anymore.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

@Kirk I understand your description and all. However, even you are saying the controls "technically work as intended". It seems to me that they just don't work in the way you wished them to work. Yes, the aiming system of Splatoon is different from other shooters (and with that I don't mean the, in their own way unusual, "controls" as such, but the aiming system, i.e. how the game computes your input, as this seems to be the problem you describe). But it's certainly not random, there's a logic behind it, and you can learn this logic. It's likewise an invalid argument to say that a game cannot be played competitively just because a certain aspect isn't under your complete and exact control, because it doesn't affect the results on the long run as long as all players are affected equally.



MussakkuLaden commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

That would be a pretty big thing. The Shovel Knight game and the franchise would be elevated a lot as the result of an inclusion. And it would only seem logical if Nintendo receives something in return. Could be the beginning of a closer relationship between the two companies.



MussakkuLaden commented on Mario History: Mario Party - 1998:

Still the best Mario Party. Sadly, it may never get a VC re-release, because of the rotating-the-stick issue. Which, actually, is one of the reasons why MP1 is more fun than all the others.
However, I'm hoping that on the Wii U, MP3 finally gets the VC release it didn't get on the Wii, because I played it only briefly back in the old days.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

"and the impressive fortress / clan setup in Siege mode are impressive". Impressive.

Seems okay in the end. It was never a game I was particularly interested in, but still remains one I'll pick up for 10 bucks or so. Maybe the developers can improve some of its flaws in future updates. Like the reviewer stated: it falls short in details. So it isn't too unrealistic than those could get fixed.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Legend of Kay Anniversary (Wii U):

While the review is nicely written, it gives the feeling of ending rather abruptly, with many questions open. I had definitively liked to read a few more paragraphs. It may only be a remake and not one of the greatest games ever, but with the few true retail releases the WiiU enjoys, I think this one had deserved a more detailed coverage.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pas...:

One of the greatest disappointments I ever came to play. As I never owned a SNES and something as the VC didn't exist back then, I was so happy when this got released on the GBA and I had the chance to play it – for me it was actually the decisive reason to buy a GBA. But then, it was so much weaker than Link's Awakening. For a long time I could not even make myself finish it. A 5 or 6 out of 10 from me, although the smaller resolution (not the smaller screen, as I played it mostly on television via the GCN GameBoy Player) of the GBA version may have had a negative impact on my experience.



MussakkuLaden commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Dated, P...:

That's a smart move and it's more than the usual "demo". The problem with games like this on the WiiU so far has been that players didn't care enough about them. If Nintendo once manages to get them playing – like in the case of Splatoon – it could sell quite well.
LE sounds alright, could be cool. What I find most surprising in the video though: The game is rated 18+ from both PEGI and USK. That's new for the series! o.O



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Mario Tennis (Wii U eShop / N64):

I didn't have the chance to play this back in the old times, but only when it was released on the Wii VC some years ago. While looking forward to it a lot, it was slightly disappointing as a single player experience. I think Mario Golf was overall the more accomplished of the two titles and has more lasting appeal.
However, the core gameplay of MT seems surprisingly deep and the multiplayer certainly has potential. Unfortunately I could hardly check it out until now. Maybe this is were the game really shines (whereas Mario Golf has some inherent "problems" there).
Besides, I think Waluigi is hilarious in this game, more than in his later appearances.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. (Virtual Console / N...:

By far the most (and perhaps only) charming game in the series. After that, SSB just got way too serious and lost most of its fun. I don't care about the gameplay, character balance, and so on.
Moreover, many people I know prefer SSB 64 over Melee and the such because it doesn't demand such fighting game skill, but is much more about fairly slow-paced strategy. Almost like a good wrestling game.



MussakkuLaden commented on Video: Translation of Tomonobu Itagaki's Devi...:

The way Itagaki's sitting there in the dark between those Valhalla-flags, he looks like a terrorist truly.

But what's really made my day:

"In the world of Devil's Third, all man-made satellites in orbit are destroyed. During that event, the destruction of one nuclear satellite triggers an EMP - that is, an electromagnetic pulse - that destroys all computers and electronic weaponry in the world. What do you think would happen in such a situation? It would no longer be possible to perform long range attacks and stay out of reach of the enemy, meaning that warfare would once again be reduced to close combat between soldiers, a return to the kind of combat seen in the 1940s."

That would not have been half so funny had he not introduced this very passage with the words:

"Even if it's a game, I always think a certain amount of realism, or believability, is necessary."


