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MussakkuLaden commented on Rumour: TT Games Currently Working On Minecraf...:

I don't even think that it'd do justice to this game to compare it that much with Minecraft. If it's finally, actually a true LEGO-based world builder (or rather the first since a very long time), this would play quite differently.



MussakkuLaden commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

I wasn't particularly enchanted by the Resident Evil HD Remaster but had rather played the original again – for me THE best game on the GameCube – so I don't care so much about Zero either, owning the original. But naturally these platform choices are questionable.

@Shiryu I guess one of the reasons why Tatsunoko vs. Capcom remained an exclusive is because Capcom lost the Tatsunoko license that quickly.



MussakkuLaden commented on Unseen64 Uncovers Concept Art Of Rare's Perfec...:

Alright, if that was meant to be the GCN Perfect Dark, I had been disappointed anyway. If there was one game where I had expected realistic graphics, then from Perfect Dark. Yea, yea, gameplay is more important and that. But in the case of PD graphics certainly DID matter and where both technically and artistically near perfect. A sequel like this just had lost a lot of that what made PD be PD.



MussakkuLaden commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

@EverythingAmiibo For accuracy perhaps, though at least for me (who isn't a pro by any standards), the Wiimote-IR-pointer method isn't inferior so much. However, to me a it just feels "wrong" to aim with a mouse, which is most likely the reason why I never got into PC shooters, while enjoying console shooters. A mouse is accurate, surely, but it's just this accuracy that makes it feel so wrong to me.
Besides, I don't like it when both sticks are symmetrical. While a stick is slightly superior to buttons even when it comes to moving, I find that the layout of the GameCube controller is best for shooters (as far as traditional stick control goes).



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (Europe):

If I'm not mistaken, Kirby Yarn is the first Wii game that gets released without having been announced a long time beforehand (apart from the first bunch of games, of course). So perhaps we can expect more surprises like that from now on.
S&S II is damn expensive.
The Wii U sales are great: Thomas was Alone, Lone Survivor. Time to get them!



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Paper Mario (Wii U eShop / Nintendo 64):

@JeffreyG You shouldn't compare it with the Mario & Luigi series. I don't like the latter at all, whereas Paper Mario is one of my all time favorites. I'd say that both series don't have more in common than being RPGs of some sort, and combining round-based combat with real-time actions (apart from that, even the combat systems are fairly different). Paper Mario has a totally different feel, a different visual style, and even a totally different kind of humour. Overall, Paper Maria is just much more "RPG", whereas Mario and Luigi hast that puzzle solving side to it. So I think you should give it a try. ;)

Btw. I hope that Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars will still come to the Wii U VC too. Sure, one could download it on the Wii VC. But as I still haven't got it there, it'd be more convenient if it arrived on the Wii U VC as well.



MussakkuLaden commented on Reminder: The First Splatoon Global Testfire D...:

I don't think that the rollers will be a problem. If Nintendo is good at something, then at testing a game until it's really balanced.
Initially I often got killed by the rollers too, but rather because I wasn't expecting them, because I'm not just used to aiming, and so on. If you encounter one, you simply have to react appropriately – that is, keep a distance. Then it's them who got no chance.
However, what I miss is weapon change in game. Not any time, of course, but at least when re-spawning.



MussakkuLaden commented on Famitsu Unleashes Xenoblade Chronicles X Score:

Given the hype and Famitsu's generally generous scoring policy, the score really doesn't seem that high. However, the first Xenoblade got "only" 36/40 (9/9/9/9) too (source: wikipedia). So 34/40 shouldn't mean anything bad.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (Europe):

Great week! I'll be busy with the MK DLC and other things, so nothing for me at the moment, though the Kirby sales are interesting. And I may get MK SC sooner or later, as I played it only briefly back then (however, I'd be happier to see Konami Krazy Racers arriving on the VC which is perhaps not impossible).
Street Gangs is one of the greatest games on the NES and Shenmue-ans – yes, Shenmue-fans – should definitively check it out if they still haven't done so.



MussakkuLaden commented on Official GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U...:

I didn't know that there were still shortages in the US, as in Europe it was easily available recently (even below 25 euro in some local shops). But as a look at Amazon shows me: After some weeks of unproblematic availability and prices below the suggested retail price (and below the Mayflash adapter moreover), the prices in Europe seem to be on an increase again as well. Perhaps there hasn't been a shipment of new units in a while.



