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Fri 24th December, 2010

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rushiosan commented on The Team Behind Earthworm Jim Would Like to Ma...:

No, no more spiritual, half-baked sequels. This will probably turn out as another kickstarter cancer and we have enough of those for now. God, the industry must stop wasting billions in a game development and deliver simple but profitable works. Nobody is asking for a $10m project with top-notch 3D HD graphics, I believe every Earthworm Jim fan would be very happy with an EJ3 in classic standards. The 3D game for N64 was a disaster anyway.



rushiosan commented on Miiverse Gets a Major Web Redesign, and Introd...:

I block all kinds of ADs, no matter if they're "good" or "bad". I never purchased anything based on an AD they threw on my face and probably never will, there's too much invasive software and websites disguised as ADs that it doesn't worth the risk.



rushiosan commented on Miyamoto and Tezuka Discuss the Difficulties o...:

@Caryslan Well, DKCR games introduced an easy difficulty setting (the 3-heart mode introduced on 3DS port), the ability to purchase lots of lives, a parrot to find collectibles, a balloon to save you from pits and an extra heart. Not to mention the super guide which is activated when you die too much so the game says "here's a hand, want me to teach you how to beat the stage?", plus all the tutorials displayed by that pink pig. I'm not a big fan of any of those and I think they made the game much easier than the originals simply because you can infinitely (and easily) collect lives, get extra health and have a second chance when falling. The best you could achieve in DKC 1, 2 and 3 was the 50 lives trick. Oh, and don't forget in DKCR and TF you autosave whenever a stage is cleared, but in originals (1 and 2) you had to unlock the save points and the granny charged 2 coins per each save. Much like New SMB DS.

You said you rarely seen a Game Over screen on Rare DKCs, I saw them a couple times back in the day too... but hey, what about never-ever reaching Game Over in the Returns series? That's my case right here. I guess I never dropped below 20 lives mark because the game offers you about 3x more possibilities to earn lives. My Returns save on 3DS was beaten with about 70 (even if I died over 200 times in those special and secret world stages).

Also, I think the 2nd worst MK in a matter of balancing is MK Wii, which was surpassed by MK8 only because... the return of coins. If you're in 1-3rd places you basically only get coins. A banana maybe. Green and Red shells come at a very low rate. Since coins don't provide you any extra defense against hazards, and you can't hold more than one item at once (even if you hold down behind your kart), this makes you completely vulnerable to the blue shell and lightning storms from last racers. The little window you had between "luck" and "ability" is gone, you will likely end up relying on luck to either: a) get a protective item and save it for the right moment among tons of coins or b) don't get hit by a lethal item at all, or of hit, is lucky enough to get an useful item to recover. Consider restarting the cups multiple times to get a golden 3-star trophy if in single player mode which is, being very honest, one of the most frustrating experiences I ever had in a game.



rushiosan commented on Miyamoto and Tezuka Discuss the Difficulties o...:

Simply don't. Some games aren't suitable for everyone and they're perfectly fine this way. Monster Hunter is the best example. Take the steep learning curve off and replace it with massive tutorials and hand-holding and you have anytjing but a MH true experience.

They ruined so many franchises and their core experiences with this "for everyone" concept: Mario & Luigi with Dream Team, Metroid with Other M, Zelda with Skyward Sword, Donkey Kong with Returns and Tropical Freeze, Mario with various entries since they put the super guide function and many tutorial levels, Star Fox with SF64 3D... I mean, they're far from being bad games, most of them are 9/10 and 10/10 games overall, but the hand holding always leave a bad taste in your mouth, they force you to watch all the intro movies, stages and display several how-to-basics on screen that the whole joy of discovering new things and secret moves is gone. Gaming is becoming less and less intuitive, and I'm not fine with that. Why is it so hard to read the manual (included digitally with all recent digital and retail copies!) and learn something if you completely suck at the game? God, not even a "I know how to play, let me skip tutorials" option is available in most Nintendo titles.

On the difficulty side, I say the same: make the game easier for newcomers if they want it that way, but save us an option to play in a challenging difficulty from the beginning of we want to. Kirby Return to Dreamland is the pinnacle of boredom despite having cute graphics, you only get the taste of a true platformer when hard mode is unlocked... after f* beating the game!!! Why? Why can't we start a Master Quest or Hard Modes from the first time we launch some games? Why do they always hide such options as much as they refuse to give us tools to customize controls, camera, analog stick sensitivity and such?