Oh, and it's also fun imagining if Iwata had explained this story...



MussakkuLaden commented on Genyo Takeda The Likely Choice For Nintendo Pr...:

@Nintend0ro Well, he might serve as an interim solution for a couple of years. What Nintendo needs now is stability and a man who has, firstly, great experience, and secondly, who was very close to Iwata. As Iwata had initiated change at Nintendo already, at this moment the company should do fine with someone who knows how things work, rather than someone who'd question the current direction. Iwata was young when he got the job, and that may likely be true for whoever comes after Takeda in a couple of years. I don't know if Takeda will ever enjoy the degree of sympathy that Iwata received, but then, Yamauchi that sort of popular figure either and yet the company had some of its greatest times under him. Takeda has my vote.



MussakkuLaden commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

Cannot say anything about the quality of the gameplay. But I can't understand the comparison with "PS2-graphics". Even if we'd ignore the higher resolution. Sure, Devil's Third doesnt look like a masterpiece in terms of graphics. But I'm just playing the original Bayonetta on the Wii U, and that doesnt look like that either. Framerate is overrated anyway, in my opinion, at a time where constant 30 fps are the standard. But a game can still function with less, as long as it doesnt drop below 15.
But dont get me wrong: I'm not trying to hype this game or whatever. At the moment, I have no interest in buying it anytime soon, for anything above 15 euro or so. But the visuals seem alright.



MussakkuLaden commented on Multiple Sources Point to Nintendo of America ...:

In spite of the apparent quality issues, I appreciate if Nintendo decides to publish this game. Sure, it's a good thing of a company tries to maintain certain quality standards for its products, and even more so in the case of Nintendo: part of the company's reputation is due to the fact that you can usually be sure that a game published by Nintendo is at least "good".
However, it's just as important that a publisher is reliable in terms of its support and its plans. Not only would it have seemed weird if the other branches of Nintendo publish this game and NoA not, but what is more: if Nintendo has decided to back a game, to publish it, to announce and to present it publicly, then they should stick to their decision. A mere mediocre quality is no excuse to disappoint players as well as the developer (an unplayable mess of bugs would be a different story, of course).



MussakkuLaden commented on Editorial: Satoru Iwata Embodied The Playful B...:

I dare to say that aside from having been one of the great personages in the video game industry, Iwata seemed to me, "simply", an extremely likeable individual. Sure, this is just a guess from someone who didn't know him personally. But I think it's just as sad and worth remembering that Iwata was "not only" a great visionary and leader has passed away, but also an apparently very pleasant man and private individual. Iwata was like the role model of the positive image of a Japanese businessman, as well of the image of "a man" dedicated to his passion.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

In spite of his certain popularity as the result of the Nintendo Directs, he still seems underestimated to me. He was one of the truly great personalities in the video game industry. While Nintendo will remain Nintendo, his death is a great loss of a visionary individual.



MussakkuLaden commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

One more questionable release-decision of NoA. In recent years, NoE is really doing better. Way better.
In Europe it can already been pre-ordered, and has received an age rating. With the release being only 6 weeks away, I hope NoE won't change their minds either.



MussakkuLaden commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

It's a pity that Project H.A.M.M.E.R. got cancelled. But it's even more of a pity what become of NST. If the studio still was what it had been during the GCN era, the chances to get a new – and amazing – Wave Race, 1080°, or perhaps even F-Zero (as the requirements for the latter are not significantly different from those for a Wave Race or so, and what is more, NST also developed Ridge Racer 64 as an example for a more pure racing game) would be a lot higher.
I guess studios come and go, though I don't know how much Nintendo is to blame or even to praise for that. During each era, there were new studios they worked together with, while previous ones disappeared from the limelight. It may be easiest to evaluate the process when looking at those from a while ago, e.g. from the late N64 and early GCN-era: NST (although, of course, this is a sort of special case, as it belongs to Nintendo more or less directly), Leftfield, Silicon Knights, and, if you like, Rareware. They all were of importance at a certain time, until in the one way or the other they stopped working with Nintendo in the same way as before. In each of these cases, those studios went downhill rapidly. So the question is: Did Nintendo "do this" to these studios (something certain people claim as regards the Retro Studios in recent years) and they are the victims of a sort of exploitation, or were it the studios who made the mistakes, practically forcing Nintendo to pull the plug and look elsewhere. The truth may be that each case is different (e.g. internal problems inside Silicon Knights, the deliberate wish to be independent again in the case of Leftfield, perhaps Nintendo being to blame for the downfall of NST, and a complex process as regards Rareware).
Nd Cube...
Next Level Games...
Monster Games...
..., what will (or has) become of them? One may even mention Factor 5, considering the role the played even in the development of the GCN hardware.