MussakkuLaden commented on ​New FAST Racing Neo Footage is Set to be Re...:

Shin'en is certainly a likeable developer, and a very capable one too. However, aside from technical aspects and an overall feel of polish, none (of the rather numerous) Shin'en games I've played throughout the past generations truly satisfied me. There was something lacking, and this wasn't just originality (and even the great graphics had the problem of being bland from an artistic perspective). Sometimes the gameplay lacked depth (Nano Assault Neo). So I'm not really that excited about FAST Racing Neo. Admittedly, I never fully played the original, but that was because I found the demo to be a bore. It lacked what F-Zero or WipEout have: personality. Still, I will give the new game a chance, and I guess we can expect another demo anyway. 60fps are nice, I wonder if Shin'en may hit 1080p (but I assume they ain't trying). What's more important: Will there be a creative and/or useful usage of the Gamepad's second screen? If not, no buy.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo of Japan Confirms the Tracks in the U...:

▪ Baby park (GCN) Okay.
▪ Ribbon Road (GBA) Looks great!
▪ Neo Bowser City (3DS) Meh.
▪ Cheese Land (GBA) Have desert courses ever been any good?
▪ Nature Road - Looks pretty good.
▪ Big Blue - Mute City, Big Blue..., while all the boring locations?
▪ Lingling Metro - Has potential.
▪ Animal Crossing - Great, certainly better than the Zelda-nonsense.

Unfortunately the greatest track from the Wii version is still missing: Maple Treeway. Though Nature Road seems to have a few things in common...



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Donkey Kong 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

I still think this game is underrated with a mere 7/10. Certainly, it has its share of flaws, yet besides being wholly enjoyable overall (something reflected in the score), it offers plenty of moments of true greatness. Also, all that criticism of backtracking and collecting: yes, it's true, but then again, one can enjoy the game without doing most of this. If you collect only half of the bananas, like I did back in the days, you still experiences an adventure that is bigger and better than almost any platformer up to this day. At least an 8/10 by any standards.



MussakkuLaden commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

While the fact that in Europe this is the 60Hz US-version, for me personally may even be a reason to re-visit this game after having owned and played the PAL original only, I am wondering: Does this mean, this version includes only English language, not the other languages of the PAL original? 60 or not, this would be a rather unwelcome loss for some.



MussakkuLaden commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

I am still confused: If I buy the "white" version, I can still choose the "black" path, but once I have done it, the "white" one it will be locked? Or can I only choose the white path anyway, meaning that I do not truly have an in-game choice?
It's too early to say if anything is overpriced, or if we truly get two complete, distinct games. But no matter what, the whole thing seems rather confusing at his moment.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st April, With ...:

We remember, this week there wasn't a single WiiU eShop release listed in Europe, not even a VC game. I'm sure the Nintendo Direct will bring some announcement and at least one game will be made available a few minutes later. In most of Europe it's practically already Thursday at that time of the Direct anyway.



MussakkuLaden commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I had never expected anything else (of which the recent release of MM3D was one reason). In fact, I was afraid that Nintendo may truly release this already in 2015 because of the problems the WiiU has. Now I'm relieved that they still prefer to make a truly great game, instead of just making a Zelda game. While the most recent footage looked impressive, it also looked extremely early and, given Aonuma's ambitions, not like something to be completed in a little more than one year. Furthermore, as ALL of the home console Zeldas past Majora's Mask gave the impression of being unfinished (not in the sense of being unpolished, but of being incomplete*), I hope that this won't be the case this time. And irrespective of the delay, by year's end we should have Xenoblade. With Zelda next to it, it had perhaps not received the deserved attention.

*I think I don't need to say anything about Wind Waker, which was by for the worst in this regard, and which was indeed released during a period when it was Nintendo's open policy to get out games fast. But also Twilight Princess had this problem: it's huge, but the last 2 dungeons all of a sudden being extremely generic and short (which is surprising due to the one year delay to hit the Wii release: obviously the work during that time really went almost only into the controls and, as Miyamoto said, a reworking of the earliest passages). Skyword Sword seemed quite complete and long, but at the costs of recycling a lot. Hence the recent Zelda games were always full of love in the earlier parts, full of attention to detail there, but some last 20% or so felt rushed and uninspired