Worst example of Nintendo "balancing" things for all ranges of players? Mario Kart 8. They made the game so luck-based and chaotic that, in fact, a person who never played it before may end up in 1st place. But is it fair to those who spent dozens of hours learning the basics and the advanced techniques? Hell no.



rushiosan commented on Star Fox Zero Delayed To Achieve a "Platinum F...:

"Nintendo delays one of its first party titles"
"- I bet they're doing it for improving the game even more"

"Some random company delays its third party title"
"- Fans losing interest at this point"

I love your journalism, Nintendolife.



rushiosan commented on Preview: Fabulous Fashion and Questionable Gam...:

No satisfying single player = no buy for me.

I have no friends interested in this, and even if I had, multiplayer (both online and local) and social interaction are two things I rarely appreciate in a game. I mean RARELY.



rushiosan commented on Natsume’s Pocky & Rocky With Becky Arrives O...:

I wonder when these VC games will come to 3DS. Wii U is defunct by now, and they're ignoring the fact there is a technically more powerful 3DS available so hardware could not be the excuse anymore.

SNES is kinda acceptable, but GBA on Wii U is a joke.



rushiosan commented on Review: Star Sky (Wii U eShop):

NintendoLife reviews:

"Yay a Nintendo 1st party game, let's give it a 9/10 or 10/10 ignoring all flaws and dated ideas, it's Nintendo man!"

"Wow this 3rd party title sucks, they tried but it's impossible to ignore its flaws and all dated ideas. Don't buy it. 4/10."



rushiosan commented on Weirdness: Japanese Company Wants To Bring NES...:

Thanks, but I have ROMs, and a countless amount of them won't even make it to cartridge form.

By the way, this is one of the worst ideas I've heard of, the headphone jacket connection would force you to use the device vertically.



rushiosan commented on 3DS System Update 10.1.0-27 Available Now, Hac...:

Hacking right now is about region inlock, so stop complaining about hacking. If region lock was released we could do it officially. If a home user can do it, why is it so hard for Nintendo to let us play cartridges from other regions? That's stupid.



rushiosan commented on Toon Link Will Reportedly Be Playable in Hyrul...:

Why so much noise about this character? It's basically Young Link with a cartoonish skin applied. It's the same deal as people asking for Young Link in SSB when we already have Toon Link. The point?

I wonder if we will ever get Yarn Kirby, Yarn Yoshi, Clay Kirby, Paper Mario, Mario from Mario & Luigi series, Luigi from Luigi's Mansion, Luigi from Mario is Missing among other unique, super useful, never-seen-before characters.



rushiosan commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

Ironically, Crash Team Racing (the first one on PSX) "cloned" many aspects from MK64 and turned out to be a vastly superior game under every aspect. I wish Nintendo could have learned something from this and improved the franchise, but it just got worse and worse gameplay-wise. MK8 is a big, frustrating mess, even if beautifully presented.



rushiosan commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

@Jimtaro What if, in the first place, there was no "premium" DLC? I miss the time when expansion packs were a fair way to keep playing a game you love, because they were brand new games or improved the original by a large margin. Paying $10-15 for an amount of content which could have been included as unlockables (characters, stages etc) is ridiculous.



rushiosan commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

Try to get an out of print amiibo and you'll see how necessary this piece is. Nintendo made big mistakes about distribution and exclusivity for some US stores. That isn't right, it is disrespectful. I hope this thing succeed and make a solution for using the extremely rare figures such as Shulk.



rushiosan commented on The Piracy of amiibo Now Seems Possible With t...:

That's fair. Try to grab a Shulk figure right now and you'll understand how low stock problems lead us to this point.

I totally support this until Nintendo decides to do something about the availability of these Premium DLC... I mean, collectibles.



rushiosan commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:

@VR32F1END You're right. Out of dozens of homebrews I've tried on DS and only Colors worth it. I won't count emulators because they're not original pieces of software anyway. But yeah, bring homebrews and emulators to 3DS, we need a way to play GBA and SNES since Nintendo is ignoring the demand.



rushiosan commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

Innovation? PSP did that earlier with PS3. And if having a second screen on your controller was supposed to be innovation, Dreamcast did so with VMU back in 1998, which was used to display general game information on a LCD monochromatic screen such as life bars, maps, tips etc, at the same time you had to look at the TV screen.

Even the DS had the dual-screen concept (with also one being touchscreen) almost a decade earlier... and DSi also introduced cameras. In my opinion, this concept worked so much better on DS.

I can't seriously understand what's so innovative about it.