MussakkuLaden commented on Shovel Knight is Coming to Retail:

Oh, actually, I may buy it tehn. I'm reluctant to spend anything more than 10 euro for an eShop game, even if it's really good (and Shovel Knight isn't such a total must have to me). But if I can pick up the physical copy for less than 20 euro, that's fine.



MussakkuLaden commented on ​Miiverse is Getting a Massive Redesign this...:

Okay, some of the changes ain't fine. Like the limits of posts. No problem for myself, but surely a problem for some hardcore users. They may even consider if they reply to a question or so if that could mean that later that day they may no longer be able to participate in some discussion. So I hope Nintendo will change that again later.

However, the massive redesign as such was necessary, I think. While Miiverse worked very well in its early days, its structure has become quite uncomfortable as the number of communities increased. I'm not sure how much this will change with the new update, but its certainly a good thing that Nintendo keeps working on the service, which has an amazing potential, but will need constant improvements to remain a valuable feature in the years to come.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: WarioWare Twisted! (GBA):

"Here's hoping it'll find its way to the Wii U Virtual Console eventually", especially as it was never released in Europe for obscure reasons. And the cartridge isn't cheap...



MussakkuLaden commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms That Recent Super Sm...:

I still miss the Ice Climbers. For me they just belong to Smash Bros. But of course there's the technical issue regarding the 3DS version...

I still think the character most worthy to be included, and having great potential is simply Bomberman. He seems to be a bit forgotten in recent years, even here he's rarely mentioned. But he remains one of THE great mascots of a company, and his move set could be very creative. I mean, just imagine a character to drop several bombs across different places of a stage, with different explosion radii... ^^



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and So...:

Using Miiverse regularly over the past years, but never got banned. Two times I got a scold from the admins. The first time was for a spoiler, which I found a bit too harsh: Yes, I wrote the solution to a problem, but mine was a reply to someone else's post which asked for the solution. So only people who actually clicked on the post to read the replies had been able to read my "spoiler", and those should be people who either have the same problem, or a solution for it. So it seems illogical to me to that I should have marked this as a spoiler (whereas in my opinion a lot more other posts should be marked as spoilers, showing screenshots of the credits or stuff like that – but I usually don't report them, if it isn't too serious, as I don't want to cause the authors too much trouble). The second time was for posting a screenshot from Deus Ex, showing a "glowing toilet" and commented by me with the words "Holy sh*t! o.O". With the asterisk, like here. If the warning was for the comment, I can somehow understand it.
So all in all, the warnings I received seemed a bit picky, but then again if you have to moderate millions of comments in a free service, you have to do things quickly and without too much investigation. For me, that's all fine. And I also find it annoying when people complain about censorship when their "sexy" pixel art gets deleted. I don't have a problem with any of those pictures, and I understand that they put a lot of work into them. But then: they act as if Miiverse was the only platform in the world where they could release their art, that Nintendo would be the enemy of the freedom of art, and blabla... Miiverse has certain rules. If you like them or not is one story. But as Miiverse is only one platform among dozens where they could share your art, then why posting stuff that's at the borderline of what's allowed there and not. I mean, some people seem to expect absolute freedom of Miiverse - something Nintendo, for a reason, cannot grant. Most stuff can be posted on Miiverse without problems. For the rest, why Miiverse? Go somewhere else. It's not like we're living in a totalitarian society, where Miiverse would be the only way to communicate (or the only way to communicate about games). In fact, it doesn't even have a quasi-monoply like Twitter or Facebook. Nintendo has every right to set the rules there, and as far as I go to know Miiverse, they ain't too strict, considering that Miiverse was never meant to be an universal means of communication, but one with clear restrictions.



MussakkuLaden commented on Weirdness: Someone Captured E3 2015 Using A Ga...:

@LeonChamp Worth in terms of cash? Nothing to speak of. The GB Camera sold quite well back then and though it has a sort of cult status now, there should be enough of them out there. The printer may be more rare (and still rarer: thermo paper that's still working) but the demand for it should be rather low these days.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Says That Star Fox Zero's Gyro Contro...:

Good. If they can't be turned off, this means that the gameplay can rely entirely on their availability, as for instance in Zelda SS. If gyro controls can simply be replaced by stick controls (or whatever) they don't deserve existing in the first place.