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Thu 29th September, 2011

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Lalivero commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

@sWiTcHeRoO Hence why I said 'but seriously' on that second part(no idea who'd want to add a goomba)? And I threw Daisy in there as a random example because of the 'Nintendo's own original characters should have priority' thought...didn't say you said her specifically.

Golden Sun isn't exactly an 'indie'(which I didn't clarify in my point, so I'll give you that; your last reply also wasn't around when I mentioned that, so sorry), but it isn't exactly a prominent franchise...I guess it would've been better to have just left Shantae in my reply.

Btw, fwiw, I do see your point, but then I'm not sure why I got that original reply from you...I wasn't saying to let random indie characters have just as much pull into getting an invite. ._. I question Shovel Knight(from the circumstances) just like anyone else.



Lalivero commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

@sWiTcHeRoO So you'd choose a goomba to make it in then, over a (n)indie character who has shown a rather lengthy(even if not constant) history with solely Nintendo? Seems reasonable.

But seriously, I'd see your point with random outright third party characters, but Shantae? Isaac(Golden Sun series)? (just as two examples)They are hardly random indies, in regards to Nintendo; both are series that have been rather...ever present on Nintendo's handhelds(and, until HGH for Shantae, solely for the most part).

Not that it would be wrong to have more characters from prominent first party series, but it baffles me to think that someone like, say, Daisy should have some instant priority over a consistently present (n)indie character, just because she's first party. ._.



Lalivero commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

@sWiTcHeRoO I can see Shovel Knight in that...conflicting space, but how can you rank Shantae there? She may not be as 'iconic' in regards to Nintendo(which seems to be an issue with you) but, up until Half-Genie Hero's release, you may as well have considered her a Nintendo-based character:

Shantae (GBC)
Shantae: Risky's Revenge (Dsiware)
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (3ds - initially)

If anything, someone like her should get a slot over the former and we could honestly use someone from a different franchise over adding a billion characters more from solely Nintendo games(which we have plenty of, particularly the ones you can consider dang near clones). She also could have a really unique moveset, which you could easily tell from her games.

It just kinda bugs me a bit when (and this isn't directed at you) you hear people trying to hammer for King K. Rool(nit that he'd be a bad choice) and others from franchises that we have more than one representation for, when this could be an opportunity to give other (n)indie series that have stayed, for the most part, with Nintendo for a while now, a bit of spotlight.

I personally highly agree with those who want Shantae and Isaac(Golden Sun) for this reason! ...hell, I've been screaming for them for a while.



Lalivero commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

@VanillaLake @A01 Keyword there, 'purchases'. Saves not included(they say you can just use a backup of your sd card content, but it doesn't appear to be 100% safe) if you have to have them do a remote transfer, in the case of a lost system, etc.

And, hate to break it to ya, but I feel sorry for the sap who's spent a ton of time completing every streetpass mii plaza game, because apparently that doesn't transfer in a remote transfer.

I also feel sorry for someone who has the bad luck of transferring to the potential mess that is a New 3DS XL, since you can't, for some bizarre reason, transfer back manually and would, once again, have to have a remote one done.

So, if you only want your purchases(and -maybe- saves), then sure it isn't a big deal. Otherwise, tsk tsk...



Lalivero commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

Holy...I was just on/off browsing the site and this comes literally out of nowhere!


I can't help but feel some tears coming, despite me not being one to cry (even if I feel sad) over someone I do not know really does feel like this has happened to someone I've known for a long time.



Lalivero commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Promises 3DS E3 Reveals While...:

@DefHalan @ValiantPixel A new Ice Climbers would definitely be something to come out of frickin' nowhere, if they wanted to give something a great revival.

@BlackSpy Golden Sun - heck to the yeah! We do not need to wait another 8 years, like from Lost Age to Dark Dawn...

Please, Camelot, at least reveal DD's sequel!(and I hope y'all can get back to the original duo's standards at that)



Lalivero commented on Europe, You're Getting Three More New 3DS Cove...:

I like the Splatoon one kinda...too bad it's of no use over this way though.

@kamifox1 Yes, because being skipped out on the standard model(which actually has more issues than just faceplates!) for absolute bs reasons, unlike what...every other region(?), is being so entitled...sigh I guess it's easy to say that when you have it available though.

On a more serious note, the whole 'just get over it' mentality isn't exactly a magical bandage either way... :l



Lalivero commented on Don't Hold Your Breath On Those Marth amiibo R...:

Afraid this is true. :l After seeing a post by someone elsewhere, I called my GS yesterday out of curiosity and the guy said that apparently they are only going to get a few of him in(he didn't know when exactly, just noted that I should keep a very sharp eye throughout the week basically). Fortunately, Marth isn't one I'm particularly after myself, because this amiibo mess has made me only give a crap about the select few I actually do want. May get one if I can for trade purposes though, but I obviously highly doubt it as of now.

