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Huge Nintendo fan since '08. 3DS owner since Launch. I love Science Fiction. I'm probably what qualifies as a troll. Sorry in advance. :P

Tue 16th April, 2013

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WinterWarm commented on I Had No Idea If I Was Fighting Demons, Dragon...:

@yuwarite I agree, people everywhere objectify people, I'm not suggesting its' just gamers or even primarily gamers, all I'm saying is, as gamers we have a choice as to how we conduct ourselves. Just because everyone else does it doesn't mean it should happen. Some people have to set an example.

Also you misunderstand my intentions, I am not attempting to moderate user comments, merely I'm sharing my opinion on this matter, and on all the comments to which I referred. We all have a right to share our opinions, but that doesn't mean they should never be challenged or criticized.



WinterWarm commented on I Had No Idea If I Was Fighting Demons, Dragon...:

@DiscoGentleman @Capt_N @jariw @yuwarite

Yes, I do have a problem with women objectifying men as well, or anyone objectifying anyone, because people aren't objects, and it's honestly pathetic, it really is, though, the way people think they're actions or words don't have any effect online. This kind of blatantly arrogant comments are the REASON gamers are so misrepresented in the media, that's why I care, I don't want someone's idiotic decisions affecting the way other people view me or my friends. Gamers aren't a bunch of slobbering losers in a basement, we're so much more, and we have proven time and time again we have the ability to make an impact on the world, but when people act like people are acting in this comment section make us look like we never grew out of puberty.

My opinion is in no way unreasonable, or absurd, it's what needs to happen for the view of our community in the mainstream media. Seriously, it's like men cat-calling women on the street, or I suppose vice versa, except for they don't even have the guts to show their face. How hard is it to just shut up? It doesn't benefit anyone for some random user online to objectify a woman or man.

Come on people, we've been to other planets, we've discovered so many amazing things, and we are definitely better than this pettiness.



WinterWarm commented on Miley Cyrus Confuses Fans by Owning a Wii U:

I love Miley Cyrus but I'm a bit confused by this, I mean, so what if she owns a WiiU? Who really cares...

This reminds me of when Damo did that random story about that Japanese journalist cheating on her fiancé.



WinterWarm commented on I Had No Idea If I Was Fighting Demons, Dragon...:

@Capt_N I'm not saying she's not attractive I'm saying it's pathetic how whenever NL has an article about or interview with a woman, people just talk about how attractive she is. Why does that even matter? They never talk about her talent or work, just her looks. It's a problem that needs to be fixed and it's the reason you see the misrepresentation of gamers in the media as people ( usually guys ) who can't play a game with a woman in it without fantasizing about her.



WinterWarm commented on Rumour: Nintendo Removed Tharja From Super Sma...:

So Nintendo created a sex symbol, and now they're afraid to market her. Genius.

If the trophy is of her in her normal Dark Mage ourfit she'd be no more scantily-clad than Zero Suit Samus! Heck, Zero Suit Samus in wearing a frickin' sports bra in one of her outfits.