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FragRed commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

This year I purchased through retail as I do with all my games, Captain Toad (as it was a January release here in the UK), Yoshi's Woolly World, Super Mario Maker, the Perfect Dark limited edition and of course Splatoon. And I am still going to get Xenoblade Chronicles X too so for me it wasn't all that bad of a year.

However I do feel that with NX Dev Kits now out in the wild, it means Nintendo have almost certainly been shifting resources into launch titles for the NX. I think that is largely due to the poor E3 direct we had. It was just about supporting the Wii U and 3DS in some capacity until they announce the NX.



FragRed commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

I had this odd feeling it was going to be Pachter before even clicking on the article. I didn't expect him to be quite so positive. Maybe his coffee was drugged this morning and he's unusually joyfully happy?



FragRed commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 12t...:

I am surprised they didn't mention Project Giant Robot or Project Guard considering they are both supposed to be coming out this year. I take it they've both been delayed? I really want to know what these games are going to be outside of last year's E3 tech demo.



FragRed commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo Direct -...:

I don't think there will be ANY Zelda news today. Minecraft was obviously the unannounced game coming to the Wii U. And I am still not sold that Twilight Princess HD is even a thing but we shall see.

I don't expect anything to do with Zelda U until some point next year.



FragRed commented on Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI:

I guess this means Twilight Princess HD won't be coming to the Wii U this year.

Also I feel this is too late into the systems life to have any real meaning. Should have waited for the NX to be revealed and launch it for that.



FragRed commented on The Next Nintendo Direct is on 12th November:

I see a lot of excited people on here and I myself was too when I saw the post. However my concern is that this won't be extra long and will probably announce Project Giant Robot or what ever the game is as the unannounced title. That's a game that's supposed to be coming out this year by Platinum Games. But maybe there's something else instead as it was announced last year in a tech demo kinda way.

Maybe they'll announce Twilight Princess HD on a real tight turnaround release date, seems unlikely. Personally I think it'll be an early 2016 release.



FragRed commented on Valhalla Game Studios is Being Sued Over a Tra...:

To be fair, part of your job when setting up a company is to do a good check to make sure there's no one else with a similar name or logo to the one you're planning to use. It's really pretty straight forward.



FragRed commented on Beenox Won't Be Working on Spider-Man Games An...:

@RaymanFan2 Actually it is pretty widely believed the reason for a lack luster looking and content filled last generation version of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (remember it has no campaign and some maps like nuketown are missing), is to mainly to try and persuade people to purchase next generation consoles and copies of the games.

There is no reason the Xbox 360 or PS3 need to look so bad. Some of the changes in graphics just look real odd judging from one comparison video. And this is from someone who doesn't even like Call of Duty games.



FragRed commented on Beenox Won't Be Working on Spider-Man Games An...:

I thought the reason they stopped was because Activision lost the license to produce Spiderman games.

I know Activision has a lot tied up in Call of Duty because it's their cash cow but sooner or later they're gonna need to start looking at producing more franchises in house as this won't last forever. And neither will Destiny or Guitar Hero for that matter.



FragRed commented on Video: A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough ...:

To make a Wave Race for Wii U or NX and have it as a retail release would need something with a huge amount of depth in terms of story, missions and races etc. And as a franchise I am not too sure how well it would hold up in today's world.

So I wouldn't be surprised if we never saw another game in the series.



FragRed commented on Pokémon Developer Game Freak Acquires Smartph...:

The ownership of Game Freaks and Pokemon Company seems to be somewhat confusing. The official copyright on the Pokemon website certainly suggests it's owned by Nintendo but I can't find details to back up Nintendo having a share in Game Freaks.



FragRed commented on Climate "Not Healthy" For Dedicated Handheld G...:

Well of course the market is unhealthy Sony. You failed to understand how to support your own handheld or for that matter, market it. Does anyone remember the random adverts here in the UK? There was no gameplay footage or mention of what they were promoting until the very last moment.

As for the games, aside from the initial launch selection, Sony pretty much stopped supporting it. The sequel to Golden Abyss was also cancelled.

Yes the 3DS is selling worse than the DS but Nintendo still knows how to support it with games.



FragRed commented on Pokémon Go is an AR Game Headed to iOS and An...:

Think that reveal trailer is ever so slightly over the top... and by slightly I mean crazy over the top, especially the ending.

Thi idea certainly sounds interesting and I am glad Nintendo are involved with it, as that means additional revenue for them which is always a plus. However personally I am really not sure if I feel the want to wonder around the British Isles hunting for Pokemon, unless I find them all in the local pubs.



FragRed commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:

@erv How would this be a good thing for Nintendo? A move to partner with Apple would surely hurt it's handheld console division in which Nintendo still remains strong in. Also this would also almost certainly kill the NX before it even gets announced.

Finally most people who play on mobile devices, which the Apple TV is in the same category as, don't actually care who makes the games. Nintendo's name wouldn't mean anything. If it's not free to play Angry Birds or Flappy Birds type games or what ever is the in thing at that precious moment in time, they don't care. Brand loyalty is none existent.



FragRed commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:

The trouble with rumours is that anyone can make up something, stick it on a few forums then sit and watch as gullible people take it as fact and spread it across the internet.

Rumours also rarely give any real substantial evidence or sources as of course, how can they when it's made up? So to compensate they use things such as "an insider has informed me..." but again always so vague with exact details.



FragRed commented on Nintendo UK Is Making A Big Splash At EGX This...:

@Sakura Part of the reason for the move I believe is because Earl's Court is being demolished to make way for rich people apartments. But yes you are correct, the NEC is in general far easier for people to get to than somewhere in London, and it is certainly a much bigger venue.



FragRed commented on GAME Processes Additional Charges on Super Mar...:

The problem is that with some games such as Project Zero, as the time of writing is now exclusive to Game as Nintendo seem not to be restocking. That means people like me have to take a chance on the pre order. Especially as I don't trust Game to actually have enough to remain in stock on the day of release.



FragRed commented on Video: When Nintendo Life Met Shigeru Miyamoto...:

Wow that is just totally amazing. And I am totally jealous!

Also I didn't know Nintendo would bother with somewhere like the UK enough to actually send Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka even if it is for marketing of Super Mario Maker.



FragRed commented on Mario History: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - 2003:

I really need to play Double Dash again. Looks like I'll be setting up the Gamecube tonight!

I have a question, don't know if anyone knows the answer or not. I'm in the UK and am thinking of doing let's plays of Nintendo games on YouTube. Is there a European version of the Nintendo Creators Program I need to sign up to?



FragRed commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

@andrew20 I don't think stores would be too interested in selling games where they'd have to partially refund it once it had been installed. Also what happens if you delete the game but at a later point in time want to reinstall it? You'd have to buy it again.



FragRed commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

I'm sorry but I can't see the NX, what ever it maybe, NOT having a disc drive.

I know people are slowly moving over to downloads over physical, but the majority of gamers haven't done that, even more so when it comes to Nintendo.

Nintendo removing the disc drive would be suicide unless they plan to make use of some other form of physical storage.



FragRed commented on Ubisoft Announces Just Dance: Disney Party 2 I...:

I'm interested to know if this series actually sells well still? My understanding was that last year's release sold most of of the units on the original Wii, but that still didn't add up to much in terms of actual copies sold.