@Sligeach @outburst That reminds me of this one local game shop(which is its own little thing, with like just 4 locations so far) where they had a Little Mac up for sale for ~ $45-50 a short ways back. He's been gone now for a little while, too(the sad part).

Wth is wrong with N...



Lalivero commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

@Shadowkiller97 I don't see how they couldn't see the 'collectible craze' incoming still, especially if they had planned to make less of lesser known characters; that so blatantly has 'collectible' written all over it. Add that to needing them for the extra functionality and you just stirred up that recipe of chaos. .-.



Lalivero commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Shantae and Isaac(Golden Sun). Those are the only two I've pretty much been talking endlessly about and are the only ones I really care about/hope get added at this point, heh.

P.S. I love that Shantae 3DS theme. O:



Lalivero commented on Nintendo Announces Next amiibo Waves And Asks ...:

How can anybody not vote for Shantae? She just seems way to frickin' obvious if you ask me, ha, and has great potential for a unique moveset and she's been a part of Nintendo for some time now:

  • Shantae (original) - GBC
  • Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Dsiware
  • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - 3DS & Wii U
  • Shantae: Half Genie Hero - upcoming for Wii U

@Cinnamon115 I'm giving a vote to Isaac as well. Where is our Dark Dawn sequel anyways? ;_; Love the Golden Sun series.



Lalivero commented on Nintendo DS And Nintendo 64 Games Finally Comi...:

@joey302 The same reason they're offering Wii downloadable retail games on Wii U, despite you being able to pop in a disk such as Super Mario Galaxy 2?

DS games aren't even that big either.

Back on topic a bit, I agree with others on the 3DS got no love here. >_>



Lalivero commented on Super Mario 3D World and Kirby: Triple Deluxe ...:

@ShadJV That's pretty much what I've decided to do...wait. At least have a few months of being able to hold onto coins and see. Probably won't be anything, but who knows...I'd love to see something pop up randomly for those who are patient to hold out, honestly.



Lalivero commented on New Nintendo 3DS Exploit Makes Japanese System...:

I wish they would just release the standard model or, better yet, as mentioned above, get rid of the irritation that is 'region locking'.

The XL model just isn't personally worth it for the long run...and, on top of that, they couldn't even release any decent colors at that. That 'red' model...just no.

If it wasn't for the tiny bit of (probably pointless) hope that they'll release it sometime later this year, I'd probably go ahead and try this out.



Lalivero commented on Iwata: Embracing Smart Devices Has Made Us Eve...:

Though more awareness is always good(especially when pretty much everyone owns a device you are spreading it on), I have to side with @A01 @Kaze_Memaryu .

Nintendo doesn't want to devalue IP so will still ensure that stuff released on mobile is quality. If someone can get quality stuff for cheap, why the hell would they 'waste'(in their mind) $200-250+ on a separate system/device, not including the prices of individual, 'full games'?



Lalivero commented on Satoru Iwata Emphasizes That There Are "No Exc...:

@DBPirate Actually, if anything, I think Animal Crossing is one of the few IP that would work almost as is. Its relaxed, lasting, 'play in short bursts' appeal is not too unlike how a mobile game is played. It's a frightening fit to that explanation he was giving(wow, it's weird saying that):

"On the other hand, as I just said, games on smart devices require ever-evolving services rather than just being a finished product."

It's one of those games that pretty much continuously has (new) stuff to do and get.



Lalivero commented on Video: This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Gra...:

If you aren't the kinda person who gets many streetpass hits, I don't see the harm in doing it at least for the pink pieces(which you need streetpass for), which would be less tedious as you would just collect blue pieces from using the coins with regular usage and play normally that way.

I have to agree though about upping the coin limit and street pass limits(at least the former), because I tend to walk a crap ton, so it sucks that only 1k steps is counted, as someone said above.

ETA: I, too, find the Honest Abe thing to be pretty funny.



Lalivero commented on Iwata Doesn't Feel amiibo Has Shown Its Full P...:

@Coldpancakes That's actually an interesting idea for those who plan to collect a lot of amiibo figures but want to probably use them on the go with their 3ds's. They could keep their (collectable) figures at home for home use and have a stack of cards for the ones they want to have access to while out and about(because cards obviously take up far less space).

@ElementSponge Exactly what I was thinking when I first read the title. How the heck do you expect them to reach any potential when there are none? The fact that amiibo barely exist has already put off a lot of people from even wanting to check for them because it's just a huge waste of time.