MussakkuLaden commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

My words.
If the hype is big enough, Nintendo may actually want to consider this for the future. I don't expect anything official from Nintendo soon, but who knows what may be in 5 years or so. Nintendo needs to rely on its existing franchises, but it also needs to be original and infuse something new. Making Link female for an individual outing would certainly arouse interest, even in the non-gaming press. Naturally there would be haters, the obligator internet trolls with their obligatory blabla, their reactionary hate on gender, their cries for keeping the series true to the roots, though they miss no opportunity to criticise any outing of the series anyway. But apart from the fact that a female Link would arouse interest and lead to discussion of a series which, in spite of its enduring quality, isn't exactly "in the news" beyond the Nintendo community, I think that fans, both male and female (one should remember that the Zelda series in particular has a lot of female fans), would actually like the idea and would find something attractive and exciting in a female Link.
But like I also already said: If they choose a female Link for any game in the future, her gender should please not become the topic of the game. Link should simply be female, and that's it, as that's just the point: His gender doesn't really matter. And just BECAUSE it doesn't matter, he should finally for once be female.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 26th March (Europe):

Those who don't already have it: Get the South Park pinball tables from the sale! Imo they are among the best tables Zen Pinball 2 has to offer, both in terms of gameplay and looks, and hence a must for every pinball fan. A must for South Park fans anyway. AND they are both very beginner-friendly, and thus recommended as a good place to start if you haven't been into pinball until now.



MussakkuLaden commented on Video: Nintendo Opts For Creepy and Mysterious...:

It's always the unique setting and atmosphere of this game which is usually emphasised. While this is certainly one of the reasons why I consider this game the best in the series, I'd like to add that in my opinion it's the pinnacle of the series in terms of gameplay, with regard to both its puzzles and the action.



MussakkuLaden commented on Three New LEGO Games Heading for Nintendo Hard...:

I am hoping we'll see Lego City Undercover 2 on the Wii U. As the sales were fairly satisfying, it would be weird if they would not bring a sequel which would require much less financial investments then the original and due to the higher install base of the Wii U now it could sell even better.

Out of the 3 games mentioned here, the Jurassic Park game certainly sounds interesting and could bring a truly fresh setting to LEGO. Also 4 movies should be enough to find some interesting scenes to turn into gameplay. If the game is better than the (admittedly rather decent) average among LEGO games, I may get that...



MussakkuLaden commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

Luckily, I got a used PAL copy in almost perfect condition, cardboard sleeve included, at GameStop in Germany for only 30 euro only last year. Little later I saw a NEW copy being sold at a reduced price for 40 euro at some second-rate electronics market; later I regretted that I didn't buy it in order to resell it (as I had no idea the game was so valuable, because, as I said, I got it for 30 at GameStop only a few weeks before). However, now I may be lucky, because if I still hadn't resold it, the price had dropped by now.



MussakkuLaden commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

I don't see a problem until now. As long as only certain specific games are based on micro transactions, while all traditional "not free-to-play" games don't use them, that's okay. And even more so if the free-to-play games can still be played almost without disadvantages even without paying money - like in the case of that Pokemon game. It's obvious that Nintendo needs to make money with it in some way, while on the other hand it's obvious to me that I would not pay money for this game, no matter what the paying model. Hence, it being a free-to-play game almost without absolute restrictions at least gives me the chance to play it in contrast to not playing it. All fine so far.



MussakkuLaden commented on Poll: Which Current Generation Nintendo Soundt...:

I'd choose Xenoblade Chronicles. But actually I think that none of Nintendo's soundtracks in recent years was of true greatness. Just as video game music in general is losing its specific appeal. The last truly memorable soundtrack from Nintendo? Super Mario Galaxy perhaps. It succeeded rather well in combining what is merely "great music" with something that unfolds its quality through the combination with gameplay.
Nintendo had some great soundtracks during the GCN era though (Metroid Prime 1, Eternal Darkness). And N64 anyway.



MussakkuLaden commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd January (North America):

Punch-Out!! is a highly recommendable retro experience. While on the one hand side it may look like a lost opportunity with respect to the capabilities of the Wii – that is to say, it does offer the option to use motion controls, but those are nothing but a 1:1 replacement for the retro-style button controls, and are naturally slower – on the other hand side, it simply does everything right within the limits of that what it does. The gameplay is just like on the NES, but better, and certainly better than that of the SNES sequel. Graphics are simplistic but extremely charming. The only throwback is that beyond the campaign itself it doesn't offer anything. Hence after 10 or so hours, there is simply nothing left to do anymore (apart from, perhaps, playing the whole game again using motion controls, which makes it harder). While that was a bit of a problem originally, for 10 dollars it shouldn't be a big issue.
If you enjoyed Punch-Out!! on the NES, the Wii-version is an absolute most-buy. It stays 100% true to the original, while being ultimately better and up to modern standards. However, it'd disappoint if you would expect something like a modern boxing game on the one hand side, or an improved Wii Boxing on the other (as the motion controls in Punch-Out!! are in that sense inferior).



