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Grumblevolcano commented on Super Smash Bros. Is Getting A Massive Update ...:

@icedude545 I think that makes sense but that we're too early on in the ballot for it to work out in King K. Rool fans' favour. There's still 2-3 months left so this strategy could infact lead to King K. Rool being much further away from the top voted which may or may not be what Sakurai is hoping for.



Grumblevolcano commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

@Desy64 At #70, as soon as the NX announcement for DQX and DQXI was made I automatically thought of the NX's future being very similar to the Dreamcast. SEGA (Nintendo) abandoning the Saturn (Wii U) making fans not being able to trust the company when the Dreamcast (NX) is released hence another failed console and becoming a third party begins. I'm not sure third party would exist with Nintendo given SEGA had financial issues, but there would definitely be major problems for sure.

Look in contrast to a prime case where caring for your fanbase despite not great selling console benefits hugely. The PS3 was a complete mess at launch but Sony kept giving new games for many years, despite being bottom of the big 3. It kept the fanbase happy and then they announced the PS4 in 2013 which became a huge success (even though it's only been out for less than 2 years).



Grumblevolcano commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

@rjejr A "Directors cut" for MK8 would've only really worked if the 2nd DLC pack was the definite last DLC. I mean look at all those GotY editions, they have all the content even the Arkham games. But that isn't so clear cut, why would Nintendo be showing off Mario Kart 8 at Gamescom if no new content was coming and the last piece of content released over 3 months ago? I may be wrong but I think more content will be announced before August 6th.



Grumblevolcano commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

I don't think Nintendo should jump on the HD Remaster train but instead focus on franchises/types of franchises that didn't come to Wii U, combine that with Wii U backwards compatibility and that would make a great lineup. Launch with Zelda, F-Zero and Animal Crossing, then bring out Metroid, 3D Mario, 2D Kirby, Fire Emblem, Wario Land, etc. In addition keep updating Splatoon, Mario Kart and Smash for Wii U with new content.



Grumblevolcano commented on Video: We Get To Grips With F-Zero Inspired Ne...:

This looks great, looking forward to it and another reason that justifies my New 3DS purchase back in February (really only the faster loading times in Smash and Codename STEAM's camera control has been made the New 3DS worth owning before this).



Grumblevolcano commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (Europe):

@Platypus101 While I do admit that I did get on the side of large frustration from the E3 Digital Event, I eventually went back to being happy about what Nintendo's done from great things they've done since E3 like the large amiibo restocks for GAME and the Nintendo UK Online Store, playing Yoshi's Woolly World at the end of June, more great VC releases like Shadow Dragon, etc.

In conclusion, I wish I didn't set my expectations for E3 so high (as good or better than 2014's E3) hence none of that would've happened



Grumblevolcano commented on Splatoon's Big Update is Coming on 6th August:

@97alexk @manu0 29th July, @BlueBlurIxM found a source suggesting that date but if you exclude that it's more of a prediction and several things backing it up.

We've never had a week where there's been no Wii U VC in a week but we have had plenty of times where the Nintendo Download (Europe) article has no Wii U VC and then a Nintendo Direct follows on Wednesday confirming at least 1 Wii U VC title for either that day or the next day. Also, Nintendo would likely want to show off the Smash and Splatoon updates in video format in addition to Gamescom having Mario Kart 8 as one of the main playable games in Nintendo's lineup despite the last piece of DLC being in April.



Grumblevolcano commented on Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack CD Club Nintendo Rewar...:

@FX102A Yes, it includes all on disc and DLC music present after the late April update.

@tigermask Depends on what your reason for not being able to add more is, if it's money related then just wait until a few weeks before the end incase discounts happen. If it's because you think registration is completely closed then that's not actually the case, you can still register retail Nintendo games that were released between August 2012 and October 2014 of which 1 game registration will give you enough stars.



Grumblevolcano commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

@Bolt_Strike @HollywoodHogan While you bring up good points, there is one key thing that's not being considered here and that's difficulty. Even in the 80s, Nintendo was against making parts of Mario games significantly difficult outside Japan. As you know Lost Levels skipped the west for many years because NoA felt it was too difficult for the west and while it eventually arrived with Super Mario All Stars, the purposely making games easy continued. Galaxy is just another 3D Mario game, a brilliant one but the innovation isn't with the game rather only the Wii Remote + Nunchuk. The only real way I can only consider Galaxy more innovative if you consider unofficial means of creating experiences that Super Mario Maker can which I'm not sure whether we're allowed to discuss on this site.