Lalivero commented on Iwata Doesn't Feel amiibo Has Shown Its Full P...:

I agree with everyone who talks about them needing to fix stock issues before they are concerned with other stuff(which goes pretty hand-in-hand with the idea that many buy just for the look). I mean c'mon, half the figures don't even show up on store shelves it seems and you're lucky as heck to even see them in person at all.

Because of this stock mess, it's pretty much made me not interested in amiibo at all.



Lalivero commented on Nintendo Held Back Western Launch Of New 3DS D...:

@WaveBoy I sure as hell don't like them either, ha. I've tried the XL out and, though the 3D(among other features) is great, good grief it just further confirms how much of a pixel-y mess I figured it would be in comparison(got rid of my og XL in favor of a 2DS a ways back).

Majora's Mask(as an example I've used before) looks a heck of a lot better on my 2DS than it does on the n3ds XL. I, too, wish they would get rid of the region lock so I could just simply import one rather than hear the nonsense they keep babbling.

@Rob_mc_1 ...but EU got -both- models...



Lalivero commented on We're Really Feeling It With These Xenoblade C...:

@Spoony_Tech Just as I already said, I'm not the only one to note about the XL being uncomfortable to many with smaller hands? We even have some comments on it above? I personally don't have the portability issue because I carry my systems in my bag usually, so I was addressing the concerns of others there(I -have- tried an XL in a pants pocket of mine, when I originally got one, and while it was fine I can definitely see how it'd be too snug for someone else).

As for the second part, it doesn't require a college degree to get that when the res used for a smaller screen is just thrown onto a bigger screen like they've done, it stretches out. I've even tried out the XL and can personally say that Majora's Mask looks a lot better (crisper, etc.) on my 2DS screen, as one example. This isn't even accounting the 3D, which makes the pixels even more noticeable. If only I had eyes like yours that take even the most horrid screens and adjusts them to look great...

But hey, there's always exceptions though, right?



Lalivero commented on We're Really Feeling It With These Xenoblade C...:

@Donutman You must have only listened to like 5 complaints total then? Numerous posts about the XL have pointed out its portability issues, and what about people who have hands a bit smaller than you? The XL just isn't comfortable for many to hold for that reason - just as you apparently have bigger hands and find the XL better for comfort, not everyone has adult-sized hands, ya know?

Along with that, the system has the same res as the smaller model, which means the picture is just stretched the heck out. It's bad enough the res is pretty crappy on a smaller screen(making it at the least a lot crisper than the XL), but that pixel-yness on the XL model really is annoyingly distracting. I'm far from the only one who has noted this as well.

The faceplates, while still a valid complaint for the lack of, are just one part of the bs that is the mess NoA has been getting itself into lately.

People acting as if this is another act of 'Nintendo is always right!' is just as "annoying" as you feel the supposed hate is.

@CanOn-CanOff I can only hope that that reasoning has some legitimacy(this is NoA we are talking about, heh...). :-l They likely just kept the XL intact because it is the XL size did see that reply we got yesterday where they felt the random need to give relevancy to the original standard model(despite the fact that dang near everybody has confirmed that the model is next to impossible to find at retails due to discontinuation or whatever and isn't even advertised on the official site)? They are making less and less sense the more they supposedly try to explain.



Lalivero commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

@JasonHadouken The 2DS is very comfortable to hold...feels a lot more natural, as well, than that clamshell stuff if you ask me. It's one of those little reasons I feel kinda weird about wanting a n3ds, because I would have to go back to that. If they came out with a n2DS model(doubtful), I'd be all over that. Then again, an ideal model imo would be something similar to the 2DS design(although a bit more 'carry around' friendly) w/ 3D and the enhancements of n3ds.



Lalivero commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

No surprise that they keep making even less sense as time goes on.(where is the OG standard on their site even, anymore, if they're seemingly wanting it to be a relevant choice?)

@Mk_II Then, as noted above by others, why not just rid of the OG standard model(which already seems to be the case as mentioned numerous times) and replace that with the new standard, if they are indeed going to somehow claim that the (old) standard is still relevant as a choice?

ETA: Or just sell it online as others have suggested as well?

@TingLz I guess it would at the very least be a lot -less- confusing than 'new' 3ds XL. Asking for a 3ds pro would better end up with you getting what you want than asking for a 'new 3ds XL' but someone very easily mistaking that for a new (older) '3ds xl'. <-- good grief, heh.



Lalivero commented on Best Buy Is Cancelling Majora's Mask New 3DS X...:

@BlatantlyHeroic I can see where you are getting at, but wouldn't it be a catch 22 anyways? I mean, alongside a number of families having multiple consoles in one order, it opens the doors for scalpers to order like 3 million consoles a piece(who would probably notice it before many families would), and plenty of families likely wouldn't get theirs anyways... :-l

And ditto about the covers...

@JellySplat That probably would've been a little more fair in a scenario like that I suppose.