MussakkuLaden commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

Okay, while the program was important in the past (while in Europe, it's climax was more during the GameCube era, with great offers such as the Zelda Collector's Edition, and not during the Wii era, as in Europe it didn't offer free games and the exchange rates for Wii points were not that great), it has become a bit uncomfortable recently, and somewhat strange in its existence alongside the Nintendo Premium program. With consoles now online, there are easier ways to register games. I suppose that the new program will be a sort of combination of Club Nintendo and Nintendo Premium, and, hopefully, the rewards will not get smaller.
Anyway, it seems I need to redeem a lot of codes this year. May exchange them for Nintendo Points, as I dont think there will be great physical gifts still coming...



MussakkuLaden commented on ​The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Downl...:

@Moon No, you don't remember correctly. ;-) In truth Majora's Mask had a SLIGHTY larger file size than Ocarina of Time. But only around 2 or 3 MB. Both games were released on a 256 Mbit module and filled it almost entirely.

Concerning the actual news. Really not surprising. Even a game like SM3DW on the WiiU is not that much bigger, while it the same time it was to be expected that MM3D would be considerably larger than the original.



MussakkuLaden commented on A Keen Retro Gamer Has Produced a Handy Virtua...:

I will try to explain it very clearly, as the question came up several times:

1. If you access the Wii Mode, NONE of the new WiiU controllers will work. Nowhere. Not the Gamepad (apart from showing an image on its screen), and not the WiiU Pro Controller. Even if the respective Wii game (no matter if retail, or Virtual Console) supports the Wii Classic Controller (Pro), control via WiiU Gamepad or WiiU Pro Controller will not be possible. Control via GCN-Controller and Adapter is not possible either, as this option is ultimately plugged in via the USB port and works differently from the genuine GCN-ports of the Wii.

2. Now, the case is slightly different with regard to the new Wii re-releases on the WiiU eShop.
a) If the respective game supported ONLY the Wiimote or ONLY Wiimote and Nunchuck originally, then the WiiU-eShop re-release will only support Wiimote (and Nunchuck) too. As with the Wii Mode explained above, the screen of the Gamepad is being supported as well, but control via Gamepad or WiiU Pro Controller will not be possible (all like above).
b) However, according to what Iwata said in the most recent direct (and what can be read on Nintendo's official websites): IF the original Wii title was playable with a Classic Controller (Pro), as for instance the upcoming Sin & Punishment 2, the WiiU-eShop-Re-Release-Version will also be playable with the Gamepad. At the moment it's not 100% sure if this will apply to all Wii-Re-Releases which supported the Wii Classic Controller originally, or if there might be exceptions. Also, it's unclear if the WiiU Pro Controller will be supported.

Remember: Playing a Wii title with the Gamepad* will ONLY be possible if two conditions are simultaneously met:
1. The title is downloaded in the form of a re-release in the WiiU eShop.
2. The title supported the Wii Classic Controller originally. Be aware that many titles did not support it, even though their control scheme make one believe so (as in the case of many first-party 2D-platformers).

a) Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Metroid Prime Trilogy from the WiiU-eShop: CANNOT be played with the Gamepad, as condition 2 is not met.
b) Physical copy of Sin & Punishment 2 or Pandora's Tower: CANNOT be played with the Gamepad, as condition 1 is not met.
c) Sin & Punishment 2 or Pandora's Tower from the WiiU-eShop: CAN be played with the Gamepad. However, as those who have played those titles on the Wii will surely confirm, playing them with Wiimote and Nunchuck is highly recommended, as those games require rapid aiming with the IR-pointer.

*Like explained above, until now only the support of the Gamepad is officially confirmed. As the WiiU Pro Controller has all the same buttons as the Gamepad, it doesn't seem unlikely that it may be supported too, but until now, there has been no mention of it, neither in the Nintendo Direct, nor on Nintendo's official websites.